Thunder Martial Chapter 199 - Detering The Audience

Chen Long being Chen Zi was already out of his expectations, it was shocking.

However, they had never expected that Chen Zi was actually Zi Chen.

Zi Chen stood alone in the middle of the valley. His identity had been exposed and not only did he not show any sign of worry, he looked at Wang Shan and laughed, Come here and call this me brother-in-law.

It had to be known that the three forces were all present today. Moreover, Wu Xiong had already taken out his Forbidden Artifact so it was natural that the other two forces had it.

However, Zi Chen was still as carefree as ever, this calmness and ease was something that would forever be remembered in everyone's hearts. As well as the fact he survived an attack from a Forbidden Artifact, which was also imprinted in everyone's mind.


Wang Shan spat out lightly and shouted, Zi Chen, if I, Wang Shan were to make a move, you won't be able to escape today.

With just you? Zi Chen laughed lightly, not caring at all, and joked, What, now that there's someone behind you, aren't you going to call me brother-in-law?

You shut up. Due to the incident at the Dark Serene Forest, this was the shame of his life.

Wu Xiong's face changed. A Forbidden Artifact actually could not kill Zi Chen, this was out of his expectations. If he used the Forbidden Artifact again, his heart would feel unsettled. This thing had its uses.

Cang He and Li Huo were just watching by the side. Zi Chen did not have any conflicts with them, his performance was getting more forceful, and it would be best if Wang Shan and Wu Xiong could use up all of their Forbidden Artifacts.

Zi Chen, you are Zi Chen. Wu Xiong clenched his teeth, the Forbidden Artifact in his hand trembling.

Why? Do you still want to use the Forbidden Artifact? Come then. I, Chen Zi, will accompany you to the end. Zi Chen laughed coldly, he still appeared to be very powerful. The clothes on his body were tattered but he still had a strong sense of confidence.

You want me to use a Forbidden Artifact? Are you trying to raise your own worth? Are you even worthy? A cold light flashed in Wu Xiong's eyes, he shouted to his subordinates, Zi Chen is already at the end of his strength after receiving such a blow from the Forbidden Artifact, he is my sect's greatest enemy, quickly kill him.

Yes sir!

A few of the peak Xiantian Realm members nodded, walked out of the crowd, and rushed towards Zi Chen.

Previously, when Zi Chen had killed hundreds of people, there were only a few rogue cultivators. The truly powerful people did not move at all and only watched from the sidelines.

Young Master, what should we do?

Wu Zong had already sent out his expert, a Knight whispered into Wang Shan's ears.

What do you think we should do? Wang Shan glared at him.

We should. A cold light flashed in Knight's eyes as he made a neck cutting gesture.

If it was Chen Long, I would have let you guys take action first. However, it is Zi Chen, that fellow is too cunning. He is good at scheming, even an Imperial Sky Realm expert could not kill him when he was at the True Qi Realm, do you think anyone would be able to kill him now? Wang Shan shouted in anger.

But, he has a precious treasure on him.

Look at Cang He and Li Huo, they are calm and composed. I am telling you, no precious treasure can compare to the inheritance here. Wang Shan scolded softly, They want us to fight Zi Chen to the death.

Don't go against Zi Chen, this guy's fate is too hard. Wu Xiong doesn't know Zi Chen's background so he sent these people to kill him. Wang Shan sneered, It’s like beating a dog with a meat bun, they will never return.


Just as Wang Shan finished speaking, the Seal appeared in Zi Chen’s hand again and a golden blade appeared. It was extremely fast and it disappeared in a flash.

Azure Peak Slash!

Cloud City's Killing Technique was extremely powerful.


The blade of the sword was incredibly sharp. With a sweep, the head of one of the experts flew up. With a look of shock on his face, the headless body spurted out blood and was instantly beheaded.

At the moment, Zi Chen's entire body was covered in blood. His hair was dishevelled and he looked to be in a sorry state but his attacks were still as sharp as before.


He stood where he was, not moving at all and unleashed a fist Qi. The dazzling golden light illuminated the world and one of the cultivators chest had collapsed and his life force dissipated.


The Sword Qi swept out with lightning speed and slashed at a peak Xiantian expert. The expert desperately tried to defend but was still killed by the Sword Qi, one more person died.

Many experts had died. Three had died before they could even get close to Zi Chen.

Moreover, this was after suffering from the attack of the Forbidden attack. The miserable looking Zi Chen, with his powerful fighting strength, once again stunned everyone.

The few remaining peak Xiantian Realm cultivators could not help but pause for a moment, a look of fear in their eyes. Zi Chen looked like he was unharmed and did not look like he was exhausted.


Just at this moment, the sky shook and a huge golden seal appeared. This was Cloud City's Azure Peak Seal, under the golden Qi, it had completely concealed its own aura and even those who cultivated the Azure Dawn Secrete Art could not sense the similarity.

This was the Slaughtering Technique of Cloud City. It was extremely powerful and when the large seal descended, it was like a mountain, with a terrifying aura circulating within.


With a loud explosion, the last few people didn't even have time to groan before they were smashed into the ground by the giant seal.

How is this possible?

This Zi Chen blocked the Forbidden Artifact's attack, is he not injured? Moreover, why is his attack still as sharp as before?

Is he a monster?

