Thunder Martial Chapter 188 - Spatial Equipment

This was the first time Zi Chen used his full power on the Extreme Yang, and unlike last time, he only used the power of the Seal.

The tip of his finger shone with a golden light and a set of Seals quickly descended.

Immediately after, Zi Chen felt that the golden Xiantian Qi in his body was disappearing quickly like a tide.

At the same time, a resplendent golden light appeared in front of Zi Chen. This golden light was like a Sun, piercing the eyes of others, to the point that they were unable to open their eyes.

When the last Seal fell, the Golden Light rushed towards Chu Fei.


The resplendent golden light illuminated Chu Fei's twisted face that was filled with shock. His confidence was instantly shattered the moment the golden light appeared, turning into shock and fear.

All of his attack methods had been turned into defense at this moment as Chu Fei erected one defense after another for himself.


When the golden light arrived, it was like pulling apart dry weeds. All of the defenses were as fragile as paper before the golden light. Under the golden light, the defenses shattered one after another.


When the last line of defense was destroyed by the golden light, the endless destructive aura rushed towards Chu Fei. The latter was like a golden man, his entire body filled with golden light.


He was still screaming in fear but it was completely drowned out by the golden light.

Miao Kong and Su Mengyao watched with their mouths agape, the previous two people were still unable to determine victory or defeat but then, Zi Chen unleashed a powerful attack. The outcome was obvious, Chu Fei did not have any strength to fight back.

The golden light dissipated and Chu Fei fell to the ground.

How... Why? His eyes became unfocused, as if he could lose his focus at any time. Zi Chen's previous appearance had now changed to his body.

You want to ask why this trick works again? That's because I have completely comprehended it, this will be my Killing move from now on and you are the first human to die under my Killing move so it's not unjust at all.

I refuse to accept this!

When he was dying, Chu Fei released a roar of unwillingness, his plans rarely went wrong but this time, he made a miscalculation and the price is his life.

The heart was indeed an Xiantian experts weakness but it was not Zi Chen's weakness.

Chu Fei's life force disappated and he remained motionless.


However, right after, Zi Chen's vision turned black and he fell.

No, Zi Chen!

Su Mengyao rushed forward. This time, she supported Zi Chen and cried out in panic, Don't scare me, please don't let anything happen to you.

Miao Kong went forward and first touched Zi Chen's nose, and then he moved his head to his heart. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, It's nothing, he just consumed too much energy.

Zi Chen had indeed exhausted too much of his energy so his last strike had practically drained all of his Qi.

A few hours later, Zi Chen slowly woke up.

The first thing he felt was a piercing pain in his chest. Lowering his head, he saw that the palm-sized Blood-red spear was still stuck there. Moreover, the wound here had not completely healed yet and there was still fresh blood flowing out.

Fortunately, it was Zi Chen who had a frightening physique and a mysterious heart. Otherwise, just a few hours of blood loss would already be dangerous.

Truly extraordinary. It actually healed most of my wounds. Zi Chen licked his lips, retracted his lower abdomen and touched his wound, causing it to hurt.

Zi Chen, you're finally awake. Su Mengyao heard the commotion and quickly held Zi Chen up.

Miao Kong also walked over.

Where is this place? Looking at his surroundings, he realised that it was not the battlefield.

You were unconscious and I was afraid that Wu Xiong and the others would chase after you so I brought us far away from the battlefield. Miao Kong explained.

Then... Where is Chu Fei's body? Zi Chen asked nervously but because the wound on his chest was stimulated, he grimaced again.

You're talking about the Spatial Equipment right? Miao Kong waved the white ring on his hand and laughed.

Then there's still that sword. It's also a good item.

It's right beside you. Su Mengyao also laughed, Zi Chen still had the leisure to pay attention to these external affairs so there shouldn't be any major problems.

Sigh, very good, very good. Zi Chen finally heaved a sigh of relief. He had been thinking about that thing for a long time and now that he had it, he was happy. Moreover, there was also the Forbidden Artifact. It was worth it, everything was worth it.

You're seriously injured but you still want to think about these things. It seems you're alright now. Su Mengyao rebuked.

This time I have won. Even if he didn't try to kill me, I would have still killed him. This is a battle that I must figh. Zi Chen said resolutely.

First, we have to deal with the wounds on your face. Looking at these scars, it is extremely shocking, do not ruin your appearance by any means. Zi Chen said with concern, with a look of love in his eyes.

What? You're not going to want me after I'm disfigured? Su Mengyao glared at Zi Chen.

How could that be? Even if you become ugly, I still want you.

You're the ugly one. Su Mengyao was extremely embarrassed.

In the end, Su Mengyao set Zi Chen down and started to treat her own wounds. There weren't many women who didn't care about their looks, not to mention a peerless beauty.

Come, Miao Kong, pull out this little thing. Zi Chen pointed to the Blood-red spear on his chest and said.

You're crazy. If I pull it out, you're dead! Miao Kong was shocked.

