Thunder Martial Chapter 190 - Breakthrough To The Late Xiantian Realm

In the pitch-black night, Zi Chen couldn't even see his fingers in front of him.

In this bizarre space, not seeing the stars and moon proved Wu Xiong's guess. This was an independent space but it was comparable to the real world.

Zi Chen sat cross legged, the Cultivation Methods in his body circulated, refining the thousand year old spirit medicine he obtained during the day. The rich and pure spirit energy turned into a warm current and flowed into his limbs and bones, continuously changing his physique, before returning to his dantian.

The surroundings were completely quiet, as if even the birds and beasts had become silent.

Miao Kong and Su Mengyao were both sitting cross-legged on one side, cultivating quietly. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth here was extremely dense and had signs of being vaporized.

The two hadn't reached the peak Xiantian Realm yet. They were currently rushing to breakthrough.

At this moment, a pitch-black figure appeared. It was like a ghost as it silently walked. It floated in the air as it approached.

The figure was silent. Careful and cautious, like a shadow. Its footsteps were soundless, the wind blew past without a trace. If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to see it at all.

In the pitch black night, it did not obstruct the black figure's line of sight. The figure was bizarre and its footsteps were soundless but the target was very clear, it was precisely Miao Kong. The figure was directly approaching him and the distance between the two was also getting closer and closer.

During this period of time, the three of them were cultivating and didn't detect any abnormalities at all.


The distance between the two was getting closer and closer. When the figure got close enough, an extremely dense killing intent suddenly appeared and the figure streaked across the sky with a ray of cold light as a sharp sword was brought out of its scabbard.

At this moment, Miao Kong was focused on his cultivation and did not notice this figure.

Furthermore, the figures attack was extremely quick and strange. By the time the humming of the sword could be heard, the figure had already reached Miao Kong.

At this moment, Miao Kong was sitting cross-legged as he cultivated, as if he had fallen into a deep meditative state and could not detect any abnormalities at all.


Just as Miao Kong was about to die from his assassination, a resplendent golden light suddenly appeared in the pitch black night. It was sharp and terrifying and was like a gigantic blade that rushed towards the black figure at an extremely fast speed.


As the golden blade sliced through the air and a light sound rang out, along with boundless killing intent. The golden blade dissipated, along with the life of the black figure.

In the pitch black night, Miao Kong was being assassinated. Logically, his face should have changed drastically and he should have jumped up but he was still cultivating with his eyes closed, not panicking at all. On the other side, Su Mengyao was doing the same.

Similarly, Zi Chen did not move. He did not even open his eyes.

The strong spiritual sense allowed Zi Chen to sense any unusual movements in the darkness and made his preparations in advance. There was an assassination attempt tonight but it was not the first time.

A night's time passed quickly. The next day, when the sky was bright, the three of them opened their eyes.

Cultivating at night and searching for spirit medicine during the day had almost become a habit.

Opening his eyes, Miao Kong saw the three corpses beside him but he was already used to it. Instead, he proficiently searched their stiff bodies for something useful.

This was an extremely ordinary day. With Zi Chen here, the two of them could cultivate without worry.

Zi Chen also discovered that ever since he had comprehended the Extreme Yang last time, his senses had become even sharper.

It's time to go.

Zi Chen stood up and brought the two of them to set off.

Zi Chen, it's been a while. How much longer will it take you to breakthrough? Miao Kong asked.

It should be soon, in these two days, I should only need a few spirit medicine to make another attempt. Zi Chen said. Over this period of time, he had already tried to attack the late Xiantian Realm multiple times but most of the energy had been absorbed by his body.

When his strength increased, Zi Chen's body needed to break through first. This required an even more vast amount of energy and Zi Chen had no other choice.

The seal in the depths is about to be broken. We don't have much time left. Miao Kong said.

I know! Zi Chen nodded.

More than five kilometers away, Zi Chen discovered another Demonic Beast.

You guys wait for me.

Where there was a Demonic Beast, there would naturally be a spirit medicine. This practically became an unwritten rule.

A moment later, the roars of beasts could be heard, followed by the return of a Golden figure.

Let's go!

Zi Chen kept his thousand year old spirit medicine and brought the two to the next place.

He went around in a roundabout way and slowly went deeper.


Another Demonic Beast fell to the ground. Zi Chen had taken away the spirit medicine it was protecting but he did not kill it.

In this space, Zi Chen had already killed enough. Unless he had no other choice, he would no longer kill any Demonic Beast.

I will try to charge into the late Xiantian today.

Zi Chen found a place that was extremely rich in spiritual Qi. There was a two 2500 year old spirit medicine here before but it was taken away by Zi Chen and the Demonic Beast was also driven away by Zi Chen.

Alright, the two of us will protect you.

In front of Zi Chen were three 2000 year old spirit medicines, one of which was over 2500 years old. The current Zi Chen, had already reached the peak of the mid Xiantian Realm and is only a small step away from the late Xiantian Realm.

