Thunder Martial Chapter 193 - Humiliation

The mirror flew in the air with milky white light flickering. A terrifying aura was being released and the Forbidden Artifact could launch a terrifying attack at any time.

Young Master, don't!

Just at this time, a figure rushed forward and stopped Wang Shan. It was a peak Xiantian Knight, the one who is the leader of the Steel Cavalry.

Don't stop me, I'm going to kill him. Wang Shan roared, his eyes scarlet red, completely out of control. He had obviously been humiliated severely and had completely lost all reason.

This is a weapon used to fight for the inheritance. It's a Forbidden Artifact. Using it to vent your anger right now, isn't that just a waste? The knight grabbed Wang Shan's hand and did not loosen his grip.

If it's wasted, it will be wasted then. Anyways, I must kill him. Since he dares to humiliate me like this, I will make him pay the price. Wang Shan roared, a terrifying aura condensed on the surface of the mirror.

No, Young Master, even if you have a Forbidden Artifact, you might not be able to kill him! The knight spoke out again.

Bullsh*t! I have a Forbidden Artifact. I can easily kill him like killing chickens or slaughtering dogs!

However, he also has a Forbidden Artifact! The knight felt very helpless.


Wang Shan's expression changed. Just a moment ago, because he was angry, his brain was heating up but because of a single sentence from Knight, it had completely cooled down. He turned his head to look at Zi Chen.

Forbidden Artifact!

Wang Shan simply could not believe his own eyes. In Zi Chen's hand, a palm-sized blood-red spear was emitting a terrifying aura.

Although this aura was different from the mirror, the degree of its terror was almost the same.

Why do you have a Forbidden Artifact? Wang Shan was dumbstruck, he instantly felt that the sky had darkened. It was extremely difficult to obtain a Forbidden Artifact, he had the right to have one because he is a direct descendant of the Wang Family. If not for this trip to the ruins, the clan would not have given him a Forbidden Artifact.

Forbidden Artifacts are something that could only be refined by Sovereign experts. It was difficult for experts at the Sovereign Realm to use refine a Forbidden Artifact for their Xiantian disciples to use.

The clan gave him a Forbidden Artifact and at that time, Wang Shan was so happy that he almost went crazy. This was a killing weapon, in the Xiantian Trial grounds, it was still unstoppable but he never would have thought that the first time he took out a Forbidden Artifact today, before he managed to kill the enemy, he would encounter another one.

What's wrong, trashy Young Master Wang Shan, are you shocked? This stuff is like cabbages, if you can have it, can't I have it? Zi Chen ridiculed.

However, his words could not help but make Wang Shan spit out blood.

Since when did Forbidden Artifacts become a cabbage? One had to know, their family also didn't have many Forbidden Artifacts.

Miao Kong and Su Mengyao, who were in the distance, were also speechless. Was this Forbidden Artifact really a cabbage? Zi Chen said it in a relaxed manner but when he received the Forbidden Artifact, he was so happy that he could not even close his mouth.

How could you have a Forbidden Artifact? Wang Shan still could not believe it.

Hmph, it's only a Forbidden Artifact. Let me ask you, what else do I have? Zi Chen sneered, then a bright light flashed in his hand as a Yuan stone appeared and disappeared, as if by magic.

Do you see the Spatial Equipment? Zi Chen laughed proudly.

Wang Shan curled his lips, the current Zi Chen was just like a country bumpkin who had suddenly turned into a nouveau riche, showing off in front of him.

I still have a lot of these, Great Young Master Wang Shan, do you want to come and try it out? Let's fight with each other and see whose Forbidden Artifact is stronger? Zi Chen smiled faintly, not caring in the slightest. The blood-red spear in his hand emitted an endless bloody light.

Wang Shan's pupils constantly fluctuated. He could already tell that the Forbidden Artifact in Zi Chen's hand had already been used before.

Young Master, don't be rash! The knight opened his mouth and stopped Wang Shan once again.

Forbidden Artifacts are extremely useful. If we just fight it out here, what can we do even if we kill him? When it comes to seizing the inheritance, we can only be passive. The Knight continued to persuade him.

Hmph, Chen Long, you can consider yourself lucky today, but I'm warning you, do not fall into my hands next time or else, I will make you die a graveless death. Wang Shan snorted coldly, he had finally come to a compromise, kept his Forbidden Artifact, and was about to leave.

Wang Shan, without strength, don't talk big. You want to leave but when did I say you can leave? Even if you don't want to fight,

I will still beat you up.

Zi Chen snorted, the blood-red spear in his hand released a blinding light and a burst of terrifying aura spread out.

What do you mean? Wang Shan's expression changed. He had never thought that even though he no longer pursued the matter, the other party had no intentions of letting him off.

What do I mean? You've blocked my path and humiliated me but you want to just leave like this? Aren't you looking down on me too much? Zi Chen shouted.

Humiliate you? Hearing this, Wang Shan was so angry that he almost went mad, thinking, it was clearly you who humiliated me but now, you actually sued the wrong person first.

Beside Wang Shan, the group of Knight were also speechless, who exactly had humiliated who?

Wang Shan, you dare to humiliate me, I will naturally take revenge on you. If you want to leave this place easily, you are simply dreaming. Zi Chen clenched his teeth, as though he had suffered a great injustice, the blood-red spear in his hands released an even more terrifying aura, as if it was ready to strike a fatal blow at any moment.

