Thunder Martial Chapter 171 - Following

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Despite knowing that he was definitely going to die, Zhou Yan actually chose to throw out of the jade box.

Haha, Chen Long, I want to see if you want the spirit medicine or if you want my life.

Zhou Yan laughed and turned to run into the distance. He was secretly happy that he managed to preserve his life today.

But right after, his laughter suddenly stopped because without him knowing when, Zi Chen had already arrived in front of him.

Huff, puff.

Zi Chen panted heavily, as though he had consumed a lot of energy. However, Zhou Yan was not happy at all, as he had killed four other experts in a single strike.

Scum like you, living in this world is a waste. I can look for more spirit medicine once you're gone but letting scum escape is a type of danger. I don't know how many people you will harm next time so it's better to just send you on your way. Zi Chen panted heavily, but his voice was very calm.

Are you crazy? You don't even want the spirit medicine and you want to kill me? Zhou Yan's face changed. In his opinion, the move that he thought of earlier was definitely a godly move since the contradiction between the two of them was because of the 2000 year old spirit medicine. If he threw it out now, Zi Chrn would probably chase after it.

Unfortunately, a selfish person like Zhou Yan would never be able to understand Zi Chen's point of view.


Endless silver light shot out from Zi Chen's body. Like a raging wave, it instantly engulfed Zhou Yan. After the light faded, Zhou Yan fell to the ground in shock, his life force disappearing.

After that, the last person who escaped far away, the mid Xiantian Realm was killed as well. It was just that even at the brink of death, they could not believe that someone had abandoned the spirit medicine just to kill them.

Is he a homicidal maniac?

A group of cultivator with bloodshot eyes that emitted the light of greed stood not far away but not a single person dared to step forward.

Because the two people who had wanted to go astray had been killed by Zi Chen and no one dared to move again.

Zi Chen's entire body was drenched in sweat, he gasped for breath. His consumption was great but no one dared to move because the people who moved were all dead so even though his consumption was great, to them, the Zi Chen who gasped for breath was truly terrifying.

He walked forward and picked up the jade box. As he opened the lid, a dense amount of spirit energy dispersed in all directions.

It's because of you that so many people died.

Zi Chen kept his jade box, glanced at the trembling crowd, and turned to leave.

Too terrifying.

This is simply inhuman.

Could it be that the fighting strength of those monsteres in this world is this strong?

Everyone watched Zi Chen's figure until he disappeared. However they did not know when but they realised that their clothes were all wet, and their entire body was drenched in cold sweat.

After Zi Chen had gone further than five kilometers, he found a relatively safe place and began to refine the 2000 year old spirit medicine.

This spirit medicine's spirit energy was extremely dense and Zi Chen refined it for a few days.

With the support of the secret scripture and the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Art, a 2000 year old spirit medicine was able to once again raise Zi Chen's physique. In comparison to his physique, the increase in his strength was practically insignificant.

When Zi Chen went deeper, he discovered that Demonic Beasts each had powerful strengths and they had extremely terrifying physiques. Although they all had the strength of peak Xiantian Realm, their fighting strength was comparable to geniuses at the same level, which was extremely scary.

Along the way, Zi Chen found another two 2000 year old spirit medicine.

Could it be that the Demonic Beasts here are unable to break through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, thus, all this rich spiritual energy is being used to refine their body?

After consecutively slashing four peak Xiantian Demonic Beast, Zi Chen could not help but guess in his heart.

Furthermore, he discovered an even stranger problem. The spirit energy here was extremely dense and over the past ten thousand years, almost no one had stepped foot there. However, he did not find a single 10,000 year old spirit medicine.

There's something strange going on here

The Demonic Beast's strength was restrained at the peak Xiantian Realm and the age of the spirit medicine was also mainly at 2000 years old.

Zi Chen went in a straight line and everything he had obtained had been verified. The strength of the Demonic Beast here was terrifyingly strong. When they go all out, they could be comparable to Chen Feng, Ling Yun, and the others.


After a fierce battle, one of the Demonic Beast fell to the ground and was killed by Zi Chen.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed and yet, Zi Chen still had not walked out of the dense forest.

The people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion, Cloud City, Cangli City, and the Wu Zong Sect had all disappeared without a trace. He had not seen a single one of them.

Even Su Mengyao and Lin Xue had disappeared. In this period of time, Zi Chen had asked around but didn't receive any valuable reply. No one saw them, as if they had already disappeared into thin air.

Zi Chen became anxious and increased his speed by a lot. Three days later, Zi Chen saw a familiar figure.

It was an old man wearing a Daoist robe. Among all the late Xiantian expert, he was alone, standing out like a crane among a flock of chickens. He was very conspicuous.

It's him?

Zi Chen was startled, he had a deep impression of the old man. The other party had once sent a Demonic Beast flying with a sweep.

What is he doing here?

Zi Chen frowned, he did not understand but logically speaking, with the old man's powerful strength, he should be able to go deeper.