Everyone's expression changed as they felt that it was unbelievable. Zi Chen's strength was too terrifying.

Also, Wu Xiong's expression was even more unsightly. Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength deeply shocked him.

At this moment, he could neither enter nor retreat.

How frightening, how terrifying, he is actually Zi Chen. An existence that the young Miss can never forget but which the Wang Family hates the most.

In the crowd, Liu Bo muttered.

At this moment, Wu Zong was in an awkward position. The enemy is clearly in front of him but there is nothing he could do.

He had killed hundreds of people consecutively and defeated Wu Xiong. He blocked the attack of the Forbidden Artifact with his bare hands and now he had easily killed another perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner.

Wu Zong was intimidated and did not dare to make a move. As for the other faction, Cloud City, Wang Shan this fellow seemed as if he had no shame and actually started joking with his subordinates. Talking and laughing as if he was blind, as if he did not see Zi Chen.

Wu Xiong felt very sullen, he thought that this was the Zi Chen that you, Wang Shan, had recognized and hated yet he did not make a move at this moment.

Wu Xiong's gaze turned to Wang Shan but the latter did not notice it and continued to chat and laugh with his men, releasing loud and clear sounds of laughter.

This guy! Wu Xiong was in a very bad mood and felt aggrieved in his heart. The grievances he had suffered today was destined to never be settled.

Zi Chen stood in the center of the area and no one moved forward. No one dared to make a move against him as Wu Xiong swept his gaze towards the cultivators behind him.


A wave of killing intent surged, the killer of the Heaven Killing Pavilion who had not appeared for a long time appeared again but it was not to kill Zi Chen, but Miao Kong.

A sharp blade appeared, carrying a monstrous killing intent, under the One with the sword, it rushed towards Miao Kong.

The sudden turn of events was out of everyone's expectations. Their focus was on Zi Chen and no one paid attention to him.


At the same time, there was a slight tremble and another sharp blade appeared. With a cold light, it directly pierced towards Su Mengyao.

The two killers rushed towards Su Mengyao and Miao Kong separately, wanting to kill them in a single move.

You're courting death!

Zi Chen had a keen intuition that he had already noticed this scene a long time ago. A simple set of seals appeared in his hands but there was a dazzling, complicated feeling about it. The old man and the burly man had initially wanted to copy it but no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to successfully copy it.

Every time the Seal appeared, it would appear as if there was a layer of mist on the surface of his body, preventing others from probing his body.

Extreme Yang!

As the Seal descended, the golden Qi within Zi Chen's dantian was currently disappearing crazily. A dazzling golden light appeared and charged towards the two assassins with a burning sensation.

The speed of the golden light was extremely fast, causing space to distort violently. It carried an extremely terrifying aura as it landed on the two assassins.


A loud sound resonated through the place. Boundless golden light struck the two of them. Then, under everyone's astonished gazes, the bodies of the two assassins exploded under the golden light.

The golden light dissipated and blood rained down from the sky. The powerful killer from before was smashed to smithereens by the golden light.


Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, not knowing what to say.

What a terrifying golden light, what a powerful Martial Technique.

After fighting for so long, he still has such strength?

All the major powers were dumbstruck. Such an attack was truly terrifying to the extreme.

At the moment, everyone was truly frightened. No one dared to move, no one dared to have any thoughts about Zi Chen, at least for now.

If they did not use the Forbidden Artifact, Zi Chen would be invincible.


Suddenly, a loud tremor rang out from the depths of the cave. The earth trembled as if the heavens were collapsing and the earth cracked. The rumbling sound was like the rumbling of thunder.

Not good. The second restriction has been broken. The faces of the several great powers changed. They had already been delayed in this area for a long time so they should enter the depths of this place as soon as possible.

Zi Chen's appearance delayed everyone's time to enter into the depths. They had never expected that in such a short amount of time, the second restriction would already be broken.

Young Master, not good. The second layer of the seal has been broken. A secret technique appeared.

Right at this moment, a figure ran out from the depths of the abyss.

The secret technique, it actually appeared now.

It's just the second restriction being opened and there's actually a manual appearing?

Everyone's expression changed. They were extremely moved and some of them had already begun to move. They were prepared to abandon their great powers and travel alone.

Let's go, this inheritance is very important. Cang He waved and led the group of expert s away.

At the same time, Li Huo also turned around.

If the second restriction is broken, then there's a secret manual in it. Then, doesn't the third restriction have an inheritance?

This place is worthy of being a trial ground for core disciples. There are secret manuals on the second layer of the restrictive spells.

Everyone was moved, at this moment, no one paid attention to Zi Chen. Compared to the battle, they were more concerned about the secret scriptures and inheritance.

Let's go, quickly move forward.

Wang Shan swept his cold eyes across Zi Chen and finally turned his head, bringing his group deeper in. The Black Scaled Horses on the ground released a rumbling sound.

At the same time, there were also some hidden people who left in succession.

Young Master, what should we do? Someone asked behind Wu Xiong.

Hmph. I'll let him go today. After all, if he goes out, it will be death. Wu Xiong snorted, kept his Forbidden Artifact and led the group away.

The main force began to move forward with a rumbling sound.

Kid, let's go. If we're lucky, we can still obtain the inheritance. The old man walked over at this moment.

Yeah, we should head out. Miao Kong and Su Mengyao also went forward.