Thunder Martial Chapter 166 - Two monster

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Zi Chen's body shone with a silver light, like a silver war god. When he punched out, it brought along a piercing silver light and all the Demonic Beast that came into contact with his fist died.

One hit kill, clean and fast.

The power of this attack was terrifyingly sharp, enough to cause one to tremble.

Finally, a Demonic Beast came forward and bit Zi Chen but the result was unexpected. Zi Chen's body was not pierced through. The Demonic Beast looked like it had bitten onto a steel and one of its teeth was actually broken.

Following that, it slashed its out but immediately after, the sound of metal clashing rang out.

A Xiantian Demonic Beast actually did not break the man’s defense.

What? How could this be?

Is he even human? The Innate Demonic Beast did not break through the defense?

Not only are his attacks terrifying, even his defense is so abnormal

Everyone was extremely shocked as they opened their eyes wide, as if they had seen a ghost. The way they looked at Zi Chen also did not seem like they were looking at a normal human.

Miao Kong's two guards looked at Zi Chen, their expressions becoming extremely solemn. Such a person was filled with danger to them.

At this moment, everyone's attention was on Zi Chen. No one noticed that an ordinary-looking youth was suddenly walking towards Miao Kong.

His speed was very slow but he was very stable. His appearance was ordinary but his eyes were extremely sharp. With each step, his aura changed.


After taking a few steps, his body released a boundless killing intent. His entire being was like an unsheathed sword and the longsword in his hands was instantly unsheathed, releasing a sword hum. One with the sword, his entire body was like a ray of light, rushing straight towards Miao Kong.

This scene happened very quickly and suddenly, causing no one to notice it in advance. Furthermore, this place was filled with Demonic Beast so everyone was naturally not on guard against humans.

A change suddenly occurred as the Sharp sword Qi arrived in front of Miao Kong, shining so brightly that people couldn't even open their eyes. By the time Miao Kong's guard realized this, it was already too late.

Miao Kong's hair stood on end as he sensed the danger of death. However, he was unable to dodge and could only activate the Xiantian Qi in his body to defend.

It was an unexpected attack with boundless killing intent, it was also an attack that was sure to kill.

Under the blinding cold light, the others felt their scalps go numb, as if a cold wind blew by.

Ah, ah..

The two guards were enraged. They immediately went into a berserk state and the Qi around their bodies surged, releasing a sharp attack but it was useless. Even if they killed the killer, Miao Kong would not be able to live.

It was too unexpected for the other party to make a move.

As for the other guards, some of them didn't even have time to react.


The sharp tip of sword had almost pierced Miao Kong's forehead. One could already see the despair in his eyes and a victorious smile emerged on the corner of the assassin's mouth.

However, before the longsword could even touch Miao Kong, the longsword in his hand was already in a motionless state. Two fingers that were emitting a silver light were like pincers, firmly grabbing onto the tip of sword, no matter how hard the assassin tried, he was unable to shake the longsword.

This... How is that possible?

The smile that froze on the assassin's face instantly changed to shock. He had already seen that the person holding onto the tip of sword was the man with the silver light.

However, he could not imagine how he had been able to arrive in front of him so quickly after he launched his attack, even though he was clearly far away.

Could it be that he can teleport? The assassin thought with unwillingness. His eyes were filled with despair.

After failing his attack, his life had already reached its end. When the two peak Xiantian Realm attacks arrived, they instantly tore apart the assassin's corpse. Even before his death, the assassin's face was still filled with shock and puzzlement.

Teleportation, could he really teleport?

Of course, Zi Chen did not teleport but he knew better. Along the way, he had long noticed the movements of the assassin. The assasin often wandered around but Zi Chen did not know who the target was.

After the killer died, Zi Chen still had the tip of sword in his hands but his eyes were cold as he looked towards Wu Xiong in the distance. At this moment, Wu Xiong's expression was constantly changing, a hint of regret and hatred flashed past his eyes.

Zi Chen looked straight at him, and the latter nodded his head and smiled awkwardly, as a form of greeting.

After surviving the calamity, Miao Kong was panting heavily. He did not know when but his clothes had already been drenched in cold sweat.

Thank you, friend, for saving my life.

Thank you for saving our Young Master.

The two guards reacted quickly and hurried to thank Zi Chen but in exchange, they received Zi Chen's cold gaze. It was these two people who almost caused Lin Xue and Su Mengyao's death.

Being stared at by Zi Chen, the two of them felt a chill in their hearts, as if they were being stared at by a poisonous snake.


With a snort, Zi Chen walked over to Su Mengyao. Having survived the calamity, the duo was delighted.

Because of Zi Chen, Miao Kong and the others were able to get out of the Demonic Beasts encirclement. Miao Kong went forward to thank them, but his two guards did not dare to go up any further. The killing intent contained in Zi Chen's gaze made the two of them extremely shocked and they had no doubt that if they went up to provoke him, they would definitely be killed.

Zi Chen was very powerful, his entire body was releasing silver light, like a god of war. His moves were sharp and cold, the moment the Demonic Beast touched him, they would be killed instantly. While the crowd of geniuses were shocked by this combat power, it also greatly intimidated the Demonic Beast and they quickly dispersed.

