Thunder Martial Chapter 186 - Unmatched Face-Smacking Technique

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The forest was filled with the smell of blood. Corpses were lying on the ground and the ground was dyed red. It was a tragic scene that would cause anyone to feel horror.

Zi Chen unleashed two Extreme Yangs and both of them succeeded, instantly neutralizing the youth's threatening aura. He took a step forward, waved his palm, and ruthlessly thrust it towards the youth's face.


The slap was crisp and loud and it contained Zi Chen's boundless killing intent.


The young man spat out a mouthful of blood and half of his face instantly swelled up.

Especially after hearing Su Mengyao say that this person had cut Su Mengyao's face and left numerous scars, Zi Chen became even more furious and displayed another powerful art to the world.


With a heavy slap, the young man spat out a mouthful of blood and a large white tooth was spat out.

Immediately after, Zi Chen attacked again, causing him to spit out two of his teeth while spurting blood. This was a type of technique, Zi Chen had long since forged it.

In Miao Kong's and Su Mengyao's eyes of disbelief, Zi Chen gave a perfect slap across the face.


Clap! Clap!

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Every single strike was filled with feelings, rhythm, and strength, causing Miao Kong to be dumbstruck to the point where he only recovered from shock when the young man had vomited a large amount of blood.

What skill!

Miao Kong exclaimed in shock. He never thought that a simple slap, with such technical skills, could be considered perfect.

Zi Chen had forcefully developed the art of violence into an art form, which made those who admired it to reveal their surprise and amazement.


When the last tooth was spat out, the young man's face was swollen like a ball. Only his eyes could be seen due to a small gap but his nose and mouth could no longer be seen.

It was like someone had a ball full of air in their head.

Face smacking technique, very creative, even stronger and more satisfying than Wang Shan's tooth searching technique. Alright, I'll remember this move, now, I'll send you to your death.

When Zi Chen's final slap landed, the youth was immediately sent flying and his life force dissipated. He really did die from face-smacking.

The youth was very sullen, not even saying a word in the face of death.

It was a pity that only two people appreciated it. As for Chen Feng and Ling Yun, they had already ran away in fright.

Faintly, two faint figures could be seen.

Are you running? Too late?

Zi Chen sneered, after saying that, he protected Mengyao, then rushed forward.

Dammit, where did this Chen Long come from? He's much stronger than the previous Chen Zi, he's simply too terrifying. I must tell Wu Xiong and let him take action. Chen Feng was extremely terrified, his eyes filled with dread.

He had fought with Chen Zi before and was almost killed by him. Now that he met Chen Long, he felt that he was stronger than Chen Zi and he could not muster up any strength in his heart and could only try his best to escape.

Abnormal, if he don't use precious treasures, I'm afraid Wu Xiong won't be his match either. Chen Feng roared in his heart, wishing that he could grow a few more legs and run faster.

Suddenly, Chen Feng's pupils contracted as he looked forward in shock.


Seeing Zi Chen in front of him, Chen Feng was so frightened that he could not say a word.

Chen Feng, let's settle the grudge between us today. Zi Chen said indifferently as he blocked in front.

Chen Long, what grievances do we have with each other? I was just listening to Wu Xiong's orders and I was also forced into a corner. Chen Feng slowly retreated backwards, the expression in his eyes incomparably terrified.

Really? Then look at who I am? Zi Chen activated his arcane skills and all the bones in his body released popping sound. In an instant, Chen Long's appearance changed greatly, to the state of Chen Zi.

You... You are Chen Zi, you... Chen Feng was so shocked that he couldn't say a word.

When the nine Zhen Yuan Realm Experts had surrounded Chen Zi, they did not manage to kill him and one of their experts was killed. The Chen Family had practically become the laughingstock of the Cangli City and because they had provoked a monster, the rest of the Chen Family was on tenterhooks.

However, they never would have thought that Chen Zi was actually Chen Long from back then and was even stronger.

We still have a lot of grudges ahead of us. Back then, you framed me in the Ling Wu Sect and even let the Great Elder sneak attack me. Now that we meet again, I naturally cannot let you go. Zi Chen said indifferently.

What...You... You are Zi Chen. This time, Chen Feng was almost scared to death.

Chen Zi was actually Zi Chen, how was this possible?

He was no longer clear about how strong Zi Chen was. The first time he saw him, he was not even a kid in the fifth layer of True Qi. It was him who took Lin Xue away and ruined his good fortune.

The second time was at the examination for the inner sect. At that time, Zi Chen was only at the fifth layer of True Qi.

Every time they met after that, Zi Chen would grow.

Even though Zi Chen's growth had surprised him, he had never really put it in his heart. He had absolutely never thought that the fellow who could have been killed by him with a single finger back then would actually grow into a monster.

A monsteres is a figure that could only be nurtured by a super great power.

It's good that you know this. All grudges will be settled today. This is the perfect time to send you on your way.

A killing intent appeared in Zi Chen's eyes, with a single step, the sky and earth trembled as he transformed into golden light that rushed towards Chen Feng.


Chen Feng screamed in fear, the Qi of peak Xiantian Realm surged, the energy in his body was like a tide, surging crazily towards Zi Chen.

