Thunder Martial Chapter 176 - The Rotten Piece of Cloth Has A Forbidden Artifact

Seeing the Demonic Beast's heavy injuries, Zi Chen was shocked. At this time, he heard a sonic boom.

He turned around and was immediately enraged. The three of them had run away at the same time. They were not loyal at all.

Zi Chen was the last to run.

Just as he entered the forest, he heard Liu Bo's roar. His body trembled and his speed increased.

Forbidden Artifact, it's too terrifying. One strike is enough to kill me Zi Chen's heart trembled. Liu Bo's strength is indeed inferior to his, but if he took out a Forbidden Artifact, Zi Chen would definitely die.

After running about five kilometers, the four of them stopped.

Everyone, the Demonic Beast is severely injured, why don't we turn back now and work together to kill it? The young man suggested. His clothes were already in rags.

You've become an idiot, right? That Demonic Beast is strong, we can't even break through its defense, even if it is heavily injured or is on the verge of death, we can't even kill it. Zi Chen ridiculed.

Facing the Forbidden Artifact, the Demonic Beast had to flee. Although it was severely injured, once it saw them, it would rage. The furious Demonic Beast was very scary, Zi Chen did not think that the four of them could kill it.

Humph! The youth snorted and looked at the old man and the burly man.

We really are not a match for it, the burly man shook his head, his eyes full of disappointment.

Sigh, such a great opportunity, I have no choice but to give it up, unless Liu Bo is willing to make a move. The old man shook his head and sighed.

Indeed. The youth was also depressed but he quickly calmed himself down and said, I'm here to look for a treasure. Since I can't kill the Demonic Beast, I'll take my leave.

Then, without waiting for their reply, he leaped and ran into the depths of the forest. His clothes fluttered and the shredded cloth on his body shook.


A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, a hint of killing intent appeared from the bottom of his heart.

What are you doing? The burly man stared at Zi Chen and asked playfully.

I want to kill him. Previously, this brat had plotted against me with malicious intent. Zi Chen said, but the killing intent in his eyes had already disappeared.

Then go and kill them. The burly man waved his hand with a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

I've changed my mind. I don't want to kill anymore. Zi Chen said. What's more, the two of you are not much better off.

With that, Zi Chen also turned and left, his figure appearing relaxed and at ease.

We don't care for morality, haha. The burly man laughed.

The old man was also smiling. Seeing that Zi Chen had really left and was about to disappear in the dense forest, he finally spoke, I say, brat, did you really give up on that keepsake? If no one obtains the inheritance of the Limitless Sect, that is very sad.

What can we do even if we don't give up? Do you have the ability to kill Demonic Beast? Zi Chen sneered, he did not even turn his head back.

Of course we can't kill it but if you follow me, I can guarantee that I can let you see the Demonic Beast die with your own eyes. The old man laughed.

Zi Chen turned his head and stared at the old man, Are you joking?

At my age, would I joke around with a kid like you? The old man also stared at Zi Chen.

If we can't kill the Demonic Beast, who else can? Are you sure Liu Bo will go back?

Of course not. That fellow has treated the Forbidden Artifact even more preciously than his life. A single strike from it would have cost him half his life. It would be better to rely on himself instead.

Then who else?

Didn't you go? Didn't you see? The old man smiled. This time, don't say that we didn't call you.

What you mean is, that.... That piece of rotten cloth, did he have the strength to kill Demonic Beast? Zi Chen was very surprised.

That brat is very sinister. He left in a hurry, he must have gone to find the Demonic Beast. Follow us, I guarantee that you won't suffer any losses. This time, it was the burly man who spoke.

His strength is average Zi Chen still didn't understand.

Stupid! His strength is average but what if he had a Forbidden Artifact? The burly man glared at him.

Forbidden Artifact? You said that the piece of rotten cloth has a Forbidden Artifact? Haha, are you joking? Zi Chen laughed loudly, as if he had just heard a joke. If he had a Forbidden Artifact, wouldn't he have attacked us earlier?

That brat is from the Floating Snow City, his skills are extremely cold and his peak Xiantian Realm is so strong at such a young age so his identity is definitely not ordinary. At the moment, he has come to the ruins so it's impossible for him to not bring a Forbidden Artifact.

Do you think that everyone is like you? The burly man mocked.

Does he really have a Forbidden Artifact? Zi Chen did not mind the burly man's ridicule, he only felt that it was unbelievable.

That guy had a Forbidden Artifact? That guy actually had a Forbidden Artifact. This was simply too inconceivable.

We'll know whether or not after we take a look. The old man said lightly.


The three of them left quickly but Zi Chen's heart was extremely shaken. Possessing a Forbidden Artifact, this thing sounded extremely precious and it must be very rare. It was the first time he had heard of it but in the span of a single day, he had already seen two Forbidden Artifacts.

