Thunder Martial Chapter 175 - Forbidden Artifact

Under the old man's lead, Zi Chen and the young man successfully lured the Demonic Beast over and the Demonic Beast was held back by Liu Bo and the others.

However, these people were not like what the old man had said. They are not able to deal with the Demonic Beast, which is as big as a small mountain. The Demonic Beast is like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, wantonly slaughtering the cultivator.

Chen Long, you f*cking dare to harm us.

We have no enmity with you, yet you actually dare to harm us.

You will die a horrible death.

Seeing their comrades die, the other cultivators were trembling in fear. They wanted to escape but the Demonic Beast seemed to have intelligence and those who escaped died even faster.

Chen Long, you will die a horrible death.

You actually dare to harm someone from our Liu Family. You are doomed, as long as we can escape this calamity, it will soon be your death date.

In the distance, Zi Chen was a little speechless when he heard these curses. It was clearly the old man who had guided it here and he only had the role of a supporter. If he wanted to scold, he should scold the four of them together but now, he was the only one who got scolded.

Furthermore, the old man and the burly man took a few more steps forward, indifferently looking at Zi Chen, as if saying, We do not know each other, your luck is too bad.

The two of them were not loyal, causing Zi Chen to become angry.


Even the young man who attracted the Demonic Beast along with Zi Chen had snorted coldly, pulling the distance between him and Zi Chen and stood on the other side while looking up at the sky, acting as though he did not know who you were.

You guys are still acting f*cking ignorant. It was you who lured it here. You bastards, don't put on such a high front.

Zi Chen could not help but curse, feeling very wronged.

Zi Chen endured the scolding but the other three people were watching the show, completely disregarding their sense of justice.


As the claws of the Demonic Beast fell, another late Xiantian Realm cultivator died. He didn't even have the time to scream.

They were like a flock of sheep, unable to resist at all. Under the claws and fangs of the Demonic Beast. There is only death waiting for them, in the blink of an eye, five of them died.

The other three looked like they were watching a good show, and were unmoved by cultivator's death.

Ah, old fellow, now that it has reached this point, there's no way they can kill the Demonic Beast. Is there no other way? Zi Chen could not bear it anymore and asked.

The old man looked at Zi Chen with alook of surprise in his eyes, and laughed I have already thought of a way, but the one who can turn the situation around is not me.

Who else could it be other than you? Zi Chen stared at the old man and felt like he was being duped.

It's him. Whether they die or not depends on his mood The old man pointed to Liu Bo.

At the moment, Liu Bo's eyes were completely red, he was extremely furious and was cursing Zi Chen nonstop.

Chen Long, I, Liu Bo, swear that I will never let you go.

Chen Long, just wait and see how the Liu Family will deal with you. Our Liu Family won't rest until you're dead.

Liu Bo was so angry that he almost went mad. He did not bring his men directly into the depths, afraid of their exhaustion and death. His plan was to wait for the few major powers to settle everything before he goes in and fight for the fruits of their labour.

However, he had never expected that he would encounter such an unexpected disaster while he was still in the outskirts.

Why are you scolding me alone? I didn't lure the Demonic Beast over alone. Zi Chen felt wronged, he felt that he had been wronged and the other three people still put on looks of righteousness.

I don't know other people's names. If I don't scold you, who else would I scold? Liu Bo felt even more wronged. Just what kind of trouble was this, to provoke such a powerful existence for no reason at all?

What can he do? Look at how he's acting. If you can't think of a way, all of his subordinates are going to die. Zi Chen panicked. Seeing all the innocent people die because of him, Zi Chen could not bear to see it anymore.

I can't say, but you're very kind. The old man chuckled, Don't worry, even if these people are dead, that guy won't die. Believe me.


Another cultivator was smashed into the ground by the claws of the Demonic Beast. As though it had become addicted to killing, the Demonic Beast was no longer in a hurry to chase after Zi Chen and the rest,. Instead, it stood on the spot, one claw at a time, wanting to kill all of the cultivators.

Along the way, Zi Chen had already discovered long ago that Demonic Beast possessed intelligence and it was very high, with all sorts of human-like expressions. Right now, it was obviously extremely disdainful as it snorted loudly and its gaze would occasionally sweep towards him, as if it was provoking him.


Another person died and was smashed into meat paste. He did not even let out a scream of pain, Zi Chen could not bear to watch but he had no way of stopping it. As for the old man, the burly man and the other man, they were just watching from the sidelines.

Eldest Brother, save us.

Cousin, save me.

The others also cried for help and no longer cursed at Zi Chen.

Ah, ah... Liu Bo flew into a rage, he wanted nothing more than to eat Zi Chen alive. Seeing his subordinates die, he felt his heart and lungs tearing but thinking about how he had to use his treasure, it was truly a huge loss because he had to use it to snatch the inheritance.


With one of Liu Bo's misgivings, another two people died. Currently, the number of people in this group of a dozen or so was already less than ten and their numbers were still decreasing rapidly. Out of the five peak Xiantian Realms, there were only three remaining.

