Thunder Martial Chapter 178 - Odd Statue

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After searching for ten days without being able to find any clues, everyone's hearts were filled with fury. Zi Chen kicked at a stone with the original intention of venting his dissatisfaction but who knew that the stone was indestructible and so heavy that it actually made Zi Chen feel pain.

He grabbed his feet and jumped up, crying out for pain.

Humph, idiot! Chu Fei sneered and finally took the chance to ridicule his opponent.

As for the old man and the burly man, they had a strange expression in their eyes. They had long seen Zi Chen's physique, it could even be called terrifying.

But no....

Both of them looked down at the same time and saw a sharp stone. It was as if it had been slashed by a sharp weapon, sharp beyond compare.

The two of them looked at each other. The burly man stepped forward and kicked it.

The force released was light and he did not use much strength. With a Peng sound, the sharp stone was broken by the kick and was broken into many pieces, as big as a fist, falling far away.

This... The burly man was dumbfounded. He didn't even use any strength and the stone was already broken.

Then, he looked at Zi Chen. Under the immense power, he felt pain instead.

Could it be that after eating meat recently, my physique has become stronger and I have actually become stronger than Chen Long? The burly man couldn't help but think.

Zi Chen's physique was terrifying and he was clear that he was far from being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Kid, stop pretending. Is it interesting? Chu Fei started laughing coldly. In his opinion, Zi Chen was only pretending.

Is it interesting? The old man was also speechless.

I didn't expect you to be so realistic. You actually know how to act. Is it just that interesting? The burly man was the same.

The three of them were unhappy and turned to leave, obviously thinking that this joke was not funny, even though Zi Chen's acting was very realistic.

What's going on?

Zi Chen was dumbstruck. He felt wronged, he really was not acting and what he felt before was real pain.

However, when he looked into the distance, he saw a fist-sized stone quietly lying there. The burly man lightly kicked it and broke it.

At this moment, Zi Chen was in a mess, the pain at the tip of his foot was so obvious but everything was so unreasonable.

I don't believe it. Zi Chen stepped forward, raised his leg again, and ruthlessly trampled the stone. This time, he used Xiantian Qi.

Everyone glanced at him, they did not think that Zi Chen was so serious.


With a light sound, Zi Chen's large feet landed on the ground but it was accompanied by a sharp scream. Like a rat whose tail had been stepped on, Zi Chen jumped several meters into the air and his face immediately turned green.

When he looked at the ground again, he saw that the fist-sized stone was still lying quietly and had not even stepped into the ground.

What's going on? The three of them were puzzled. He couldn't always act like this either, right? Although his acting was realistic, was it still the right time to act out?

The three of them felt very bored.

Boring. Chu Fei was already displeased with Zi Chen as he coldly spoke.

The burly man and the old man both frowned.

I'm not faking it, this thing is really weird. Zi Chen was so wronged that he was about to cry, but no one believed him.

You want to try? The old man said again.

The burly man nodded, he stepped forward and with a light stomp, the stone was stomped into the ground. It was very easy.

Chen Long, enough, this joke isn't funny at all. Let's go find the keepsake. The burly man's voice was somewhat cold, but his heart was extremely displeased. This kind of teasing, was there any meaning to it?

I'm really not faking it. If you don't believe me, look at the soles of my shoes. They have holes in them. Zi Chen felt wronged as he limped forward to show everyone that there really was a hole in the sole of his shoes.

This... Everyone was dumbfounded. If he was acting, he would only be playing with everyone. There was no need for him to work so hard and even break his shoes.

Could it be that there really is something strange? The few of them began to doubt it as well.

Zi Chen picked up the stone that had been stomped into the mud, activated his golden Qi in front of everyone to forcefully break the stone. He did not have any intention of pretending but no matter how hard Zi Chen tried, the stone did not move at all, its hardness comparable to a diamond.

Do you believe me now? Zi Chen took the stone and walked towards the back, muttering, I want to see what's so strange about this thing.

Zi Chen crouched down and used his hands as a shovel to start digging.

Chen Long, you are really childish, are you a three-year-old child? Are you serious? Stop messing around, we should leave now. Chu Fei said in a strange tone.

Shut up, you piece of rotten cloth. Zi Chen bellowed.

Do you want to die? Chu Fei's eyes flashed with a cold light.

Don't say anything, everyone, begin digging. Maybe there's something strange. When the old man noticed that something was off, he too lowered his head and began to dig on the ground.

The burly man was skeptical but he also squatted down.

A bunch of idiots, to follow a fool and laugh together! Chu Fei rolled his eyes and looked to the side. To him, this was simply childish.

There's really something strange.

However, immediately after, the burly man's surprised exclamation was heard.

