Thunder Martial Chapter 168 - 2000 Year Old Spirit Medicine

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Upon stepping into the taiji, it was as if he, Zi Chen, had entered another space. Time began to become chaotic and in an instant, it felt like an eternity and every step felt like a thousand years had passed.


In that moment, the feeling of floating suddenly disappeared and Zi Chen once again felt like he was standing on solid ground.

In front of his eyes was a dense forest. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was terrifyingly dense and streams of white mist rose into the air. This was an extremely pure Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, it had already vaporized and once it was dense to the extreme, it would liquefy and solidify.

What a dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

After taking a deep breath, Zi Chen felt that his mind was completely clear, as if he had just taken some kind of great tonic, making him feel extremely comfortable.

As the rich Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth entered Zi Chen's body through his nose, it was quickly refined into a Qi and within Zi Chen's body, his Xiantian Qi, which had just broken through also increased by a sliver.

The dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth has signs of vaporization. This is definitely a precious cultivation ground.

Zi Chen was extremely shocked. Cultivating in this place for a day, for a few days, or even dozens of days, was equivalent to absorbing Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earths, like carrying an eternally dissipating spirit medicine in his mouth, with twice the results with half the effort.

This is a paradise for cultivating, if I stay here for a year, my strength will definitely rise to the level of peak Xiantian Realm.

Zi Chen's eyes lit up. To come to ruins, just cultivating here for a year was already enough.

In the dense forest, the spiritual energy was dense and vaporizing. No one had entered for 10,000 years. It was completely silent and there was even a sense of deathly stillness.


Suddenly, a sky shaking beast's roar rang through the forest like a clap of thunder.


Soon after, a mournful scream could be heard from afar, accompanied by despair and extreme sharpness.

There's a Demonic Beast?

Zi Chen's heart was moved, this was the death of a cultivator.



The earth began to shake as if there was an enormous creature moving about. It moved the ground, creating rumbling sounds.

There are Demonic Beast here, it's been ten thousand years, and there are still Demonic Beast here. How terrifying are their strengths?

Zi Chen's expressions changed. This was a precious cultivation ground with extremely dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. If he stayed here for a year, he had the confidence to break through to the peak Xiantian Realm realm. From this, one could imagine how terrifying the strength of the Demonic Beast that had been living here all this time would be.

There shouldn't be any Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beats, right?Zi Chen's heart trembled. An Imperial Sky Realm Demonic Beasts is even stronger than human Imperial Sky Realm experts.



Miserable cries rang out, pulling Zi Chen back to reality. Soon after, the sound of metals clasing rang out sounded out, followed by cries for help.

The ground was shaking, beasts were roaring and with a tremble of the ground, the cultivator to let out a blood-curdling scream. It was clear that this big guy was not to be trifled with.

The location of the battle wasn't too far away from Zi Chen but he obviously didn't want to waste time so he turned around and prepared to leave.

Ah, help!

The cry for help still resounded far away.

Zi Chen was even faster as he turned around and left. The people from the Wu Zong Sect came here first and it's filled with all kinds of dangers.

There's a two thousand year old spirit medicine here, it's protected by the Demonic Beast.

At this moment, Zi Chen smelled an alluring aroma.


Zi Chen instantly stopped, a light flickering in his eyes. Every thousand years, a spirit medicine will experience a type of qualitative change and their value was more than ten times that of nine hundred year spirit medicines. Similarly, two thousand year old spirit medicines also experienced a type of qualitative change and their value was higher.

The most important thing was that the spiritual energy contained within it was purer and richer. If he could absorb it and refine it, it would increase his strength by a large margin.

If two thousand year old spirit medicine is refined, it can save me a very long and bitter time of cultivation.Zi Chen's eyes flashed, his heart was moved.

At that moment, he heard the sound of something tearing through the air.

It was obvious that many of the people who were prepared to run had turned back. It could be seen how enticing the two thousand year old spirit medicine were.

Zi Chen turned into lightning and retreated back quickly.

A few miles away, it was a vast expanse of whiteness. The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was extremely dense, forming a white mist. A two thousand year old spirit medicine was emitting dense amounts of spirit energy.

It really is a two thousand year old spirit medicine. Zi Chen's eyes emitted a bright light.

Only in places with extremely dense Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth would such a spirit medicine appear.

Above the spirit medicine, the petals were emitting a resplendent color, they emitted light and dense Spiritual Qi. The Spiritual Qi here was extremely dense and had already started to vaporize. It was obviously a masterpiece of a spirit medicine.


However, beside the spirit medicine, there was a huge monster that was close to ten meters tall. The hairs on its body were like steel needles, and they emitted a dense, cold light.

This was a big bear, strong and majestic. Its eyes cold and emotionless and its pair of claws like a millstone suddenly striking down. With a whistling sound, it instantly killed a human cultivator.


Every single step the big bear took caused the earth to tremble, as if it was impossible for the earth to withstand its immense weight.


