Thunder Martial Chapter 181 - Entering Deeper

He had succeeded again. Why did he need to use another one?

This was because Zi Chen had not completely comprehended this move, it would sometimes work and sometimes lose effect. Although it was a powerful killing move, it could not be used as a trump card.

Because it often failed.

Let's go. After taking the spirit medicine, Zi Chen indicated for everyone to leave.

Where are we going? Aren't you going to refine the spirit medicine? The burly man asked.

Time is of the essence, finding the keepsake is more important, I will refine it while walking. With that, Zi Chen bit off a piece of the spirit medicine's leaf and placed it in his mouth.

At the same time, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art and the Arcane manual circulated in his body and absorbed the energy.

Sigh, it's great to be young, there's an unstoppable momentum to it.

That's right, it's great to be young, to have no scruples. To advance forward unstoppably, even if one is beaten to the point of bleeding from the head. The burly man also sighed emotionally.

Haha, uncle, you finally admit that you're 45? Zi Chen laughed and did not mind at all.

The four of them walked deeper into the trail ground. During this time, the old man would explain some cultivation matters to Zi Chen.


Young Master, where are we going?

In a hidden cave, Miao Kong brought his only five guards and hid there. The five of them were severely injured and were currently recuperating but they could not stay in this place for long.

Go to the outer circle! Miao Kong said calmly.

The outer circle, Young Master, do you think that they willlet us go once we reach the outer circle? This is impossible, I suggest that we keep going and die trying to get the inheritance.

That's right, Young Master, we are not afraid of death, we might not even survive if we reach the outskirts. Why would we give up the chance to obtain the inheritance?

The guards spoke out, their eyes filled with determination.

No, I'm not giving up. I'm just looking for reinforcements. Miao Kong said firmly.

Reinforcements, Young Master, right now, we are surrounded by Wu Xiong's people. If any power saw that we were not hiding, I don't think any powers are willing to support us. In order to curry favor with Wu Xiong, they will be chasing us, we are just like rats in the streets, who is willing to help us?

Perhaps everyone is chasing after us but there is definitely not one person who would do that. Not only will he not chase after us, he will also not escape when he sees us. Instead, he will unwaveringly help us. Miao Kong was extremely confident and speaking of this person, his indifferent expression had a hint of light, as if he saw hope.


You guys know a person who will always come to make miracles. Miao Kong laughed.

We know that person? Who is it?

Chen Long! Miao Kong said word by word.

Him, the barbarian?.

Is he not a human? Although he is very powerful, judging from his attitude toward the various powers that day, why would he help us? guard did not understand.

Because he wants to help us. Miao Kong laughed, his face was smiling, as though he would laugh whenever he thought of this person.


Su Mengyao, you can go. I almost caused your death earlier, their target is me, you should leave from the other direction.

Miao Kong remembered what happened that day.

I'm not leaving. Don't be discouraged. We still have hope. Su Mengyao said.

There's no hope. You can go.

Go find Chen Long, find him, he will definitely help us.

Why? He did not agree to any of the invitations earlier. Miao Kong said.

That's because you didn't invite him. If you did, he might follow you because he is Zi Chen.

What! Miao Kong's heart trembled.

Chen Long is Chen Zi, and Chen Zi is Zi Chen. Su Mengyao said.

It's him. It's him. So it's him. I was wondering how he could be so familiar with one another.

Let's go find him.

Fine, but you will go. I don't want to implicate you

In the end, Miao Kong brought everyone and left Su Mengyao by herself. Although she was in danger alone, it was still much safer than being together with Miao Kong.

Zi Chen should be at the periphery, I had been waiting for him but his luck was bad, he was teleported directly into the depths.

Su Mengyao left alone.

However, what Miao Kong did not know was that the current Su Mengyao was not better than him at all.

Such a beauty, you must definitely find her for me. Wang Shan sat on the Black Scaled Horse, looking arrogant as he commanded his subordinates.

Young master, why aren't we exploring and why are we wasting our time here? One of the guards asked.

How can this be a waste of time? Did you not see that the beauty looked like? Don't you know that she is Zi Chen's soulmate? Wang Shan was slightly unhappy, Anything related to Zi Chen, I will destroy. If he likes it, I will snatch it away, even if he dies, I will let him know the consequences of offending me, Wang Shan.

Yes sir! The guard lowered his head, no longer speaking.

Stupid ah, of course that's just one aspect. There's still one more thing. Could it be that we should go and open up a path for them so they can take advantage of us? It's time to clear the field. Wang Shan smiled meaningfully.

Understood, Young master is wise indeed.

Haha, of course. Everyone. try your best to find that beauty. Also, go and tell others who found her to bring her to me. I will reward the one who finds her handsomely. Wang Shan laughed loudly.

Then, his words changed again, and he said coldly, Also, go and warn some people, if they have anything in mind, they must not think about it or else, my anger will not be something that ordinary people can bear. When the time comes, I will beat them to the ground, kneel down, and call me brother-in-law.

