Thunder Martial Chapter 198 - Blocking The Forbidden Artifacts Attack

Wu Xiong was continuously being pressed down by Zi Chen, the bones all over his body made popping sounds and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He is in a very sorry state.

Under thousands of astonished gazes, Wu Xiong lost all face.

Just at that moment, Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, his killing intent flickered.

This is a killing move.

Looks like Chen Long really wants to kill Wu Xiong!

Everyone's face changed as they cried out in alarm. Now that Wu Xiong was seriously injured, he did not even have a chance to react.


Just as Wu Xiong was about to lose his life from Zi Chen's sword, a berserk aura suddenly emerged from Wu Xiong's body.

And after sensing this aura, the expression of Zi Chen, who was always calm, changed greatly as well.

Forbidden Artifact!

Zi Chen's face changed, his attack immediately slowing down and quickly retreated.

You want to leave now? It's too late. Wu Xiong's venomous voice came out, he raised his head and swept his gaze across Zi Chen. His eyes completely red, as though he had lost his mind and a large sword that emitted a monstrous aura appeared in his hand.

The large sword was a Forbidden Artifact and a terrifying aura circulated on its surface. This aura far exceeded the limits of what a Xiantian cultivator could endure.


In his crazed eyes, there was a berserk killing intent. Wu Xiong wielded the Forbidden Artifact and fiercely slashed at Zi Chen.


A terrifying sword Qi that was at least a few hundred meters long pierced through space as it slashed towards Zi Chen. This attack is an unreserved attack, the strongest attack that could be unleashed by a Xiantian expert using a Forbidden Artifact.


In a moment of haste, Zi Chen used the ice cold sword in his hand to block but wherever the Sword Qi passed, everything would be destroyed.


The sword of ice that was comparable to the Raging Flame Sword had exploded just like that.

However, the Sword Qi was still as terrifying as before and continued to charge madly at Zi Chen.


Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass, transforming into a golden light and continued to retreat and in front of him, a stream of Sword Qi continued to chase.

Azure Peak Slash.

Zi Chen flew back, his hands formed a seal, and a gigantic golden sword blade appeared, rushing towards the Sword Qi.


Zi Chen’s sword Qi exploded. Anything that touched the Sword Qi would be destroyed.

Azure Peak Seal.

With a loud rumble, the sky shook and a huge golden seal descended. It released a terrifying aura, as if a mountain was crashing down from the heavens.


The sword Qi flashed by and the golden seal was split in half, dissipating into energy.

During this period of time, every single attack that Zi Chen used dissipated upon coming into contact with the Sword Qi.

Forbidden Artifact. This is a Forbidden Artifact.

He actually used a Forbidden Artifact.

Zi Chen unleashed a few more attacks before the crowd managed to react. They were all shocked, their eyes filled with fear. They never expected that the anxious Wu Xiong would actually use Forbidden Artifacts so decisively.


The Sword Qi was wreaking havoc, determined to slash Zi Chen to death. Everywhere it passed, a huge fissure appeared in the ground and although Zi Chen had long since sensed it and retreated, he was still close to being overtaken by the Sword Qi.

Brat, use the diamond.

At this moment, the old man let out a loud shout.


In Zi Chen's hand, and a fist-sized diamond appeared. The diamond's body emitted a faint golden light, which was extremely heavy and was currently held in Zi Chen's hand who immediately fiercely smashed it towards the Sword Qi.

At that moment, Zi Chen chose to take the initiative and attack.

At the same time, Zi Chen clenched his left fist and a resplendent golden light exploded out, striking towards the Sword Qi on the side.


Right in front of thousands of shocked gazes, the sword aura struck Zi Chen, causing a loud noise that shook the heavens. The entire region trembled, a terrifying aura circulated, the ground cracked, and crackling sounds could be heard. Cracks appeared one after another, extending across the ground for hundreds of meters.

This was a terrifying collision. Who in this world could defend against a Forbidden Artifact?

This is a Forbidden Artifact, what a pity, a monster actually fell like this.

Yeah, this is a Forbidden Artifact, only a Zhen Yuan expert can resist some of its power, it would be a waste if placed in the hands of an Innate Ranker, it would be even more of a waste to use it to kill an Innate Ranker.

A first generation monster will eventually fall.

Looking at the battlefield that was covered in smoke and dust, everyone sighed deeply. Their eyes were filled with regret.

No one believed that Zi Chen was still alive. Miao Kong's face was pale white and Su Mengyao was crying.

Cang He, Li Huo and the others heaved a sigh of relief. No one thought that Chen Long would still be alive.

Is he dead? The old man and the burly man were also unsure. Their eyes were tightly staring at the battleground.

At this moment, the smoke and dust dissipated.

A young man with tattered clothes was standing in the middle of the battlefield. His body was covered with blood yet he stood firmly. His face was covered with dust but his pair of eyes that were comparable to black gems shone.

He held a light golden stone in his hand. However, at this moment, the surface of the stone was dyed red with blood.


He's still alive.

He's actually still alive after taking the attack from the Forbidden Artifact.

Everyone became stupefied. They were all shocked and tongue-tied and in disbelief.

You.... You... You

actually didn't die? Even Wu Xiong who was holding a Forbidden Artifact looked at Zi Chen as if he had seen a ghost. At this moment, a crack had appeared on his Forbidden Artifact, proving that he had used it once.

