Thunder Martial Chapter 19 - Winning With One Strike

The next morning, the sun shone over the square, making it shine with a golden glow.

The battles that will take place today will decide the winner of the assessment, and the person who becomes a core disciple will be announced.

Early in the morning, there was already a large group of disciples gathered in the square. Besides the numerous outer sect disciples, there were also a small amount of inner sect disciples present to see who would be lucky enough to become a core disciple.

Likewise, there were also some inner sect disciples that were using their contribution points to make bets.

The green clothes of yesterday had been changed into white clothes today, and 20 white clothed inner sect disciples appeared one after another.

20 new white clothed inner disciples appeared one after another.

The first one to arrive was Wang Meng. The white clothed Wang Meng appeared full of vigour, attracting a large cheer from the crowd.

Of course, most of the cheering came from the female disciples.

Followed by Wu Sheng, this nameless boy who gained a lot of popularity from yesterday's fight, some people cheered for him.

Next was Miao Kong who had small eyes and an ordinary looks. He was naturally overlooked by everyone.

After Miao Kong was Zi Chen. Although a white clothed Zi Chen looked handsome and natural, but his popularity was not high, there weren't any cheering at all.

Instead, he received a deafening booing from the entire crowd.

That is Zi Chen, the lucky bastard.

That's him.

The booing sound was just likes the rolling waves,rolling continuously, without any sign of stopping.

It seems like you are way more unpopular than me, Miao Kong jokingly said while turning his head.

Zi Chen spread his hands out helplessly, as for those booing he didn't care at all. Because today, he will show his full strength to get first place

For this was the ultimate goal of Zi Chen

The battle to decide victory will happen today, Zi Chen did not need to conceal his strength anymore, the reason he concealed his strength yesterday was because he felt that some people might feel threatened, and make a shady move against him in the cover of the night.

After the booing, there came another wave of cheering, the cheers were not any weaker than the booing before, Lin Xue came out from behind of Zi Chen, and was being welcomed by everyone

Followed by the rest of the people, including Ke Xue, who was a robust youth, he used the Iron Fist technique to get into the top 20.

Very good the great elder was standing on the stage wearing a large scarlet robe as he gave a speech once more, When I see you, I see a bright future for the Ling Wu sect, the Ling Wu sect is brilliant because of you. Fight and stimulate your potential, let us old fogies have a look of your real power.

The crowd soon burst with excitement, the 20 youth were also excited, their eyes full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit, including Zi Chen. Today he will show his full power and become a core disciple in one swoop.

Today's battle, he wants to shock and astonish everyone.

Good, I see that you all are ready, let the battles begin. Said the great elder.

Yesterday the arrangement of the fights had already been arranged, Zi Chen was to fight against Lu Ben, an 18-year-old youth that used a rank three martial technique, Slashing Wind Blade.

The same as Lin Ying before.

But with regards to the comprehension of the martial technique, Lu Ben was stronger, he had almost grasped the true essence of the technique.

The 20 people were divided into ten arena's, and once they got on, they instantly started the fight

Outside the arena, Su Mengyao also appeared today, but for the first fight, she did not watch Lin Xue's fight, but was looking at Zi Chen's fight instead.

I don't know what his true strength is, he concealed it yesterday. Today, he will definitely show his full strength, he is quite cautious. Su Mengyao thought secretly, in her pair of beautiful eyes, there seemed to be a trace of curiousity.

Chen Feng who was next to Su Mengyao, noticed the changes in her expression, he looked at Zi Chen, deep in his eyes there was a flash of cold light that was not easy to detect.

At the same time, the people that had discovered that Zi Chen had concealed his strength yesterday, were staring at Zi Chen one after another, Wang Xiong and the other inner sect disciples that wanted to deal with Zi Chen were also the same.

Zi Chen, you encountered me, Lu Ben, your luck has come to an end.

The long saber in Lu Ben's hand came out of its sheath, exuding a cold dazzling force. Lu Ben charged at Zi Chen and grinned fiendishly.

Your strength is not bad, there was a chance for you to enter the top ten, but unfortunately, you met me. calmly said Zi Chen.

You boast shamelessly. Zi Chen, it's still not too late for you to admit defeat, otherwise when you get injured by my saber, do not blame me for not reminding you. Lu Ben was furious, he started to brandish the long saber in his hand.

Lu Ben, teach him a lesson.

That's right, you must make this lucky bastard experience your true strength.

Let him know that luck runs out eventually, it is incomparable against true strength.

The inner sect disciples that were defeated by Zi Chen by a 'fluke' yesterday, started to shout from outside.

Let's fight, you have one chance to make a move. Zi Chen was still as calm as before, he looked at Lu Ben and said indifferently.

Hmph, then let's see if you can block my strike Lu Ben snorted coldly, his saber flashed, slashing towards Zi Chen. During the time his saber flashed, Lu Ben had already made dozens of saber strikes. Like a dense web of saber strikes, it spread toward Zi Chen.

You haven't even grasped the true essence, your web of saber strikes is full of flaws for me. Looking at the dense web of saber strikes, Zi Chen shook his head with his eyes were full of disdain. He moved his feet and dodged the most concentrated attack of the saber strikes by a hair's breadth and at the same time, he clenched his fists tightly. Soon, the roaring sound of a fierce tiger appeared.

Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

A fierce punch passed through the dense web of saber strikes and landed on Lu Ben's chest directly.


