Thunder Martial Chapter 179 - Extreme Yang

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Zi Chen, who had almost been crushed to death by the Statue had survived the calamity. Like a frightened rabbit, he jumped for more than ten meters away and looked at the Statue with fear.

At the moment, the Statue had been reassembled and is quietly standing there.

He actually didn't die Chu Fei sighed, his eyes filled with disappointment.

Kid, you must have suffered a bit. Seeing the frightened Zi Chen, the old man smiled and he also heaved a sigh of relief.

Along the way, the old man had a very good impression of Zi Chen. He was kind and smart, simple and strong. Compared to Chu Fei, Zi Chen's character was much better.

What is going on? Zi Chen did not understand but his eyes were still filled with lingering fear. This Statue was strange and it was powerful enough to kill him but it had stopped at the last moment and spared his life.

The old man looked at Zi Chen meaningfully and said, This is the result of being disrespectful to the expert. In the Sky Martial Continent, you must never underestimate anything.

Statues have their own way of thinking. What kind of joke is this? Zi Chen laughed involuntarily and couldn't believe it at all.


The Statue suddenly went berserk, a ray of light shot out from its arm and struck Zi Chen like lightning. It directly sent him flying dozens of meters away and caused him to be burrowed into the ground.

At the side, the burly man and Chu Fei's face changed, as though they had seen their biggest enemy and retreated quickly.

The Statue actually moved and unleashed an energy attack.

Zi Chen was also frightened and did not continue to speak and he did not dare to step forward either.

Now do you understand, kid? There are many strange things in this boundless universe there are many more strange things. If I guess correctly, this is the first step to obtaining the inheritance. As for whether or not we can comprehend anything, or even get our hands on the keepsake, it will depend on everyone's luck. The old man's voice was solemn, obviously not underestimating the Statue.

With that, he ignored Zi Chen and focused back on the Statue.

The burly man seemed to have comprehended something and he was also watching intently. As for Chu Fei, he seemed to be immersed in thought, with his eyes in a daze, he had long since lost all his defenses. If Zi Chen were to make a move, he could naturally kill him.

Hmph, even though I, Zi Chen am greedy, I am not a villain who takes advantage of others.

Zi Chen turned his head and stopped thinking about everything else. Although he had been thinking about Chu Fei's Forbidden Artifact for a long time, Zi Chen still could not take advantage of the moment when others were not prepared to take it.

Shifting his gaze from Chu Fei's body, his gaze landed on the Statue once more. This was also the first time Zi Chen was sizing up the Statue.

This was a man's Statue. It was very lifelike, with bright and spirited eyes. Standing there, it seemed like the only thing in the world.

The Statue was staring straight ahead with its eyes sharp like two bolts of cold lightning. However, the finger was pointing at the sky, its mouth slightly opened, it was unknown whether it was talking or roaring.

Zi Chen's mind was instantly attracted. His mind in a mess, as though his soul was about to leave his body and float onto the Statue's body.

Suddenly, Zi Chen seemed to see a tall man, his entire body emitting a resplendent golden light. He stood at the end of the heavens and earth, coldly staring at Zi Chen.

Tall, imposing, as if he was the only thing in the world. His pair of eyes pierced through hundreds of thousands of miles and landed on Zi Chen's body.

An extremely powerful aura radiated from his body. Where he was at, the sky would collapse and the earth would shatter and a large black hole would appear. It was as if the world could not withstand this energy and could only stay in the void.

The man did not speak, he only had a pair of eyes that stared at Zi Chen from hundreds of thousands of miles away. In front of this imposing figure, Zi Chen felt that he was extremely insignificant and in a single glance, all of his secrets were seen through by him.

It was as if he was watching from a different time and space and after glancing at Zi Chen, he turned his head.

He raised his head to the sky, his sharp eyes were like lightning, piercing through into the void.

Zi Chen could not see anything in the void but the man kept his eyes and concentrated. Time seemed to stand still, as if it was the same for all eternity.

No one spoke, no one breathed. The world was completely silent, as if it had fallen into a deathly silence.

Everything withered, not a single blade of grass grew.

Just at this moment, the man retracted his gaze. Starlight flickered in his eyes, as if he was deducing something and a mysterious dao diagram appeared in his eyes.

This deduction lasted for a very long time. A year, ten years, ten thousand years, perhaps even eternity. Finally, the man made his move.

Both of his hands formed diagrams and an extremely profound set of hand movements appeared between his fingers. His hands was extremely fast as he formed countless diagrams and after a full quarter of an hour, millions of diagrams flashed past.


A large patch of space collapsed, revealing a huge pitch-black hole. Zi Chen could see an endless amount of spatial turbulence.

So powerful Zi Chen cried out in alarm. He had only seen this man form a seal so simply but this simple Seal could shatter space.

Unfortunately, although this seal is really powerful in Zi Chen's eyes and it was comparable to a divine technique but the man was not satisfied.

