Thunder Martial Chapter 196 - Generous Rewards

Zi Chen took action forcefully, killing more than ten peak Xiantian Realm experts. He was powerful and terrifying, sitting on the back of the Black Scaled Horse and sweeping his gaze across the crowd. His calm eyes were calm and serene, yet it caused everyone's hearts to tremble.

But no one was as excited as Wang Shan.

Did you guys see that? This move is very familiar. Where did you guys see it before? Looking at his subordinates, Wang Shan asked anxiously.

It is indeed very familiar. The Knight nodded.

Where did you see it? Wang Shan pursued the matter as if he had discovered an enormous secret.

Back then, Chen Long used this move and blasted us away. The Knight opened his mouth and laughed bitterly.

Ah... Wang Shan was dumbstruck, thinking back to it now, it was indeed like that.

That's not right! Wang Shan's expression changed, and said: When I first saw this move, I was not at the periphery, but it was also different. At that time, it was silver.

Wang Shan thought of Zi Chen, because Zi Chen's influence on him was too great and he had almost killed him. For a long time now, Zi Chen had always been a nightmare in Wang Shan's heart.

Do you see that? Young people should be so decisive, look at you, not willing to kill even though you are being forced by others. Look at Chen Long, the decisive move intimidated everyone present and all eyes are on him.

Zi Chen had easily killed more than ten peak Xiantian experts. Everyone's hearts trembled, they did not send any more expert forward.

Young people nowadays are indeed extraordinary, of course there aren't many like Chen Long. The elder nodded, his eyes were filled with admiration.

Chen Long, what do you mean?

Wu Xiong asked coldly from afar, her eyes gleaming with a cold light.

What do I mean? Wu Xiong, you tried to kill my friend Miao Kong first, and now that you attacked my other two friends. I didn't even ask you for your meaning, and you still dare to ask me? Zi Chen coldly replied.

That's right, you bunch of brats, what kind of intentions do you have to kill us? Are you looking down on me? Are you looking down on Chen Long as well? He is my friend. The old man said proudly.

Didn't you say that he wasn't a friend? The burly man asked in a low voice.

Shut up!

Everyone was speechless when they heard this. This old fellow really did have the appearance of someone asking for a beating. Now that he opened his mouth, wasn't it obviously adding fuel to the fire?

You first stopped me from killing Miao Kong, and then prevented me from killing the two of them. Chen Long, are you obviously going to go against me, Wu Xiong? Wu Xiong's eyes were filled with killing intent.

You tried to kill my friend and even said that I'm going against you. Wu Xiong, you are really something special. Zi Chen sneered.

So, you will interfere with this matter?

Of course. If you all have the ability to attack me today, then come at me. I'll behead anyone of you. I'll even behead a group if I have to. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, his heroic spirit soaring to the skies.

Hiss, what arrogant words.

Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air, one must know that there were thousands of people here, yet Zi Chen actually dared to speak like that.

Bullsh*t! You little rogue cultivator, you actually dare to go against our Wu Zong Sect. Now that I, Wu Ming, am here, I will kill you!

A youth at the peak Xiantian realm activated his mount and rushed out of the crowd towards Zi Chen.

Is he courting death? Doesn't he know that Chen Long is powerful?

Someone muttered to himself when they saw Wu Ming rushing in.


In Zi Chen's hand, light flashed and a Seal appeared. Following that, a golden sword that was more than 10 metres long appeared and rushed towards Wu Ming.


Wu Ming bellowed. As someone who trained in the Wu Zong Art, the Qi around his body was much stronger than an average peak Xiantian expert and he had always considered himself to be a genius. Now that he had formed a seal with his hands, a bright light shone and blocked the incoming sword blade.


A ray of light flashed and everything was slashed by the golden sword blade, followed by a flash of the sword blade that swept past Wu Ming's body, even the mount was split into two.

Wu Ming who had cultivated Wu Zong Art was slashed in an instant.

Wu Xiong's expression became even more gloomy, he was very clear on Wu Ming's fighting strength, but he was actually killed in one strike.

Did you see that? Did you see that? Doesn't this move feel familiar? Wang Shan became excited again.

No! Everyone shook their heads.

Why didn't you guys notice, doesn't this look similar to the Azure Peak Slash? Wang Shan asked.

Azure Peak Slash? How could it be that? It is the highest secret manual of the entire Cloud City, other than the main branch, no one else would be able to learn it. The Knight laughed.

Ugh! Wang Shan was stunned and almost blurted it out.

Zi Chen's one strike had killed Wu Ming, which made some of the experts who were ready to make a move retreat in fear.

Whoever beheads Chen Long for me will be rewarded with a Thousand Yuan Stone. Wu Xiong's indifferent voice resounded through the entire vast expanse.

There were thousands of Xiantian experts here.

Many of them were not from the big powers so they would definitely have brave men if they were given great rewards, let alone a Thousand Yuan Stone.

It had to be known that for normal Xiantian experts, being able to have a few Yuan Stone could already be considered to be a large amount. These things were originally prepared for Zhen Yuan experts in the first place.


With a shout, a peak Xiantian expert rushed out. Let alone a Xiantian expert, even a Zhen Yuan Expert would be moved by the reward of a Thousand Yuan Stone.


