Thunder Martial Chapter 174 - Liu Family's Influence

Liu Bo is a member of Cloud City and he is also a person who is famous in Cloud City. Although his background couldn't compare to Cloud City's controller, he is still from a powerful family with several Imperial Sky Realm experts in the clan, and a Sovereign Realm patriarch.

The reason why we came here this time is to look for the secret scripture. Once we find it, we will be able to establish a supremacy within the Liu Family. We might even be able to build a Liu Family City.

Liu Bo scolded his subordinates once again. He was completely confident in his treasure hunt this time.

This time, he did not bring many geniuses with him, only around a dozen people. Amongst them, there were five peak Xiantian Realm experts and the rest were late Xiantians.

Other than that, Liu Bo had also brought some of his family's reserves.

Cousin, when are we going deeper? A young man asked in a low voice. After they had gathered together, they had already stopped at the outskirts for a very long time.

What's the rush? What is this place? It's the trial ground of a sect ten thousand years ago and it's filled with danger. Let the big forces open the way first, then we can go up and pick up the loot. Liu Bo said with his eyes wide open.

However, if there's something good, it will be taken away first.

Liu Bo rebuked, Nonsense, this place is filled with dangers. Forget about a month, even if it was three months, they would still not get their hands on the precious treasure.

Liu Bo was very smart, he had his own plans in mind. Their goal was clear, they were here for a supreme technique. As for normal things, they were nothing much and he believed that the other forces would not even bother to look at these things.

Suddenly, the sound of something tearing through the air rang out.


Liu Bo frowned, he looked over, only to see a white bearded old man wearing a tattered robe rushing over.

What's going on? This time, in the Xiantian trial, there's actually an old man here. Liu Bo stood up and saw that the old man. He was a little speechless.

What kind of world is this? An old man that's about to die wants to join in the fun? What kind of place is he running off to? Is he being chased?

Someone cursed in a low voice. He was speechless at the appearance of the old man.

When the old man saw Liu Bo in the distance, his eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had seen hope. This was the power he was talking about, once again, he increased his speed and rushed over.

Damn it. Old man, you're being chased. Please go to the side and don't come here. Liu Bo cursed.

You old thing, you're almost dead, yet you're still here to join in on the fun. Serves you right for being chased and killed by others.

Behind Liu Bo, the other cultivators also started to curse.

Ha ha!

However, who would've thought that not only did the old man not get angry, he even burst into a loud laughter. Hi

s speed became even more faster.

Just at this time, at the end of the forest, another person appeared. It was a brawny man, with a full beard and looked at least 45 years old.

What's going on? A half-buried person is chasing after someone who is about to be buried

This guy should be at least fifty, yet he wants to join in the fun? Indeed, at such a young age, he can only bully the elderly who are about to be buried.

Everyone mocked him, thinking that the burly man was chasing after the old man.

Both of you, scram. If you want to fight or kill each other, scram to the side. Liu Bo took a breath and shouted to the old man and the brawny man.

However, the two of them didn't react at all and continued to rush over. Their faces were full of smiles, as if they had seen family.

Did you not hear? My cousin is talking to you two old guysA young man walked up and snapped at the two of them.

I'm not old, I'm only twenty-five. I just look old.The burly man's defense was very pale.

Pah! You're still f * cking twenty-five? I think you're fifty-two. You're about to die, yet you still want to join the others and come here to find treasures? The young man scolded with a disdainful expression.

Haha, 52 is 52, so be it. It is truly a blessing to see you all. I must thank you all for today's matters. The burly man didn't care and said with a grateful smile.

The few of them were confused.


At this moment, the ground trembled.

What is that sound? Everyone turned their heads to look around but they didn't see anything.


Another sound rang out and the ground began to shake. It was as if there was an earthquake, spreading far into the distance.

An earthquake?A cultivator spoke up.

No, this is the sound of Demonic Beasts trampling on the ground. Okay, you two old fellows messed with a Demonic Beast and now you two actually ran over here and want us to settle this for you? Liu Bo reacted quickly and he glared at the two of them.


The rumbling sound was becoming faster and louder. It was not far from the group.

You're just an old man, an old man. Why aren't you leaving? Why are you plotting against us? Liu Bo's face became extremely unfriendly, his eyes flashed with a cold light and killing intent filled the depths of his eyes.



At this moment, two silhouettes flashed out of the jungle. One of them wore a tattered black robe, while the other was not much better off. Their body was covered in blood and their clothes were tattered.

Chen Long, you are f * cking looking to die. You actually dared to frame me. The young man continued to speak. At the moment, his clothes were tattered and there were countless wounds all over his body. He had nearly been hit by the Demonic Beast's claws multiple times, all thanks to Zi Chen.

