Thunder Martial Chapter 187 - Sneak Attack

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Wuu... I finally met you again.

Su Mengyao was crying. She was bawling, as if she was going to cry out all the grievances she had suffered before. Zi Chen patted Su Mengyao's back to comfort her softly.

It was in this absent-mindedness that caused Chu Fei, who had always been following behind Zi Chen in the distance who grasped the opportunity.

Whether or not Zi Chen had precious treasures or not, Chu Fei had chosen to take action, because he was too strong. The strong one could only be suppressed by using Forbidden Artifacts in this space.

A mere mid Xiantian Realm was actually able to be invincible against the peak Xiantian Realm. This was too scary.

In his hands, the Blood-red spear appeared but he did not unleash his strongest attack. Instead, it was activated by Chu Fei the moment it appeared and was sent flying.

As Zi Chen was a monster, his senses were naturally sharp. If he were to launch an all-out attack himself, it would definitely take time.

As a result, even if he made the Forbidden Artifact slightly weaker, he would still need to kill Zi Chen when he was caught off guard. Furthermore, his actions were tricky, it wasn't an attack from behind Zi Chen, but a swift and fierce attack from in front of him.

If such a strike were to be directly unleashed, it would first pierce through the woman's body and then stab into Zi Chen's heart.

A perfect move, and a perfect plan, Chu Fei didn't think that Zi Chen would be willing to part with this woman to block a blow for him.

As expected, Zi Chen felt danger and raised his head to look at himself. At the same time, he saw blood-red spear flying in the air at an extreme speed.


Just as Chu Fei made his move, he made a decision. He let go of Su Mengyao with his right hand, swung her to the left, and threw her out.

This was Zi Chen's fastest reaction but when the Forbidden Artifact was unleashed, he only had this one chance to react. He did not choose to take out the diamond, but chose to save Su Mengyao instead.

Su Mengyao was shaken off, the palm-sized blood-red spear turned into a ray of red light and rushed towards Zi Chen's chest.


With a light sound, the blood-red spear sank into the heart. Zi Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and did not move an inch.

No... Zi Chen

Su Mengyao cried out in alarm but she was thrown off by Zi Chen. In her confused and beautiful eyes, she saw a flash of red light charge towards his heart.

Blood instantly surged out of Zi Chen's chest.


Miao Kong was also shocked, all of these happened too fast. It was so fast that it was unbelievable. Miao Kong never would have thought that there would be someone secretly attacking Zi Chen from the shadows.


Zi Chen held onto his chest, blood flowing through the gaps of his fingers. He did not fall and stared ahead in disbelief.

Haha, I don't think so. In the distance, Chu Fei's hearty laughter sounded. It was very wild and filled with pride.

This was a fatal blow, a well-calculated one. In addition to strength, there was also intelligence.

Chen Long, oh no, so your name is Zi Chen, you are very strong, you can be considered unrivalled in the Xiantian Realm but what can you do, under the sneak attack of my Forbidden Artifact, you will definitely die. Chu Fei laughed loudly.

Forbidden Artifact!

Su Mengyao and Miao Kong who had held a glimmer of hope for Zi Chen before were now completely in despair. The Forbidden Artifact is an extremely powerful weapon, its might was astonishing.

Why, what enmity do you have with Zi Chen for you to use a Forbidden Artifact to kill him? Su Mengyao held onto Zi Chen, preventing him from falling but her tears could not help but fall. Who would have thought that after going through so many hardships, the two of them had just met would once again be separated by heaven.

Haha, because he took something he shouldn't have. Chu Fei laughed, his eyes filled with the pride of the victor.

Between Zi Chen's fingers, more blood was flowing out. The bright light in his eyes was also dissipating, as if he was going to die in the next moment.

As expected of a monster, his vital force is very strong, if someone else was struck by the Forbidden Artifact, they would instantly die, but you were able to hold on for a few seconds.

Chu Fei walked towards Zi Chen step by step and was extremely disdainful, However, that's all.

As soon as Chu Fei finished speaking, the color of Zi Chen's eyes completely lost focus and his life force disappeared as he fell straight to the ground.

Haha, Zi Chen. As a monster, you too will have such a day. Chu Fei laughed arrogantly.

I'll kill you. Su Mengyao rushed forward.

Scram, I don't want to deal with you right now, I'll deal with you later. Chu Fei flung his sleeves and the aura of a peak Xiantian Realm directly swept Su Mengyao away. At the same time, Miao Kong, who had rushed over, was also swept away.

If I tried to use the Forbidden Artifact with all my might, you would have detected me. However, since I didn't use all my might, I can't even make it return Looking at the lifeless Zi Chen, Chu Fei frowned slightly, With such a blow, the energy of the Forbidden Artifact has almost been used up. To be able to take away that diamond, it would actually be worth it but where exactly is that keepsake?

While thinking, Chu Fei kicked twice at Zi Chen but the latter did not have any reaction at all.

Immediately after, Chu Fei bent down and touched his chest.

Right at the instant when his hand touched Zi Chen's chest. Zi Chen, whose eyes were lifeless, suddenly exploded with a light that was as dazzling as the stars.

This is bad!

