Thunder Martial Chapter 195 - Killing Experts

Many great powers gathered here before entering the depths. It was only because they wanted to eliminate all the unstable factors before this.

The strength that the old man and the burly man displayed was naturally something that they would try to win over. However, the two of them had been concealing it for a long time and had only appeared now.

The two were powerful and the battle had dragged on for a long time.

Do it, kill these two, and leave no traces for future troubles.

Wu Xiong looked at the place where the battle was taking place, a cold light flickered in his eyes. He waved his hand, and several peak Xiantian experts rushed up, obviously not wanting to watch anymore.

Go on, don't embarrass yourself. Li Huo waved his hand at the same time and a few peak Xiantian experts rushed forward.

Kill! Cang He's gaze was indifferent but his words were incomparably cold. With a wave of his hand, several peak Xiantian Realm experts rushed out.

You bunch of brats, are you trying to use numbers to gang up on us?

With several peak Xiantian Realm joining the fray, the two of them instantly felt the pressure and immediately, the old man began to curse angrily.

You bunch of little fellows really do not know how to respect your elders. You didn't even let this old man off and you actually attacked ruthlessly.

The old man held the Buddhist Tassel in his hand. With just a single strike, he was able to push back a single person. Even now, he had not killed anyone.

Old man, stop bullsh*tting. Hurry up and kill him, otherwise, we'll be the ones to die.

The burly man shouted loudly. Beside him, there were already several corpses lying on the ground. He had decisively made his move.

The various powers all sent out peak Xiantian experts to attack the two of them.

I say, you guys really have the heart to kill this old man. In the old man's hands, a Buddhist Tassel fell and a peak Xiantian Realm cultivator was sent flying.

At my age, I can already be your Grandpa but you actually treat this old man like this.

No one answered him. All of the experts who were sent flying once again went forward and unleashed a sharp attack.

You bunch of little bastards, is this how you treat your Grandpa?

Although the old man didn't kill them, his words were very vicious, causing all of the experts' expressions to turn dark. Although the old man didn't kill them, his words were very vicious.

Kill, don't hold back.

Use all of your strength. I don't want to hear any nonsense from this old fogey.

This old fellow coming here to be the Grandpa was simply courting death.


In the dark, a sharp sword Qi with a terrifying killing intent appeared. A killer of Heaven Killing Pavilion had made his move. He had been holding himself back and now that he had the chance, he made his move.

The old man's expression changed, the Buddhist Tassel in his hand blocked the attack, releasing a bright light, blocking the Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi streaked across, and disappeared in a flash. On the Buddhist Tassel, a few strands of white silk fell.

Are you for real?

This sword Qi was very dangerous. The old man's expression changed as he let out a strange cry.

Of course they are for real. Otherwise, do you think he would attack you for fun The burly man spoke with a voice like thunder.

Compared to the old man, his attacks were much fiercer. With every strike, an expert would be injured.

You bunch of bastards, you really want your Grandpa's life! The old man screamed again and again.

This guy is really strange.

Death is at hand, yet you still dare to take advantage of these powers.

Everyone was speechless.

The leaders of these forces expressions were dark, and they waved their hands again.




There were more than a thousand Xiantian experts gathered here and it could be said that there was no lack of people. At this moment, with the wave of a hand from several powers, experts had charged forward, showing their killing intent.

It was difficult for two fists to fight against four. Even though the burly man was very powerful, he was still unable to withstand the many peak Xiantian experts.


A sharp sword slashed across his shoulder, leaving a trail of blood.

A stroke of saber Qi cut off a piece of his sleeve.


The old man used his Buddhist Tassel to block a sharp sword, but following that, a few more white strands of silk were sliced off.

How could this be? The old man shouted again.

If you don't kill anyone, of course it will be like this. If you are killed today, then the world will laugh their teeth out. The burly man said unhappily.

It's impossible for us to die. Our lives are very tough, and I've already calculated that there will be people helping us. The old man said.

Pah! Those calculations might be of some use outside but in here, even the heavens are being deceived. They're just useless bullsh*t. The burly man said in disdain.

Many of the experts stepped forward and the two felt more pressure. The burly man had more than a few cuts on his body the old man's Buddhist Tassel was already bald.

Quickly think of a way to escape. The burly man cried out, I originally wanted to take advantage of them but who would have thought these little fellows would be so shameless. They actually joined forces to clear the area.

Wait, let me think. The old man thought for a moment, then patted twice at the Buddhist Tassel in his hand, causing two cracks to appear.

Got it, look, didn't our reinforcements come? Right at this moment, the old man suddenly smiled. He saw three people riding three horses appear in the distance. They brought up a cloud of dust as they ran over.

Look at this, it seems that my calculation is much stronger than before. The old man was very pleased with himself.

Wait for me here. When Zi Chen appeared, he saw that the two of them were in a bad situation, he left a few words behind and rushed towards the battlefield.

