Thunder Martial Chapter 197 - Fierce Fight With Wu Xiong

Five Thousand Yuan stone, this was something that could even move the hearts of people from great powers.

If placed in the outside world, it would be sufficient to attract the attention of many Zhen Yuan Experts, but here, everyone only gasped in admiration.

Zi Chen's fearsome battle power told everyone a principle, even if there were more Yuan Stones being offered, you would have to off your life for it.

There will always be brave men when it comes to rewards but these words lost their effect at this moment.

When they saw Zi Chen, it was as if they had seen a demon. They could already tell that although this youth was young, he had a vicious heart. Those who were previously greedy and had a sense of regret in their hearts were all beheaded by him.

Six Thousand Yuan Stone.

In front of the huge valley, Wu Xiong's voice rang. No one replied, only the six Thousand Yuan Stone reverberated.

Seven Thousand Yuan Stone.

No one said anything. No one wanted to die.

Ten thousand Yuan Stone.

This was a sky-high price, causing many to suck in a breath of cold air. However, no one moved.

Although this number was too terrifying, even if someone killed Zi Chen, would they be able to take away ten thousand Yuan Stone from him?

Everyone was completely shocked by this number.

Wu Xiong, don't waste your energy. If you have the ability, go up yourself. Zi Chen said indifferently, You only know how to be a tortoise and use some random Yian Stone to trick some greedy people. Is there any meaning in that?

Zi Chen opened his mouth and roared, awakening the greedy ones.

Chen Long, I was kind enough to invite you back then. I thought so highly of you but you actually went against me. In that case, very good, since you are so reckless, don't blame me for being impolite. Wu Xiong said.

Enough, enough with the nonsense. Are all of you big powers this shameless? You clearly want to attack yet you want to say something grandiose, speak of your righteousness and demean others and only then are you willing to attack in such an evil and cruel manner? Zi Chen sneered.

What f*cking relationship do I have with you? Why didn't you say that when you used the Yuan Stones to buy my life? Zi Chen took a step forward, causing the heaven and earth to tremble. His hair started to flutter, as a terrifying aura brewed.

Today, if I'm not going to die, then you're going to die. Just directly attack. I'm too lazy to listen to your rubbish.

Zi Chen said coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.


Everyone was in an uproar, he was challenging Wu Xiong and at the same time, the entire Wu Zong Sect.

This Chen Long is so scary, he doesn't even put Wu Xiong in his eyes.

Is this a duel between geniuses?

With one step, the entire place shook and a merciless killing intent rushed straight at Wu Xiong.

Good, good, good!

Wu Xiong said good three times in a row but his face was ashen from anger, Chen Long, since you want to die, then don't blame me for being rude.

Since you are going to die, I'll grant you your wish.

Wu Xiong transformed into a ray of light and rushed towards Zi Chen, his entire body exploding with the aura of peak Xiantian.

The one dying is you.

Zi Chen also transformed into a ray of light, shining resplendently as he rushed towards Wu Xiong.

The two beams of light carried a terrifying aura as they violently clashed.


Zi Chen's body turned into a golden light as his figure slightly swayed but as for Wu Xiong, he took a few large steps back.


In one exchange, Wu Xiong was clearly at a disadvantage, as sounds of cold air being sucked sounded out from all around him.

This Chen Long is so terrifying, he had just fought at least 200 people earlier but he is actually not at a disadvantage at all.

Terrifying strength, terrifying physique!

Everyone was shocked and amazed.


Wu Xiong's body was filled with killing intent. A terrifying Qi surged out, he waved his palm and released a terrifying strike.


The sky shook as a gigantic palm imprint appeared. It was pitch black in color and contained a terrifying aura as it abruptly descended.

This was a terrifying Martial Technique from the Wu Zong Art.

Zi Chen raised his head, his body glowing with a golden light, he clenched his fists tightly. In an instant, the two fists punched through the sky, the golden light piercing everyone's eyes.


A huge tremor shook the heaven and earth, as if doomsday had arrived. The palm print under the fist Qi exploded, turning into a natural energy and disappeared.

Annihilation Slash!

Wu Xiong let out a loud shout and the world suddenly darkened. It was as if doomsday had arrived and a pitch-black light flooded the horizon as a thick Blade Qi appeared out of thin air and slashed towards Zi Chen's head.


In Zi Chen's hand, a ray of light flashed and a longsword appeared. It was a type of ice cold sword and the moment it appeared, the temperature of the entire area dropped down drastically, to the point that it was like a snowstorm.


With the longsword in hand, he slashed towards the sky fiercely. A cold Sword Qi tore through the air and clashed with the Blade Qi.

This was a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents.

Wu Zong Sect's Wu Zong Art was very famous. It was a powerful secret technique with many Killing Techniques, which is as famous as the Azure Dawn Secrete Art.

During this period, Wu Xiong had revealed his powerful Martial Techniques, which was terrifyingly powerful.

However, against Zi Chen, these powerful Killing Techniques could not display the power it should have.

Zi Chen's body was covered in a layer of golden light. His left hand held onto the sword while his right hand formed a fist, releasing a powerful attack.


Zi Chen was able to easily counter every single one of Wu Xiong's attacks. When Zi Chen took a large step forward, the world would tremble as if he was a giant.


His fist punched out, causing the air to tremble. His powerful body was extremely terrifying and all of Wu Xiong's attacks were unable to approach him. Moreover, he seemed to be invulnerable to all attacks.

