Thunder Martial Chapter 191 - Fused Martial Technique

When the Knight opened his mouth, the dozens of horses released a strong killing intent. The killing intent filled the air and merged with each other like a giant beast crawling on the ground, ready to attack at any time.

Kid, you better be polite when you speak to the Young Master. The Knight said coldly.

You have to pay attention to your own identity. The other Knight also spoke up.

Guys, you should also speak politely to Chen Long. Wang Shan waved his hand at his guards, smiled indifferently and tge dense killing intent suddenly disappeared behind him.

Is this a warning? Zi Chen sneered, he did not care at all.

Chen Long, this Su Mengyao is my woman, yet you didn't greet me and actually took her from me. Aren't you not giving me, Wang Shan, any face? Wang Shan said.

Face, Young Master Wang Shan, do you still have face? Zi Chen laughed coldly.

You! Wang Shan was furious, he did not expect Chen Long to not give him face and behind him, the killing intent that had just dissipated appeared once again. This time, the killing intent was even thicker, as though it had become real.

Then what do you plan to do? Zi Chen spoke out again, his expression extremely playful, wanting to see what kind of tricks the other party was playing.

As for beside Zi Chen, Su Mengyao had been fuming for a long time. If not for Zi Chen holding her, she would have gotten angry already.

It's just a woman, it's not impossible for Brother Chen Long to have her. It's just that with so many of my subordinates here, Brother Chen Long didn't say a word and just took her away, shouldn't you give me an explanation?

What explanation?

Initially, for people like you, I was just going to grab hold of you and slap their faces until they lose all their teeth before kneeling down and calling me brother-in-law. However, I admire you, Chen Long, as a genius, I do not wish for such a genius to die here. Wang Shan said, and finally revealed his purpose.

This fellow is truly shameless. He is clearly trying to make you work for him yet he said that he ended up making such a big favor. Judging from his actions, it seems that he is still trying to make you feel grateful toward him. Miao Kong curled his lips and muttered.

Haha, Young Master Wang Shan is indeed kind! Zi Chen laughed loudly.

Of course, I, Wang Shan, have always been known for my benevolence and I am also a famous gentleman in Cloud City. Since I spoke out today, then let's not fuss about the things that happened before, this woman is yours and we won't have a master or servant position either. Wang Shan said.

Kid, you must be grateful for Young Masters kindness. Meeting Young Master Wang Shan is your fortune for several lifetimes.

Following Young Master Wang Shan means that you have gotten yourself into a large ship. In the future, you will enjoy endless resources.

Behind Wang Shan, two peak Xiantain guards spoke out.

Chen Long, the battle is imminent and the inheritance can appear at any time. You do not have much time to consider and this is a chance for us to work together. Wang Shan said.

Furthermore, after the matter, I will have a generous gift to repay you. This is an extremely rare opportunity, you must grasp it well.

Of course, if you refuse, then today, we will calculate why my woman is in your hands.

The formless killing intent once again appeared, the dozens of knights once again pressured Zi Chen with the dense killing intent filled the air.

Haha, you, Wang Shan, are actually a gentleman and a kind gentleman at that. This is the first time I've heard of such a thing and it's very funny, and also very stupid. Zi Chen laughed loudly.

Wang Shan's face turned ugly. He never thought that Zi Chen would still be so stubborn on this matter.

Just at this time, Zi Chen opened his mouth and asked coldly, Let me ask you, did you give the order for Chen Feng and the others to capture Mengyao?

That's right, I naturally have to find my woman. Wang Shan nodded in acknowledgement.

Then let me ask you, when did Mengyao become your woman?

He is Zi Chen's soulmate and Zi Chen died in my hands. Then as a matter of fact, she is my soulmate. If she isn't my woman, then who else could she be? Wang Shan said righteously but his eyes flashed with a cold light.

Haha, what a benevolent gentleman. There was already a cold glint in Zi Chen's eyes, Just based on your words today, if I don't beat you up into a pig head, I will let you down.

Once he said that, a cold glint flashed across Zi Chen's eyes. Releasing his grip on Su Mengyao, he took a big step, causing the place to tremble and transformed into a beam of golden light as he rushed towards Wang Shan.

You're courting death!

How dare you attack Young Master, die!

Zi Chen making a move was outside of Wang Shan's expectations. Seeing Zi Chen making a move, a crazy wave of killing intent surged out and dozens of horses had an energy rushing out of their bodies. The energy fused together in the air, forming a gigantic beast that rushed towards Zi Chen.


Inside Zi Chen's body, his blood and vital force erupted and his strength was released. His physique had become even more terrifying, as a perfect body of the late Xiantian reappeared in the world.

Golden light surged as Zi Chen punched towards the huge beast.


The enormous beast was very tall. It was originally formed from energy but at this moment, it raised its head and roared. The entire place trembled and with a roar, it shook the leaves on the tree, causing it to continuously fall.


