Thunder Martial Chapter 185 - Slap Yourself To Death

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Chen Long definitely had the fighting strength of a monster and he was even stronger than Chen Zi from back then so Chen Feng and the rest naturally did not dare to underestimate him and wanted to restrict Chen Long while their subordinates send out a signal for help.

However, before he could even send out the signal, Zi Chen had already made his move. With a punch, he killed the cultivator who had sent out the signal and at the same time, shattered the Wu Zong Sect's signal.


Chen Feng's expression changed and fear filled his eyes. He simply did not see how Chen Long charged into the crowd of people and he did not see clearly how fast he was.


Zi Chen ran into the crowd with rage. His killing intent soaring to the sky and his entire body releasing a gold light. He waved his two golden fists and smashed towards one of the late Xiantian cultivator.


With one punch, his Protective Shield shattered and his chest caved in from the punch. His body flew tens of metres and dropped to the ground, remaining motionless.

Chen Long, you've eaten the guts of a leopard, you really want to go against the Wu Zong Sect? You really want to go against Cloud City? Chen Feng roared but when he sensed that something was wrong, he retreated backwards.


A huge tremor sounded out, like the sound of a drum. The entire area was trembling as another cultivator was killed by Zi Chen's fist. Chen Feng's threat was completely useless.

When he was in the True Qi Realm, he had already provoked the two forces, plus another one, and the situation would not end until one of them died. Now, for Su Mengyao, he had offended the two forces once again. [TN: If you forgot, it's the Wu Zong Sect, Cloud City, and Heaven Killing Pavilion]


Golden rays of light covered two cultivators. When the golden light dissipated, the two of them had already lost their vitality and fell into a pool of blood.

The current Zi Chen was powerful and scary.

Chen... Chen Long... Don't come over, I didn't attack Su Mengyao. In the blink of an eye, he had killed a few people. Seeing Zi Chen's cold gaze on him, Wu Sheng's teeth started to tremble.

Back then, the two were evenly matched and in the end, Zi Chen won. However, the Second Elder had said that given that Wu Sheng was still young and had greater talent and thus, he gave him the spot as a core disciple.

After a few years, although Wu Sheng had become an Xiantian Realm and matured a lot and he had grown to the point where he could instantly kill an Xiantian Realm, he is still weaker compared to Zi Chen.

He left a bloody scar on my body. Su Mengyao suddenly said.

Alright, I'll slash him ten times. Zi Chen's voice was indifferent, full of strong confidence.

He changed the fist into a palm. Xiantian Qi gushed out from between his fingers, forming a meter long sword Qi that continuously devoured and spat out.

No... I didn't. Wu Sheng cried miserably, he was extremely terrified and his face had already turned deathly pale.


In Zi Chen's hand, the Sword Qi had descended. It was dazzling as it slashed at Wu Sheng's right hand.

It should be this hand. Let's start from here. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, like a demon that had just walked out of hell.

Ah... With his right hand being chopped off, Wu Sheng screamed.


The Sword Qi was raised again and it landed on his right arm. In that instant, blood splattered and his entire right arm was chopped off.

The second one

Zi Chen's voice was cold, causing people to feel a chill in their hearts. Even the temperature of the surrounding air had plummeted, just like winter.

Ah... Hurry up and escape!

At this moment, Zi Chen was like a demon that came to the human world, killing people as if cutting grass.


A cultivator was instantly slashed open and fresh blood splattered before he could even escape. A headless body ran for more than ten steps before tumbling to the ground.

This was a terrifying scene. A headless corpse was actually running away, causing chills to run through everyone's hearts once again.


Wu Sheng's left hand was sliced again, the golden light shone again, and immediately after, his left arm disappeared.

Zi Chen's eyes were emotionless and he struck out ruthlessly. This was Zi Chen, who had a kind heart but was also cruel on the other side. When it was time to attack, he would definitely not be lenient.

The fifth one!

The Sword Qi streaked across the sky again, the golden light was so bright that people could not even open their eyes. Wu Sheng's leg was cut off, his body was unstable and he directly fell to the ground. His fresh blood stained the ground and his broken limbs dropped far away, it was shocking.

No... Wu Sheng was desperate, he called Tian Tian Tian was a little slow, but at the moment, wanting to die happily was a kind of luxury.

The sixth one

The golden light flashed again, Wu Sheng's other leg was gone, his four limbs were cut, causing blood to flow out non-stop and he could not even scream.

The seventh one

With one last flash of golden light, it landed on Wu Sheng's neck. Wu Sheng's entire head rolled away.

Leave behind your life for now and I'll make sure to come for you again in your next life. When Zi Chen's words fell, they felt an endless chill in their hearts. It was just a scratch on Su Mengyao's body and he actually had to lose his life.

Whether or not there was an afterlife, no one was sure but somehow, cultivators would always believe in the afterlife. Zi Chen's words might not be true, as long as he could behead Wu Sheng in the afterlife, his power would be shocking.

The boundless killing intent that Zi Chen exuded out shocked everyone.

Terrifying, too terrifying.

He is a demon. A killing demon that came from hell.

At this moment, they thought of what Su Mengyao had said. You will have your retribution and as expected, they recieved it.