The Cracking on the Forbidden Artifact had clearly told him that he had used it once but it still did not kill Chen Long.

Zi Chen pursed his lips, as though he was smiling. His entire body had many bloody wounds with blood flowing out. In his heart, an energy quickly flowed out, healing his injuries.

It could be said that although Zi Chen looked to be in a sorry state, he still has the strength to fight.

That's a diamond, the one that lost its golden essence, he's Chen Zi.

Li Huo let out a surprised cry. His eyes were very vicious as he recognized the blood stained diamond.

As the sound of his voice faded, it was like a bomb had exploded in the crowd, causing a huge uproar.

Chen Zi, Chen Long is actually Chen Zi.

Before Chen Long arrived in this space, he was unknown. No one recognized him, no one knew him and no one had heard of him. He had become famous recently but his fame spread all over after killing a Zhen Yuan Demonic Beast.

Chen Zi, he is Chen Zi, the monster that made Chen Family worry all day.

Heavens, so Chen Long is actually Chen Zi.

Everyone was astonished. Clearly, this matter was out of their expectations.

Chen Long was Chen Zi, the monstrous who had beaten up Chen Feng and Ling Yun the other day. The monstrous who had fought against the Good and Evil Monk for dozens of moves. The monster who had even killed a Zhen Yuan expert under the siege of many other Zhen Yuan experts.


However, amidst these exclamations of surprise was a sharp sound mixed within and it was sharp and fearful as if someone had stepped on his tail.

Everyone turned their heads and saw the terrified Wang Shan.

His expression was filled with shock, as though he had seen a ghost. He looked at Zi Chen, his face filled with disbelief.

If the Thunderbolt Finger from before was a coincidence, then now, the Azure Peak Slash and the Azure Peak Seal were absolutely not. The current Wang Shan,could be a hundred percent sure that the young man in front of him was Zi Chen.

Heavens, he's still alive. Wang Shan was shocked. In a moment of desperation, he blurted out and called him brother-in-law.

Everyone who knew Wang Shan had a slightly surprised expression on their faces. In Cloud City Wang Shan had always hit others until they called him brother-in-law, but they had never seen him call anyone else like this.

Pah! Pah!

Seeing that everyone's gaze was fixated on him, Wang Shan wanted to slap himself. After spitting twice at the ground, he pointed at Zi Chen and said, He is Zi Chen, I am sure that he is that from the Ling Wu Sect.

Zi Chen, who is Zi Chen?

Everyone was stunned and could not react.

However, in the next moment, it was as if tens of thousands of tons of explosives had exploded in this place. An uproar came from the crowd, creating a great wave that was one higher than the other.

Zi Chen was a core disciple of the Ling Wu Sect. He was originally an unknown person but after the Wu Zong Sect destroyed the Ling Wu Sect, his reputation rose greatly.

A True Qi expert who killed a Xiantian expert. Moreover, he even killed a Zhen Yuan expert.

He tore apart the great Rocs with his bare hands and killed Xiantian experts with his bare hands. The Wu Zong Sect suffered a huge loss because of this.

He had been chased all the way to the Thunder Domain but he had miraculously survived and his strength had increased by a great deal.

With just him alone, he offended the three forces and was hunted down. During this period of time, he kidnapped Wang Shan, smashed his teeth out of his mouth and then entered the Dark Serene Forest.

This was a young man who was filled with miracles. A year ago, his reputation was very big and almost everyone knew about him. In the past hundreds of thousands of years, the three great powers had never suffered such a huge loss before.

Everyone said that Zi Chen had died but today, Wang Shan who was the witness said that Zi Chen was still alive and not just that, he was right in front of their eyes.

Zi Chen, is he really Zi Chen?

Everyone was moved, Zi Chen had already killed Zhen Yuan experts at the True Qi Realm so his battle achievements were truly terrifying.

Everyone's gaze landed on the youth whose body was covered in blood. Was this monster really the Zi Chen from back then?

At that instant, even the old man and the big person were endlessly amazed.

You did not hesitate to offend a big power, yet you still chose to save Miao Kong and Su Mengyao. Who else could it be other than Zi Chen?

Seeing Zi Chen looking at him, Wang Shan said coldly.

Zi Chen grinned, revealing bloody teeth. He did not argue, all the bones in his body crackled and turned into Zi Chen's appearance.

It really is you. I should have guessed it long ago. Although he had long guessed it, seeing that Chen Long had truly turned into Zi Chen at this moment, Wang Shan was also incomparably shocked.

Zi Chen, he is Zi Chen?

He looks even younger than Chen Long.

Other than Wang Shan, almost no one here had ever seen Zi Chen before. Now that Zi Chen had revealed his real body, they were all extremely shocked.

Zi Chen, he is Zi Chen?

Cang He and the others had a solemn expression on their faces. They never would have thought that when they were at the Guest House talking about Zi Chen that day, he would be by their side.

It's really him. I didn't think he'd already grown to this degree. Amongst the crowd, Wu Hong saw Zi Chen and sighed.

Wang Shan, I never thought that you would have such a good memory. You still remember me. Zi Chen looked at Wang Shan and laughed, the wound on his body was slowly healing.

The mysterious heart was still as powerful as before.