Thunder Martial Chapter 180 - Might Of The Extreme Yang

Between Chu Fei and Zi Chen, one of them was still slow and felt that everything was just a dream. The other one seemed to have gone mad, with eyes filled with pain and despair, as if he had lost all reason.

A strong collision!

In the end, Chu Fei was sent flying and almost lost his life.


A line of blood flashed through the air. Chu Fei almost lost his life and cracks appeared on the jade pendant in his chest.

Chu Fei came to his senses from his craziness and spat out two mouthfuls of fresh blood. He looked at Jade Pendant Fragment with shock.

What the hell is going on? Chu Fei picked up the jade Fragment, and felt that everything was so illusionary. Before he left, the Ancestor's voice rang beside his ears, Fei'er, this is a defensive jade pendant.

How many times can it block attacks?

If not ten times, then eight. The ancestor caressed Chu Fei's head and laughed.

The ancestor was the clan's most powerful expert. No one could question his words but right now, his jade pendant had actually been shattered by a brat with at the mid Xiantian Realm.

It was not only Chu Fei who was shocked, even the burly man and the old man were extremely shocked. The two of them stared at Zi Chen who had just regained consciousness as if they were looking at a monster.

How is this possible?

The two of them did not dare believe that such a terrifying attack could have been launched by a kid with mid Xiantian Realm. If it had been either of them, they would have died on the spot.

What are you all looking at me for? Is there something on my face? Zi Chen touched his face. There were no flowers, but there was dirt.

Chu Fei's eyes became more venomous, his expression changing again and again, filled with killing intent, almost wanting to take out his Forbidden Artifact and fight with Zi Chen.

How did you do it? The burly man was extremely shocked. Normally, he wouldn't ask such a question but at this moment, he couldn't help but feel shocked.

Although the old man didn't say anything, his expression was filled with anticipation.

What do you mean? Zi Chen was suspicious.

It's the move you used to send Chu Fei flying. It's even scarier than Forbidden Artifacts, how did you do it? The burly man asked.

What, scarier than Forbidden Artifacts? Zi Chen thought he heard wrong.

Chu Fei's jade pendant is not ordinary, its defensive power is astonishing. If I'm not mistaken, it should at least be able to withstand several attacks from the Sovereign Realm experts. However, it was shattered by your one strike and he was even injured. The old man said with a deep voice.

Really? My move was even more powerful than the Forbidden Artifact? Zi Chen's eyes lit up.

That's right, how did you do that? The burly man asked again.

This is how it was done. Take a look. Zi Chen was very happy, following that, the Seal jumped out of his fingers and a simple looking, seemingly simple and extremely complex and profound Seal appeared.


The moment the Seal appeared, the burly man let out a scream. Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, he suddenly flew towards the back, his speed extremely fast.

At the same time, the old man also ran far away and even Chu Fei ran to the distance without hesitation.

The previous attack that Zi Chen released was too terrifying, it was comparable to the experts in the Sovereign Realm so who could defend against such a strike? In this trail grounds, even if there was a Forbidden Artifact, Zi Chen would still be fine with this technique.


The Seal dropped, without a sound, like a gust of wind, bringing about a small cloud of dust.

The great change did not happen nor did anything happen.

This is a powerful move? Zi Chen was dumbstruck.

The three people who were previously running away were also dumbfounded. The previous move was powerful and scary but the one before their eyes was only a breeze.

What's going on?

The four of them stared at each other in confusion, but when Chu Fei saw Zi Chen's expression, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Such a powerful move just now was simply comparable to Sovereign Realm experts. If every time Zi Chen unleashed it, he would have this kind of attack, then he would be too much of a monster.

In the world today, who was still his opponent?

It was very strong just a moment ago but now, it's no longer as powerful as before. It's not even as powerful as scratching an itch. The burly man also frowned as he walked towards Zi Chen.

Nope. Zi Chen was suspicious, It was the same back then.

After that, in front of the burly man, Zi Chen once again formed the Seal.


An aura of destruction rippled out and like a whirlwind sweeping through Cloud City, it rushed towards the burly man. A terrifying aura of destruction was released.


The burly man strangely yelled. His entire body was emitting dazzling light and he tightly clenched his fists as he protected his front.


An earth-shattering wave of energy struck him, bringing with it a terrifying aura. It instantly broke through the burly man's defense and sent him flying.

Brat, you did it on purpose, right? The burly man roared in the distance but he was not injured.

I didn't! Zi Chen felt wronged and clenched his hand into another seal, causing the burly man to no longer move forward.




After three successive hand seals, only three small gusts of wind were formed and there was no longer any sense of power within them.

It seems you aren't familiar with it yet. You need to carefully meditate on this technique. The old man said after seeing this.

That's not right, the gap between the two of them is too big. Moreover, that strike just now didn't have any of the previous powerful attacks. The burly man frowned.

That's because Chen Long ought to have had the imprint of the Seal in his heart earlier as his mind was still immersed within it, he copied it, causing it to carry a bit of the seal's might. The old man explained.

