Thunder Martial Chapter 170 - Picking Up A Bargain

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The powerful Zi Chen had drawn the attention of many people. At this moment, everyone seriously suspected that Zi Chen is a Demonic Beast. Otherwise, why was he even more powerful than it?


When the last punch landed, the big bear was sent flying and the red light in its eyes disappeared, becoming pitch black.

Although it was awake, it was still not as chaotic as before. This was because the sober big bear had fear in its eyes.

If it were anyone else, they would also feel fearful upon encountering such an inhuman being.


The big bear's roar was no longer ear-splitting. Instead, it had become much deeper, with a thick sense of fear in its voice.

You beast, I'll send you on your way.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold and emotionless light. Once again, he struck out with his sword, although he kept using the Killing move, it was very difficult to quickly kill the big bear.



The big bear was beaten until it had to retreat repeatedly. It had no more strength to fight back and it could not even flee.


After continuously punching out a few punches, Zi Chen finally broke one of its bones.


Zi Chen ran forward with a resplendent silver light on his fists. A mountainous aura emanated once more as he unleashed a fusion fist, which pressed down on the big bear like two real mountains.

After comprehending the true essence of this fusion technique, this move was terrifyingly powerful.


Two punches landed at almost the same time, hitting the big bear's head, causing it's body to sway. It was on the verge of collapse, as if it had been beaten senseless.



Zi Chen took the chance and rose into the sky, his fists once again punching down,l. His attack becoming more powerful and terrifying, causing gusts of wind to appear.

The big bear's head shook even more violently, as if it could faint at any moment.

Bang, bang!

Bang, bang!

The rain like fists, quickly dropped down. Every strike carried all of his strength and after a series of crazy attacks, even Zi Chen could not help but feel that it took a lot of effort.


Finally, under dozens of continuous punches and high frequency of attacks, the big bear's hard skull was shattered. With a loud bang, it fell to the ground with its life dissipated.



The surroundings were dead silent, only Zi Chen's heavy breathing could be heard.

Zi Chen had actually used his fist to kill a big bear that was comparable to a monster.

Not human, he's not human!

He's even more of a Demonic Beast than a Demonic Beast.

Everyone was shocked, Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength was deeply reflected in their hearts.

Regardless of whether it was a strong his physique or those terrifying martial techniquess, none of them could be compared with an ordinary person.

After this battle, everyone had no doubt that Zi Chen was a monstrous with mid Xiantian Realm. Once he grew up, he would become as famous as Cangli City's Li Hao and the other's.

Suddenly, Zi Chen heard the sound of wind breaking behind him. Looking over, he saw a figure had arrived beside the thousand year old spirit medicine, obviously wanting to take advantage of this opportunity.

This was an expert at the peak Xiantian Realm. Dressed in green, he looked to be around thirty years old and had been hiding in the darkness the entire time. Now that he saw that Zi Chen had killed the big bear and his body consumed a lot of energy, he decided to take the opportunity.

Put down the spirit medicine and leave immediately. I can spare your life.

Zi Chen's hurried breathing became even and his eyes coldly looked at the cultivator, his voice cold.

Are you talking to me?The green-clothed cultivator placed the spirit medicine carefully into the jade box and turned to look at Zi Chen, a disdainful sneer on his face.

You only have one chance. Put down the spirit medicine and leave immediately, or die! Zi Chen's voice was still cold.

Ha ha!The green-clothed cultivator laughed loudly at the sky.

Truly shameless, previously, he was scared to death by the big bear's powerful fighting ability but now that Chen Long killed the big bear and since he actually used up a lot of energy, this man came out to take advantage of it.

Chen Long's battle with the big bear consumed a lot of energy. Now that he has taken action to snatch the spirit medicine, it's truly a good plan.

Everyone in the distance sighed. Many people's eyes flickered; it was obvious that they were interested.

The Chen Long who was at his peak is scary but the Chen Long who consumed a lot of energy was not scary enough.

Haha, Chen Long, do you really think you're a monster? Let me tell you, other people are afraid of you, but I, Zhou Yan, am not afraid of you.The peak Xiantian Realm cultivator named Zhou Yan was very wild, there was a little disdain in his eyes.

You mean you're not letting the spirit medicine go?Zi Chen's eyes flashed. Hs eyes filled with killing intent and in his heart, a steady stream of energy entered his body to replenish his energy.

What? You want to attack again? You've exhausted so much energy. You're like a toothless tiger. Are'nt you afraid that I'll kill you?Zhou Yan opened his mouth, a smirk on his face.

Looking at Zhou Yan, Zi Chen sneered, For a sinister villain like you, to be able to cultivate peak Xiantian Realm while hiding in the shadows is already a miracle. Moreover, with such a mentality, I doubt you will be able to condense true essence for the rest of your life. Forget it, killing you today, can also be considered contributing greatly so now there is one less treacherous villain in the world.

Zi Chen's words were simple. Even though he consumed a lot of energy, he wasn't someone that a normal peak Xiantian Realm could bully. One had to know, when Zi Chen was in the True Qi Realm, he relied on the might of Thunder Domain's lightning pressure to kill off the existence of Zhen Yuan Realm.