The cultivators would have peace again but as of this time, they had lost more than two thousand people, which was a huge loss.

The ground was covered with corpses and blood almost flowed like a stream, causing people's hair to stand on end.

Brother, I am Li Huo, how should I address you? Li Huo urged his scarlet tiger to the front and said politely.

The fighting strength Zi Chen displayed previously was truly powerful and was not far from them. He was a powerful fighter and was worth winning over.

Cousin, are you alright? I already said to follow me but you just had to have a bad temper and almost died. Luckily there was an expert helping you. Hello, I’m Cang He, thank you for saving my cousin Cang He walked up, glanced at Su Mengyao and then cupped his fists towards Zi Chen, his words full of gratitude.

I am Chen Long.

Zi Chen indifferently replied but in his heart, he was extremely disgusted with these few people, especially Cang He, who previously had an indifferent and elegant appearance and even introduced Su Mengyao as one of his younger cousins but when she was in danger, he was actually indifferent. Only now did he come forward to express his good intentions.

Brother Chen Long, you have such powerful fighting strength, but it seems that I’ve seen your style before Wu Xiong also stepped forward.

At the same time, Wang Shan had also arrived as he stared at Zi Chen with suspicion.

There were countless Xiantian Realm experts in Cangli City but very few of them were true geniuses. At this moment, the strength Zi Chen had displayed caused everyone to be shocked and many people suddenly thought of a name.

Chen Zi.

This person was as powerful as Chen Zi but the energy around his body was different. One was gold and the other was silver.

I just arrived at Cangli City recently. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Oh, could it be that Brother Chen Long also heard about the matter of the ruins, and purposely rushed over? Wu Xiong raised his eyebrows and asked again.

The others also looked at Zi Chen.

No, I'm looking for someone.

Looking for someone, I wonder who you are looking for. We might be able to help. Cang He also spoke up.

Chen Zi, my Younger brother. Zi Chen said.

What, Chen Zi!

You are Chen Zi's older brother?

The few geniuses were shocked as they looked at Zi Chen, then turned and looked at Chen Feng and Ling Yun, their gazes strange.

The two of them plotted to kill Chen Zi using man6 Zhen Yuan Realm Experts, which had long been known throughout the Cang Li City but now that the Chen Family had provoked a monster, they became the laughingstock of Cangli City.

However, Chen Zi had disappeared. Never would they have thought that another brother appeared, who was even stronger than Chen Zi.

This was a family with two monster

Everyone exclaimed, while Chen Feng and Ling Yun, their expressions changed in an instant, they had never expected that Chen Zi had a brother.

What, you know Chen Zi? Zi Chen sneered in disdain in his heart but his expression did not change as he asked.

That day, we met at the Guest House and chatted for a long time. It could even be said that we met on good terms and agreed to come to ruins together but we did not find him after a long time. It seems that he has already left. Wu Xiong muttered to himself for a moment.

That's right, it's a pity but Chen Zi's fighting strength is still fresh in our memories, comparable to a monster. Li Huo also said.

It's a pity, with such a powerful fighting strength, he actually disappeared, could it be that he is not interested in ruins? Cang He also shook his head and then said, However, since Brother Chen Long is Chen Zi's big brother, I believe his fighting strength is also terrifying.

It was obvious that they did not want to tell Zi Chen the truth. Compared to them, the value of Chen Feng and Ling Yun far exceeded that of a stranger.

By his side, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue seemed to be deep in thought. On that day, Chen Zi gave the two of them a very familiar feeling, and this time, his brother actually stepped forward and saved them. Moreover, in that moment, the two of them felt a sense of familiarity.

Even with their conjecture, the duo didn't divulge anything.

With Zi Chen joining them, the few forces continued to advance. Although the Demonic Beast had dispersed, they had encountered many Demonic Beast along the way and the number of casualties was increasing.

How could this be? Why are there so many Demonic Beast?

Strange, the ruins is very big. Although there are a lot of Demonic Beast, there shouldn't be so many of them here.

From their conversation, Zi Chen knew that something was amiss.

Everyone was going deeper and many powers had made it clear that this time's trial had really become harder.

Here, the ancient tree towered into the sky and there were some ruins. One could vaguely see the splendor of a large sect ten thousand years ago and many of the buildings were made with refining materials. Unfortunately, ten thousand years had passed and the essence of these materials had already been lost.

After more than ten days, they finally arrived at their destination.

It was just that this place was a mess, the ground was full of potholes and and vegetation.

The earth split open but there was still some energy surging. Clearly, there had just been a great battle that happened here.

When he saw everything here, Wu Xiong's expression changed slightly, and he said, It was here that we discovered the presence of quite a few Demonic Beast and Yuan Formations. We had to mobilize an Imperial Sky Realm expert to solve all of this.

Translator Note: I am extremely sorry for not replying faster. I totally forgot to readd the the email: [email protected] after I reseted my computer and phone because of lag. Also, from emails I've been recieving, it seems like the link will autoredirrect you to a different chapter instead of the intended one. The only thing I can say is just to wait a bit longer and it'll automatically fix itself. The reason for this happening is because of the server and if it still doesn't link you to the correct chapter, just say so in the disqus at the bottom and I'll just send you a google link to the chapter. Thank You for reading and enjoy