Thunder Martial Chapter 169 - Demonic Beast's Martial Technique

The temptation of the two thousand year old spirit medicine was great. Even though they knew there was no hope, no one left. They continued to linger around, waiting for the right opportunity to make their move.

At the moment, Zi Chen had made his move, restraining the big bear and there were many cultivators whose eyes flashed, as if they wanted to make their move.

Relying on his extreme speed, Zi Chen dodged two attacks from the big bear in succession, attracting a burst of surprised gazes. However, he himself was also forced far away from the spirit medicine.

Even Chen Long is not its opponent, to think that he has to dodge nonstop.

Could it be that even this existence that is comparable to monster is unable to stop the big bear? Do we have to abandon this kind of spirit medicine?

There were many cultivators sighing the distance and they were extremely unwilling to accept this outcome.

Damned guy, he really is hard to deal with. Zi Chen retreated quickly as he sized up the big bear with a pair of calm eyes.

This big bear's attack was very sharp. Although it was as heavy as a mountain, it was abnormally nimble and even forced him to retreat.

Forget it, isn't it just fighting strength? I don't know if my perfect physique can defeat your Demonic Beast's physique. Zi Chen clenched his teeth, a cold light shooting out of his eyes. He originally wanted to take the spirit medicine and leave but now, it seemed that he had to fight it for real.


Within his body, his blood began to boil, as if a great dragon was awakening. A surging energy swept through him in all directions and his clothes fluttered.

Sensing Zi Chen's exuberant vital energy and blood, a hint of seriousness appeared in the big bear's large eyes. It let out a low growl and became very impatient.

We're going to fight. Let's see who's stronger and who's weaker.

Human monster versus Demonic Beast.

Everyone looked at the battlefield with eyes full of anticipation.


Zi Chen's eyes emitted a cold light and his entire body became like a bolt of lightning, instantly rushing towards the big bear.


The big bear let out a roar. At this moment, it also released its full strength, unleashing all the energy in its body. Its two paws suddenly dropped, as if two large millstones were approaching.

The two finally clashed head on.


Zi Chen let out a loud shout and activated the Xiantian Qi in his body.


Under the watchful eyes of dozens of cultivators, the bear's paw and a fist collided at a distance. Violent explosions reverberated through the forest and a visible energy spread out in all directions. Smoke and dust flew everywhere and numerous trees were snapped in half.


The big bear let out a low roar, staggered three steps back and its large eyes were filled with shock.

On the other hand, Zi Chen only swayed slightly in the midst of such a collision. After suppressing the raging blood and Qi in his body, he seemed to be unharmed.


He's actually so powerful.

The big bear was actually pushed back, looks like its fighting strength is comparable to a genius, but it is unable to compare to a monster.

As expected, this is the trial ground for Xiantian experts. I believe it was prepared for those monsteres.

Everyone cried out in alarm, their eyes filled with disbelief.

It seems that's all l?

Looking at the big bear, Zi Chen's mouth formed a sneer and then he rushed forward again. His eyes cold and ruthless, his killing intent pervading and once again, he striked out fiercely.


The big bear also roared unwillingly and waved its paw once again, releasing a terrifying energy that rippled around the bear's paw.


The big bear was once again pushed back. This time, Zi Chen did not give it any time to catch its breath and instantly rushed forward. His two fists were like two large iron hammer as they descended.



Throughout the forest, there was the sound of rapid rumblings and explosions.

The previously powerful big bear was now being suppressed by Zi Chen.

This is way too fierce.

His physique is even scarier than the big bear

Is he even human? Why do I feel that he's even more of a Demonic Beast than a human.

Everyone was speechless, they could not believe what had just happened in front of their eyes. The combat power that Zi Chen had displayed was simply too powerful.


The big bear retreated repeatedly, until it finally seize an opportunity to attack. It roared and the black light around its body curled up continuously then suddenly, it raised its right leg, bringing a heavy pressure as it fell towards Zi Chen's head.

The big bear planned to forcefully stomp Zi Chen to death and the strength of a single stomp from ot was clearly more terrifying than its paw.


Facing the attack, Zi Chen's expressions did not change. He opened his mouth and roared, following that, he clenched his fists tightly. A bright silver light circulated on the surface of his fists and like water, the blood in his body quickly flowed, resulting in his perfect physique to be revealed.


He punched out with his fists, rose into the air and ruthlessly struck towards the big bear's feet. Boundless energy collided with each other and waves of explosions could be heard.

In the next moment, a shocking scene appeared. After Zi Chen threw out his fists, his fists actually struck the big bear, causing it to fly out. Although it was only a few metres away, it was actually flying out.


After being sent flying, the big bear's body became unstable in the air and then forcefully fell down, creating a loud bang. Smoke and dust flew everywhere and a deep pit appeared.


