Thunder Martial Chapter 192 - Appearance Of A Forbidden Artifact

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The Black Steel Cavalry of Cloud City was extremely famous among the Seven Cities. It was a type of Combination Formation, with a strong power that was unintentionally acquired within the ruins. However, only Xiantian experts could use this technique

However, only Xiantian experts could use this technique. Once it is used, it would have two times the combat power, which was very frightening.

But now, with such a powerful fighting strength, they were actually being beaten up by Zi Chen.

With his strength, Zi Chen broke through the fused Marital Technique.


Zi Chen's golden fist struck one of the Black Scaled Horse and it was blown away. Even the Knight who was on back flew backwards and crashed into an Ancient Tree, immediately fainting afters.

Zi Chen was expressionless but his attacks were sharp and merciless. Following the beatdown of one horse after another, the power of this technique was greatly reduced.


A powerful strike came out, the air emitted an ear-piercing explosion, followed by a Black Scaled Horse being killed by Zi Chen, it was completely silent.


The golden fist was like a golden hammer with terrifying power. When it landed, one of the Knight was killed, leaving only the Black Scaled Horse behind to panic and flee in all directions.

The Fused Martial Technique had been broken by Zi Chen with such ease.


One of the swords broke and once again, Zi Chen attacked with much more ease.

Come back, come back!

Wang Shan's expression changed. This Black Steel Cavalry was his big trump card, used to fight for his inheritance. Moreover, he had never wanted them to attack him. It was just that he had never thought that they would actually suffer so many losses here, causing him to feel pain in his heart.


The heaven and earth trembled. Endless azure light flashed in and out and a gigantic Azure Seal appeared in the air. On the surface of its body, diagrams could be seen and it released a terrifying energy that ruthlessly smashed towards Zi Chen's head.

This is the Azure Peak Seal, the mighty Martial Technique of Cloud City.


Zi Chen clenched his fist and punched up. The golden fist struck the seal, causing the place to tremble, following that, the seal exploded.

Azure Peak Slash!

At the same time, a blue sword Qi with unparalleled power rushed towards Zi Chen with extreme speed.


Zi Chen threw a punch and a golden light enveloped the sky and a terrifying Qi circulated around his fist. With a loud bang, it shattered the sword Qi.

Breaking through to the late Xiantian, Zi Chen's combat power was incomparably terrifying. Right now, let alone a genius at the peak Xiantian Realm, even if someone with at the early Zhen Yuan Realm arrived, they would be easily smashed by Zi Chen.



Boundless azure light erupted from Wang Shan's body, like many sharp blades, transforming into a million, shooting towards Zi Chen crazily.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

All of the sharp blades that landed on Zi Chen's body was repelled and did not break through his defenses. Immediately, Zi Chen threw a punch and a blazing fist Qi appeared, shattering all of the sharp blades.

Wang Shan's expression changed, Zi Chen's strength had far exceeded his expectations. He originally thought that the two would be on par but this time, when they fought, he realised how strong his opponent was.

Fortunately, the other Steel Cavalry had all retreated and Wang Shan minimized his losses.

Wang Shan, I said it already, I will let you down if I don't beat you into a pig's head today. A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes. Lightning appeared below his feet and like a ray of light, he rushed towards Wang Shan.

Wang Shan's pupils contracted. He abandoned the Black Scaled Horse and retreated quickly with light flickering under his feet. It was also a type of extreme movement technique, but it was incomparable to the Nine Thunder Pass.


During this period of time, Wang Shan had released a few attacks, but they were all easily countered by Zi Chen.

Do I have to use a Forbidden Artifact now? Wang Shan was unreconciled. Although it was true that Forbidden Artifacts were powerful, it can only be used a few times. At this moment, after seeing Chen Long's fighting strength, Wang Shan had already regretted it, regretted his recklessness earlier.


With his speed, Zi Chen easily caught up. Soon after, Wang Shan saw a golden fist suddenly enlarge in his pupils and then, Wang Shan was smashed flying by a large force.

Protect the Young Master!


The other Knight reacted, they all activated their Black Scaled Horses and rushed towards Zi Chen.

In Zi Chen's hand, the Seal appeared. It was extremely complicated, with a gold light flashing across his fingers and then, dozens of golden lightning appeared. Like lightning snakes, they rushed towards the Steel Cavalry.

This was the Thunderbolt finger, a terrifying technique, once again displayed. Its might was peerless as it released dozens of lightning bolts.


Dozens of lightning bolts exploded, creating a sky shaking sound. The entire place was shaking and the endless forest was uprooted. The ancient tree shattered and under the impact of dozens of lightning bolts, many knights fell down.


Wang Shan roared, They are his trump cards. He wanted to use them to fight for the inheritance.


Just at this time, Zi Chen's body flashed forward again and his golden fist landed straight on Wang Shan's head.

Such a punch had peerless power. Wang Shan could feel the danger of death from it.


Just at this moment, in front of Wang Shan's chest, a jade pendant was releasing a magnificent light, forming a Protective Shield and protecting him.


The fist landed on the protective shield but it did not shatter. The defensive power of the protective shield was truly terrifying.

This is?