Eat my fist!

Wu Xiong bellowed, his right hand clenched into a fist, releasing a ray of black light and struck towards Zi Chen.

The moment the light from his fist appeared, it was as black as ink. With a terrifying aura, it caused an ear-piercing explosion in the air.

This was an extremely powerful punch. It was called the Bursting Fist and it meant that nothing could not be broken. Nothing could not be destroyed, and its might is extremely powerful.


Zi Chen also threw a punch. The Golden Light around his body was surging and half of the sky was covered with golden light. The piercing light made it hard for people to open their eyes.

The appearance of this fist Qi was akin to a mountain. This was a fusion of fists and the power was just as great.


The fist collided with each other, creating a terrifying sound. Boundless air waves surged with a destructive aura circulating within.


Zi Chen's figure flashed and finally approached Wu Xiong, slashing out a sharp Sword Qi. At the same time, he unleashed a powerful punch.


In Wu Xiong's hand, the long blade was as black as ink. It spat out a light and slashed out a strike to block the sword Qi but it was also pushed back by the impact.

As for the fist Qi that Zi Chen unleashed, it had almost seriously injured Wu Xiong.

Wu Xiong retreated, his Qi and blood boiling and unwillingness appeared in his eyes. He was reputed to be a genius, to be able to defeat almost all cultivators of the same level in the Wu Zong Sect but today, he was suppressed by Chen Long. Moreover, this person's cultivation was even one rank lower than him.

How terrifying!

As expected of a barbarian, this level of fighting strength is definitely the fighting strength of a monster.

After a few rounds, he is now suppressing Wu Xiong again.

They all thought that even if they fought against Zi Chen, they might not be able to perform as well as Wu Xiong.

I'll send you on your way now.

Boasting shamelessly!

The two of them rushed forward again, a terrifying aura continuously surging as a powerful Martial Techniques appeared.

Annihilation Slash!

Azure Peak Slash!

All sorts of Martial Techniquess were clashing nonstop, the energy within was churning nonstop, creating a storm out of nowhere.


In the end, the two of them collided once more. The collision was like two meteors coloring with a loud bang as a storm of destruction spread out from the two of them.

Fresh blood splashed everywhere as Wu Xiong flew backwards.

His hair was disheveled and his entire arm was drenched in blood. His palm spasmed as blood dripped from it.

Facing against Zi Chen's flesh and blood body, under the effect of the perfect body, Wu Xiong was injured.

Wu Xiong is actually injured?

I'm not seeing things, Chen Long, who had fought for a long time, actually injured Wu Xiong.

Die. Zi Chen's entire body flashed with a golden light as he coldly stared at Wu Xiong. Killing intent flickering in his eyes, the lightning beneath his feet suddenly appeared and he rushed towards Wu Xiong.

The one dying is you.

Wu Xiong clenched his teeth, and waved his blade up once again. The pure Blade Qi brought with it a terrifying aura.


This time, Zi Chen did not swing his sword to block but used his fist instead. A fist that emitted a golden light, like a divine hammer, smashed onto the blade.

What, he used his fist to block Wu Xiong's attack, how terrifying is his body?

Although that weapon is not a precious treasure, it is also not a common product. There is no problem with it cutting through iron like mud but it actually did not cut through Chen Long's flesh.

Everyone was dumbfounded and tongue-tied. They could not believe that Chen Long's physique was truly terrifying.


In the end, Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and like a ray of lightning, he rushed towards Wu Xiong, releasing a powerful attack, the golden light constantly flashed, bringing with it a terrifying Spirit Qi. Wu Xiong was like a sandbag, being thrown ten metres away, he coughed out blood.

You.... Wu Xiong's face changed as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He did not expect Zi Chen's fighting strength to be so strong.


Zi Chen did not spare him, and rushed towards Wu Xiong in front of the flabbergasted gazes of the crowd.



He kept his longsword and clenched his fists. His attacks fell like rain, concentrated and terrifying. After dozens of punches, Wu Xiong was once again sent flying.

I don't believe it.

Wu Xiong's body was covered in blood, his hair was in a mess, his expression was sinister and miserable. Under thousands of gazes, he felt that he had lost all face and received a great humiliation.


This time, Wu Xiong was able to last even shorter periods of time. His heart was already in chaos and after a few moves, he was once again sent flying by Zi Chen.


At the same time, Zi Chen flashed forward, waved his palm, and a continuous stream of palm prints fell, producing a series of popping sounds. Zi Chen attacked with lightning speed, and before Wu Xiong could even react, he was directly slapped him over a dozen times.

Am I seeing things? Not only did Wu Xiong lose, he even got slapped.

This Zi Chen is too terrifying, his fighting strength is actually so tyrannical

Everyone was speechless. Under the shocked gaze of the crowd, Zi Chen once again rushed towards Wu Xiong, using his killing moves repeatedly.


With the punch, Wu Xiong was sent flying and coughed out blood.


A powerful attack emerged, causing Wu Xiong's bones to emit cracking sounds.

Wu Xiong was in a very sorry state. Being chased and beaten by Zi Chen, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and his hair was disheveled. He no longer had any form of dignity anymore.


Killing intent filled Zi Chen's eyes as the longsword in his hand appeared once again. It was icy cold as it turned into a ray of light and charged towards the center of Wu Xiong's brows.

This was a killing move, Zi Chen decided to kill.


However, at this time, a berserk aura appeared from Wu Xiong's body, like a vast ocean, filled with destructive aura.