Thunder Martial Chapter 177 - Looking For The Keepsake

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In the forest, the huge corpse of the Demonic Beast lied there like a small mountain.

The young man from Floating Snow City was proud of himself, thinking that he had successfully tricked them. However, right after, he felt like he had been struck by lightning and his body trembled.

Admirable, admirable. To actually kill a Demonic Beast, it really makes us ashamed.

The burly man laughed loudly and walked out from the darkness.

Hehe, you are young and you are fearsome. Not bad, you have a bright future ahead of you. The old man also smiled.

What a rotten strip of cloth. Not only did you not reveal anything previously, but you are also an expert in disguise. Zi Chen was just teasing him.

The three of them appeared and walked side by side.

It's you guys. Didn't you guys leave? The young man trembled and a cold light flickered in his eyes.


The blood-red spear that had just been put away suddenly appeared again, emitting a dense killing intent.

Aiyo, Forbidden Artifact

The burly man let out a weird cry but remained unmoved.

Young man, if you have something to say, then say it. Why do you want to make a move? The old man smiled, not caring in the slightest.

Zi Chen pursed his lips, shrugged and did not say a word.

What is there to say? I was the one who killed the Demonic Beast so the keepsake can only be owned by me. The young man shouted.

Are you alone? No you are not, there are four people here right now. Don't you think being selfish is a very shameless action? Shouldn't we share good things? the old man asked.

On what basis?

Then what right do you have to take it all for yourself?

The young man pointed to the Forbidden Artifact in his hand and said, With this, as long as I act ruthlessly, all of you will die. At that time, forget about the keepsake, even your lives will not be saved.

Forbidden Artifact? The old man smiled and said, I admit that it is very powerful but it depends on who has it. Do you think that you can kill us with a Forbidden Artifact?

Of course The youth was very confident.

Then you can give it a try. Even if you dare to try it, the three of us together will be able to block the attack of the Forbidden Artifact. Unless you dare to consume all of the energy in the weapon in one go. The old man smiled.

I am indeed unable to use its full strength but it is more than enough to use one slash to kill all of you.

Then what do you think will happen if the three of us work together to activate the diamond and stand in front of them?

You The youth stopped talking.

The diamond was abnormally sturdy. Although it had lost its Golden Essence, its toughness was still there. Even if it was a powerful Forbidden Artifact, it still could not break it.

The young man was discouraged and glared at Zi Chen venomously. It was all because of him. If not for that broken stone, with his Forbidden Artifact, the old man and the burly man would have not dared to come forward.

Alright, let's share

The young man gritted his teeth. Unwilling to give up, his eyes were filled with venom. It was as though the trio had done something infuriating.

Alright, brat, stop acting like you just ate sh*t. Hurry and find the keepsake. The burly man urged.

Humph! The youth gritted his teeth as he raised his sword.


An hour later...

Where are the items?

Where's the keepsake?

The youth began to roar, his voice rolling like thunder.

Not far away, the mountain-like corpse had disappeared and what replaced it was a split Beast Head, a gigantic animal skin, huge pieces of animal meat and four limbs. There were also some extremely clean animal bones, as well as a large pile of organs.

It took the youth an hour to cut the Demonic Beast from top to bottom. Everything was picked out except for the keepsake.

Where's the thing? Where's the keepsake? As the young man roared, he was on the verge of collapsing.

He could accept the fact that he had to share the keepsake. After all, he would gain something once they reach the inheritance place, but now, there wasn't even a keepsake.

He roared towards the sky with extreme unwillingness, looked at the old man and the burly man and hysterically shouted Where is it? Where is the keepsake?

Both of them shrugged their shoulders and revealed a very straight smile, indicating that they didn't know.

Where's the keepsake? The young man roared at Zi Chen.

Idiot, how would I know what the keepsake is? Maybe it's just a pool of sh*t. Zi Chen shouted in anger.

You're courting death!

The old man and the burly man pulled both of them back.

Where is the keepsake? The young man was going crazy, he felt that he was even more wronged than Liu Bo. Liu Bo was at the very least trying to protect his subordinates but he had simply come looking for trouble.

The young man roared but the three just ignored him. They just treated him like a mad dog that needed to vent.

Another hour passed.

The scent of roasted meat wafted through the forest.

Not bad, this thing is a great tonic. Zi Chen held out a piece of grilled meat that was golden in color and tore off a piece of it.

It is indeed a great tonic. This is a mutated Demonic Beast. It can nourish the body after eating it. Eat more. The burly man's mouth was full of roasted meat as well, his words somewhat slurred.

En, eat more. Eat more.

The old man was also smiling, with a look of enjoyment on his face.

In the distance, a youth was covering his head with both hands, his eyes crimson. He was blaming himself for wasting his Forbidden Artifact.

After eating a mouthful of the meat, Zi Chen felt a warm feeling in his stomach, as if he had swallowed a pill.

It is indeed a good item. Zi Chen's eyes lit up, he looked at the mountain of animal meat beside him and started to plan how he was going to bring all these things back.

It's not enough to just eat the meat. We should have some wine. The burly man smacked his lips and felt displeased.

Wine, we are in the wilderness, where can we find wine Zi Chen asked.

