Thunder Martial Chapter 189 - Plundering Spirit Medicines

Translator Note: I changed "monstrous genius" to "monster".

Something has happened but it's not a bad thing? What do you mean, could it be a good thing? Zi Chen frowned.

When I entered, I gave the two of them the same jade pendant. It was specially prepared by the Wu Zong Sect for this trail. I can sense the presence of my own people when they have it with them. Miao Kong walked over and sat on the ground.

When we entered, I was able to gather and during this period of time, I sensed Su Mengyao. However, I did not sense her but she definitely did not die because I could also sense the jade pendant on a corpse's body so I suspect that Lin Xue had entered a special place and that place could block the senses of the jade pendant.

You mean the deeper parts of the ruins?

It is very possible that this place is a great sect that declared its name ten thousand years ago and only after its destruction did the three great sects of Seven Cities exist. Moreover, this place is also the trial ground for the core disciples of this great sect so it is very extraordinary.

But entering deeper can also be dangerous. Zi Chen said.

If she's in danger, we can't help her. She can only rely on herself. Miao Kong spread out his hands with a look of helplessness.

Indeed, if Xu'er really is in the depths, this is also a lucky chance. As for whether or not she can survive, it will be up to her alone. Su Mengyao also nodded, and muttered: I hope she can survive.

Then where are we going now? Zi Chen asked.

In the depths of the mountain range, there is an ancient ruin that is suspected to have been passed down from a sect tens of thousands of years ago. It is full of danger but it also comes with a great opportunity. Miao Kong said.

Previously, we went near the depths but it was just that there were many Demonic Beasts guarding there, as well as all kinds of restrictions, causing all of the major powers to hesitate. However, the rogue cultivators did not care and went on ahead. The goal of the sect from ten thousand years ago is to pass on their legacy so there is a chance for a Supreme Secret Techniques so although the rogue cultivators don't hope for much, they want to at least get something

The various powers did not stop them either since once they reached a certain point, they would be killed by the restrictions, demonic beasts, or them.

Could it be that all of these great powers have a Forbidden Artifact in their possession? Zi Chen frowned and asked.

Miao Kong pondered for a moment and then said, I do not dare to be sure but Wu Xiong definitely has a Forbidden Artifact in his possession. However, as for the others, I presume they also have one too.

That won't do. Zi Chen hesitated, then said, We can't go into the depths yet. The several great powers all have Forbidden Artifacts and if we head there now, we won't be able to obtain any benefits.

What do you mean? Miao Kong looked at Zi Chen.

I'll stay at the periphery for now, my strength is about to break through, and when I break through to the late Xiantian, I'll enter the depths.

In these past few months, he had absorbed a dense amount of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and refined quite a few spirit medicines. Zi Chen's strength had already reached the peak of the mid Xiantian Realm and was not far from the late Xiantian Realm.

That's good, once you have broken through, your fighting strength will be even stronger and at that time, Wu Xiong and the rest will not be able to do anything in front of you. Moreover, you also have a Forbidden Artifact, which can be considered as a form of threat. Miao Kong nodded in agreement. As for Su Mengyao, as long as she was with Zi Chen, she had no objections.

Don't worry, it won't be that easy. Although Forbidden Artifacts are very rare in the outside world, once a true inheritance appears, you will discover that there are many Forbidden Artifacts that will appear. They are almost comparable to cabbages. Zi Chen laughed faintly.

In the next moment, Zi Chen took Miao Kong and the others and swept through the outer region.

Like a locust swarm, Zi Chen began his carpet-style search. Wherever he went, the spirit medicine would disappear.

After refining the spirit medicine all day, he started cultivating, causing Zi Chen's strength to increase very quickly.

At the same time, Miao Kong's and Su Mengyao's strength was also increasing. To Xiantian cultivators, this place was simply a training ground and it did not include peak Xiantian expert.

Zi Chen guessed that the old man and the burly man were both strong and they definitely weren't in the Xiantian Realm. However, the two of them could only unleash the fighting strength of the peak Xiantian Realm when they reached here.


Wu Xiong stood on top of the summit of a mountain and beside him were a few guards.

This was the place where an inheritance is likely at due to the many Demonic Beasts guarding it.

These rogue cultivators all had red eyes because of the precious treasure. They charged all the way, relying on the large number of people, they had already killed many peak Xiantian Demonic Beast.

Battle cries unceasingly sounded and the thick stench of blood had already spread to the summit of the mountain.

The person who went to kill Miao Kong hasn't come back yet. Didn't he say that there would be news soon? Wu Xiong retracted his gaze and asked indifferently. It seemed that the battle here was going to continue for another two days so he was not in a rush to take action.

It should be soon, Miao Kong should definitely die this time. A guard behind him said.

Just at this time, a figure quickly rushed over, Not good, Young Master, something bad happened.

The guard used a movement technique and ran towards the summit of the mountain, his expression filled with fear.

What happened? Wu Xiong turned his head.

They're dead. They're all dead. When we arrived, all we saw were corpses. A tragic scene emerged in his mind, causing the guard's eyes to be filled with fear.

