Thunder Martial Chapter 194 - Clearance

The sounds of fighting between the trees were very intense and they were loud.

Fighting in the forest was a common occurrence, Zi Chen was not willing to do anything unnecessary. He activated his Black Scaled Horse and was about to leave but at that moment, the sounds of fighting were approaching, as if they were coming over.


At the same time, there was a cry for help.

The several great powers want to clear the field, help!

Someone cried out in alarm and turned to fight. The sound of blades stabbing into their bodies rang out as well.


From afar, a figure shot over, his entire body covered in blood, the longsword in his hand was broken, only half of its hilt remained.

Seeing Zi Chen, the eyes of the person who came lit up, and exclaimed, Save me, those big powers are starting to clear the scene, killing all the rogue cultivators who have yet to enter the depths.

The person took a breath of air and headed towards Zi Chen. Just then, a sharp whistling sound came out.


A sharp blade appeared in the middle of the forest and like an arrow leaving the bowstring, it pierced through the man's back in an instant.

The man collapsed unwillingly.

They finally cleared the area? Miao Kong sat on the Black Scaled Horse, a light flickering in his eyes. He was Wu Xiong's first group of people to clear the field, all the guards were dead and he was the only one left.

The sound of air being torn apart continuously sounded out, and figures scuttled out from the dense forest one after another. There were a total of over a dozen people.

With swords and blood dripping from their hands, their killing intent soared as they rushed over.



The ten plus people were extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, they had already arrived in front of Zi Chen, surrounding the three of them from all sides.

What do you plan to do? Miao Kong said.

Hmph. This space has been opened for several months. You are still here. Could it be that you want to take advantage of ys? A black-clothed cultivator asked coldly.

Take advantage of you? We just arrived here. Miao Kong said.

Wu Xiong has orders, from now on, in the dense forest, begin to clear the area. All the cultivators that are wandering in the outskirts will die.

The cultivator's eyes were filled with killing intent, the blood dripping weapons were emitting an oppressive cold aura.

In that case, are you people from the Wu Zong Sect? Zi Chen asked with a hint of coldness in his voice.

The Wu Zong Sect's is Zi Chen's greatest enemy.

Hmph, cut the crap. Kill the men but keep the woman. A cultivator coldly said and indicated for everyone to take action.

They should be from a small force. They have been bought by Wu Xiong. Miao Kong explained.

Although the great powers had brought many experts s, they were far from being comparable to those rogue cultivators. Only, during this period of time, the great powers had gathered many small powers and some rogue cultivators had also joined in.


Over 10 people shouted, holding the bloody sword in their hand, they abandoned Su Mengyao and rushed towards Zi Chen and Miao Kong.


Zi Chen sat on the Black Scaled Horse with an indifferent expression. Seeing the cultivators rush over, he merely extended his hand forward and pointed a golden sword Qi at them.


A sword Qi flashed by and one of the cultivators had his forehead pierced, falling to the ground, dead.


A flower of blood bloomed as a sharp sword Qi pierced through the heart of another cultivator, resulting in his instant death.

With two of his fingers raised, two of them died. Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength instantly intimidated the others.

Who are you?

The faces of all the cultivators present paled. They had never seen such a powerful person before.


Zi Chen sat on his horse, motionless. His fingers flickered with a golden light and a resplendent sword Qi appeared in front of a cultivator holding a sword.


The sword and the cultivators body started cracking and immediately, it both split into two.

Zi Chen's expression did not change. He was very calm, but in that instant, three people died.

Who the hell are you?

The other cultivators were terrified and retreated. Among the three people who died, one of them was an expert at the peak Xiantian Realm, but he was still killed in one attack.

Furthermore, from the moment this man made his move until now, he hadn't moved an inch while sitting on the horse.

I'm the one who sent you on your way to hell. Zi Chen said calmly but his calm words caused everyone's hearts to tremble.

At this moment, they knew that they had met a tough opponent.


A cultivator reached his hands out to his chest to signal but before his hands could take out an item, a golden sword Qi pierced his heart. His life force dissipated and he fell to the ground dead.

A Wu Zong Sect signal fell out of his chest.


Go back and tell Wu Xiong.

Everyone was frightened. They no longer bothered him and turned around to leave.

This fierce person gave others a feeling of being unmatched.

Could it be him?

Just as he was running, the leader's expression suddenly changed as he remembered someone.

In this half a month, there was a rumor circulating in the depths of the ocean that Wang Shan had been beaten up by a youth called Chen Long, suffered a huge loss and even stole the Black Scaled Horse.

This matter had already spread far and wide and caused a huge stir. Although Wang Shan himself did not admit it, the Black Scaled Horse was indeed gone.

Three Black Scaled Horse, one of them is bigger, it should be the Black Scaled Horse. Ohh my god, I actually met him. The rumors are true, this master even dares to beat up Wang Shan. The man's expression changed and his speed increased.

Thunderbolt Finger!

At this moment, an ice-cold voice sounded out. Immediately, the man felt a dangerous aura come from behind him.


With a loud shout, he immediately turned around and activated the Qi in his body, retesting to the side. The Xiantian Qi continuously surged, and the man saw a streak of golden lightning.




The dozen or so golden bolts of lightning exploded, sending forth terrifying energy fluctuations. Immediately afterwards, under the man's astonished gaze, strands of life force began to dissipate, including his own.

With a single Thunderbolt Finger, he released a dozen lightning bolts, instantly exterminating the people who were trying to escape.

Just at this moment, Miao Kong jumped down from the horse's back and walked forward happily. He searched around on these corpses and after a while, he came forward with a lot of valuables.

