Thunder Martial Chapter 172 - Mutated Beast in the Hill

In this endless forest, it was very ordinary, there was nothing special about it. On the way, Zi Chen had not seen twenty mountains, but he had seen more than a dozen of them.

However, the old man just stood there with a solemn expression. He had drawn a complicated formation but it had all self-destructed here. There was actually something in the short hill that he could not detect.

Yes, it must be here.

The formation exploded and the old man was blown away by a huge burst of energy. This energy was enough to kill a peak Xiantian Realm but he was only in a sorry state and did not have the slightest injury on his body. The old man was sure that this was the place but no one knew where or what it was.

Zi Chen and the rest were watching from afar.


The formation shattered and the burly man was the first to rush towards the short hill. He was extremely fast, like an arrow that had just left the bow.


The burly man was like a cannonball, shining brilliantly as he directly smashed into short hill, causing a loud explosion. The entire short hill was shaken.

The old man was not surprised at all by the big sized man's appearance. The Buddhist Tassel in his hand trembled and shot out a beam of light that struck the short hill.


The short hill trembled as if it was about to split open. Pieces of big stone fell from the short hill.

The rumbling sounds continued to aound out as the two of them attacked one after another.

Are they really going to open the hill? Could it be that there really is a precious treasure in the mountain? Zi Chen was shocked. Although what he saw was a short hill, but it was a real mountain, all of it was formed from a pile of stone, it was extremely difficult to break it apart.


The burly man's eyes were opened wide like a copper bell's, his entire body burst out with Qi, like a machine capable of splitting the mountains, causing the heaven and earth to tremble. His powerful fighting strength caused the short hill to sway even more, as though it could fall at any time.




The old man was not idle either, the Buddhist Tassel in his hands released beams of light. Each ray of light that hit the short hill would cause it to tremble and pieces of large stones would fall down, producing a 'Peng, Peng' sound.



The short hill trembled violently as stone rolled down from it. Just when Zi Chen was confused about what happened, a strong aura appeared from within the short hill.

Is it a precious treasure?

Zi Chen frowned, this Qi was very strong, it stirred the winds and clouds in all four directions. It was extremely tyrannical and it did not resemble the Spirit Qi of a precious treasure at all, but more like a living being.

But, how could there be living being in the short hill?


Sensing the tyrannical aura, the old man and the burly man immediately retreated, no longer attacking. However, the short hill still trembled, and the trembling became even more intense.

Just like thunder, the stone fell from the short hill and crashed onto the ground with a loud bang.

The rumors are true, this thing is really here, it's just that there's a spirit beast guarding it, I wonder how its fighting strength is.

Light flickered in the burly man's eyes.


A roar came from within the short hill, it was transmitted through the stone and it was extremely deafening. Following that, with the short hill as the center, a fissure appeared, extending from the top all the way to the bottom.

There is indeed something alive. Zi Chen's expressions changed. This roar had stirred the blood in his body so this fellow was clearly not someone to be trifled with. He quickly retreated.

As for the old man and the burly man, their expressions became much more serious. Not far away, the young man was also staring straight at mountain.


The cracks spread to their limits and finally, with a loud bang, they exploded. Countless stone flew out in all directions, like numerous meteorites.

This damned thing, is there a need to cause such a ruckus on the field?

The burly man cursed, the previous stone's attack had caused him to retreat dozens of meters and the clothes around his body had become tattered.

It shouldn't be provoked.

The old man was also in a sorry state. A corner of his Daoist robe was torn off and his expression became solemn.

Zi Chen hid further away, still considered to be relatively safe. The stones had brushed past his body but after seeing that numerous trees were beaten until they fell onto the ground with a loud bang, he began to sweat profusely.


The roar of this beast sounded like the roar of a dragon but at the same time, it sounded like the roar of a lion and it seemed to spread throughout the world. A terrifying wave of True Yuan surged out in all directions and at this moment, the color of the sky and the earth changed. A terrifying pressure descended on the earth and a huge monster appeared.

This was a huge beast the size of a small mountain. Its eyes were like lanterns, emitting a strange red light. The scales all over its body glowed with yellow light, as if it had been around for a long time.

A Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast?

Looking at the Demonic Beast in the distance, Zi Chen's face changed as he cried out.

This was a trial grounds for Xiantian Realm experts so experts at the Zhen Yuan Realm were simply unable to enter. Furthermore, the laws of heaven and earth here gave absolute suppression to the living beings here. The age of the spirit medicines medicine was around 2000 years old and the strengths of the Demonic Beasts was all peak Xiantian Realm.

However, everything that he saw had far exceeded what Zi Chen knew of this trial ground.


The Demonic Beast roared, its tail swinging like a steel whip, releasing a cracking sound. All of the stone were torn apart by the whip, its large eyes emitted a red light. Facing the sky, it started roaring, its voice mighty and resounding out for tens of miles. At the same time, a crimson red gaze also locked onto the two.

Not good, so many years have passed and this guy has already undergone some changes. He should have been a peak Xiantian Realm but now he has actually broken through to the Zhen Yuan Realm. The old man's expressions changed slightly.

