Thunder Martial Chapter 167 - Yin Yang Diagram

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Along the way, they experienced many dangers. Their entourage of ten thousand people lost close to three thousand people and they finally arrived at their destination.

In front of his eyes was a desolate piece of land. The ground was cracked and many large cracks had already been spread.

Wu Xiong's explanation was very pale, the traces of a great battle here seemed to have been less than a month and they might have already discovered the trial grounds a year ago.

It was obvious that there had been a great battle recently, but no one pointed it out.

Where is the trial ground? Someone inquired. As they walked, their hearts trembled. If the trial ground disappeared, they would be finished.

Don't worry, I sensed it earlier. Although the trial ground isn't stable, it definitely exists. Wu Xiong said.

Unstable. What do you mean? Someone's expressions changed as he inquired.

Even Li Huo and the rest were confused.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this place is a different kind of space. It seems to have been forcefully opened by an expert and does not belong to this space. Wu Xiong gave an awkward smile as he explained, his words carrying a little pride.

What? It's not in the space we're in?

That person actually forcefully opened up a space. What kind of cultivation does that person have?

How is that possible? In this world, who has such strength?

Everyone was shocked, including Li Huo, Cang He, Wang Shan and the others.

Someone had forcefully opened up the space and it is something that they have ever heard of before nor have they anything like it before. Now that they heard it, they simply could not believe it.

No one knew exactly how powerful the sect from ten thousand years ago was but after feeling that their background was strong, they could guess. However, their family#39;s hermit experts, their Sovereign Realm experts didn't have such methods.

This was the first time they had heard of such a thing.

This is also the guess of a senior. I'm not too sure about the specifics. Wu Xiong laughed.

There was a space created by a powerful expert for Xiantian experts to train. It seemed self-evident that there was some treasure inside.

Let alone others, even Zi Chen was moved.

This place was definitely a precious land and it was very possible that there was a great sect's inheritance here.

Since we're here, hurry up and open the trial ground.

Yeah, what are you waiting for?

In the distance, the cultivators were shouting excitedly.

Although there is only one passage in this place, it is scattered after entering. Furthermore, there are many Demonic Beast inside so there are many dangers. You must be careful.

Miao Kong walked up to Zi Chen's side and whispered.

Zi Chen nodded.

In Wu Xiong's hand, a brilliant light flashed as a black medallian appeared. This token was as black as ink, like a small fish with a big and small head. In the middle of the head, however, was a little white dot, brilliant and pure.

Such a strange black medallian had attracted the attention of many people.

Is this obsidian? No, it's as black as ink, without any other colors, as if it's an extremely black substance in the world.

But why is there a tiny bit of whiteness in the darkness and why is it so dazzling? Is it another precious treasure?

Everyone frowned, not understanding what was going on.

The black medallian was split into two sides and on the other side, it was filled with diagrams, it was extremely difficult to understand and when looking at it, it made one feel dizzy but unfortunately, the token was not complete and it was broken down from the middle, causing the diagram to be cut off.


With the infusion of Qi, the light on the black medallian became even brighter and the black light almost covered half of the sky. The entire sky started to tremble and countless ripples appeared in the air.

In Wu Xiong's hand, the black medallian suddenly trembled and then, as though it was pulled by something, it floated towards the sky.

At this moment, a large portion of the sky had been dyed black. It was pitch-black, like a pitch black night where one couldn't even see one's own fingers.

Miao Kong, what are you waiting for?

Just as everyone was dumbstruck, Wu Xiong suddenly let out a loud shout.


In Miao Kong's hand, a light also flashed as a white token appeared. It was the same size as the black medallian but the opposite of quality. It’s body is as white as snow but above the head, it was extremely dark and obvious.

The white medallion radiated a dazzling light as it slowly rose into the air, causing the space to contort and distort as it filled the entire sky.

This is?

Everyone looked up at the sky in shock.

The moment the black and white medallion met in the air, they suddenly began to rotate before fusing together. The black and white lights continued to bloom as a taiji diagram appeared.

This token is actually formed taiji diagram.

The taiji diagram represented two types of extreme energy. There was white in black and black in white. It seemed like there was a Yin Yang fish that was continuously fusing, forming a strange trajectory.

It was rumored that taiji belonged to the Grand Dao, and had recorded the Grand Dao of heaven and earth. They represented the laws but no one could understand them.

A great sect ten thousand years ago actually used a taiji as a command medallion; it was truly extraordinary.

The two Yin Yang fish kept on revolving and fusing, leaving behind traces of their path. Soon after, the sky shook, and the diagrams on the other side of the taiji started to emit rays of light, as if a mysterious dao diagram had landed on top of the Vault.


The void began to tremble and space began to ripple. Under the diagram, space began to ripple like water and then, space silently melted away and a massive black hole appeared in front of them.

It was as if space had collapsed and the black hole that led to chaotic space created numerous suction forces. It was like a boundless black light that was continuously swallowing and spitting out. It was extremely terrifying.

Everyone's faces changed. Could it be that they were going to enter from here? Everyone was scared.

