Thunder Martial Chapter 183 - Powerful Strength

In the mountain range, corpses were everywhere, blood was flowing out and with every step, blood stained the place. In the end, the three guards did not manage to escort Miao Kong out and all fell to the ground.

They were Death Soldiers and the reason they were being nurtured was to protect Miao Kong.

The last guard burned his vital force. Although he had killed two more people, they were still surrounded by Cultivators and he did not have the strength to fight them.

Just when he was in a state of despair, he saw a figure dressed in black and his entire body shining with a golden light. He was so furious that he immediately rushed to the battlefield and with just two simple punches, two cultivators died.

He is....

This young man's name was Chen Long, he was powerful and scary. He had personally witnessed the day when the Young Master said that the other party would come and save them.

At this moment, he finally arrived.

Young Master said that he is powerful and can always bring miracles to others. With him here, Young Master will definitely be safe. The light in guard's eyes faded and all life disappeared. He ignored Miao Kong's screams and directly fell to the ground, lifeless.

At this point, all of Miao Kong's dozens of guards were killed, not a single one remained alive.


In Zi Chen's hand, the Seal appeared. However, it was not an unreliable Extreme Yang, but a Azure Peak Slash. The current Azure Peak Slash had changed greatly, becoming pure gold in color.

With a flash of golden light, two cultivators became headless corpses. Blood gushed out and their heads rolled far away with shock in their eyes.

Zi Chen's appearance was powerful and scary. He instantly killed four people and intimidated the entire crowd.

Who are you? The leading peak Xiantian expert was extremely shocked, he had never seen a battle power like this before.

Your killer Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light, filled with killing intent, he flew into a rage and unleashed a powerful attack.


With that attack, another cultivator was beheaded. His head flew up and his headless body rolled down the mountain.

Eldest Brother, he's Chen Long. The one who killed the Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast that day. A cultivator exclaimed, obviously recognizing the Zi Chen.

That day, when Zi Chen had released his might, not everyone had seen it. After all, there were too many people and the battlefield was being pulled too far apart, yet, Chen Long's name had long ago spread far and wide.

What, he's Chen Long?

He is the barbarian.

Gasps could be heard continuously, everyone was afraid of this name but at that moment, all of Miao Kong's guards had been killed, leaving only him behind. It could be said to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and if they missed it, it would definitely be a thunderbolt that struck the sky.

Chen Long, you stand in front of us. Do you know who we are? The cultivator shouted.

You're a bunch of scum. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold.

Hmph. You'remerely a mere mid Xiantian Realm, yet you're this arrogant. So what if your strength is strong? Can you be strong enough to kill everyone? The leader snorted, he waved his hand and the surrounding expert immediately attacked Zi Chen.

Azure Peak Seal

Zi Chen's expression turned cold, his eyes were filled with killing intent. The Seal in his hand appeared and a wave of energy surged, the sky and earth trembled and a giant four-sided seal appeared.

This was Cloud City's Killing Technique, its might is extremely terrifying.


The big seal fell, revolving with a terrifying aura, suddenly dropping down and in an instant, four cultivators were covered by the big seal and were completely suppressed.

By the time the seal dissipated, the four of them had already disappeared without a trace. They had all been smashed into the ground without a sound.



Two sharp blades slashed at Zi Chen's body but did not cut Zi Chen's body apart as expected. Instead, as though they were cutting into steel, the sound of steel rang out.


Zi Chen waved his fist and suddenly dropped down. A large amount of golden light sprinkled out, as if he was a god of war, awe-inspiring and domineering.

The two sharp blades exploded like wood shavings, they were easily destroyed. Following that, Zi Chen rushed forward in a flash, grabbing both of their necks, he slightly exerted himself and with a cracking sound, the neck of the two broke.

Two more died.


One of the peak Xiantian Realm found an opportunity, wielding a large machete that radiated cold light, he jumped up and slashed towards Zi Chen's head.

This was not an ordinary Xiantian weapon, it was a weapon refined by a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert. The quality is very high, its toughness and sharpness were also ridiculously strong.


Facing such an attack, Zi Chen did not dodge. Instead, he punched out his fist and struck at the machete, instantly pushing it back.

What? Just at this time, Zi Chen flashed forward and punched his fist at the fist that was smashing down.



His perfect physique was fully displayed. A resplendent golden light illuminated the horizon and with two consecutive strikes, a Zhen Yuan Weapon was shattered. On the third strike, a peak Xiantian expert died.

Terrifying, too terrifying!

In a short moment, Zi Chen had killed more than ten people, his face did not turn red nor did he gasp for breath, his strength was too strong. With this development, forget about dozens of people, even a hundred people were not enough to kill him.

Chen Long, we are Wu Xiong's men, attacking us is equivalent to attacking Wu Xiong. You better think about it properly.