Hmph, boasting shamelessly. Brothers, attack!Zhou Yan snorted coldly as he stared straight at Zi Chen but in his heart, he had the idea of retreating. This trial ground was extremely big, so big that it was limitless and he did not believe that Zi Chen would be able to meet him again.




As his voice fell, numerous figures flashed past in the distance. There were a total of five people, one peak Xiantian Realm, three late Xiantian Realm and even one mid Xiantian Realm.

Chen Long, we are only taking the spirit medicine away, don't go overboard. One of the peak Xiantian Realm expert said.

This is too much. You guys took away my spirit medicine and you say I'm being excessive?Zi Chen was so angry that he was about to laugh, it looked like shameless people were everywhere.

Hmph, you have consumed a lot of energy now, like a toothless tiger. We only took away the spirit medicine and did not kill you. It's fine if you aren't grateful but you still dare to ask for the spirit medicine.Another cultivator spoke up.

Sure enough, all of you are of the same species. Fine, I'll send you all on your way. On the Road to River of Styx, you can also be companions with each other there.

Killing intent exploded in his eyes, Zi Chen's body was covered in a resplendent silver light, his feet flashed and like a ghost, he instantly appeared in front of a cultivator at the late Xiantian Realm and unleashed a palm strike.


Before the cultivator could even react, he was covered by the palm imprint. In an instant, a surge of energy entered his body, causing his pupils to constrict as his body spasmed and fell to the ground, dead.

One strike and one late Xiantian expert died.

Was'nt his consumption rate very high? How can he recover so fast?

He's too scary. Before, he was fiercely fighting the big bear but now, he's moving at such a speed. As expected, he's a monster.

Everyone was amazed and felt that this was inconceivable.


With a single step, Zi Chen's figure flashed and appeared in front of another late Xiantian expert. His right hand formed a fist and smashed out with a heavy punch. The cultivator reacted and propped up the Protective Shield but in front of the Zi Chrn, the Protective Shield is like it was made of paper. With a cracking sound, it was instantly broken, followed by Zi Chen hitting his in the chest, causing him to fly backwards.

Another person had died.

How could this be?

Zhou Yan's face changed. Zi Chen obviously consumed a lot of energy but to have such a powerful fighting strength, he had already had thoughts of retreating but in front of Zi Chen's extreme speed, he could not escape.

He clenched his teeth and said, Everyone, attack and kill him with all of our strength. He has already used up a great deal of energy and is at the end of his strength.

Under Zhou Yan's instigation, the other people also reacted. All of them gritting their teeth, their hearts becoming ruthless, they unsheathed their various weapons and unleashed a powerful strike.

The Xiantian Qi was surging, the Xiantian Realm weapon shot out a cold light in all directions and rushed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen clenched both of his fists, like two large iron hammers, it was indestructible and in a moment, it struck one of the cultivators.


A Sword Qi, which is incomparably sharp had swept past Zi Chen's shoulder but was immediately destroyed by Zi Chen's fist.

In the distance, everyone was watching foolishly. Under the attack of two peak Xiantian experts and one mid Xiantian expert, the fierce and terrifying attacks of Zi Chen seemed to have reached a point where there was no one around.

With the two cultivators death, their fighting strength was greatly reduced.


Zhou Yan held a black blade in his hand as he swung it towards Zi Chen's head. This was a weapon forged by a Zhen Yian realm expert. It was sharp but also strong. It was a full grade higher than a Xiantian weapon.

Zhou Yan caught hold of an opening and wanted to take the chance to kill Zi Chen.


Zi Chen raised his fist, the bright silver light almost lit up half of the sky and instantly struck the Zhen Yuan blade and in the next moment, cracks appeared on the blade, spreading out like a spiderweb and ultimately exploding and dispersing.

The current Zi Chen didn't look like a human. He looked like a God of Death.


Another late Xiantian was struck his on chest and his figure flew backwards like a kite with its string cut, leaving behind a trail of blood in the air.

Azure Peak Slash.

Seeing that the situation was not good, one of the peak Xiantian experts turned around and ran, not caring about his comrades at all. However, just as he ran for a few dozen meters, he felt a terrifying aura attacking him.


Zi Chen's Fist Qi swept past the peak Xiantian Realm cultivators body, yet he seemed to have not noticed, continuing to run forward. However, after a few steps, he fell to the ground, his internal organs almost rushing out of his body.

Another peak Xiantian expert had died.

At this moment, there were only two people left. Zhou Yan and someone at the mid Xiantian Realm. The latter could survive not because of his strength but because Zi Chen was too lazy to kill him.

Huff, huff.

Zi Chen gasped for breath, as though he had consumed a lot of energy. Previously, the panting sound had encouraged them, but now, when the panting sound sounded again, it did not make them feel good but instead, it made them feel even more terrified.

Now, I'll send you on your way.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with killing intent again as he rushed forward.

You want to kill me? F*ck no. Let's see if you want to kill me more or the spirit medicine. Zhou Yan became ruthless. He took out the jade box from his bosom and threw the jade box far away.