This battle prowess is even inferior to those Demonic Beast, you are simply unworthy of being called a genius. Zi Chen sneered, he waved his fist, releasing a golden light that covered the entire sky, bringing along a terrifying aura.


Under this punch, a powerful strike that Chen Feng had thrown out was instantly scattered. At the same time, a golden fist descended, bringing with it a terrifying energy, it landed on Chen Feng's body.


The latter vomited blood and was sent flying, being injured after a single blow.

In front of a monster, Chen Feng's fighting strength was not even worth mentioning.


Chen Feng was dumbstruck as blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. His strength had increased yet again and he was only one step away from reaching the Zhen Yuan Realm yet he was repelled in one move by Zi Chen.

I'll send you on your way!

The killing intent in Zi Chen's eyes did not decrease, the endless golden light surged once again, forming a golden blade in mid air. The light was bright and the killing intent was boundless, like lightning, it swept towards Chen Feng's body.

This is... Azure Peak Slash!

Chen Feng spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Feng had died and is the first person who had exchanged two rounds with Zi Chen today.

Let all grudges be resolved today. In the future, my enemy will be the Wu Zong Sect. After killing Chen Feng, Zi Chen's eyes were calm, and after that, it was Ling Yun's turn.

This existence that he had been afraid of before, he was now able to calmly face.

Zi Chen possessed the speed of the heaven and earth, it was not difficult for him to catch up with Ling Yun.

Zi Chen stopped Ling Yun between two mountain peaks.

The latter's eyes still carried a hint of panic and was extremely surprised to see Zi Chen.

You killed Chen Feng? Ling Yun said.

He is already waiting for you on the Road to the River if Styx. He said that he misses you and wants me to send you there. Zi Chen calmly daid.

Speak, how can you let me go? You know that I was entrusted by someone and not the mastermind. Although I am guilty, I do not deserve death. Do you want Yuan Stones or treasures? I can use it to atone for my sins. Ling Yun was very calm at the moment.

I want your life. Zi Chen said calmly.

Chen Long, I believe that we do not have any direct conflicts between us. If you want to kill someone, then go ahead and find Wang Shan and Wu Xiong. As a monster, why are you looking for trouble with me, I am willing to use Yuan Stones to atone for my sins. Ling Yun said, I have Yuan Stones, many Yuan Stones. Once I become the Zhan Wu Sects patriarch, the entire Zhan Wu Sect will be mine. As long as you spare my life, the future Zhan Wu Zong will serve you.

No need, if you don't die, Zhang Shui will be very worried and this matter was caused by me, so let me settle it. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Zhang Shui? Ling Yun was startled and evidently, he did not remember who it was.

Other than Zhang Shui, there are many other people who wished for your death. They were all lucky to survive in the Spirit Medicinal Garden but a few of them had their cultivations crippled by your men. Zi Chen said.

Spirit Medicine Garden, are you doing this for them? Ling Yun's face changed.

That's right, I forgot to tell you. I dealt with your accomplices, those elders, and those juniors a few months ago. Now, you're the only one left.

Who the hell are you? Ling Yun's expression became very ugly.

At that time, I was the one who broke the deathtrap for medicinal herb garden. Ling Fei, Ling Chen also died in my hands, who do you think I am? Zi Chen asked.

You... You are Zi Chen? Ling Yun's expression finally changed greatly as he was overwhelmed with shock.

Not bad, I'll send you on your way!

Zi Chen's figure flashed forward, and many powerful martial techniques appeared.

This was a battle without suspense. Although Ling Yun has a higher cultivation than him but it was only by a little and with just one or two moves, the battle quickly ended.

Ling Yun fell into a pool of blood, his life dissapating.

Zi Chen turned his head and walked away, he did not even look at Ling Yun, today he would just throw him away and welcome an even stronger enemy.

Wu Zong Sect!

Zi Chen would use his entire life to shake this enormous being, take revenge for the Ling Wu Sect, take revenge for the Grand Elder, and take revenge for countless seniors and brothers.

Zi Chen.

On the way back, Zi Chen saw Su Mengyao who had rushed over. She was very excited, with bloodstains on her face, she rushed towards Zi Chen.


The two of them embraced each other for a long time.

I finally met you again, wuu... Su Mengyao cried tears of joy.

Sorry to make you worry. I caused you to suffer so much. Zi Chen felt very guilty.

The two of them embraced each other, and a sense of happiness filled the air.

In the distance, Miao Kong did not want to disturb the two of them, he just watched from afar, his heart silently sending his blessings, good things come to fruition. Zi Chen had a high chance of death but even so, he survived and the the two of them had finally met again.

Before, the two of them had not spoken their hearts to each other, but this time, they were together as a matter of course. Everything was so natural, everything came together naturally.

Happiness came very late but it did not last long. At that moment, Zi Chen felt a wave of killing intent, a sense of danger that filled his entire body.

Not good, Chu Fei. [TN: Forgot about his existence]

Zi Chen's face changed greatly, he knew that the other party was following them closely, and was always on guard. Even when he killed Chen Feng, he did not let his guard down, but at this moment, when Su Mengyao entered his heart, he lost focus.

After a short period of absent-mindedness, Chu Fei seized this opportunity.