The three of them worked together, and with the Xiantian Qi, their digging speed was extremely fast. When they dug out a meter deep pit, the three of them discovered that it was not a boulder, but a Statue.

This is a Statue, this is a trial ground, where did this Statue come from? The burly man was confused.

The old man seemed to have thought of something and said anxiously, Quick, dig it out.

The three of them tried their best to dig it out. After a while, a Statue that had been buried for who knows how many years came out. However, it was incomplete. It only had the lower half of its body and not the upper half.

The Statue was very ordinary, its material was unknown and it looked like it was not made of stone.

The old man was carefully sizing up the statue with a frown. His face was full of wrinkles but he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. Just then, Zi Chen used his strength and struck at the Statue.


Sparks flew in all directions as Zi Chen felt a sharp pain coming from his body. He retreated a few steps and attacked with all his strength.

What are you doing? The old man glared at Zi Chen.

Let me see what exactly is this thing that's so strange. Do you see it now? I wasn't faking it. Zi Chen said.

Stop hitting. If I'm not wrong, this should be the keepsake that we are looking for. The old man's deep voice sounded.

What, this is the keepsake? Zi Chen was dumbstruck, the burly man was the same, and as for Chu Fei, he ran over, and saw that the Statue's eyes were popping out and wished for nothing more than to immediately snatch it.

I'm just guessing, I'm not sure yet but we need to find a complete Statue first. The old man said.


This time, they were very excited, Zi Chen carried the Statue and they moved forward, but this time, no one complained.

This was because when the three of them tried to move this half of the Statue, it was actually just like a mountain, weighing several tens of thousands of kilograms. Previously, when they pulled it out, they did not feel this way, but after it was unearthed, it became extremely heavy and only Zi Chen was able to move it.

Only Zi Chen easily lifted the Statue and effortlessly turned to carry it.

There is indeed something strange.

In the remaining time, the four of them went all out to search for the rest of the Statue.

On the second day, the four of them found a broken arm beside a stream. At the edge of a mountain stream, they found an arm.

On the third day, there was nothing.

On the fourth day, they discovered another half of its body from the nest of a Demonic Beast. As for the Demonic Beast, they were naturally killed by Zi Chen.

On the seventh day, most of the Statue had been recovered. However, it was still missing a neck, an arm, and a head.

This was definitely damaged not long ago. It must be the work of those trashy things called the Wu Zong Sect. Seeing a broken Statue, they actually had to cut it open. On the riverbank, the old man saw the severed neck and cursed angrily.

This is the main keepsake that is needed to obtain the Limitless Sect's inheritance. This bunch of trash, it's fine if they don't have any knowledge but they even cut such precious items into pieces and treated them like trash.

After walking for a bit, they found a complete arm. Other than the head of the Statue, the rest of the Statue had recovered but from the surface, they could not see anything special about it and it was still as normal as before.

Hurry up and find its head. The old man urged.

Beside a pile of rocks, Zi Chen found the head of the Statue. However, there was only half and it was split in half from the middle, like a sharp sword slashing across, the cut was very smooth.

We're half done, these bunch of inexperienced people. The old man really wanted to kill the people from the Wu Zong Sect who came in first.

What a waste, this is a blasphemy to the expert.

In the end, the old man found the other half of his head beside a pile of dried poop. On the other side of his head, there were some yellow objects.

It's just a Statue, where did this blasphemy come from? old man, are you making a big fuss over nothing? Zi Chen smiled lightly, not caring in the slightest.


Just as he finished speaking, the other half of his head had been added by the old man. A change had occurred in the Statue and an aura surged out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

His bones made a crisp sound as the Statue pressed down on his back. He was simply unable to shake it off, as if he was pressed down by a mountain.

Quick, help me! Zi Chen cried for help, his eyes filled with shock.

However, the Statue was emitting an invisible aura so the two of them could not get close. As for Chu Fei, he had no intention of saving him.

Crack! Crack!

Zi Chen's bones made a sound, it almost broke and there was a strong pressure coming from the Statue, causing Zi Chen to feel like he was suffocating.

A sense of danger rose from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, Zi Chen actually felt that his life was in danger.

Could it be that I am going to be crushed to death by the Statue? Zi Chen's heart was overwhelmed with shock and fear. The current him could not move or speak, he was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

This Statue was very strange, with power that was like an ocean, it pressured Zi Chen to the point his bones creaked and he was at death's door. Once he died, Zi Chen was probably the first cultivator in thousands of years that was crushed to death by a Statue.

Just when he was unable to endure any longer, the pressure on the Statue suddenly dissipated and it became light once again. Zi Chen gasped for breath and after surviving a calamity, he hurriedly placed the Statue on the ground.

He did not dare to approach the Statue again.