Wang Shan was so angry that he was about to cry. He had thought that Chen Long was an honest and upright person but he never expected that he was actually a vile character like him.

Then what do you want? Wang Shan asked angrily.

Hmph, I want you to pay me back with your blood. Zi Chen's eyes released a red light, as if he had suffered an extreme grievance.

You want to use the Forbidden Artifact? Wang Shan stared at Zi Chen.

That's right. I'll use the Forbidden Artifact to determine victory or defeat. I'll wash away the humiliation I've received. Zi Chen nodded, the blood-red spear in his hands became even stronger.

Wang Shan didn't know what to say. He was clearly the victim but from Chen Long's words, everything had reversed.

Even the Knight were speechless. On their side, there were dead people and several Black Scaled Horse were also dead. They were the true victims, alright?

Wang Shan was already at a loss as to what to say.

Chen Long, it's fine if you want to compete in Forbidden Artifacts but do you have any other methods? Just then, a knight beside Wang Shan spoke out.

Another way? Zi Chen was startled.

That's right. Althought we've humiliated you, lets used other methods to resolve the situation, why do we have to use force and force? When the knight opened his mouth,

his heart was bleeding. He swallowed all the broken teeth into his stomach and could not speak of the pain he was feeling.

Yes, use other methods to resolve it. Wang Shan was also helpless. The way things had developed was completely out of his expectations and he had come to rope Zi Chen in. He had wanted to show some strength first, then rope Zi Chen in, but the result was...

Although this thing is like cabbage, it's best not to use it if you won't use yours. Zi Chen kept his Forbidden Artifact but his words caused everyone to be speechless.


How could a Forbidden Artifact be a cabbage?

Since you all want to settle this matter, then fine, I will give you all a chance. Don't say that I, Chen Long, am not kind. I will give you a choice today, give me that Black Scaled Horse of yours and

two more ordinary Black Scaled Horse. Even if you don't overlook this matter, I will not hold it against you for the humiliation today.

Zi Chen put on a righteous front.


Wang Shan glared at Zi Chen, he never would have thought that he would actually have such a big mouth. A Black Scaled Horse is extremely precious and his own mount is very high grade. Moreover, it is extremely hard to tame.

What, you're not willing? You're not even willing to give out three mere Black Scaled Horse? Do you still have the attitude of solving a problem? Zi Chen said unhappily.

A mere three Black Scaled Horse?

Everyone wanted to smack this country bumpkin to death. Could this thing be described as insignificant, was it worth that little? Moreover, Wang Shan's Black Scaled Horse was worth thousands of Yuan Stones.

No way! Wang Shan immediately rejected it, he wanted his Black Scaled Horse. He wanted his face and it was fine if he was in the wrong but he was the victim right now.

Alright, trashy Young Master Wang Shan, then let me see how powerful your Forbidden Artifact is. Zi Chen bellowed, the blood-red spear released a blinding light and a wave of destructive aura brewed as a terrifying killing intent filled the forest.

Wait, we agree, we agree. At this moment, the Knight hurriedly spoke up and then whispered into Wang Shan's ears, Young Master, you must think twice about it. The price of three Black Scaled Horse can't be comparable to a Forbidden Artifact, it's definitely not less than the price of one in the outside world. If you use it once, the chance of you obtaining the inheritance here will be lower.

Young Master, let him go first, we can go deeper in and then we can settle our scores with him later Knight began to enlighten Wang Shan.

After a moment, Wang Shan nodded.

Chen Long, just you wait, today is my bad luck, just treat it as me getting bitten by a dog. Wang Shan was helpless as he spat out those fierce words. Riding another Black Scaled Horse, they left together with the rest of the Knight.

Are you trying to humiliate me? Come, Wang Shan, let me see the power of your Forbidden Artifact. Zi Chen shouted loudly.

Wang Shan's expression changed as he almost fell off the Black Scaled Horse. He increased his speed and left without looking back.

Is this some kind of humiliation? Wang Shan felt very wronged.

He had originally wanted to win Chen Long over but he did not manage to do so. Instead, he had suffered humiliation and had to compensate the other party, what kind of world was this?

Even Wang Shan himself, who was notorious in Cloud City, had never done such a thing.

Chen Long, I won't let you off.

Wang Shan led the group and quickly left.

Idiot. This is a Forbidden Artifact and not a real cabbage. Even if you were willing to fight me, I would not be willing to.

Looking far away from Wang Shan, Zi Chen carefully withdrew his blood-red spear, turned and looked at the two of them, and said, Come, let's go deeper in.

With that, he rushed towards the Black Scaled Horse.

In today's battle, even Wang Shan was forced to retreat so Miao Kong could be considered to have truly witnessed Zi Chen's fighting strength. This time, in the depths of the competition, if no one

has a Forbidden Artifact, then Zi Chen would definitely be the strongest.

The three of them rode their Black Scaled Horse and headed deeper.

They did not hurry along the way. Instead, they followed the prints of the horses' hooves in front of them.

Along the way, they found a few spirit medicine, Zi Chen would not let them go. After he easily punched out a few times to repel the Demonic Beast, he collected them and used the jade box to preserve them, to prevent the flow of spirit energy from coming out.

In his spare time, Zi Chen would cultivate.

His strength had broken through yet again but to Zi Chen, this was still a land of treasures.

A few days later, the three of them had already reached the depths.

They had not seen a single person along the way. It was only two days later when they had gone deeper into the space that Zi Chen heard the sounds of fighting coming from the forest.