Chen Long, I'll never f*cking forgive you. There's also that guy with the tattered clothes, and there's also that old thing. I swear that I will never let you guys go. Liu Bo finally made up his mind and let out an unwilling roar. He reached into his bosom and took out a small flag.

This was a small flag that was only the size of a palm. It was glowing and extremely small and when Liu Bo took it out, the muscles on his face trembled, as if he was suffering from extreme pain.

Old man, old thing, rotten clothed man, Chen Long, I won't let you off. Liu Bo scolded angrily, the small flag in his hand released a bright light.

The two of them had been laughing at Zi Chen earlier but now that they heard him curse at them, they were left speechless. As for the young man, he trembled with rage and was about to rip apart his clothes.

However, after seeing the small flag in Liu Bo's hands, all the negative emotions disappeared from everyone's eyes and the youth's eyes grew even wider, staring straight at the small flag.

Forbidden Artifacts. As expected, he has a Forbidden Artifact.

The burly man's eyes lit up, the old man calmly nodded, and only Zi Chen looked at the flag, confused.

Is this thing very strong? Even though it's only the size of a palm?

The young man was even more disdainful, Country bumpkin, this is a Forbidden Artifact refined from a Sovereign Realm expert. It consumes a lot of precious materials and its might is terrifying, it is comparable to the fierce strike from a Sovereign existence.

Hearing the young man's explanation, Zi Chen became angry, This guy is really shameless, he had this kind of thing, why didn't he take it out earlier? Don't tell me he has to wait for everyone to die.

idioct The youth mocked, Since it is a Forbidden Artifact, there is naturally a limit to the number of times it can be used.

In the next moment, the expression of the proud young man darkened.

Trash, old things, Chen Long, I won't let you off. Liu Bo cursed once again, the small flag in his hand fluttered, instantly flying into the air.

Dazzling light illuminated the surroundings and at the same time, a terrifying aura was released from the small flag, rippling in all directions.

This is?

Zi Chen's expression changed. This aura was extremely terrifying, and once it descended, Zi Chen would definitely not be able to defeat against it.

The Demonic Beast's disdainful expression also disappeared and there was a trace of fear in its red eyes. The terrifying aura in the flag made it feel the danger of death and without any hesitation, it turned around to escape.


The Demonic Beast's roar was booming. However, a wave of ruthless killing intent had already locked onto the it. It didn't even have time to flee before a ray of light shot out from the small flag.

At this moment, the only thing in this world was this beam of light. It was so dazzling and resplendent that it caused people to be unable to open their eyes. A terrifying aura rippled and a destructive energy wreaked havoc, causing time to sink into eternity.


This terrifying attack caused the entire world to tremble. The earth split open, the trees shattered, and they transformed into crumbs. It was as if a bolt of heavenly lightning had descended onto the earth, constantly wreaking havoc on everything.


A low and terrified roar came out. The Demonic Beast seemed to have taken a huge loss, its voice was mournful and brought with it a deep sense of pain. Smoke and dust rose in the air, blocking everyone's line of sight.

When the dust settled, Zi Chen saw a shocking scene. The gigantic Demonic Beast's body that is comparable to a small mountain and its head was comparable to a millstone. At this moment, a gigantic bloody hole swept past half of its head, leaving behind a huge blood hole.


Just one attack had caused the Demonic Beast to receive heavy injuries, causing it to be in imminent danger.


In mid-air, the small flag shone with a resplendent light and was currently trembling slightly. A terrifying aura once again appeared, as if it was about to unleash another powerful attack.


Seeing that, fear appeared in the eyes of the Demonic Beast. Ignoring the pain in its body, it turned around and fled while carrying its huge body.

Beast, don't go.

Liu Bo let out a loud shout and above his head, the small flag continuously trembled, a terrifying aura spread out causing the Demonic Beast to let out a low growl and increase it's speed

In the blink of an eye, the Demonic Beast disappeared.



On the flag, a crack appeared, followed by the sound of crackling. Then, the light dimmed and the flag fell from the sky.

Damn it. I was going to hit its head but I didn't expect it to dodge. I wasted an attack and yet I didn't kill it. Liu Bo was furious, he felt extremely unwell in his heart.

When the Forbidden Artifact was unleashed at full strength, it was comparable to the full power of a single strike from a Sovereign expert. However, if used slightly less, it allows one to use it three to four times, although its might has weakened, it is still just right for this trial ground.

However, Liu Bo did not expect that even with this attack, he would actually not hit the Demonic Beast's vital points and allowed it to escape with just heavy injuries.

Damn people, it's all because of you guys

Liu Bo was so angry and when he turned to look at Zi Chen and the rest, he was immediately stunned. The place where Zi Chen and the rest were previously standing is now empty, all four of them had disappeared.

Damn it! Liu Bo roared towards the sky, Old man, old thing, rotten cloth, Chen Long, I won't let you all go.