After the sound of a dull explosion, Lu Ben's body was sent flying towards the rear as the saber in his hand slip out

One strike, and Lu Ben was defeated.

There were some ridicule shouts before, but after Zi Chen's clean and swift victory, all the ridiculing sounds stopped suddenly.

This is, the true essence of the martial technique.

This kid actually comprehend the true essence of a martial technique.

Out of the three strikes of the Fierce Tiger Fist, he can actually make a move that contains the true essence, his talent is quite good.

On the stage, some elders had a surprised expression.

true essence. Su Mengyao's beautiful eyes flashed, the ones at the fifth layer of True Qi of the previous year that could comprehend the true essence of a technique were just a few, but each one of them got a good rank.

Having Comprehended the true essence, he already has the strength to enter the top ten, but he concealed his strength yesterday only for this kind of trivial thing? Su Mengyao was puzzled.

A trivial true essence... Chen Feng snorted, in the past, when he was at the fifth layer of True Qi, he had comprehended the true essence of an entire set of a martial technique.

Actually comprehending the true essence of a technique, I have underestimated you. Wang Xiong's eyes flashed with a cold glint.

It's only a single move with the true essence, so what? He is still a trash, he will still die An inner sect disciple nearby said that.

The fights were very splendid.

Zi Chen, who had defeated his opponent in one move unexpectedly, had naturally attracted the attention of numerous people. In that moment, the other competitors also revealed their full strength.

Mountain Breaking Palm.

Wang Meng shouted, his whole body emitting a fierce aura, he lifted his palm high just like the handle of a sharp blade, chopping towards his opponent ruthlessly.


The winner was decided in one strike.

A rank two martial technique with true essence, it can be considered lucky that the opposite party did not die.

Star exploding fist.

A violent aura suddenly emerged from Wu Shengs body, his whole body was just like a raging fire that could explode at any time as his entire fist exuding a white light, colliding with his opponent's fist.

Ka Cha

The sound of bones breaking resounded instantaneously, Wu Sheng's opponent had flown backwards with his arm limp.

Another one that comprehended the true essence of a rank two martial technique.

Thousand illusions palm.

Layer upon layers of palm figures appeared in the sky, some were real and some were illusions, several hundreds of the palm figures fell down while blotting out the sky and covering up the earth. Lin Xue's strikes similarly contained the true essence of the technique, and filled the sky.

What kind of situation is this?

The people in the distance were dumbfounded, while the elders on the stage had a more defined surprised look, one after another true essences of a technique were shown, exceeding their expectations.

Compared with Zi chen's comprehension of a rank three martial technique's true essence, the true essence of a rank two martial techniques that several other people had comprehended were more shocking.

It is known that a rank two martial technique is a lot stronger than a rank three martial technique. It's also harder to practice. But once someone comprehended the true essence of the technique, it's fighting strength would be able to be compared with a rank one martial technique.

Zi Chen who shocked the people before appeared too ordinary in front of these disciple who rank two martial techniques

So he was ignored again.

Miao Kong's Flowing Cloud Step had reached the step where he was able to execute it freely as he desired. It drew the attention of many people. By relying on his Flowing Cloud Step, he was almost undefeated. By the difference of a hair's width, he dodged the attacks of his opponent, then seized the chance to attack.

He eventually won his fight.

After defeating their opponents one after another, the top ten was decided.

All ten people had comprehended the true essence of their technique, making the crowd roared in excitement.

I never expected that there would be a lot of hidden talents in the inner sect disciple assessment this time. Chen Feng said lightly, unknown whether he was praising or ridiculing them.

Amazing, everybody has comprehended the true essence of their techniques, their talent is not ordinary either. The others exclaimed in surprise.

On the stage, the great elder looked the same as before, the other elders were somewhat surprised, but that was all.

The top ten lists has appeared.

Wang Meng, Wu Sheng, Miao Kong, Lin Xue, Ke Xue, Luo Fei, Lin Mingchuan, Liu Lusheng, Pang Lujia, Zi Chen.

The ten people had all comprehended their technique's true essence, but Zi Chen was placed at the bottom.

The arrangement of the battles quickly appeared.

Wang Meng versus Luo Fei, Wu Sheng versus Lin Mingchuan, Miao Kong versus Liu Lusheng, Lin Xue versus Pang Lujia, Ke Xue versus Zi Chen.

There was a five rank difference between the two people that were about to fight.

The second round of the battle started.

The fights this time was more intense.

He he, Zi Chen, I didn't think that you would finally land in my hand. Looking at Zi Chen in front, Ke Xue laughed mischievously, he clenched his fists tightly, his joints made some popping sounds.

I really didn't expect this. Zi Chen said lightly, But since I have bumped into you, I naturally will not forget my promise.

Promise, what promise? Ke Xue was surprised for a moment.

That I'm going to beat you till your mother doesn't even recognize you. Zi Chen said.

Good kid. Ke Xue was furious, but he smiled instead and said, I will also keep my promise of turning your head into a pig's head.

Rank three martial technique, Iron Fist.

As soon as his voice fell, Ke Xue used Iron Fists technique. Along with the howling sound of the wind, his punch flew towards Zi Chen ruthlessly.


A Fierce Tiger Roar's resounded out as Zi Chen's fists clenched tightly and he punched out with the Fierce Tiger Fist technique.