This black hole seemed to lead somewhere and it was also extremely unstable. Not to mention entering to treasure hunt, it was very possible that the moment one entered the black hole, they would be torn to shreds by the endless energy.

Everyone was looking at this scene in shock, even Miao Kong was the same. Wu Xiong is the only one who remained calm, it was clear that he had seen this before.


Just at this moment, the Yin Yang Image above their head suddenly shook and quickly descended from the sky. It landed on the black hole with two types of extreme power and immediately froze the extremely unstable black hole.

The black hole disappeared and was replaced by a Yin Yang diagram that was constantly spinning. It was as if it was an illusion and was fixed at the mouth of the black hole.

Seeing this scene, everyone was incomparably shocked.

Everyone, the passageway has been opened. I wish you all good luck.

A smile appeared on Wu Xiong's face, he cupped his hands towards Li Huo and the rest and said, All fellow cultivators, follow me.

Before he left, Wu Xiong's eyes turned to look in his direction, a light flashing across his eyes.


Wu Xiong was the first to disappear, following that, the expert that Wu Xiong brought with him all stepped into the center of the taiji diagram, disappearing without a trace.

Those from the Wu Zong Sect have long been here. Although they have suffered heavy losses, they have definitely discovered something. However, they are too secretive and had not said anything. We should not fall behind either. Li Huo swept his eyes across Cang He and said.

Alright, let's go in quickly as well.

Cang He nodded his head, he then followed Li Huo and walked up, but before they left, the two of them smiled at Zi Chen.

Hmph, isn't this just a trial? Waiting until after the three forces entered, Wang Shan snorted coldly, also activating his Black Scaled Horse, bringing his group of experts with him. Before he left, his gaze swept past Lin Xue and Su Mengyao.

Good luck! With a strange chuckle, Wang Shan disappeared from the midst of the taiji.

Chen Long, let's go in together. Miao Kong suggested.

Behind him, a group of rogue cultivators could not wait any longer as they scratched their ears and cheeks. However, since the major powers had not entered, they absolutely did not dare to advance.

Be careful!

Upon entering the taiji, Zi Chen said softly, his voice was very low, using his original voice. Su Mengyao and Lin Xue's bodies trembled but they did not have the time to speak his figure had already disappeared.

The medallion is actually a Yin Yang medallion and the passageway is actually a Yin Yang diagram. Although there is no actual Yin Yang Formation, if it is spread out, it will definitely shake the world and this Yin Yang medallion is also not a common product. A black-robed old man that everyone disliked looked at the picture of Yin Yang. His eyes constantly flashed.

On the road here, although he appeared to be very powerful and had the strength of the peak Xiantian Realm, his age made it impossible for others to walk together with him.

Old man, you are indeed extraordinary. You even know about the Yin Yang Formation. A large man stepped forward, glanced at the old man and said in a strange tone.

As the several great forces entered, the next step was a group of rogue cultivators. They charged into the Yin Yang diagram like a horde. They were extremely impatient.

The precious treasure is here.

The inheritance is here!

The fighting spirit and hope that had been extinguished a moment ago was once again stimulated.


However, at this time, the constantly revolving Yin Yang Image suddenly emitted a terrifying wave of energy. A youth at the peak Xiantian Realm was instantly beaten into nothingness by this wave of energy.

What's going on?

Why did the taiji diagram launch an attack?

What a terrifying destructive light. One of our peak Xiantian Realm expert died just like that.

Everyone's expressions changed. Unable to make heads or tails of what was happening and they immediately retreated.

Could it be that this place isn't a trial ground but an extremely dangerous place? Has something happened over there?

There's still a limit to the number of people here.

Everyone guessed that and their expressions continuously changed but they did not dare to go forward since even a peak Xiantian expert was annihilated without even being able to emit a single miserable cry. It was simply too terrifying.

The big sized man and the old man looked at the taiji, their faces becoming serious.

There's actually a cultivation restriction?

Terrifying, too terrifying. Even though he had suppressed his cultivation, he was still found.

The expressions of the two constantly changed. It was unknown what they were thinking in their hearts.

What? Could it be that the person just now wasn't at the Xiantian Realm? Someone heard the two whispering and exclaimed.

Immediately after, the expressions of several cultivator in the crowd changed. They all wanted to make use of this opportunity to use the secret method to constrict their cultivation at the Xiantian Realm.

When the taiji ray of light fell, I felt a trace of elemental energy fluctuations. I think he was an expert of the Zhen Yuan Realm, or perhaps a stronger existence. A man who previously standing behind the cultivator who had died said.

Is that really the case? In the passage of the taiji, only Xiantian Realm experts are allowed to pass?

Everyone was bewildered and uncertain. Finally, a youth mustered up his courage and walked towards the taiji.

The taiji flashed with light, as though it was an illusion and the youth disappeared.

We can really go in.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and rushed forward.


A moment later, another destructive energy appeared and another expert was killed.

No one was surprised, this was already the third expert to die.

The old man and the big sized man's faces became even gloomier as they stared at the spinning taiji.