As the big bears foot landed, it released a black light, carrying a terrifying pressure like that of a huge mountain. It was abnormally heavy and one of the cultivators was instantly trampled into the ground. He didn't even have time to scream before he died.


Zi Chen was dumbstruck, this big bear was truly terrifying, although its strength was at the peak Xiantian Realm, its fighting strength was comparable to a Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast. Moreover, its body was extremely strong.

In the blink of an eye, several cultivator had died.


A sharp sword suddenly appeared from the shadows as a Xiantian cultivator finally grasped the opportunity. His One with the sword displayed a powerful martial technique with extraordinary power but he was unable to even cut through the big bears fur.

What? How could this be?

Its physique is actually so terrifying?

A strong expert at the Xiantian Realm is actually unable to break through its defenses.

In the distance, the sound of discussion could be heard. This big bear was truly abnormal, not to mention its powerful fighting strength, even its defense was terrifying.


As his attack did not break the big bears defense, there was a look of astonishment on his face. With a flash of his feet, he had already thought of retreating but at this time, the big bear sent out a huge bear palm, instantly sending the cultivator flying.

As the cultivator was sent flying, his life force dissipated.

A peak Xiantian Realm expert was actually slapped to death so easily?

This is too terrifying, his fighting strength is comparable to those geniuses, only second to a monster.

Everyone's face changed as they ran back and forth in the distance but they refused to leave. The temptation of the two thousand year old spirit medicine was too great.

So fierce, its physique far surpasses its original realm.Zi Chen's eyes became extremely serious.

When the big bear took a step forward, the ground shook and that was not on purpose.

This was the first Demonic Beast Zi Chen had ever encountered since entering the ruins and it was already this terrifying.

Zi Chen didn't dare think about the other Demonic Beasts that he might meet.

A few corpses on the ground was a bloody lesson.


The big bear's powerful fighting strength made everyone fearful. they were all lingering not too far away but they were unwilling to leave. Finally, a cultivator could not hold back and wanted to take action.

The cultivator possessed an extreme movement technique. His figure was nimble like a swallow and with a single step, he crossed a distance of several hundred meters. He was like a ray of light, instantly arriving in front of the spirit medicine.

The cultivator wanted to use his extreme speed to snatch the spirit medicine.


However, the big bear's paw fell down like a millstone and its entire body began to emit waves of black light as a terrifying pressure spread out in all directions.

This strike was heavy and fast, far surpassing the speed of the cultivator, causing the cultivator to be instantly hit.


With a dull thud, the cultivators body was instantly destroyed by the big bear, turning into a mist of blood.

This... Too terrifying.

We are only at the periphery, yet there's such a terrifying existence. What's in the depths?

No wonder the Wu Zong Sect would do such a good deed by revealing this trial ground. It is too dangerous, only those monsteres can subdue this big bear.

Everyone gasped in admiration, the strength of big bear was truly terrifying.



At this moment, a silver light appeared, shooting out like a bolt of lightning.

Yet another one seeking death.

Are you tired of living? The bloody corpse on the ground should already let you know of how terrifying this big bear is.

Some people mocked him, while others sneered.

It's him?

Someone saw the figure in the silver light and a look of surprise appeared in their eyes.

Ah, it's that young man called Chen Long.At the same time, there were also others who cried out in alarm when they saw this.

Chen Long was previously unknown, but after the beast tide, his reputation rose greatly. He used his fists to kill a Zhen Yuan Demonic Beast, his fighting strength was comparable to a monster and all of the geniuses from the great powers were trying to rope him in.

Furthermore, his ferocity and ruthlessness were inhumane and left a deep impression in everyone's mind.

It's him, he is an existence that's comparable to a monster. He actually made his move.

I wonder how strong he will be compared to big bear.

Some people exclaimed and stared at the scene unwaveringly.


Zi Chen's body turned into a silver light, displaying his extreme speed. His speed was extremely fast and like a bolt of lightning, he arrived in front of the spirit medicine in an instant.


The big bear let out a dissatisfied roar, waved its palm again and its energy swirled inside, ruthlessly smashing towards Zi Chen.

This is...When the big bear's attack fell, Zi Chen actually felt a strong pressure. Under this pressure, even his movements started to slow down and now he finally understood why the previous cultivator died so easily.

Within Zi Chen's body, his vital energy and blood boiled as he rushed straight up to the sky. A strong wave of energy surged within his body, instantly resolving the pressure from the big bear's attacks.


His figure flashed, he did not choose to clash head on with the big bear but chose to dodge to the side of the spirit medicine, preparing to take it away first.


The big bears giant paw that smashed down past Zi Chen's body had left a deep crater on the ground.


Before Zi Chen could take the spirit medicine away, the big bear's attack dropped once again. This time, it was a foot. Like a majestic mountain, it stomped towards Zi Chen's head with a terrifying pressure.




Zi Chen's figure flashed again and again, like a bolt of lightning, he instantly dodged the attack and with a loud bang, another deep footprint appeared on the ground.