Everyone trembled. This kind of powerful battle strength was truly terrifying.

His combat power was comparable to that of monster and killing peak Xiantian Realm was as easy as slaughtering chickens and dogs.

Wu Xiong? Very good. Zi Chen nodded but his eyes flashed with a cold light.

Now you should turn around and let us kill Miao Kong so we can let bygones be bygones. On the contrary, we can remember your contribution.

The leader was overjoyed.

I mean, after I kill all of you, I will go and kill Wu Xiong. Zi Chen's eyes had a look of ridicule, his killing intent rose again, like a flash of lightning, he rushed towards the leader.

You... You actually dare not put Wu Xiong in your eyes? Very good, then just wait for the Wu Zong Sect's anger to descend...Aaaah![TN: Is Miao Kong not a member of the Wu Zong Sect....?]

The leader shouted out, his steps flashing continuously, wanting to throw Zi Chen off but he realised, Zi Chen's speed was actually faster than his by not even a hair's breadth and he was already in front of him


With a roar, the leading man unleashed a powerful attack. A stream of Blade Qi that was more than 10 metres long with a terrifying killing intent struck towards Zi Chen.

You do have some skills, but for me, it's not enough! Zi Chen's eyes showed some surprise but he did not show any mercy. The moment the golden fist landed, the Blade Qi exploded into pieces. Following that, Zi Chen's figure flashed, he appeared in front of leader and the golden fist instantly magnified in his opponent's eyes.


Under the punch, the leader's nose caved in and he fell backwards, accompanied with the sound of bones shattering.

Not good, Eldest Brother is in danger, go save Eldest Brother.

A few loyal cultivators raised their weapons and rushed towards Zi Chen but what welcomed them was a golden blade.

Azure Peak Slash!





Just like cutting vegetables, the weapons of the cultivators were instantly slashed apart, along with their Protective Qi's. Their bodies were also cut apart and they instantly died.


The leader's face was covered in blood, the expression in his eyes was filled with shock. He held his collapsed nose and wanted to escape but how could he be faster than Zi Chen? After the golden fist landed, the leader's body fell onto the ground.

Not far away, Miao Kong watched in amazement. If he had not heard Su Mengyao say so, he would not dare believe that this powerful youth in front of him was actually that rumored dead brother of his.

Go, retreat, return and report to Wu Xiong, let him deal with this person!

Since the leader was dead, the others were terrified and could only flee.

Do you want to leave? No one will be able to leave today. Zi Chen's killing intent did not decrease as he used his extreme movement technique, the Nine Thunder Pass and rushed forward.


A cultivator was beheaded, fresh blood flowing out and a headless body rolled down the mountain stream.


One of them was instantly struck in the heart by Zi Chen, his eyeballs almost popping out of his sockets as he died in one blow.

Run, he is a demon.

A demon that kills without blinking.

Perverted homicidal maniac!

The group of cultivators roared in fear and continued to flee.

However, under Zi Chen's Nine Thunder Pass, who among the same level could surpass him?




A loud sound resounded and one by one, the cultivators fell to the ground and died. In the end, all of them died.

The current Zi Chen was ruthless, upon meeting the person he should kill, he would not show any mercy and these people who attacked Miao Kong had already crossed his bottom line

This guy is actually this ruthless. It seems that all the kindness from before was for show but his strength is so strong that it's a mess. Chu Fei saw everything from the darkness, the blood-red spear in his hand had already appeared but he did not attack.

Because he didn't have enough confidence, he had to be 100% sure that his sneak attack would succeed against such a difficult opponent.

Chu Fei silently withdrew his blood-red spear and calmly waited for the next opportunity.

Are you okay? Zi Chen returned and looked at Miao Kong.

I'm fine! Miao Kong shook his head and said gratefully, This time, I really have to thank you. I didn't expect you to once again save my life.

You're too polite. Zi Chen said. He still didn't know that Miao Kong knew his identity.

Oh right, you have to save Su Mengyao now. Miao Kong suddenly said.

Mengyao? What happened to her?

We're running out of time, let's walk and talk. I gave her a jade pendant so I can feel her location. Miao Kong said.

After sensing Su Mengyao's specific location, the two of them flew far away.

He left again!

Chu Fei appeared out of the darkness and followed along.

Su Mengyao was captured, it was Chen Feng and the rest who did it. Miao Kong said directly as they were sprinting.

What? Zi Chen's face changed.

Don't worry, she was just captured. Wang Shan said this, if anyone touches Zi Chen's close female friend, they will be feel his wrath so Chen Feng and the rest definitely won't dare to touch her and should be giving her to Wang Shan right now. You have to know that Wang Shan has a huge prejudice against you. Miao Kong said.

You know who I am?

When I was being hunted down, Su Mengyao had already told me about you. I was just thinking that you weren't dead but to think that we met under such circumstances.