Thunder Martial Chapter 173 - The Ten Thousand Year Old Sect

There's a precious treasure here that can only be obtained by killing the one in front of us. This item is extremely important, we must obtain it.

The old man's expression was grave but he continued to persevere.

The huge beast in front of them was comparable to a small mountain. It had a dragon's head and a tiger's body. It was sinister and terrifying and its strength was terrifying. Even with the four of them working together, they were still unable to break through its defense.

What is it? Zi Chen asked.

The youth also didn't seem to know as he also looked at the old man.

I'm not sure but it's said to be a keepsake. Once it's obtained, we can get the inheritance. The old man revealed a big piece of information, shocking Zi Chen and the young man to the point that their hearts were trembling.

The various great powers have already entered the depths but wanting to obtain the inheritance is practically a dream. Without this keepsake, no one can obtain the inheritance.

What? There's really an inheritance here?

In the eyes of the young man and Zi Chen, there was disbelief.

Of course, and it's not just any kind of inheritance. This is the place where the core disciples of the Limitless Sect train ten thousand years ago. There are all kinds of inheritances here but if one wants to obtain the inheritance of the Limitless Sect, in addition to the necessary powerful abilities, one must have enormous luck

Nothing can be lacking in terms of power or karmic luck.

The old man solemnly said.

Limitless Sect. The sect from ten thousand years ago was called Limitless Sect.Zi Chen found out the name of the great sect ten thousand years ago.

Inheritance of the Limitless Sect?

The young man was shocked as his eyes constantly flickered. It was unknown what he was thinking.

That's right, this is the training ground of the core disciples, the place where the Limitless Sect's inheritance is most likely to appear. Even in the past ten thousand years, we have only discovered this place and it is also the most important place. The old man said.

Zi Chen and the young man also nodded their heads.

On the journey of cultivation, the True Qi Realm and the Xiantian Realm were only the initial stages but only when the Qi become True Yuan could one be considered to have truly stepped onto the threshold of cultivation and only then could one be considered to have truly become a powerful cultivator.

Once you reach the Zhen Yuan Realm, you first step into the first heaven until the Nine Heavenly Layer and with a leap, you will reach the Imperial Sky Realm.

The Zhen Yuan Realm is an extremely important realm and is separated into different levels. Every single level of Zhen Yuan Realm requires a difference of heaven and earth and every single step forward required several times, or even ten times the effort.

I'm not sure about the other things about the Limitless Sect's inheritance but the first step in obtaining the highest inheritance is to obtain the keepsake here. The old man said confidently.

That's right, this is the only clue The big man also nodded.

Zi Chen's heart became extremely fervent. This was definitely a great opportunity. Let's see if he could grasp it.

The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art was only a body tempering method. Once he reached the Zhen Yuan Realm, he would have to find a Cultivation Methods to cultivate True Yuan. The current inheritance of the Limitless Sect could be said to be a godsend.

How strong was the core Cultivation Methods of a large sect ten thousand years ago?

Zi Chen couldn't guess but it was definitely stronger than the Wu Zong Art, the Azure Dawn Secret Art and the like. This was something Zi Chen could be sure of.

Do you think we can give up on such a lucky chance? The old man asked.

Of course not, we must kill this Dragon-Tiger Beast. The young man was the first to speak and his eyes gleamed with the desire to do battle.

That's right Zi Chen also nodded, this was a heavenly opportunity, he had to give it his all.

Then let's just kill it. What are you waiting for?

The burly man shouted, he took a step forward and the energy in his body surged, attacking the Demonic Beast.


The old man was not willing to be outdone. The Buddhist Tassel in his hands continued to tremble and released terrifying rays of light.


A bright light flashed in the youth's hand and a long sword suddenly appeared. In an instant, the sword was unsheathed, producing a dragon cry. It was like the light of water, bringing with it a bone-piercing chill.

This was a longsword that was about the same as the Raging Flame Sword. It was abnormally sharp and the light around it was flowing like water but it emitted a cold light.

Spatial equipment.[TN: I changed it to spatial equipment instead of spatial magic equipment since spatial equipment sounds better]

Zi Chen's pupils suddenly shrank, this youth whose unknown actually has such a precious treasure, his identity must definitely be extraordinary.

At this moment, everyone was displaying their powerful techniques. Even the burly man held a large blade that was as black as ink and only Zi Chen appeared the same as before. With just his fists, he had lost his momentum.


The Demonic Beast roared and rushed towards the few of them. From afar, it looked like a mountain, bringing with it a heavy pressure.


The collision between the two sides created a loud explosion. The entire place began to tremble and countless trees began to explode.

The sword in the youth's hand was incomparably cold. Carrying a wave of cold energy as he directly slashed at the body of the Demonic Beast.


The blade in the burly man's hand was as black as ink but it carried a terrifying aura. After making contact with the huge claws of the Demonic Beast, sparks bursted out.

The old man's Buddhist Tassel was extraordinary, releasing rays of light. Among them, two of the Buddhist Tassel had pierced holes on its body, causing fresh blood to flow out.

Only Zi Chen, although he used all his strength and struck out with a fierce strike, it is still shattered into pieces like before.





After the attack, everyone flew back. Although they did not say anything, Zi Chen could clearly see a hint of contempt in the youth's eyes.