The Black Scaled Horse was abnormally tall and mighty. At this moment, its four hooves were stamping wildly on the ground, causing it to shake.

That's a Black Scaled Horse.

Isn't that Black Scaled Horse Wang Shan's mount? Why is it being sat on by a stranger?

Chen Long, that's Chen Long, looks like the rumors are true. Wang Shan suffered a huge loss at Chen Long's hands and even the Black Scaled Horse was taken.

Shouts and exclamations rang out from the surroundings.

In this period of time, there had been countless rumors regarding Chen Long.

He is Chen Long, the one who killed Chen Feng and Ling Yun?

In order to save Miao Kong, he did not hesitate to offend Wu Xiong. So it turns out that it was him.

Everyone was discussing in astonishment.

It's him?

As for Wang Shan, he gritted his teeth when he saw Zi Xhen.. If one were to speak of the rumors from before, he could deny it but now that the Black Scaled Horse was in his hands, he had nothing to say.

Chen Long, I want you dead. Wang Shan gritted his teeth and in his heart, he was furious.

How have you two been!

Zi Chen urged his horse forward and the ground shook, immediately charging towards the center of the battlefield.

Brat, you're finally here, this old man is about to die here. The old man held the Buddhist Tassel in his hands and waved it at Zi Chen. Cracks were already on it but due to using too much strength, it suddenly shattered.

Good boy, we have been waiting for you for a long time. The burly man also laughed out loud. There were several corpses lying underneath him. Their battle prowess was extremely powerful. Even after fighting for several hours, they were still brimming with energy.

Who is it? Stop.

Just at this time, one of the peak Xiantian experts walked forward, wanting to stop Zi Chen.

Zi Chen rode his horse forward, his speed was extremely fast, like a ray of light. When he arrived in front of the peak Xiantian expert, he pointed out the finger, and a ray of sword Qi suddenly shot out, slashing fiercely forward.

You're courting death! The peak Xiantian expert shouted loudly, striking out with his own Sword Qi.


Where Zi Chen's Sword Qi passed, it was incomparably sharp. The peak Xiantian expert, together with his sword, was instantly sliced apart and all of his internal organs flowed out onto the ground.

Stop right there.

An expert suddenly ran up and blocked in front of Zi Chen.


Zi Chen punched, simple and direct, the Golden Light lit up the sky and his strong Spirit Qi kept surging. The experts weapon exploded with a Kacha sound and following that, the fist Qi rushed towards him, causing him to fly back dozens of meters away with his life force dissipating.

Zi Chen appeared on the battlefield, domineering and terrifying and without even dismounting from the horse, he had already killed two peak Xiantian experts.

Where did this kid come from? Die!

Two cultivators felt the abnormality and turned to attack Zi Chen. Their eyes turned cold as Xiantian Qi continued to surge, surrounding Zi Chen from the left and right.

In Zi Chen's hands, a goldenight flashed and two sharp Sword Qi appeared. They were like two sharp blades that split the sky, one on the left and one on the right as they slashed across.



The two experts fell into a pool of blood at the same time. Their bodies were penetrated by the golden sword Qi.



The commotion caused by Zi Chen was too big, upon seeing that, the rest of the peak Xiantian experts immediately turned and rushed towards Zi Chen, shouting kill. The bright light filled the sky, one after another as many Martial Techniques shot towards Zi Chen.

Thunderbolt Finger!

Zi Chen sat on the horse and q Seal appeared in his hand. This was the Seal of the Thunderbolt Finger and it was extremely powerful.

Following the fall of the last Seal, golden rays of light surged around Zi Chen's body. Like streaks of lightning, they rushed in all directions with a terrifying aura.

A total of several streaks of golden lightning appeared, carrying a terrifying aura as they charged towards these experts.




Violent explosions rang out and golden lightning exploded one after another. Its power was unparalleled. The earth trembled, smoke and dust rose from all directions. Mournful cries sounded and it was full of fear.

Silence reigned between the heavens and earth. Only the appearance of the vast expanse of golden light was absolutely dazzling. When the smoke and dust completely dispersed, the peak Xiantian experts all fell to the ground, and their life force dissipated.

This is...

What terrifying battle prowess.

With but a wave of his hand, he killed several peak Xiantian experts.

This level of combat power, can only be found in the current monsteres.

Everyone was shocked beyond belief. Gasps sounded one after another.

One had to know that these were all peak Xiantian Realm experts. They had already reached the end of the Xiantian Realm and once they broke through again, they would reach the Zhen Yuan Realm. However, such an existence was actually easily slaughtered.

This is...

Seeing Zi Chen use this move, Wang Shan's eyes widened, feeling that it was unbelievable.

Have you all noticed that this move is very familiar? It seems like you've seen it somewhere before? Wang Shan hurriedly asked, as if he had discovered an enormous secret.