When Zi Chen's fist landed, it released a huge vibration, causing the sky and earth to tremble. The fist caused the ground to shake and caused the beast to suddenly retreat. Zi Chen used his own strength to block the beast's attack.


The fist was like a large iron hammer, bringing with it a terrifying power, causing the entire forest to shake but the terrifying Qi spread throughout, causing the beast to be pushed back by Zi Chen's strike.


What terrifying strength, he actually blocked the beast.

This is the fused Marital Techniques from dozens of horses. Although it is incomparable to a Forbidden Artifact, it is not something that a human Xiantian can defend against.

The expressions of all the Knight changed. Zi Chen was simply too strong.


Zi Chen's eyes were ice-cold and emotionless as he once again punched out. The golden fist surged with a terrifying aura instantly smashed down towards the gigantic beast.


A huge explosion sounded and a terrifying force was emitted, causing the huge beast to be forced back while roaring nonstop.


Wang Shan, who had already been hiding behind the Knight had a drastic change in expression. He did not underestimate Zi Chen and his evaluation of him was very high but he never thought that his strength is actually so terrifying that even the fused Martial Techniques, which is only second to Forbidden Artifacts could not suppress him.

Furthermore, he was shocked to realize that Zi Chen's cultivation had actually broken through to the late Xiantian.

monster at the late Xiantian Realm. Wang Shan was shocked when he thought about it. This was an extremely strong battle force, he had to fight for it.

Zi Chen took a step forward, causing the entire world to shake. It was as if an ancient giant was taking a step forward, causing violent tremors.


The huge beast kept retreating until it had no other way out and in the end, it exploded into pieces and turned back into the natural energy.

An astonishing scene appeared. Zi Chen had actually used his fist to disperse the fused Martial Technique.

Angry Beast Roar.

The knights let out a cold roar, at this moment, the Qi in their bodies continuously surged. Their bodies emitted a strong Xiantian Qi, dozens of them roared and their voices were ear-splitting.


The heaven and earth trembled. Like ten thousand horses galloping, dozens of Knight activated their Black Scaled Horse and charged towards Zi Chen.

The more Knight there were, the stronger their might would be. Although there were currently only dozens of horses, it was still possible to easily deal with a single late Xiantian.


All the swords came out of its scabbard and released a dense, cold light. As the ground trembled, the Black Scaled Horse roared and rushed towards Zi Chen.

Both of you, back off.

Zi Chen signalled for the two of them to retreat, at the same time, he turned into lightning and rushed forward. He actually wanted to use his own strength to fight against the dozens of riders that were charging forward.

This is Cloud City's combined attack, every single mount is much more powerful than the average Knight. Let alone dealing with a insignificant late Xiantian expert, even if it you're Zhen Yuan expert, you would still be forced to retreat. Seeing Zi Chen rushing over alone, Wang Shan laughed coldly with disdain.

The crowd of Knights all sneered. They knew very well how powerful this charging technique was. Even if a Zhen Yuan Realm came, he would not be able to last for many rounds.


The hooves of the horses shook and dust flew in all directions. Several dozens of horses rushed towards Zi Chen and following after, swords released a cold light as it slashed towards Zi Chen.

This was a type of fused Martial Techniques. With the cooperation of Black Scaled Horse, the attacks of every single Knights had become a lot stronger. The swords flashed with light and a terrifying aura flowed about.


With a loud shout, Zi Chen flew into the air. Dozens of swords flashed past him but just as he dodged the blade of light, another wave of blade light appeared and like a dense net, it flew towards Zi Chen.


Golden light surged around Zi Chen's body and he released a powerful aura. He clenched his fists and punched towards the sword net.


With a single strike, the light on the sword dissipated, revealing a sword that was emitting a dense, cold light.

There really is something strange going on!

Under this attack, Zi Chen was only able to push back the sword but could not shatter it.




At the same time, even more attacks landed on Zi Chen's body but they only produced the sounds of metals clashing. Even though the knights combined their attacks, they were unable to break through Zi Chen's defense


The expressions of the group of knights changed. It was expected for Zi Chen to not destroy the sword with a single punch since the power of the fused Martial Technique was only second to the might of a Forbidden Artifact.


Zi Chen bellowed, the golden light around his body became even brighter. He waved his fist, releasing a powerful attack and once again knocking back a few swords.


At the same time, his entire body turned into a golden light, rushing towards the Knight, releasing a powerful attack.


Endless Sword Qi was easily blocked by Zi Chen, his entire body flashed with a golden light, causing the knights to be unable to break through his defense. Following that, Zi Chen punched out a fusion punch.

This was an indestructible fist and fused with the Azure Peak Seal, it was powerful.


With a punch, a Black Scaled Horse was sent flying and even the Knight above was sent flying.


Zi Chen threw a punch with a very fast speed. In an instant, all the Black Scaled Horse were sent flying and they fell to the ground.