The three of them were all peak Xiantian Realm experts so they could be considered geniuses. Although he himself was comparable to a monster, he was still two levels weaker and he didn't have a single good weapon so he could be considered the weakest out of the four.

To actually be looked down upon, it's all the fault of that damned monk for stealing away the Raging Flame Sword. Zi Chen cursed inwardly. In desperation, he could only take a peek from his bosom, and immediately after, a fist-sized stone appeared, its body emitting a faint golden light.

This is. A diamond.

Everyone's eyes widened. They immediately recognized the diamond and the youth's gaze became even more unsightly. In the depths of his eyes, a hint of undisguised greed rose.

A diamond the size of a fist is one of the greatest treasures among the precious treasure. Its value was immeasurable. Forget about the Imperial Sky Realm experts, even the experts from Cloud City and Cangli Clan would fight over it if they saw this.

The young man's gaze made Zi Chen enjoy it but when he held it in his hand, he raised it purposefully, looking proud of himself.

What a pity, such a big piece of diamond actually lost its Golden Essence.The burly man sighed and said in disappointment.

Just that, when the two looked at Zi Chen's expressions, they felt that it was strange. They looked at diamond and then at Zi Chen, but did not say anything.


The fight broke out once again. Zi Chen treated the diamond as a Brick and activated the Qi in his body to strike the Demonic Beast on the head.


As if a heavy hammer had smashed down, the entire place trembled. More than ten trees on top of the Demonic Beast's forehead were shattered but that was all. The powerful recoil force caused Zi Chen to retreat into the air.

The attacks of the others fell one by one. Although there was some effect, compared to the mountain-like Demonic Beast, a mere dozen or so scales breaking to pieces and a small bloody hole appearing was not worth mentioning.

This won't do.

After fighting for a long time, everyone had exhausted a lot of energy and were gasping for breath. However, the Demonic Beast did not react at all and the bloody holes on its body had also frozen a long time ago.

This guy is too hard to kill, hurry up and think of a good idea.

The burly man also frowned.

What can we do? Our attacks can only tickle it. The young man was very dejected.

The only thing we can do now is to attack the Demonic Beast's weakness and pierce its eyes.The old man was silent for a moment before he helplessly said.

What? Attacking its eyes? Isn't that just seeking death? It's not easy to hit its head but if we hit its eyes, then that's suicide. If we can't kill it, then we'll be the ones to die. The young man shouted.

Then there's no other way.

Alright then.

Helpless, everyone could only nod in agreement.

Light flashed as another round of attacks began.


The young man's longsword was blocked by the Demonic Beast and at the same time, its claw smashed into the other his chest. The Protective Qi instantly crumbled, and he flew backwards.

At the same time, the burly man moved forward with a flash. The Blade Qi opened up a gap in the corner of the Demonic Beast's eyes, causing it to release a roar, completely falling into berserk mode.


The burly man was directly flung out and at the same time, Zi Chen's and the old man's attacks did not even hit before an overflowing True Yuan undulations rushed towards them



The two of them were like kites with their strings cut as they were thrown far away.


A long cut came out of the corner of its eye, almost piercing its eyes, completely infuriating the Demonic Beast, causing it to fall into a berserk state.


With a step, like the sound of thunder, the ground trembled. The Demonic Beast, with its huge mountain-like body, rushed towards them.

Not good, this guy is going berserk. The burly man let out a weird cry as an intention of retreat flashed in his eyes.

Quickly leave. I remember that there is a force in the distance. It is not weak and might be able to deal with it. Right at this moment, the old man shouted loudly. Then, he turned around and began to run very quickly.


The burly man followed closely behind. His figure was extremely fast. Without even saying a word, he had already fled.


In the distance, as the young man was also escaping, he released a cold Sword Qi. The Sword Qi did not rush towards the Demonic Beast, but exploded right in front of Zi Chen, and surged with the cold energy.


Zi Chen started cursing. This fellow wanted to kill him, the sound of an explosion resounded and the Demonic Beast immediately turned its head. Its pair of eyes that had sunk into madness stared straight at him, its mountainous body instantly pressing towards him.

Damn him.

Zi Chen scolded, he turned and ran. He had thought that the young man would make sure that he would be killed but who knew, he acted as if nothing had happened. His speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared.


Zi Chen did not want to be outdone, although he was slightly weaker, he was extremely fast. At this moment, in order to display his fastest speed, his body was no longer covered with a silver light, but with a golden light.

Brilliant and dazzling, at this moment, his life was at stake. No matter how ignorant he was, it was already useless to hold back.

The frenzied Demonic Beast, upon seeing the golden light around Zi Chen, was suddenly startled. It actually withdrew from its berserk state but seeing Zi Chen who disappeared in the blink of an eye, it suddenly stepped on the ground, and quickly chased after Zi Chen.

You guys wait for me.v

Zi Chen's body glowed with a golden light, he moved extremely fast but in the end, even with his speed, he was unable to catch up to the three of them.

Brat, slow down a bit. I'll go find reinforcements for you.The old man shouted in an ungrateful tone, his speed even faster.

That's right, I also have the same intention. The burly man's speed was also incomparably fast.

Chen Long, since you're going to die anyway, you should at least lure the Demonic Beast to the side. The youth also coldly said, not stopping at all.

Bullsh*t! I didn't even try to kill you before and now you're trying to harm me. Let's see who will die in the end

Zi Chen took a breath and rushed towards the young man.