Where? The burly man turned his head and looked at the youth on the other side. He shouted, Hey, little brat, give me a few bottles of wine.

The young man ignored him. He was on the verge of going insane.

Little guy, I'm talking about you. Wine, hurry up and give it

Wine, I want wine

Don't be so stingy. We are just asking for wine, not your Forbidden Artifact.

The burly man kept talking and it was very noisy.

The young man was infuriated but there was nothing he could do about it. He was too annoyed by the shouting, so he took out three bottles of wine and tossed them over.

Drink, drink to death.

Each person took a bottle. The burly man opened the bottle and took a sip. The fragrance of the wine filled the entire forest and at the same time, his mouth kept twisting.

Good wine

Instantly, the young man was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

This wine was taken out from a spatial treasure. Zi Chen felt a surge of jealousy and envy as he looked at it. He truly deserved to be called a disciple of an aristocratic family.

The aroma of meat and wine filled the air as the three of them ate heartily.

After they finished eating and drinking to their fill, the three of them laid on their backs on the ground. They ate too much and needed to digest it for a while.

In the distance, the young man's stomach was growling in hunger. Unfortunately, the three of them had already eaten all of the roasted meat.

Alright, now it's time to discuss how to find the keepsake. The old man shut his eyes and said faintly.

Zi Chen immediately sat up and asked, Isn't it gone?

In the distance, the youth also pricked up his ears. The burly man remained indifferent as he held a blade of grass in his mouth.

Gone, who said it was gone? old man asked.

We've already eaten the meat, how can we still have keepsake?

It isn't here but that doesn't mean that it isn't in any other place. The old man said confidently.

Are you sure? Zi Chen sat down again, he simply did not believe it.

The young man also turned his head and cursed in his heart. An old swindler

Ten thousand years have passed and even the Demonic Beast have mutated. Something might have happened to the keepsake, it's not here so it might be in some other place.

Who would believe you? Who knows, it might have already been taken away by those from the Wu Zong Sect. Zi Chen curled his lips and closed his eyes.

It's not that I underestimated them. They don't even know the name of the sect from ten thousand years ago. A bunch of people who think that they have been struck by a great fortune are arrogant and even if the keepsake is placed in front of them, they would not know. The old man curled his lips in disdain.

Zi Chen sat up once again, Is what you said true?

Of course. Furthermore, I am sure that the keepsake is in this area with a radius of over ten miles. After I have rested for a while, we will search for it together. After the old man finished speaking, he closed his eyes.

Since there is one, then let's hurry up and leave. There's no need to delay any longer. The young man was the first to jump up, once again feeling refreshed.

Zi Chen also stood up to urge him.

No, my old arms and legs need rest.

Then let the rotten piece of cloth carry you.

In the end, the four of them continued on their journey.

With the small mountain where the Demonic Beast was previously at as the center, they searched inch by inch for a radius of ten miles. This was undoubtedly a very vast project.

Just the four of them alone would take at least a few days.

Moreover, none of the four of them were at ease and couldn't search separately. They could only search together, which would take more time.

The first day, the four of them returned at night. After being tired for the entire day, they once again drank and ate.

I say, Chu Fei, you should put some of this meat into your spatial equipment. That way, we won't have to come back again. Zi Chen suggested.

Chen Long, do you dare to say it again? Chu Fei said coldly.

Alright, Chu Fei, put some of this meat into your space magical equipment. This meat is a great tonic. Zi Chen said.

Humph, what do you think space magical equipment is, a storage where you can put anything you want? Country bumpkin. Chu Fei was disdainful, he took a bite of the roasted meat and swallowed it.

With the small mountain as the center, four figures appeared within a radius of five kilometers. They left early and returned late, searching for the so called keepsake.

One day, two days, three days... Five days had passed and the four of them had gained nothing. Even the hill-sized meat had been reduced by a third.

The four of them searched during the day and cultivated at night. There was the aura of vaporized spiritual energy and with the help of the meat, Zi Chen's strength was increasing. He would change almost every day and this attracted many surprised gazes.

Occasionally, when he saw a Demonic Beast protecting a place, Zi Chen would go forward and use his iron fists to smash it into pieces, and then refine it.

He is really a monster.

The three of them had great respect for Zi Chen, it was just that the old man and the burly man had respect for him from the bottom of their hearts, but Chu Fei did not mean what he said and furthermore, the way he looked at Zi Chen was always with a strange light, causing Zi Chen's heart to turn cold.

In ten days, they finally searched through ten or so miles but didn't find anything.

Old thing, are you lying? When they first met, Chu Fei had addressed the two of them as seniors. Right now, he was indeed addressing them as old things, and calling them old men.

Zi Chen did not sympathize with them, and now he did not believe this old thing anymore. Their mouth is usually full of spitting manure, talking nonsense, boasting shamelessly.

Absolutely, I swear it on my conscience. The old man swore solemnly.

Do you even have a conscience? Chu Fei rolled his eyes, while Zi Chen also agreed with him.

Everyone walked forward aimlessly with a belly full of anger.


Zi Chen kicked a sharp rock that exposed the ground. The scene of the stone being kicked flying did not appear but Zi Chen instead hugged his leg and jumped up.