The energy contained within the three spirit medicine was unimaginable but Zi Chen swallowed them all in one go, not at all afraid of exploding his body.


The dense spirit energy was like many out of control angry Dragons, unceasingly charging into Zi Chen's body. However, at this time, inside Zi Chen's body, his meridiens emitted golden light and blocked the energy attack.

Time passed, Zi Chen did not move an inch and the golden light around his body was resplendent. Besides him, Miao Kong and Su Mengyao were protecting him.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

A rumbling sound came out from Zi Chen's body. The golden light rushed into the sky like raging waves, bringing along a terrifying energy aura.

After four hours, the golden light surrounding Zi Chen became even brighter, the energy flowing out became even more powerful and the entire forest was dyed gold as a wave of oppressive aura spread out in all directions.

Some of the small creatures in the forest could not withstand this aura and fled in terror.


All the way until six hours later, Zi Chen's body exploded with an overflowing aur, and the boundless golden light wreaked havoc in all directions, dazzling and overwhelming. At the same time, a terrifying aura that belonged to a late Xiantian expert pervaded the forest.




Wherever the golden light passed by, it brought with it a terrifying pressure. When some of the trees came in contact with the golden light, they instantly exploded, causing the ground to fall down by a meter. At the same time, the entire forest was filled with a terrifying aura.

Zi Chen's eyes opened and a bright light flashed in his eyes as he felt his body filled with energy. At this moment, Zi Chen felt that killing a peak Xiantian Demonic Beast with one blow wasn't a problem at all.

You've finally broken through?

Miao Kong had already retreated far away. Just now, when Zi Chen had made a breakthrough, the momentum was really too great and he had no choice but to retreat with Su Mengyao.

We can go deeper in.

Miao Kong had always been brooding over the inheritance in the depths of his heart. All of the experts that he had brought along had been killed and if not for Zi Chen, wanting to rush into the depths was practically a dream. All his hopes were placed on Zi Chen.

Not bad, we can go deeper now. In Zi Chen's eyes, the destructive golden light slowly dissipated but a terrifying aura still surged. His strength had broken through yet again, Zi Chen was truly an expert at the peak Xiantian Realm now

No matter what genius or power they came from, as long as they are in the Xiantian Realm, he is not afraid of them at all. Even if it was a monster of the same level, Zi Chen would still dare to fight.

Having achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation, the three of them began to delve deeper.

As expected, the number of cultivators that they could see along the way was extremely few. Even the Liu Bo that he had met back then had disappeared as well.

Two days later, Zi Chen's group was stopped by a group of people.

There were dozens of them, all riding Black Scaled Horses with extraordinary might. Dozens of them stood in front of them like steel walls, without any weak points.

Haha, Chen Long. A hearty laugh sounded out. Behind the Black Scaled Horse, an even taller Black Scaled Horse appeared. On the Black Scaled Horse, a handsome youth laughed heartily.

Wang Shan!

Along the way, he had met many assassins and all of them must have been sent by Wu Xiong. He did not show himself at all and at the moment, Wang Shan had not gone into the deeper parts of the cave, but had come here, which surprised Zi Chen.

To be able to kill Chen Feng and Ling Yun, I'm afraid that you are the only one in this trial ground who can do so. Wang Shan stepped on his horse, and after sweeping a glance at Su Mengyao, a strange light flashed across his eyes.

The current Su Mengyao was even more beautiful with her white robes dancing with the wind. Her peerless face was flawless, as though she was carved from jade, causing Wang Shan's heart to beat faster.

Be careful, these Knights are not ordinary, they should be the Black Steel Cavalry of Cloud City. Since young, they have trained together with the Black Scaled Horse and are experts in combined attack and are extremely famous amongst the Seven Cities. Miao Kong whispered in Zi Chen's ear.

Black Steel Cavalry? Zi Chen looked ahead, the dozens of horses together gave him a feeling like a gigantic beast crawling on the ground. Although it did not attack, it was constantly on guard, and once it attacked, it would be like a bolt of lightning.

What's the matter? Zi Chen asked indifferently, his strength had broken through yet again. His Qi and blood like an ocean, surging ferociously, even if it was the Black Steel Cavalry, Zi Chen had the confidence to fight them.

I want to ask Brother Chen Long, why do you want to capture my woman? Wang Shan was laughing, but there was a cold glint surging within his eyes. This was Wang Shan, the fourth genius of Cloud City.

He dared to interrogate even a monster.

Your woman? Wang Shan, is your brain damaged? Zi Chen's voice turned cold. This Wang Shan had such big guts, daring to speak in such a manner.

He was afraid of others but against Wang Shan, dealing with him is simple. Even though Wang Shan had already reached the peak Xiantian Realm, he has broken through to the late Xiantian Realm.

How dare you! You have quite the tone, Is the Young Masters name something you can say ?

Just at this time, a cold shout came out, and one of the Knights spoke out.