In his eyes, the dao diagram appeared again and he continued his deductions. After a long time, he made another seal with his hands. This time, even though the Seal was complex, it only took a few minutes to complete.


The sky shattered. This time, the Seal was used very briefly but its power was not weak.

He's creating a powerful martial technique. Zi Chen cried out in alarm. He wanted to remember this set of Seal but unfortunately, in the span of a breath, Zi Chen was simply unable to see clearly through the tens of thousands of hand seals he had made and his thinking could not keep up. With such a powerful technique, the man was still unsatisfied. Now, he has evolved it once more.

Thus, with the separation of two dimensions, Zi Chen saw the birth of a powerful martial technique. The man calculated repeatedly and after who knows how many times, Zi Chen knew that the sky in front of him had collapsed at least a thousand times.

In the end, the Seal became more and more simple.

The Grand Dao is the simplest.

While in a trance, these four words suddenly came out of Zi Chen's mouth. Moreover, it was also at this time, after the man had calculated it countless times, he once again formed a Seal.


This time, the Seal was very simple, with only a few Seals. However, within each Seal, there were tens of thousands of shadows and even millions of Seals. This was a fusion body and was a characteristic of the simplest, most complex and profound Seal, becoming extremely simple.

It was like the Grand Dao. It was simple but it stated the laws of Heaven and Earth.


When the Seal descended, a huge explosion occurred and the entire world collapsed into pieces and turned into nothingness. Everything disappeared, the world disappeared, the man disappeared, and even Zi Chen felt his body exploding along with it, disappearing.

However, in the end, the Seal that the man deduced seemed to have become a brand in Zi Chen's mind.

This seal is called the Extreme Yang.

At the same time, a voice that seemed to be as powerful as gods resounded in Zi Chen's mind, shaking him to the core.


Zi Chen opened his eyes. It was like a dream, everything was like a mirage and now, he still felt that everything was so illusionary, so unreal.

The Statue was right in front of his eyes. He did not know when but although the Statue's eyes were still sharp, it lacked the domineering aura of someone who was the only one in the world. It was as if it had really become an ordinary Statue, and only had a little more charm to it.


Just at this moment, the Statue began to tremble. From between its brows, a golden ball of light flew out. Like a golden seed, it flew towards the center of Zi Chen's brows. Zi Chen wanted to dodge but was unable to do so because of the speed of the golden light.

A golden light flashed between his eyebrows.

This is?

Zi Chen was in a trance, his thoughts not moving fast enough and he was a little slow but suddenly, Zi Chen saw the Statue in front of him seemingly smiling. Following that, cracks spread throughout the Statue's body and in the end, with a bang, it exploded into dust.

The Statue disappeared just like that.

Dust to dust, soil to earth. The Statue that had existed for god knows how many years collapsed at this moment.

When the Statue disappeared, the old man and the burly man instantly regained their senses. Only one of them had a bright look in his eyes, as if he had reaped a huge harvest.


Right at this moment, an exclamation came out. Chu Fei let out a sorrowful cry, with pain and despair in his eyes and he attacked Zi Chen.


Chu Fei's eyes were red, his expression desperate, as his entire body surged with endless killing intent.

I'm going to kill you. He let out a roar, as if he had seen his archenemy for ten lifetimes, he struck out with his strongest attack.

Frozen Heaven and Earth.

Boundless cold spread toward Zi Chen. The originally warm season had turned into a world of ice and snow, with snow filling the sky and bone-chilling cold winds..

This was an offensive martial technique. When used by a real expert, it could freeze the body, freeze the soul, and freeze all life. Although Chu Fei's strength isn't much, but against an existence with the mid Xiantian Realm, this kind of move is enough.

The old man and the burly man were both in a trance and after the sudden change, they were unable to react in time.

Zi Chen was the same as well. His thinking had already become very slow but just as he felt a sense of danger, his hands subconsciously formed a seal. This was an extremely simple Seal yet it contained a complicated Grand Dao, truly as simple as the Grand Dao.

In his subconscious, Zi Chen unleashed the Extreme Yang. A wave of energy that could topple mountains and overturn the seas formed and instantly charging towards Chu Fei's frozen world. A boundless chill, upon contact with the energy of the Seal, instantly shattered and turned into nothingness, followed by this energy rushing towards Chu Fei.


Chu Fei was still in a state of madness and had no time to react before being struck by the energy. However, in that moment of crisis, a jade pendant on his chest released a bright light and a resplendent Protective Shield appeared to block the attack for him.

This was bestowed to him by his Family elder and it was left for him to protect his life. It was said that he could defend against attacks from Sovereign Realm experts but facing the power of the Seal, the protective shield lasted for a second, then crumbled, and then rushed towards Chu Fei.


Chu Fei looked as if he had suffered a heavy blow and was instantly sent flying backwards, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.