Everyone is dead?

The people who were chasing after Miao Kong are all dead. Not a single one was left alive. The guard stabilized his emotions but his eyes were still filled with fear.

What? What's going on? The indifferent Wu Xiong's face changed.

Along the way, we followed the corpses of Miao Kong guards and in the end, we saw the deaths of all of his guards but we did not see the shadow of Miao Kong. As for our own people, they all died as well.

Moreover, some people were trying to escape but were killed halfway through their escape. The guard said in fear.

Is it man or beast? Wu Xiong frowned.

Someone rescued Miao Kong and killed all the people who tried to kill him. Furthermore, looking at the traces left on the battlefield, it is due to only one person.

What?! Just one person killed dozens of people, including quite a few peak Xiantian experts?

At that moment, not only Wu Xiong's face changed, even the people around him who were at the peak Xiantian Realmturned pale with fright.

Who has such powerful battle prowess? How terrifying is this person?

In this place, the strongest is a peak Xiantian Realm. To be able to kill dozens of people by himself, this is simply too terrifying.

The faces of all the guards changed, their eyes filled with shock.

Could it be him? Suddenly, a figure appeared in Wu Xiong's mind.


Chen Long! Wu Xiong said.

It's him, an existence whose fighting strength is comparable to a monster?

That Chen Long, merely by using his body, was able to kill a Zhen Yuan Demonic Beast. If it was really him, it would be somewhat possible.

Back then, he had saved Miao Kong's life so, it makes sense that he would make a move for Miao Kong.

After guessing that it was possibly because of Chen Long's attack, everyone's emotions in turmoil. Chen Long's fighting strength was too terrifying, even Wu Xiong did not have the confidence to defeat him, let alone them.

Go and tell the people of the Heaven Killing Pavilion that we will pay a good amount for them to kill Miao Kong, also, tell them to take action quickly. After pondering for a moment, Wu Xiong said indifferently.

Yes sir!

The guard nodded and turned to leave.

Hmph, Chen Long, if you dare go against me, as long as you go deeper, it will be your death date. Zi Chen's fighting strength, in this place, is a threat. Since he cannot be used by me, I will cut him down.

Once the Forbidden Artifact was used, whoever fought with Miao Kong, in his eyes, was already a dead man.


At the same time, Wang Shan had also heard the news of Chen Feng and Ling Yun's deaths.

Chen Feng and Ling Yun were actually killed and they were both killed while escaping. The two of them are experts at the peak Xiantian Realm. Their fighting strength is comparable to a genius and their strengths are only a bit weaker than me. Here, if I do not take action, who can kill them? Wang Shan was no longer calm.

That person's attacks were quite vicious. One of them had his limbs chopped off and the other one had his head turned into a pig's head. He was slapped to death. The person said.

Hiss! Wang Shan inhaled a breath of cold air, he felt as if his teeth were trembling. Being beaten like a pig's head, Wang Shan was more allergic to the word now.

Who is this? Such a familiar killing method, it's actually somewhat similar to that guy. Wang Shan frowned, looking at the person who came over, he said, Does that mean that the beauty is gone as well?

Yes, there are no living people there other than the corpses

Dammit, you actually dare to steal my beauty. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed across Wang Shan's mind and he thought of a figure. Chen Long, could it be that he saved Su Mengyao?

If it really is him, then this matter will be difficult to deal with. Chen Long was also extremely fearful of Chen Long's powerful fighting strength back then.

Young Master, what do we do now?

Wang Shan turned his head and looked at the battlefield below him. Although the battle was nearing its end, it would still take a few more days for him to successfully clear this place.

Come, follow me to the outskirts and search for traces of Chen Long. With this level of combat power, if he helps me, my chance of winning the inheritance will naturally be higher.

Wang Shan was ecstatic, he thought that he had thought of a brilliant plan, led the group of people out and turned to walk towards the outskirts.

In the outskirts, Zi Chen had swept through all the spirit medicine. Here, Demonic Beasts were powerful and ordinary peak Xiantian Realm cultivators were unable to deal with them but most of the cultivators did not have this goal so there were many spirit medicines that were left alone here.


A Demonic Beast roared at Zi Chen, as if it was extremely dissatisfied with the arrival of this outsider.


Zi Chen's body glowed with a golden light, like a golden lightning bolt, he rushed to the front, clenched his fist tightly and smashed down.


The Demonic Beast suffered a heavy blow and was pushed back more than ten meters.

Soon after, the sound of fighting could be heard and after a while, a huge monster fell down to the ground with its life force dissipating and beside it, two thousand year old spirit medicines were releasing auspicious colors, giving off a dense amount of Spiritual Qi.

He's been fighting every day but every time I see Zi Chen take action, I still feel a strong sense of shock. Sometimes, I wonder who the real Demonic Beast is. Miao Kong shook his head, exclaiming.

Compared to Demonic Beast, Zi Chen was even more of a Demonic Beast.

Su Mengyao smiled but did not speak. The stronger Zi Chen was, the happier she is.