This is a Forbidden Artifact, not a cabbage. Zi Chen muttered, as if he had thought of something, and asked, Then according to what you said, all of the big powers this time should all have Forbidden Artifacts?

Of course, why else would they be here? The burly man sneered.

Heavens, is this thing really a cabbage? If so, give me one.

Cabbage? The large man laughed involuntarily and said, In the outside world, these things are few and far between. However, in here, they might really be cabbages. Any genius with a backer should have one.

Finally, the burly man added, Not including you, of course.

Zi Chen was so angry that he vomited blood.

The three of them turned back, bypassed the cursing Liu Bo and once again arrived in the direction they met the Demonic Beast.

In the distance, the three of them were hiding in secret. The Demonic Beast lay prostrate on the ground, blood flowing out from its entire body.

If the three of them rashly stepped forward, they would definitely be torn to shreds by the enraged Demonic Beast.

Are you sure that the piece of rag has a Forbidden Artifact and will come back? Zi Chen asked softly.

Shut up. I wasn't sure before but after listening to you blabbering all the way, I am sure now. Just wait for me to take the keepsake. the burly man roared.

The three of them hid in the darkness, quietly waiting.

One minute, two minutes, a quarter of an hour passed, yet there was still no sign of him.

Zi Chen was panicking slightly. Even after so long, the Demonic Beast still did not become weak. Instead, it stopped bleeding, as if it was still recovering.

Compared to him, the other two were much calmer.

Another fifteen minutes had passed and just as Zi Chen was getting impatient from waiting, he finally saw a figure.

That piece of rotten cloth, he really did come.

The first thing Zi Chen saw was the continuously swaying strips of cloth, and then, a youth carefully appeared.

Hmph, a bunch of idiots with brains.

After glancing around to make sure no one was following him, the young man smiled coldly.


The Demonic Beast's spiritual sense was very high. When the young man arrived, it immediately realized that. With a low roar, it stood up like a small mountain.

The Demonic Beast's eyes were red, the Qi around its body was still tyrannical and a wave of killing intent filled the air as it stared straight at the young man.

Bastard, today is the day you die. The young man coldly shouted, his expression extremely disdainful.


The Demonic Beast growled, the killing intent in its eyes overflowing. It bent its body, as though it was preparing for a powerful attack.

However, in the next moment, its eyes that were filled with killing intent turned incomparably terrified. With a flip of the young man's hand, a palm-sized spear appeared.

Forbidden Artifact. As expected, it is a are Forbidden Artifact.

In the distance, Zi Chen's eyes moved, another Forbidden Artifact, this youth was indeed not ordinary.

The Demonic Beast's heart trembled. Its eyes were filled with fear and without any hesitation, it turned around and fled.

Devilspawn, die!

The young man activated the Qi in his body and threw the blood-red spear high into the air.


The spear trembled and erupted with a monstrous amount of blood Qi. The palm sized spear instantly grew and a blinding red light illuminated the area, making people unable to open their eyes.

The pitiful Demonic Beast, who was strong enough to sweep through anything had met with such a Forbidden Artifact that should not exist in this world so it could only try its best to escape.


However, in terms of speed, how could it compare to the blood-red spear? The spear is like a streak of bloody light that streaked across the sky, carrying a wave of frenzied killing intent as it charged towards the Demonic Beast's head.


Sensing the danger, the Demonic Beast let out a deafening roar. At the same time, its head, which was the size of a millstone, dodged to the side.


The spear brushed past the Demonic Beast's forehead, shattered a few pieces of it's scale, then flew into the distance and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Demonic Beast was overjoyed. It turned its head and ran, thinking that it had dodged the attack.

But right after that, a sharp whistling sound came out and the blood-red spear turned back once again and like an arrow released from a bow, it fiercely thrusted into the Demonic Beast's head with a whistling sound.


At the same time, the terrifying energy exploded and instantly destroyed the Demonic Beast's brain. The Demonic Beast's mountain-like body fell to the ground with a loud bang, raising up a large amount of smoke and dust.

It's dead, the Demonic Beast is actually dead, just like that.

Zi Chen was completely shocked. A Demonic Beast that could be considered invincible in this place had only been attacked twice by a Forbidden Artifact and had already fallen.

Seeing the Demonic Beast fall to the ground, the burly man and the old man's eyes became extremely fervent.


The blood-red spear returned to normal and once again became the size of a palm. However, there were some cracks on the surface of the blood-red spear.

A flash of pain passed through the young man's eyes, he flipped his hand and kept the blood-red spear.

Those bunch of idiots have obviously left. This keepsake is mine. Looking at the corpse on the floor, the young man's expression eased up significantly.

However, right at this moment, a hearty laughter sounded out, causing the young man's figure to tremble as if he'd been struck by lightning.

Ha ha, powerful, you actually killed the Demonic Beast, not bad, not bad

With a flash of light, three figures flew out from the forest. Each of them had smiles on their faces and their mouths were wide open. They were so happy that their teeth were revealed.