Just now, Zi Chen had executed this attack in a muddled state. The domineering aura of the man in his mind was still there and the attack from Chu Fei was extremely terrifying. However, after Zi Chen regained consciousness, everything dissipated.

Chu Fei was very disappointed. He was jealous that Zi Chen could comprehend such a powerful move. However, he himself had fallen into a state of madness, causing him to feel jealousy and envy.

What about the keepsake? The Statue is all broken now, so what about the keepsake? Zi Chen looked at the old man.

The old man gave Zi Chen a meaningful glance, then said: I'm not too sure either, maybe this isn't the keepsake we're looking for so the real keepsake might still be nearby.


Leave, Young Master, quickly escape

The peak Xiantian guard let out a hysterical roar and the Xiantian Qi around his body surged, bringing with it a berserk aura as he charged straight into the blade Qi and sword shadows.


A blade Qi flashed and multiple sword shadows appeared. This expert had died.

Young Master, go!

The other peak Xiantian Realm experts pulled Miao Kong and fled into the distance.

It had already been two months since he arrived in this space and everything was progressing smoothly. However, during this period of time, Miao Kong experienced a series of assassination attempts.


In the darkness, a ray of light suddenly appeared, bringing with it a ghastly chill.

Heaven Killing Pavilion, hidden killing sword!

A killing blow!


A cultivator at the mid Xiantian Realm rushed to Miao Kong first and blocked in front of the Sword Qi with his body, which caused his heart to instantly turn cold.

Young Master, go!

Fresh blood flowed out from cultivator's mouth. With much difficulty, he tilted his head and his life force dissipated.

These were all Death Soldiers and their responsibility was to protect Miao Kong.


A peak Xiantian Realm expert, with a backhand slash, killed this Heaven Killing Pavilion killer who failed in his assassination attempt.

The corners of Miao Kong's eyes twitched, his expression indifferent. Until now, he did not have any more anger, he had long gotten used to pain and was already used to it.

During the past few days, many people like that had died in front of him. He felt helpless. He cried and roared but there was nothing he could do. Death continued to drag on.

Young Master, quickly leave.

The peak Xiantian Realm cultivator pulled Miao Kong and ran off into the distance.

Moments later, dozens of sounds came out. A Black Cloaked Youth came to the place where the battle was taking place and looked at the corpses on the ground. His expression was cold.

He's not dead yet? the youth asked.

No! The subordinate said in a low voice.

Hmph, his life is really long, even the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion have repeatedly failed but since so many of his guard have died along the way, there probably aren't many people who can die.

Yes, there are only five left.

Very good, very good. Miao Kong, this trial ground will be your burial ground The young man revealed a handsome face, with a cruel sneer on his face, it was Wu Zong Sect's Wu Xiong.

The Wu Zong Sect is very big and has many internal powers. Naturally, it was not as if they were made of steel.

During this chase, there was a person who escaped from the group. The underling reported.

Who is it?

A woman who seems to be very important to Miao Kong. Miao Kong did not hesitate to use himself as bait and allowed her to escape.

Oh, such a pitiful spirit of loyalty, this Zi Chen has already been dead for hundreds of years, I'm afraid that even his bones are gone, yet Miao Kong is still so loyal. Think of ways to inform Wang Shan of this. Wu Xiong sneered.

Yes sir! The subordinate nodded before turning around to leave.

Wait, go tell Chen Feng again, this guy has always had a treacherous heart. It's just that he doesn't have the guts to do it so we'll just give him the courage to do it this time.

Yes sir!

Miao Kong, this is the price that I told you many years ago and this is also the price that you have to pay. So what if you were sent to the Ling Wu Sect, you cannot atone for it. The expression in Wu Xiong's eyes, was incomparably ruthless. He seemed to have once again recalled that night many years ago, when he had lost all of his dignity.


In the following time, the four of them cultivated as they searched for keepsake. Zi Chen's growth had made everyone feel fear.


A dull thud brought about a tremor in the earth. A gigantic Demonic Beast was forced back with one punch from Zi Chen.

Beside the Demonic Beast, there was a 25000 year old spirit medicine, which was emitting dense amounts of spirit energy.

This freak's strength is becoming stronger and stronger. Killing him will also become harder and harder, unless I use a Forbidden Artifact. However, even if I kill him with a Forbidden Artifact. How can I compete for the inheritance then? Looking at Zi Chen in the distance, Chu Fei's expression kept changing.


A Demonic Beast roared and once again rushed towards Zi Chen. It had to be said that other than that unusual Dragon-Tiger like Demonic Beast, everything else here was suppressed by the laws of the world. The age of the spirit medicines and the strength of the Demonic Beast.

Zi Chen made a seal in his hand and the Extreme Yang appeared once again. A set of complex seals could be easily conjured by Zi Chen now.


As the Seal descended, a blinding wave of Golden Light appeared in front of Zi Chen. As if it was the Extreme Yang of heaven and earth, it charged towards the Demonic Beast with blazing heat.


The Demonic Beast fell to the ground, dead after one strike.

Haha, I succeeded again. Zi Chen laughed and went to collect the spirit medicine.