Moreover, it came so fast, so fast that everyone didn't even have time to react.


A disciple who had circled behind Zi Chen, trying to escape from Zi Chen, was slashed down by a Sword Qi.

In the distance, Miao Kong's expression was calm, there was even excitement on his face. He did not think that Zi Chen was cruel, but instead felt that killing was better, that these people deserved to die. When these people make a move against others, they were extremely ruthless, their actions were ruthless and they did not care about the lives of others. Everything that happened today was just retribution for karma.

To kill someone, one had to be prepared to be killed.

It was time to kill!

Chen Long, you are crazy. You are doing all this just a woman. If you are willing, I will give you hundreds when we return to Cangli City. Chen Feng was extremely terrified, even his mouth was trembling.

The one who's crazy is you. You actually dare to attack her. From the moment you attacked her, you have already gone mad. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold, as if ten thousand year old ice was rubbing against each other, emitting an even denser chill.


Another person was beheaded without even letting out a cry of pain.

The golden Sword Qi was abnormally sharp, comparable to the sharp Zhen Yuan Weapons. In one strike, no matter if it was with Protective Qi or not, both were sliced apart.

Zi Chen was strong and terrifying.

To the point that even a genius like Chen Feng and Ling Yun did not have the heart to fight.


The Sword Qi streaked across and another was slashed.

At this moment, the only ones left on the stage were Luo Men, Chen Feng, Ling Yun, and the shivering Chen Feng's cousin, the one who was called Zi Chen a Glass Boy back then.

Chen Long, this is a misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding. I swear, I did not make a move, I have never made a move. Luo Men met Zi Chen's gaze. He was terrified and because he was so frightened, he kneeled on the ground with no dignity.

Then, Luo Men looked at Su Mengyao as if he was begging for help, Junior sister Su, you have to help me. From the beginning to the end, I did not do anything, we are actually in the same team, we are fellow disciple.

That's right, you didn't do anything. Su Mengyao nodded, Luo Men heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the other party gratefully.

But... With a sudden change in tone, Su Mengyao said, You've sealed my cultivation.

No... No... Luo Men screamed in fear.


The bright and resplendent Sword Qi blossomed in front of him and like a brilliant flower, it reflected into Luo Men's eyes.


Luo Men fell to the ground, his life force disappearing with fear in his eyes that would never disappear.

There was one less person in the area.

Chen Long, don't come over, or I will kill her. Chen Feng's cousin suddenly stood up, his eyes completely red. He had already entered a crazed state as he held a sharp blade in his hand and placed it near Su Mengyao's neck, threatening him.

Zi Chen turned his head, his cold eyes looking straight at the man and said calmly, If you kill her, Cangli City will never have a Chen Family again.

His voice was calm but the words within were enough to make anyone's heart tremble.

You dare threaten me? Do you believe that if I shake my hand, her head will roll? Do you want a living person or a dead person? Chen Feng's cousins hand kept on shaking, as though the sword was going to pierce through Su Mengyao's jade-like skin in the next moment.

I... I will give you one more chance. Kneel down and kowtow, admit your mistake, then slap your face and commit suicide.... Then I'll let her go. His voice trembled and it was unknown if it was because he was in fear or because he was crazy. In short, his eyes were even redder.

Zi Chen looked at him calmly, causing him to feel the pressure.

You... Hurry up... Otherwise, I can't guarantee what I will do. The longsword continued to sway.

Zi Chen raised his hand.

Right, slap your face. Slap heavily until you are slapped to death. The other party nodded, as if he was satisfied with Zi Chen's actions.

Zi Chen formed a seal, the Seal was very simple but it represented a type of Grand Dao. It was extremely simple, with no energy flowing out, as if Zi Chen was randomly fiddling with his fingers.

What are you doing? I told you to slap your face but I didn't tell you to play with your fingers. The young man shouted and the blade in his hand trembled even more violently.


As the Seal descended, a golden light suddenly appeared. Its speed was extremely fast as it charged towards Chen Feng's cousin.


As the golden light streaked past, its speed was even faster than the Azure Peak Slash from before. Before he could even react, the golden light had already disappeared.

This... What's going on? Chen Feng's cousin still hadn't noticed anything strange, he only felt that the golden light had disappeared right in front of him.

Cousin, you...

Just then, Chen Feng cried out in surprise, followed by a loud sound. It was the sound of a weapon dropping onto the ground.

The young man lowered his head and looked at the ground. He saw a sword and it looked very familiar. It looked very similar to his own sword. When he looked at the sword hilt, he saw an arm holding the sword.

This is... AHH! My hand. Before he could react, he felt a sharp pain. When he turned around to look, he nearly fainted. The arm he used to hold his sword was no longer there.


Just then, another golden light flashed. Its speed so fast that it reached the limit, chopping off the youth's other arm. Su Mengyao was relieved.


The youth roared, his voice filled with fear. In the blink of an eye, both his arms were chopped off.

Fast, too fast!


Just then, Zi Chen walked forward, waved his hand and slapped the young man.


The slap was exceptionally clear.

Didn't you want me to slap myself in the face and kill myself? Very well, I'll help you.

The palm, which was glowing with a golden light, was raised once more.