Yes sir! The guard's heart trembled and his entire body began to tremble.

Ever since the incident with Zi Chen, Brother-in-law had become Wang Shan's method of tormenting others. He would break the teeth of anyone who provoked him and let them call him Brother-in-law.

This new term was very popular in Cloud City.

Where are you, Zi Chen? Why aren't you looking for me? And Xue'er, where did you run off to? Didn't we agree to meet up?

In a dense patch of shrubs, Su Mengyao hid inside.

A few kilometers away, a few figures had already appeared. There were Chen Feng, Ling Yun, Luo Men, Wu Sheng and some people from the Chen Family.

We must definitely find her. It is because of her that day on the Punishment Hall that we got exposed. Luo Men said coldly.

That's right, when I entered the core of the Ling Wu Sect that day, she must have looked for the Grand Elder. That's why the Grand Elder paid so much attention to Zi Chen. Wu Sheng's voice was also very cold.

Ke ke, once such a beauty is captured, we must not let her off. We must properly enjoy ourselves. Beside Chen Feng, a young man laughed cruelly. He was Chen Feng's cousin.

What do you think? Ling Yun laughed faintly and said to Chen Feng.

First, find Su Mengyao and then talk. Wang Shan has already spoken, so towards the gigantic Wang Family, we have no choice but to take it seriously. Chen Feng said.

Why should we care about him? Cloud City is too far away from our Cangli City. Why should we care about him? Chen Feng's cousin said unhappily. He hasn't just been thinking about Su Mengyao and Lin Xue for one or two days.

To someone like him who didn't have talent, or a strong focus on cultivation, enjoyment was almost everything he had. Preying on beautiful women was his enjoyment.

If it was someone else from Cloud City, we would have to worry but I have heard from Wu Xiong that Wang Shan is talented but lustful and has a kind of stubborn prejudice towards everything. Furthermore, he suffered a huge loss in Zi Chen's hands, and it is said that his entire mouth was smashed open.

Cousin, what do you mean?

Rather than offending a power, it's better to befriend it. Chen Feng said.


In Zi Chen's hand, the Seal descended and once again struck out with the Extreme Yang. The ancient tree in front instantly shattered, turning into wood splinters that fluttered in the air.

Not bad, today's success rate is higher than yesterday's. The burly man praised.

When he opened his eyes, Zi Chen did not reveal any expression of joy. In the past two days, he had been feeling uneasy, as if there was something on his mind. As a cultivator, he should not have such a feeling.

It's Su Mengyao and the rest, could it be that something has happened to them?

Zi Chen suspected that something had happened to his friends.

No, I have to go deeper. Zi Chen stood up, a powerful aura surging around him. After entering the trial grounds for two months, with the dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and the spirit medicines, Zi Chen's strength had already reached the peak of the mid Xiantian Realm and he was not far from the late Xiantian Realm.

You're leaving? Chu Fei suddenly stood up, his eyes staring straight at Zi Chen, as if he wanted to see through him.

Since the last time the Statue had disappeared, even though everyone was still looking for the keepsake, they weren't as serious as before. Most of the time, it was Zi Chen who was the one looking for the spirit medicine to raise his strength.

I've been feeling uneasy recently, feeling that my friends are in danger. I have to go in deeper. Zi Chen did not care about Chu Fei but looked at the burly man and the old man.

Since that's the case, then you can leave first. We'll look for the keepsake. The burly man did not hesitate and said directly.

The old man nodded as well.

Then, goodbye, until we meet again!

After saying that he would leave, Zi Chen immediately moved, carrying the baggage on his back and walking away cleanly.

We will meet again

The burly man muttered.

Zi Chen left and there were only three people left.

Sorry, I'm leaving too. Chu Fei cupped his hands.

The two of them nodded as if they had already expected this.

Chu Fei turned and left with extreme speed.

What do you think he will do? The burly man asked.

This little guy is full of greed so he naturally went to find Chen Long. The old man smiled.

Then which of the two do you think is stronger?

If Chen Long can survive a single strike from a Forbidden Artifact, this little guy will definitely die.

Forbidden Artifact, is he willing to use it?

For the sake of the keepsake, he will be willing to give it up.

But how does he know that the keepsake is with Chen Long? Even we are not sure.

There are some kind of people who are extremely good at scheming and love to deceive themselves and think that they are right whenever they can feel it. This boy is such a person, as long as he thinks that Chen Long has keepsake on him, he definitely will do anything to get it.

Then you will just watch Chen Long die and not save him? If he dies due to the usage of Forbidden Artifacts, it would be a huge pity. The burly man sighed.

We are neither friends nor relatives, why do we have to save him? Furthermore, this is his fortune, did you not realize that he has been thinking about that little fellow's Spatial Equipment and Forbidden Artifact for a long time?