Looking at the protective shield in front of him, Zi Chen felt a sense of familiarity. Thinking about it, it was probably similar to the protective shield that Chu Fei had set up back then but it was not his personal defense.


Zi Chen attacked over and over again, continuously sending Wang Shan flying but he was unable to break through the protective shield.

Is this a turtle shell? How can it be so hard?

After being unable to break through the shield for a long time, Zi Chen insulted Wang Shang. He extended his hand and struck towards Wang Shan's face, causing Wang Shan to be sent flying with a pah sound.

This was the second time in his life that he had been humiliated but he was very glad. The last time he was humiliated by Zi Chen, his clan's elders gave him this jade pendant for protection when he returned and it had played a great role today.


Zi Chen punched out his fist and smashed into Wang Shan's face. The protective shield trembled and dispelled the energy but Wang Shan was still sent flying by the force of the impact.

During this period of time, the dozens of knights organized several more attacks and were all sent flying by Zi Chen.


When Zi Chen attacked, Wang Shan was beaten up again and again. He did not even have the strength to retaliate.

A trash like you... No, trashy Young Master sounds better

Once again, Zi Chen slapped Wang Shan across the protective shield. Even though the energy had been dissolved by the shield, Wang Shan still felt a burning pain on his face.

Zi Chen was killed by you, how did I hear that? Zi Chen beat you up into a pig's head and scared you to the point of peeing your pants.

Zi Chen kicked out and a golden light flashed, directly striking near Wang Shan's face and sending him flying. Following that, his large foot descended and directly trampled near Wang Shan's face.


In the distance, Miao Kong and Su Mengyao watched speechlessly, Zi Chen was being too fierce, he had actually suppressed Wang Shan just like that.

With a punk like you, you can't even kill Zi Chen and still dare to say that his girlfriend is your woman? Why don't you take care of yourself first? Zi Chen lifted his big foot and stepped on the protective shield on Wang Shan's face.

The protective shield continuously trembled, trying to dissipate the huge force. Seeing the foot really close to his face, Wang Shan wished that he could faint.


Zi Chen's stomp caused the place to shake and Wang Shan's protective shield was trampled into the ground.

If not for this turtle shell, I would have slapped you until you turned into a pig head today and then let you kill yourself by slapping your face. Zi Chen opened his mouth but showed no mercy. Once again, he madly stomped his feet a few times and even the protective shield was stomped deeply into the ground.


Just at that moment, a terrifying aura leaked out from the soil below and a ruthless killing intent filled the air. Zi Chen felt the threat of death and immediately retreated.


The ground exploded, and a miserable figure appeared. It was Wang Shan, the Protective Shield around his body had disappeared but his expression was extremely sinister, it had become distorted due to anger. In his hand was a mirror that emitted a milky white light.

Forbidden Artifact!

Zi Chen's pupils constricted and he no longer went forward.

Come on, come on! Wang Shan held the Forbidden Artifact in his hand, his expression sinister and his breathing rapid. Since when had he received such humiliation? Even when he was captured by Zi Chen, he did not step on his face like this.

Moreover, on that day, when Zi Chen slapped his face, he was the only one there, not including Zi Chen. However, today, there were dozens of people present.

Zi Chen looked at the Forbidden Artifact and did not walk forward.

Come on, come on. Aren't you amazing? Come on! The Forbidden Artifact in Wang Shan's hand swayed and a terrifying aura continuously emitted, ready to strike with its destructive aura at any time.

Many cracks had already appeared on the jade pendant in his chest and the energy consumption was extremely huge. This made Wang Shan's heart ache even more.

The Forbidden Artifact in his hand pointed towards Zi Chen and he roared, Come, Chen Long, aren't you strong? Come and slap my face, I am standing here for you to hit me

Relying on Forbidden Artifacts is nothing. If you have the ability, then come out. See if I don't beat you up into a pig's head. Zi Chen sneered, disdain filling his eyes.

You still f*cking dare to talk back? Let's see if I can't kill you. Wang Shan was infuriated, he did not expect Zi Chen to be so stubborn after taking out the Forbidden Artifact. Immediately, a wave of destructive aura surged out from the mirror and a white brilliance was continuously being emitted.

Zi Chen was a bit afraid. Even if he broke through to the late Xiantian realm, he was not confident in being able to defend against the Forbidden Artifact's attack.

Kneel down and admit your wrongs. F*ck, slap your own face, remove all your teeth, and then call me brother-in-law. Wang Shan roared. He was completely furious, his emotions were unstable and he could release his Forbidden Artifact at any time.

This was a type of torturous method. Ever since Wang Shan came back alive from the Dark Serene Forest, his previous method of making people look for their teeth on the ground had changed to making them look for their teeth on the ground plus calling him brother-in-law.

Ha ha! Zi Chen laughed, the disdain in his eyes became even stronger, Are you seeking death? To make me kneel down and call you brother-in-law. Why don't you kneel down and call me that? I might be in a good mood and let you go again.

You are f*cking looking to die. To dare to bargain with me. Wang Shan was pissed. At this moment, he forgot all about the inheritance and his trump cards. His mind was filled with the humiliation he had received today.


The mirror flew towards the sky and released a milky white light. A destructive aura circulated in the mirror.

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