Zi Chen hid far away and observed carefully. He noticed that the old man was inscribing on the ground and was looking at a mountain in front of him. He was mumbling something while he was looking at the mountain in front of him.

There's something strange, what is this old fellow muttering about when he looks at the mountain. Could it be that there's some kind of precious treasure on the mountain? Zi Chen was very curious, the old man's body was covered in a mysterious aura, as though he was a master from a different world, yet his strength was peak Xiantian Realm.

The drawing from before was not too revealing but the thing that was being drawn was extremely complex. When Zi Chen looked at it from afar, he felt a little dizzy.

This is... Yuan Formation?

Zi Chen's expressions changed abruptly as he was overwhelmed with shock. One must know that this was the Xiantian Trial grounds, and only Xiantian experts could enter here. He had previously heard that experts who were suppressing their strength to enter were all killrd by the light emitted by the taiji.

However, the Yuan Formation was clearly something that could only be inscribed and deduced by Zhen Yuan Realm experts.

After the formation was finished drawing, it released rays of light and the light within flickered. The old man stared at the formation and after a moment, he shook his head in disappointment.

Also not here. That's impossible.

The old man was disappointed. He then walked away from the formation.

When the old man left, Zi Chen arrived in front of the formation. He couldn't help but say with shock surging in his heart, He couldn't be probing something inside the mountain right? What kind of formation is this, to be so terrifying?

The old man was definitely looking for something and it was definitely not normal. Zi Chen was preparing to leave but very quickly, he noticed another figure moving.

It's him?

It was another familiar face. It was a burly man with a full beard. Although he said he was only twenty-five, he looked like he was forty-five.

The man was also swaying here and there, as if he was looking for something. The man's eyes flashed with light, as if he was using a mysterious eye technique. A moment later, he turned around and left, actually heading in the direction of the old man.

What exactly are they looking for? This is only the outer perimeter. Is there anything comparable to precious treasure here?Zi Chen was suspicious.

Someone else?

Not long after the big sized man left, Zi Chen found another person. The person's body was nimble like a spirit monkey, constantly floating above the big tree without any signs of life. If Zi Chen was not hiding in the darkness and had stayed here for a while, he would not have noticed.

This was a youth who was definitely not older than twenty-two. However, the aura that surged around his body was that of peak Xiantian Realm and his movement was also extremely nimble. It was obvious that he was extraordinary.

What are they doing?

Zi Chen secretly followed them, thirty percent doubt and seventy percent curious.

In the following time, Zi Chen would always be able to see the old Daoist. Every time the old man saw a mountain, he would carve on the side and after checking for a while to no avail, he would turn around and leave.

That's a spirit medicine that's almost 2,500 hundred years old.

Zi Chen was shocked. He had finally seen a spirit medicine that was more than 2000 years old. Although it was protected by a Demonic Beast, Zi Chen was confident that he could handle it.

Zi Chen saw it, the burly man and the old man saw it too and even the young man behind the burly man saw it but the three of them retreated far away. They did not have any intention of fighting for the spirit medicine and did not want to provoke the Demonic Beast.

If you don't even want the 2000 year old spirit medicine, you must have some other plan. Zi Chen thought.

This time, he had followed them for five whole days. During this time, no one discovered Zi Chen and even the old man and the burly man did not notice that there were people following them.

On the sixth day, the old man discovered a short hill.

Compared to the previous high mountain, this mountain was only a mere few dozen meters tall, it was indeed a short hill. The old man had already ran over and obviously did not pay much attention to this mountain, but in the end, he seemed to have thought of something and returned.

The short hill was completely barren without any grass. It was just too ordinary. However, after the old man circled around the mountain, his expression became extremely solemn.

In the distance, the burly man also arrived. Light flashed in his eyes from afar and his expression became serious.

Could the preciou treasure be here? Zi Chen frowned.

Just at this moment, the old man began to draw on the ground, an extremely complex set of diagram appeared. This time, the old man drew very diligently, very seriously, and it lasted for a full fifteen minutes.


The formation trembled and released a bright light, as if an object evolving inside the formation and continued to change.

Zi Chen watched from afar, but he could not find anything out of the ordinary.


Suddenly, a loud sound came out, the entire formation exploded, releasing a terrifying energy wave, directly sending the old man flying. The surrounding trees exploded, revealing a deep crater.

It actually exploded. Zi Chen's pupils contracted. Previously, when the old man had demonstrated this, the formation had only flashed continuously but it never exploded.

That's right, it should be here. It seems like the rumors were indeed true.

In the distance, the old man's face was covered in dust as he continuously slapped his robe, causing dust to fly everywhere. The energy attack just now was extremely terrifying but he wasn't injured. He was only in a somewhat sorry state.

The old man was muttering to himself but his voice was very loud. Zi Chen and the others could all hear him and the eyes of the burly man from before flashed, as he took the lead and rushed towards the short hill.