Everyone was speechless, they did not know what to say. Zi Chen's performance was even better than the Demonic Beasts, even more so than the big bears.

After being humiliated repeatedly, the big bear was finally angry. Its body was huge but its body was extremely agile. At this moment, when it suddenly stood up, the black light around its body was even denser.

The big bear has gone berserk.

This big bear is clearly a type of bear Demonic Beast. Although it is rarely seen in the outside world, it still possesses the talent of a bear. Now that it has been suppressed by Chen Long, it has finally gone berserk.

The battle power of the berserk big bear has increased exponentially. Chen Long might not be able to suppress it.

A berserk big bear, its fighting strength is comparable to the monsteres.

Everyone was shocked. They were obviously surprised by the berserk state of the big bear.


The big bear roared and its eyes became red, this was a sign of it going berserk. After going berserk, the big bear's fighting strength would become stronger and it would not recognize any of its allies, only knowing to kill.

Since it's berserk, then time to go all out.

Surprise appeared in Zi Chen's eyes but he was not shocked. Even if the big bear had gone berserk, he had ways to deal with it.

This was a trial ground, Zi Chen did not have to worry about fully risking his life. With many different types of powerful martial techniques, he could display them at will.


The berserk big bear raised its palm, causing space to distort. Soon after, a gigantic palm print appeared in the sky, as big as three millstones.

This is a martial technique?

Seeing the energy palm print that appeared on the big bear's palm, everyone stared with their eyes wide open. Some people even bit on their tongue even more fiercely, as if they had found a unique treasure.

I must be blind, I actually saw a Demonic Beast that knows martial techniques

Rumor has it that within the Demonic Beast race, there will be some with superior talent. Their bloodlines are special and they comprehended martial techniques. I thought it's only a legend but who would have thought that I actually saw one in my life.

A big bear that could go berserk was scary, but after it went berserk, it would also become even more frightening after it unleashed its martial techniques.

Everyone retreated, afraid of being affected.

Martial techniques, I have one too.

Zi Chen's eyes revealed a fighting spirit. This big bear was an extremely valuable opponent, its fighting strength was definitely terrifying and Zi Chen was going to use his full strength.

His hand began to form hand seals as streaks of silver light curled around his fingers like dancing snakes. The complicated Seal was completed in a few breaths.


The sky shook and a huge seal covered with a layer of azure and silver light appeared in the sky. The seal was as large as a mountain and it carried a heavy pressure.

This was the Azure Peak Seal, the Killing Technique of Cloud City, learned from Wang Shan. At this moment, it was struck out by Zi Chen and with the lightning energy, it had a silver light shining on it.

The appearance of the huge seal caused space to distort. Its power was not the slightest bit weaker than that of the palm and soon, the two collided in midair. It was as if there was a thunderous explosion that rumbled far into the distance.

In the end, the palm imprint disappeared and the large seal also slowly dissipated.

Azure Peak Slash.

Zi Chen's entire body was surrounded by a surging aura, as though he had turned into a sharp blade that revealed his edge, bringing with him a will to pierce through the heavens. A gigantic sword blade shot out, which was more than ten meters long, it carried a terrifying killing intent and rushed towards the big bear.


The big bear raised its palm once again and the terrifying palm imprint that had disappeared earlier appeared once again. Now, as its paw landed, the palm imprint moved as well, pressing downwards.


Endless energy surged. When the two martial techniques made contact, the sword edge was originally formed from energy but at this moment, it was like a real sharp weapon, directly cutting through the energy palm and hitting the big bear's body.


The blade of the sword slashed across and a deep wound appeared on the big bear, causing blood to spew out like a fountain.

What a powerful martial techniques, it actually injured the berserk big bear.

What kind of martial techniques is this? It actually possesses such terrifying power. The big bear has a defense that even that peak Xiantian Realm is unable to break through with their weapons is actually easily broken by Chen Long.

With such combat power, he must definitely be a real monster.

The big bear was injured and it started to roar. The red light in its eyes became brighter and the attacks it unleashed became more powerful.

Let alone a single peak Xiantian Realm, even an existence who had just entered the Zhen Yuan Realm would not be able to resist against that aura. However, in front of Zi Chen, this big bear, which was comparable to a monster was firmly suppressed.


Zi Chen threw a punch that carried a mountainous aura, this was a fusion of fists. Its power was terrifying and during this period of time, Zi Chen had also comprehended its true essence, resulting in its power to become stronger. The fist instantly pierced through the palm imprint and landed on the big bear's body. With a cracking sound, the big bear's bones shattered.


Zi Chen was unwilling to let it rest. He once again released another wave of fierce attacks on the body of the big bear.



Who knew how many times the big bear had been knocked down and how many times its scarlet eyes had slowly turned black.

This is too scary, to actually be able to force the berserk big bear to wake up from its berserk state.

This is simply inhuman.