You nameless brat, it's your lucky day that I didn't kill you first. I'll deal with you when we escape this calamity. Zi Chen was also cursed angrily.

Why are you still settling your debt with me? Let's see whether the one who will be dying will be me or you. The young man roared.

You? Bullsh*t. You wouldn't dare even if I gave you some guts. Zi Chen was disdainful, the other party did not dare to do so. Previously, when he was angered, he was able to easily dodge the attack he made on Zi Chen but one strike delayed him for some time.

At this moment, the two of them were running shoulder-to-shoulder and they were not backing down at all. They were constantly cursing one another without losing out to the other.

Damn you...The young man cursed angrily.

Your mother...Zi Chen did not show weakness and cursed back.

His words were sharp but his escaping speed was very fast, almost evenly matched. Like a ray of lightning, he quickly ran towards Liu Bo.

That's Chen Long, the barbarian who killed the Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast

It's that non-human, I heard that the peak Xiantian Realm Demonic Beast here could even be killed by him.

It's him. That monster that has terrifying battle prowess. It is said that he has entered a place devoid of people.

Amongst them, Zi Chen was not the strongest but his reputation was the strongest. That day when he made a move, it attracted a lot of attention and now that he appeared, it caused a huge commotion.

His battle prowess is so strong that he isn't even afraid of Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast, yet he's in such a sorry state right now.

He's running. Did he encounter some powerful Demonic Beast?

The Demonic Beast here are all at the peak Xiantian Realm. They aren't even strong enough, yet Chen Long is actually escaping. Looks like the rumors are not to be fully trusted.

Some people sighed softly, not caring in the least.

What is he doing, cursing?v

Seems to be so. He seems to be cursing that young man's family members.

The cultivators were speechless, they never thought that they would meet Chen Long, much less, he would actually curse at that person's ancestors. Everyone watched as they ran over, running while cursing each others loved ones, the scene was extremely shocking.

The burly man and the old man were laughing to themselves. It was too good that the group of people did not run away.


The sky and earth shook once again as a giant creature appeared at the end of the jungle. The dragon head was as big as a small mountain and every step it took caused the earth to shake.

It was huge in size but its body was abnormally agile and its speed was extremely fast. It was actually on par with Chen Long, following closely behind.

What a big fellow. Everyone was speechless, they had been here for a while and they had seen many Demonic Beast but they had never seen such a big one.

No wonder he wanted to escape. This big guy's body is huge and his speed is fast. It's not something that ordinary people can deal with.

The corner of Liu Bo's mouth curled into a cold smile. He did not care at all about a mere gigantic Demonic Beast.

What... It is a Demonic Beast of the Zhen Yuan Realm. Suddenly, a terrified voice was heard. Someone had discovered that something was amiss.

How is this possible, it really is a Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast, why would there be a Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast here?

Dammit, there's a change to this Demonic Beast.

Everyone's expression changed greatly but they had realized it too late. At this moment, it was unrealistic to think that they could escape.

Zi Chen and the young man were cursing at each other as they rushed over, followed closely by the Demonic Beast.

Dammit, prepare for battle.

Right now, it was already too late to escape. Liu Bo could only respond to the attack so he let out a loud shout. In his dantian, the Xiantian Qi of the peak Xiantian Realm surged continuously and at the same time, he called out to everyone, preparing to attack.


The sound of weapons being unsheathed rang unceasingly, as cold glints of light shot out one after another from the deadly weapons, giving off a cold aura. By the time the Demonic Beast had arrived, it had already been covered in rays of light.

The Sword Qi's, Blade Qi, Fist Qi, martial techniques, and many other powerful attacks swarmed forward like a tide and struck the Demonic Beast's huge body.




vThe crowd's attacks were gorgeous, colorful and dazzling but the effects are far worse. There were plenty of people who did not break through its defense and magnificent sparks blossomed from the surface of the Demonic Beast's body.


How can its defense be so strong?

Everyone paled and retreated in shock but it was already too late. Their attacks had successfully attracted the attention of the Demonic Beast.


With a deafening roar, the Demonic Beast raised its claws and slashed down fiercely. Ripples appeared in the air and many cultivators screamed.


With a light sound, a cultivator with late Xiantian was penetrated by the sharp claws.


A Zhen Yuan Weapons was struck and exploded, turning into a Fragment, following that, the cultivator was smashed into mincemeat.


A cultivator at the peak Xiantian Realm made a sharp strike to the Demonic Beast's head but he did not break through its defense and was easily killed by the Demonic Beast.

This group had at least a dozen people and the weakest among them were late Xiantian. They are powerful but in front of this Demonic Beast, they are like sheep without any offensive power and is able to be killed one by one with a single strike.