Don't worry, I will absolutely not die. This is a Forbidden Artifact. In the future, I will rely on it. Are you going to keep it stuck here and not let it experience the light anymore?

No, you will die.

Don't worry. I will definitely live. None of the three powers killed me, let alone a mere Forbidden Artifact. I will only have a superficial wound. It was only because I have a Forbidden Artifact in my chest that my injuries didn't heal for a long time.


Of course.

Under Zi Chen's persuasive power, Miao Kong finally nodded his head and carefully stepped forward. Once again, he met Zi Chen's determined gaze with which he made his move.


A wave of blood shot out, spitting out a whole meter high. The Blood-red spear was pulled out, it was indeed worthy of being a Forbidden Artifact.

As for Zi Chen's injury, it had completely scarred after an hour. His rate of recovery was still as frightening as before.

Your physique is indeed frightening. It's able to recover so quickly. If anyone were to fight you, they would be exhausted by you to death. He knew that Zi Chen's physique was special in the past but now that he saw it again, he was still surprised.

Two hours later, Zi Chen was already able to stand up and his injured body had recovered quite a bit.

Come, why don't you tell me how to use this spatial equipment? Zi Chen raised the white storage ring on his finger, looking like he was offering a treasure.

This is not a spatial equipment, but a spatial spiritual tool. Many Xiantian Experts call it a spatial equipment, and it's extremely rare. Only experts at the Zhen Yuan Realm or higher can refine such a treasure and it requires a large amount of materials. It's very precious. Miao Kong explained with a smile.

I'm afraid only those who don't understand it will speak randomly. Zi Chen muttered in his heart.

You only need to enter your Qi to use it. It's very simple.

Zi Chen was very happy, this thing is high-grade goods and it is very convenient for storage.


The golden Qi inside his body gushed out from his fingers, like golden water flowing, flowing towards the white ring.

This is amazing!

In that moment, Zi Chen felt that his consciousness had entered into another dimension. This dimension was close to two meters and there were a lot of things stored inside, such as food, clothes, Yuan Stones, and some other things.

This is the space of the ring. It's only this big? Zi Chen felt that this was a novel but for this small space, he immediately curled his lips.

No wonder Chu Fei couldn't bear to put the mountain-like animal meat into the spatial ring that day. It turned out that the space was too small.

With just a thought, Zi Chen was able to take out something here. With a thought, a piece of Yuan Stone appeared and with another thought, the Primeval Stone entered, disappeared, and appeared again. Zi Chen was playing around extremely happily.

It's only less than two square meters. It's really small. After getting bored, Zi Chen's consciousness left the Spatial equipment and he was a little disappointed.

When Miao Kong heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched and he said, It's not small, this thing is very precious. Most of them doesn't even have a single square meter.

Inside the ring, there were countless 100 Yuan Stones, some spirit medicine, Pills, and secret scriptures. Zi Chen had gained a lot this time.


Zi Chen pulled out the longsword. iInstantly, the place was filled with a cold aura, as though they were standing in a ten thousand year old glacier. The longsword was extremely sharp and its materials were not inferior to Wang Shan's Ranging Flame Seord as it sliced through the iron like mud.

Good sword!

Zi Chen could not help but exclaim in admiration. After killing Chu Fei, Zi Chen's harvest was already so big but it was a pity that he did not have the technique that Chu Fei used, otherwise, his harvest would have been even bigger.

However, all of these were not the most precious things. That blood-red spear was the most valuable thing here, much more valuable than the ring.

Zi Chen held onto the palm-sized blood-red spear and felt that it contained a terrifying energy. Chu Fei had only used it once and some cracks had already appeared on the surface of the spear. Zi Chen reckoned that he could only use it twice more so he had to be careful when using it.

Li Huo, Cang He, Wu Xiong, these people should all have Forbidden Artifacts, as well as Spatial Equipments. If I can obtain all of them, then.... To be able to kill Chu Fei this time, the amount of luck he had was too much. If not for the mysterious heart, Zi Chen would have died a long time ago.

From the ring, Zi Chen discovered that there was a thousand year old Spirit medicine that had a water attribute. Zi Chen took it out and spread the rich spirit energy over Su Mengyao's wound, covering it like water and soon enough, herinjuries recovered.

The cut on her face quickly disappeared and her skin became pink and tender once again. A day later, Su Mengyao's injuries recovered and she once again recovered her peerless beauty, her jade-like skin releasing rays of light that could captivate people and break their skin. At the moment, she looked radiant and beautiful, with an enchanting smile on her face that can captivate people's souls.

How is it? After changing into a white robe, Su Mengyao looked at Zi Chen who was still in shock and laughed proudly.

Very beautiful. Zi Chen praised her sincerely.

Unfortunately, Xue'er isn't here, otherwise, she would definitely be very happy to see you. Su Mengyao lowered her head and her emotions became dejected.

Where did Xue'er go?

I don't know, she lost contact with us the moment we entered.

Zi Chen's expression changed as he carefully asked, Did something happen?

Something must have happened but it shouldn't be a bad thing. Just then, Miao Kong walked over.