Chu Fei's face changed, he instantly retreated.


A terrifying aura surged out from Zi Chen's body, and on his bloodied hand, a blinding golden light burst out. Carrying a strong force, the light shot towards Chu Fei.


Chu Fei's chest was struck by Zi Chen's strike. Under the impact of the boundless energy, the latter flew backwards while spitting out large mouthfuls of blood.


Chu Fei stood up from the ground, and felt waves of piercing pain from his chest. The ribs on his chest had been broken but that was not the most serious part.

What? Do you think you can kill me with your little trick? Zi Chen stood up, although his face was pale, his words were powerful but his chest was still dripping blood.

Zi Chen!

In the distance, Su Mengyao and Miao Kong watched with their mouths agape.

Impossible! If you are struck by my Forbidden Artifact, you will die without a doubt! Chu Fei roared.

The impossible has already happened. Zi Chen sneered, if this strike had hit his head, he would have definitely died but it was just his heart, such a fatal strike was blocked by the mysterious heart.

Thus, it resolved Zi Chen's calamity.

At this moment, an extremely dense vital force was surging inside his heart, healing the wounds on it.

If you take a blow from a Forbidden Artifact, even if you don't die you will at least be severely injured. I will send you on your way right now. With a flip of his hand, a Pill appeared in Chu Fei's palm and was immediately swallowed by him. Immediately after, his face turned yellow and his heavily injured body seemed to have recovered in an instant.

I will use the Pills to temporarily suppress my injuries. Let's see if you die or not. A sword appeared in Chu Fei's hand, releasing cold light that shot in all directions, as though it was created from a thousand years of ice. The moment the longsword appeared, the temperature of the surrounding area dropped crazily.

I also have the same intention. I won't rest until you die. Zi Chen's eyes flashed, his footsteps flickered, and he rushed towards Chu Fei.


With an explosive shout, he flew into the air and used the diamond as a Brick, and smashed towards Chu Fei.

Die, Ice Sword!!

The temperature dropped even further, as if it was in a world of ice and snow. Boundless killing intent surged forth as an extremely cold Sword Qi appeared in front of Zi Chen in an instant.


The diamond took the opportunity to land on the ice sword, striking it. The powerful energy wreaked havoc, and its surging aura swept out in all directions.

Ice Sword!

Chu Fei roared out, the chill in the Sword Qi grew even stronger, and his killing intent grew even thicker as he thrust forward once again.

Azure Peak Slash!

Zi Chen was not to be outdone, the Seal in his hand appeared, and a golden sword blade, emitting a resplendent golden light, rushed towards the Sword Qi.


The strong impact caused the sound of metals clashing.

The two of them fought intensely, with killing techniques constantly appearing. It could be said that the situation will not end until one of them died.

Azure Peak Seal!

The sky suddenly darkened and a huge golden seal appeared. It was as big as a mountain and as big as a mountain.

Chu Fei was not to be outdone, with a flash of the Sword Qi in his hand, a resplendent Sword Qi rose up into the sky and struck the seal.


The seal was broken, the Sword Qi dissipated and the two were once again evenly matched.

How are you going to kill me after receiving such heavy injuries?

The icy aura around Chu Fei became even stronger, and his entire body seemed to have turned into a block of ice that would never melt even after ten thousand years. A thin layer of solid ice appeared on the ground within a radius of ten or so meters, emitting multicolored rays of light aunder the sunlight.

The golden light around Zi Chen's body was dazzling. Like a golden sun, it formed a sharp contrast with the icy cold aura.



The two of them charged once more, launching powerful attacks.


Under the powerful aura, a large tree was shattered by the energy, turning into dust that flew everywhere. The earth was cut down by this energy by more than a meter.

This was a fierce battle of tigers and dragons, and all sorts of powerful techniques were constantly appearing.


Zi Chen punched out his fist, like a large iron hammer, it emitted a golden light and suddenly dropped, striking the ice sword, releasing a Peng sound as sparks flew everywhere.

It was a fist that had never failed in its previous attempts. It attacked several times but did not shatter this weapon. Presumably, it was not a common weapon and was not any weaker than the Raging Flame Sword from back then.

Azure Peak Slash and Azure Peak Seal continued to be unleashed, emitting waves of terrifying pressure.

Zi Chen, you will definitely die today. Chu Fei was currently bursting with confidence. He could not win against Zi Chen at his peak but with Zi Chen being so heavily injured, killing him was still an easy task.

You're too confident.

Zi Chen snorted, at that moment, his damaged heart was about to completely recover, and Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength would be displayed very quickly.


Chu Fei once again released a Killing move and thousands of ice swords appeared, all carrying a dense killing intent as they swiftly rushed towards Zi Chen.



Zi Chen punched out his fist, attacking one after another, causing his ice swords to explode. Some of the attacks landed on his body but unexpectedly, it only produced a sonorous sound. Even though he was severely injured, Zi Chen's body was still extremely tough.

Alright, I'll send you on your way now.

The recovery of his heart was finally complete and a powerful strength was completely displayed. Zi Chen made a seal in his hand and this time, it was the most powerful Extreme Yang.

The Seal quickly descended and a blinding golden light appeared.