Thunder Martial Chapter 184 - Su Mengyao

Seeing Zi Chen again and seeing that the two met each other again in such a situation, Miao Kong sighed.

How have you been? Miao Kong asked.

Average. Zi Chen replied indifferently.

I've been paying attention to your matters the entire time. I have to say that you've created another miracle but I'm sorry. I have no way of help you. Guilt appeared in Miao Kong's eyes.

I know.

It was obvious that Miao Kong had an extremely awkward position in the Wu Zong Sect since he was being hunted down by the people from the Wu Zong Sect. Furthermore, he was only a mere Xiantian Realm.

I was originally a member of the Wu Zong Sect. When I was young, I had some conflict with Wu Xiong and that was why I was sent to Ling Wu Sect. My goal was to find the whereabouts of a precious treasure.

I stayed in the Ling Wu Sect for a few years. Before this, I had been silently investigating and searching for clues but I did not manage to find anything. I could only enter the internal portal.

Miao Kong slowly said.

But unfortunately, I didn't manage to find anything. I only know Su Mengyao's identity and the sect suspects that the precious treasure is in old man Su's hands.

The sect was suddenly destroyed. I was completely unaware. Otherwise, I would have notified you in advance.

Zi Chen did not say anything and listened quietly, his speed not decreasing at all.

I feel guilty for the sect's destruction and for the Grand Elder's death but I do not have the ability to save him. I could only save Su Mengyao and Lin Xue. I have been paying attention to your matter and everyone is guessing that the precious treasure is in your hands. I told them that you do not have it but they don't believe me.

The precious treasure, what exactly is it? Zi Chen finally opened his mouth.

I don't know either but it's said that it's a keepsake from a relic. It seems like a piece of black disc like thing, this is the highest secret. Miao Kong laughed bitterly: Wu Xiong's identity is very special. Although his talent is incomparable to a monster, he has always been treated like a monster, and his backing is even more incredible.

A keepsake from a relic, a black disc like thing? Zi Chen frowned, could it be that he really was talking about black disc and the thing that the Grand Elder had given him to protect him back then was actually a precious treasure?

However, this thing, ever since it had saved his life, it seemed to have used up all of its energy and turned into a normal black disc.

Zi Chen did not speak anymore. He was extremely anxious because he didn't know whether Su Mengyao was dead or alive.

Su Mengyao was together with me earlier, then we separated. I originally wanted her to escape but I never expected that Wang Shan would deal with her. I think he came for you, of course he wouldn't know that you are still alive.

Noticing Zi Chen's worry, Miao Kong said, Other than Wang Shan, Chen Feng and the others also have ulterior motives. It's just that when Wang Shan said that whoever dares to touch Su Mengyao, they will face his anger, so I don't think Chen Feng has the guts to do so.

Miao Kong looked at Zi Chen suspiciously, and asked, According to what I know, Wang Shan is very cunning and has never been at a disadvantage. He might not necessarily pay back the kindness but he will definitely do ten to a hundred times more for the enmity so when you were at Dark Serene Forest, how did you mistreat him?

I broke his mouth full of teeth, then forced two Killing Techniques out and poured beast blood all over his body to attract a Old Ape that's about to reach Zhen Yuan Realm and forced him to escape. Zi Chen did not hide from him.


Wang Shan was incomparably shocked when he heard this. Zi Chen spoke very lightly of it but he could actually hear the danger within.

Just the strength of an Old Ape that was close to the Zhen Yuan Realm was already extremely terrifying. It seemed that it was simply a fluke that Wang Shan was able to live to tell the tale so it was no wonder he hated Zi Chen to the bone.

Su Mengyao is right in this direction. I feel that both sides are getting closer. Miao Kong said.

Alright, let's speed up.


You will definitely regret it.

Su Mengyao's angry voice sounded out in the forest. At this time, her entire body was covered with wounds and on her exceptional face, there were a few scratches. It was unknown if it was caused by a sharp weapon or some bushes.

In short, the beauty was injured and ill-treated.

She had been hiding and hiding the entire way, and during this half a month of time, she had encountered a few Demonic Beasts and even though she were on the verge of death, she was still found by Chen Feng and the others.

After a fierce battle, Su Mengyao was successfully caught.

Seemingly knowing that he would not be able to enjoy such a beauty like her, Chen Feng's attacks were ruthless and his cousin's heart was twisted even more. After grabbing onto Su Mengyao, he also used a knife to cut a few wounds on her face.

We can't touch Wang Shan's things but we can't let her go either. It's just some scratches from when she was escaping and it has nothing to do with us. The other party came up with such an excuse.

You will pay for your foolish actions today. Su Mengyao cursed.

Haha, he is indeed very foolish. A beauty like you actually has to be given away. Chen Feng's cousin sneered.

Su Mengyao, be content. Chen Feng said coldly.

Humph, Chen Feng, you despicable scumbag.

Hmph, I am despicable? You will know once you see Wang Shan but I will not give up. After he gets tired of you, I will take over. Don't worry, I don't mind it. A trace of crazy hatred flashed past Chen Feng's eyes.