He broke away from the seal of this space. Has this fellow really lived for ten thousand years? The burly man also had an ugly expression on his face.


The Demonic Beast let out a roar and rushed towards the two of them. Its hill-like body was extremely nimble and in a blink of an eye, it was already in front of the two of them. Its ice cold and sharp claws struck towards the two of them.

You and I will each take one side

The big man shouted as his Qi surged crazily within his body. His entire body was emitting a dazzling white light. He waved both of his fists as he punched towards one of the sharp claws.

Infinity Empyrean.

The old man shouted, the Buddhist Tassel in his hand vibrated, a wave of terrifying Qi spread out and struck the other claw.



Two loud explosions rang out but the Demonic Beats claws were impregnable. They directly shattered the two attacks and at the same time, the wave of energy engulfed the two of them.

The two were sent flying several dozens of meters back, blood flowing from the corners of their mouths. Their faces were filled with shock.

It's actually that terrifying?

It has just entered Zhen Yuan Realm but is comparable to a monster.

The two paled, feeling that the situation was a bit tricky. Ten thousand years had passed and everything here had changed.

The Demonic Beast in front of them had a dragon's head and tiger's body, giving the two of them the feeling that they could not match up.

What should we do? This guy is too strong, are we just going to give up like that? The burly man was somewhat unwilling.

We can't leave. The old man persisted and turned around, shouting, You two little brats, do you still want to hide there and watch? Get the hell out of here

In the forest, the youth was startled, and so was Zi Chen. He had originally thought that he had concealed himself well but he hadn't expected that he would be discovered so early on.

Seniors, I'll help you.

At that moment, the youth let out a loud shout. His figure flashed through the forest like a nimble monkey and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of the two of them.

Seniors. The young man stepped forward and was extremely courteous to the two of them. The young man had peak Xiantian Realm in the first place and he was the same as the two of them.

Hmph, sneaking around. The burly man coldly snorted. This youth had been following him the entire way. The old man only nodded.

At the same time, Zi Chen also stepped forward after some thought but he did not say anything, he only nodded at the two of them.

When the young man saw Zi Chen in the dark, his expression changed, he did not expect that there would be someone following him. Not to mention, someone with a lot of strength.

The four of them stood side-by-side with their Qi surging but in front of the Demonic Beast, they were nothing.

This was an extremely powerful opponent, one that Zi Chen had never seen before. He felt that this guy was not weaker than the Good and Evil Monk and the aura around its body was releasing an earthy yellow color. Obviously, it's defense is extremely fearful.

If you want the precious treasure, you must kill it. This guy has mutated and is very strong. Don't hide anymore, otherwise, you will die miserably.The old man only spoke one sentence before falling silent.

However, just this sentence alone was enough. The precious treasure was enough to stir everyone's greed.

Alright, let's attack together. The young man nodded.

Zi Chen wanted to ask a few more questions but clearly, it was not the right time so he just shut his mouth and nodded.



The four of them roared, turned into four beams of light and rushed towards the Demonic Beast.


The Demonic Beast swept its gaze across the four tiny humans in front of it and snorted, as if it found them extremely disdainful. Its gigantic claws once again whistled down, breaking the air and churning up space.

The two of us will hold, you two go.

The old man shouted, and the Buddhist Tassel began to emit a resplendent glow. A terrifying aura surged out, directly striking the sharp claws.

At the same time, the burly man also roared, clenching his fists and blocking the other sharp claws.

Zi Chen and the young man, on the other hand, had flashed past the claws and reached the head of the Demonic Beast.

The youth's body emitted an extremely cold aura. When he struck out, it was as if he was a ten thousand year old glacier, causing everyone's actions to be slow.


Compared to the young man's extremely cold attack, Zi Chen's body was bright silver light and an enraged lightning aura appeared. Its appearance was completely destructive.



Two loud explosions rang out, the old man and the burly man were once again sent flying but they blocked the Demonic Beasts attack and now, it all depended on Zi Chen and the young man.


The young man's attack was exceptionally sharp. A vast expanse of whiteness instantly appeared on the body of the Demonic Beasts, as if it had been frozen. However, when the sharp attack descended, it exploded into dazzling sparks.


Zi Chen's fist struck out, streaks of lightning wreaked havoc but at the same time, sparks appeared. Flames spread in all directions and a huge force of recoil was released, causing Zi Chen and the young man to be pushed back.

What? It didn't break it's defense?

Both of their pupils shrank as they felt that it was unbelievable. The area that the young man had attacked was where the Demonic Beast had cracked an earthen yellow scale and if they did not look carefully, they would not be

zable to see it at all.

If we can't break through its defense, how can we fight?

The two stepped back and gathered with the old man and the burly man. They looked at the Demonic Beast with alert but they were complaining in their hearts.

With such an unbreakable defense, there was no way to fight back, much less kill it.

Use all of your strength, you must use all of my strength. This is a very important thing, we absolutely cannot miss it.

The old man's expression was very serious and he still wasn't willing to give up.