The harvest is not bad. There are dozens of Yuan Stone, and there are also some Pills. However, some of them was blown up by lightning and is unable to be used.

Miao Kong passed these things to Zi Chen. Zi Chen had the Spatial Equipment, he could definitely take these things.

Yuan Stones are the general currency of the entire Sky Martial Continent. No one would think that it was too littlr and once one reaches the Zhen Yuan Realm, they would need the help of Primeval Stone to cultivate. The more the merrier.

Several great powers started to clear the area, beheading all the cultivators in the outskirts and killing all those who were trying to take advantage of them.

Zi Chen had already learnt from Miao Kong that once the several forces cleared the scene, it would prove that they wanted to challenge the inheritance.

Along the way, Zi Chen saw a few more massacres, all of them were rogue cultivators, in groups of two or three. They wanted to follow the big powers and take advantage of them but they were all pulled out and killed.


During this period, Zi Chen made his move several times as well, consecutively killing several cultivators who are clearing the area, going all the way into the depths.

Zi Chen, we need to be careful going deeper in. There are a lot of great forces and experts and they also have Forbidden Artifacts. We have to guard against them.

As the three of them went deeper, Miao Kong reminded them.

I know!

Zi Chen nodded. Ever since he had comprehended the Extreme Yang last time, the golden light had disappeared from the center of his brows. Zi Chen realized that his senses had become even sharper and stronger.

In the past few days, there were a few people who were hiding in the dark and wanted to kill Zi Chen but they were all killed by Zi Chen before they could do anything.

Furthermore, Heaven Killing Pavilion had never given up on Miao Kong's assassination. On the way, Zi Chen had killed at least six people.

This was a tall mountain rang covered with ancient trees. It was comparable to a small mountain and its roots were like horned dragons that took root underground.

After passing through two more mountain ranges, we will reach the depths. That is the first step in obtaining the inheritance, there are a few restrictions there but the rogue cultivators have already been attacking it, I believe it should have long been opened. Miao Kong pointed to the mountain ridge in front of them.

They were almost there, the three became more careful. Black Scaled Horse were a type of Demonic Beast, they had good stamina and could run within the mountains.

After a day, the three of them went over a mountain and saw that there was still a giant mountain to cross over.


Right at this moment, a powerful aura was emitted from another mountain, followed by a rumbling sound.

Someone else is fighting.

It should be some people who are here to take advantage of others. They might have accidentally met someone who is clearing the area.

The three of them were not surprised. Along the way, there had been at least ten battles that they had fought.

Let's go. We'll pass through the mountain range and reach a place where we can hide. Zi Chen said.

The three of them urged their Black Scaled Horse to move forward and during this period of time, explosive sounds of fighting could be heard. The intense sounds would be heard from time to time and when the three of them climbed up a mountain, the sounds of fighting continued, as though it was going on for a long time.

He's not ordinary, he actually persisted for so long. It seems like those who want to take advantage are also those who are hard to deal with. Miao Kong sighed.


An explosive shout came from below the mountain, echoing through the dense forest.

Hmm? Zi Chen frowned, this voice was actually so familiar.

It's him. A moment later, Zi Chen remembered the owner of the voice.

The burly man, the burly man that was with the old man that day.

The sounds of fighting are extremely intense and it didn't seem like it was only one person who was fighting against another. It was likely that the two of them were trying to take advantage of this situation and were found by someone, resulting in a big battle.

Indeed. Based on their personalities, it would be strange if they didn't take advantage of the situation. Zi Chen thought.

The two of them had no sense of loyalty. If there was an opportunity, they would take it. If they didn't, they would run away.

Let's go, we need to increase our speed.

Zi Chen activated his Black Scaled Horse and sped up. Although the two of them were not loyal, he could not be a despicable person and leave them hanging.

Down the mountain was a huge canyon. It was spacious and at the center of the canyon was a battle that lasted for several hours.

An old man who was about to be buried and a burly man fought fiercely with several peak Xiantian experts for several hours without losing out.

In front of the burly man, three people had already fallen.

This old man and this uncle are actually so powerful. Liu Bo brought less than 10 people with him and followed behind the Li Family, looking at the battle. He muttered softly and his subordinates looked at the old man and the burly man, their eyes blazing with fire.

That day, it was two people along with Chen Long who brought along a Demonic Beast, causing them heavy losses.

Strange, wasn't Chen Long with them last time? Why isn't he here today? Liu Bo muttered.

He had a Forbidden Artifact but he was still behind the crowd. He was obviously trying to conceal his identity and take action at this critical moment.

This was the only valley that led deeper into the valley. At this moment, several large groups of people had gathered here. As for some rogue cultivators, they had already rushed into the valley. Those that didn't enter had been cleared away.

These two old fellows are already so old but their battle power is still so strong. Wang Shan sat on the Black Scaled Horse and watched the scene indifferently.

Thei battle prowess is not bad, what a pity. Cang He shook his head and sighed.

Li Huo laughed coldly.

At this moment, the various major powers were all gathered, with hundreds of people on each side. But of course, most of them were cultivators who had come together with other major powers. It seemed that there were many of them.


The burly man's attacks were fierce and ferocious as he unleashed his powerful techniques. The surrounding experts did not dare to move forward and those who managed to move forward with great difficulty had already turned into ice-cold corpses.

As for the old man, he was not weak either. The Buddhist Tassel in his hand continuously swung about and beams of light appeared. One by one, he forced the other experts to retreat.

The battle dragged on indefinitely.