You pervert. Su Mengyao's face turned white. If not for being restricted and her cultivation sealed, she would have killed herself right now.

It's also because of you that I'm abnormal. Back then in Ling Wu Sect, you offended me over that pretty boy Zi Chen. Hmph, after Zi Chen died, you still kept that pretty boy in your mind. You deserve to be humiliated today. Chen Feng roared.

If Zi Chen is a pretty boy, then what are you? You're not even a pretty boy, not even a little villain. Su Mengyao was not to be outdone.

Shut up!


A clear slapping sound could be heard and a five fingered mark instantly appeared on Su Mengyao's face and blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth.

What? Did I get it right? Su Mengyao sneered, Let me tell you, Chen Feng, that one day, you will still have to pay a heavy price for what you have done today.

You... Chen Feng was furious, he raised his palm once again.

Chen Feng, why do you need to lower yourself to the level of a slut who's going to be enjoyed by thousands of men? Ling Yun waved his hand, his eyes full of ridicule, A person like this, in the future, she can't even die if she wants to. She will definitely become someone else's tool to vent their anger. To haggle with her, do you want to lower your status?

Indeed, I have gone too far. Chen Feng stabilized his emotions and fiercely glared at Su Mengyao.

Your ending will definitely be even worse than mine. Su Mengyao sneered. There was blood on her face and blood on the corner of her mouth.

B*tch, it's not up to you to care about our ending but I know that you will quickly become a toy and a target for tens of thousands of people to vent their anger on. Don't worry. I will definitely go there. I will go there every day. Chen Feng's cousin laughed sinisterly.

Shameless! Su Mengyao was so angry that her entire body was trembling. Compared to people who could curse at her, she could not be compared to them so she said again, One day, you will all have to pay a heavy price.

Haha, unfortunately, there will not be a day. My Chen Family has a great background in the Cangli City and now we have the support of people from the Wu Zong Sect, who can do anything to us. Once we send you over, Wang Shan will owe us a favor. I think this day will never happen. Chen Feng's cousin laughed loudly.

Wrong. This day will definitely happen. Moreover, it will happen today. A voice filled with killing intent rang out.

Bullsh*t, what nonsense! Chen Feng's cousin was disdainful but when he realized that something was wrong, he turned to look ahead. Unknowingly, two people had already appeared in front of them.

At the same time, Chen Feng and the rest were also looking ahead, their eyes filled with fear.

There were only two people who had come but they gave off so much pressure. Well, to be precise, one of them gave them a great deal of pressure.

Miao Kong, Chen Long, is that you?

The dozen or so people stopped and looked towards the front.

You all are truly shameless. There are so many people and you are actually dealing with a woman in such a manner. Miao Kong bellowed.

Moreover, seeing how Su Mengyao was injured, a killing intent appeared in the depths of Zi Chen's eyes.

You finally came. I knew you would come. Seeing Zi Chen, Su Mengyao laughed and cried tears of joy.

Although she had always known that Zi Chen was still alive, when she had personally heard Zi Chen admitting it. Su Mengyao was very happy but after being captured by Chen Feng and the others, she lost all hope, afraid that she would never be able to see Zi Chen again, afraid that she would never be able to match up to him again.

Fortunately, Zi Chen had come.

Su Mengyao, who had never shed a tear before, was now crying. Within his tears, there was a smile.

I've come to save you. I'm sorry, I've caused you to suffer. Zi Chen said with a very gentle voice. Even if an ice mountain was placed in front of his eyes, it would still melt into water.

Su Mengyao kept nodding her head, but her tears still rolled down her face. They dripped down like pearls, shining brightly in the sunlight.

Chen Long, what do you mean, do you intend to go against the Wu Zong Sect and Cloud City? Chen Feng felt that the situation was not good and thought that when did this bitch Su Mengyao hook up with him.

Chen Long, beauties exist everywhere, don't make a mistake. If you offend two forces, no matter how powerful your backing is, you will die without a burial ground. Ling Yun also stepped forward to warn Zi Chen.

The two powers? Zi Chen sneered, and said each word clearly, For her, let alone two forces, even if the three great sects of Seven Cities will be provoked because of helping her, I am willing as well.

His words were sonorous and forceful and his conviction was firm. It made one's heart surge with boundless pride.

What arrogant words. It seems that you are determined to die? Chen Feng stared at Zi Chen.

You are indeed a bit arrogant. However, the ones who will die will definitely be you two. Today, none of you can leave here alive. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent.

The faces of the people following Chen Feng paled. They had personally witnessed Chen Long's powerful fighting strength. With his unfathomable strength, the Demonic Beasts at the Zhen Yuan Realm had died in one blow.

Send out the signal for reinforcements.

Chen Feng's eyes showed fear and he shouted to his subordinates.

Yes sir! The underling nodded his head. He was very smart, he immediately took out the Wu Zong Sect's signal from his bosom and was ready to fire it.

Just at this time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghost. In the blink of an eye, a golden fist had bloomed from the eyes of the cultivator, emitting a piercing golden light.