Another shout and a late Xiantian expert appeared. The expert carried a long knife and walked out from behind a large force.



More shouts rang out.

There would always be brave men under the heavy reward. These words were true and just as Wu Xiong finished speaking, dozens of cultivators rushed out from the thousands of people.

With killing intent, they charged towards Zi Chen.

You're courting death!

Zi Chen sat on the Black Scaled Horse, not moving at all, only his eyes had become colder.

Dozens of people appeared from all directions, rushing towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen nodded his head, a Sword Qi appeared and one of the cultivators fell.


With a punch, golden light spewed out and an expert was sent flying.


His fist was like a heavy hammer's, striking down and with each one strike, a cultivator died.

This was a massacre and because of Zi Chen's physique, they would be killed in one move.


More and more people rushed forward, unafraid of death, in their eyes, there were only Yuan Stones.

Hey, what's the point?

A Yuan stone. You need your life to obtain it.

The old man and the burly man stood together once again. They had no sense of loyalty and did not make a move. The two of them shook their heads and sighed as they discussed the fearlessness of these people.

There's killing intent in Wu Xiong's eyes but he is afraid of Chen Long's strength and does not dare to attack right away. He wants to use these greedy fellows to waste Zi Chen's Qi. The old man said lightly.

However, it's clear that he miscalculated. Chen Long is not a human so if you want to exhaust him to death, that's ten times harder than killing a Demonic Beast. The burly man also shook his head.


A headless body fell to the ground as blood spurted from its mouth.


A sharp blade appeared, it was more than ten meters long, shining with a golden light as it flew towards the sky. The cultivators that were in the air were instantly sliced into two, dying without a complete corpse.

The massacre continued but the cultivators were not afraid of death and continued to rush forward.

Corpses were lying on the ground, causing the ground to be dyed red with blood. The scene was extremely bloody.

Zi Chen's eyes were calm, the golden light in his hands flickered and each strike would take the lives of one or more people.

Everyone was finally scared and their attacks slowed.

He's about to die. Whoever can kill him, I'll give them two Thousand Yuan Stone. Just then, Wu Xiong spoke out once again.

The two Thousand Yuan Stone is like a heart strengthening drug, causing the killing intent in everyone's eyes to rise again and rushed forward.


However, it was still a one-sided massacre.

More than a hundred corpses were lying on the ground. The number was still increasing as more and more blood began to gush out from the corpses.

Demon... even after killing so many people, his eyes didn't even blink.

He really is a demon. These are all living creatures! They were all killed just like that!

How heartless.

Some people exclaimed in horror, their eyes filled with terror.

What demon? Don't tell me that if someone is trying to kill you, you won't retaliate? These people are all greedy for Yuan Stone. They want to kill Chen Long. They deserve to be killed.

Some people objected, thinking that these people deserved to die. [TN: At least some people have common sense]

But he still shouldn't kill that many people!

Idiot, so he should wait to be killed then?

Someone began to argue.


One of the experts was beheaded in a single blow, causiƱg blood to spurt out.

Zi Chen was like a god of war, born for war. His eyes were calm, like an ancient well with no waves as many fresh life fell into his hands.

He was no longer a little kid. Towards these people who came to throw their lives away, he did not have any pity. As long as they dared to come, he would kill them.


The Azure Peak Slash appeared once again, transforming into a sparkling sword edge. It was a resplendent golden light and wherever it passed, several cultivators were slashed apart. They didn't even have time to cry out in pain.

It was a bloody day, the brown ground was dyed completely red. Blood and corpses were everywhere, the scene was extremely miserable, it was too horrible to look at and some of the cultivators could not help but retch.

After killing nearly two hundred people, there were no longer any cultivators in the crowd that rushed forward. There were a hundred corpses lying on the ground, it was extremely shocking.


You are a demon.

Let's go!

The fear in the hearts of the cultivators that was surrounding Zi Chen finally exterminated their greed. They were afraid and they fearfully backed off.

You want to leave now?

For the first time, Zi Chen's expression changed, his eyes revealed killing intent. This was the first time he got off the Black Scaled Horse and it was also the first time he wanted to kill them.

He turned into a streak of golden light, moving as fast as lightning.


The head of a cultivator was penetrated by a Sword Qi.


A huge tremor shook the heavens and earth. Another person had died.

Demon, you are a demon that kills people, go away! A cultivator was extremely frightened as he swung the longsword in his hand and slashed at Zi Chen.


A Sword Qi pierced through the center of the cultivators brows first.

An early Xiantian actually dares to have ideas about me. The cold light in Zi Chen's eyes grew stronger. Those who rushed out were not all at the peak Xiantian Realm, there were a few early and mid Xiantians among them. They were all here to take advantage of the situation and see if there was any hope for a sneak attack.

All of the cultivators that were running away were killed, not a single one of them alive.

Zi Chen sat on the Black Scaled Horse once again, surrounded by corpses. The fresh blood had converged into the stream, forming a land of blood.

No one dared to go up. With just Zi Chen himself, he intimidated thousands of people.

What was even more frightening was that from beginning to end, not a single person was able to approach Zi Chen and leave even the slightest of scars on his body.

Kill Chen Long, I will give five Thousand Yuan Stone.

No one moved forward again. Wu Xiong was very unwilling to but once again, he raised the reward.