Thunder Martial Chapter 165 - Killing the Giant Ape

When the beast tide appeared, many of them came attacking. There was no lack of Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beasts among them, so even though humans numbered in the thousands, they still did not occupy the top.

One by one, the small teams were nibbled away by the Demonic Beast. Furthermore, those who were late to garner enough strength in order to take advantage of the situation had even paid the price for their own intelligence and paid for it with their lives.

The beasts had surrounded these cultivators and they were completely annihilated.

At the same time, more and more Demonic Beast rushed over. Even the big powers had suffered greatly and were starting to suffer casualties.

Damn it!

Seeing that the people from the Wu Zong Sect had abandoned Su Mengyao and Lin Xue, Zi Chen was enraged.

Within his body, his vital energy and blood churned like a waking dragon, brimming with a strong power. Thunder and lightning flashed in all directions, Zi Chen's speed was extremely fast, like a bolt of lightning as he charged forward.

What incredible speed. The big man was amazed and surprised.

This is... The Nine Thunder Pass

Two rays of light flashed through the old Daoist's muddy eyes. He seemed to be quite surprised as he murmured softly.

Protect them, don't worry about me.

Miao Kong continued to roar as he attacked. Unfortunately, he had not comprehended the Killing Technique recorded within the Wu Zong Art and these people, even though they were here to protect him, they would not listen to him in this moment of danger.

To them, protecting Miao Kong was their first priority. As for those unrelated people, they would not care about them.

I told you to protect them. Don't worry about me. Miao Kong roared and a red light shining in his eyes, he was almost going crazy.

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue who were pushed to the edge of the team. They would face the Demonic Beast's strongest attack.

Young Master, your safety is the most important. It's better not to concern yourself with unrelated people. An expert from the Wu Zong Sect said. He had the strength at the peak Xiantian Realm and trained the Wu Zong Art so he was very strong.

That's right, Young Master's life is the most precious. As for the others, it doesn't matter if they die. Another peak Xiantian Realm expert said coldly.

The two of them were stubborn, no matter what Miao Kong said, they did not care and only protected Miao Kong in the middle.

Damn it, you dare to defy me. Miao Kong was enraged, but the two of them ignored him so he tried to forc himself to rush out but he was blocked and people surrounded him.

Then why don't you charge in the front and let the two weak girls stay at the back. Are you guys still men? Miao Kong roared.

A hint of shame appeared in the eyes of the two peak Xiantian Realm experts but it quickly disappeared as they said in a cold voice, Right now, there are many dangers lurking around and it's very likely that all of us will be annihilated. If we want to help them retreat, that would be even more impossible. They would have to fend for themselves.

Elder sister, are we really going to die here? Lin Xue's blue robes were already stained with blood. In the battle just now, she was not the only one being protected, she had also taken action, causing the consumption of her Qi to be great. However, she had never expected that the people from the Wu Zong Sect would push the two of them out.

They had already heard Miao Kong's roar but they did not know if it was effective or not. Miao Kong's identity was extremely awkward in the Wu Zong Sect and it was all because of the two of them.

Persevere. We won't die! Su Mengyao's white robe had already been torn in many places and there was even more blood at the corner of her mouth. She clenched her teeth and persevered but she did not have the confidence to speak.

At this moment, they were many Demonic Beasts and even peak Xiantian Realm experts could die at any time. Let alone the two of them and not to mention the two of them who were at the very front of the group.


In Su Mengyao's hand, the spirit serpent whip danced and sent a Demonic Beast flying. Then, a sharp claw, like a wind blade, slashed across her arm, instantly causing a bloody wound.

Elder sister

Lin Xue's heart trembled. She was also injured.

It's nothing. Hold on, we're going to leave soon. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth as she replied. Her face was already pale.

Two charming beauties were attacking the Demonic Beasts at the front while many powerful men were attacking from the back.

Ahh, they truly do not know how to take pity on a beauty like her. A beauty like her should be cherished and not put to battle here. In the distance, Wang Shan teased and laughed, a look of pity flashed in his eyes.


Seeing this scene, Li Huo could only snort coldly and remain expressionless.

As for Cang He, his expression was calm, the two people's deaths could be considered to be worth it.

Wu Xiong looked over, his mouth curling into a sneer, a tinge of killing intent flashing past his eyes.

The two led the way, allowing the group to advance 10 meters. It had to be said that this was a miracle but immediately after, a beast roar rang and the miracle was about to come to an end.

A large ape at the Zhen Yuan Realm suddenly dropped from the sky. The surrounding Demonic Beast all dodged and opened up a space. Before Su Mengyao and Lin Xue could come forward, the large ape fell with a loud bang, causing the ground to shake.

This is a giant ape at the Zhen Yuan Realm. Lin Xue lost control and cried out in alarm. Her beautiful face lost all color and she felt extremely helpless.

Giant apes are black as ink, their entire body shone with a cold light but what frightened the two of them was still the powerful aura from the giant ape.

A Zhen Yuan Realm Demonic Beast.

It was the famous giant ape, in the previous battles, this giant ape had killed off a peak Xiantian Realm with one step and killed many Xiantian Realm experts with a slap, as if they were a fly.


The huge palm-print that resembled a fan emitted many black lights had suddenly dropped down, causing sharp whistling sounds in the air due to its great strength.

Lin Xue and Su Mengyao had already given up all hope. They activated their pitiful Xiantin Qi in their bodies and welcomed the palm print on top of them.

Miao Kong was roaring, his eyes red and hysterical but he had no way to save them. The peak Xiantian Realm expert beside him firmly held him down but he had a look of caution, as though he was preparing for the upcoming battle.

Just when everyone thought that the two of them were dead for sure. A sudden strong aura surged out from behind them. Immediately, everyone felt a pain in their eyes, as a dazzling silver light appeared in front of them, arriving in front of Su Mengyao and Lin Xue.

It was as fast as lightning. The eyes of many people blurred and they had no idea what had happened.


A roar filled with killing intent suddenly rang out. Zi Chen's eyes were sharp like lightning, the killing intent in his eyes burst out and his entire body released a piercing silver light, following that, he waved his fists, aimed straight for the giant ape's large hands.


The collision between the strong powers was extremely terrifying. Waves of Qi were emitted in all directions. A loud wail could be heard and blood splattered in the sky like a rain of blood.

The Zhen Yuan Realm giant ape's huge palm shattered, revealing the bones within. Blood gushed out like the stream as it releasing a miserable shriek. The intense pain made the giant ape continuously stomp its feet, causing many Demonic Beasts to be trampled to death one by one.


This is too terrifying, who is this person? He actually injured the giant ape with one punch.

No matter if it was human or beast, everyone looked over. Seeing the giant ape in such a sorry state, everyone was dumbfounded and overwhelmed with shock.

In front of them, a man appeared out of nowhere. The man had a body covered in silver light and eyes like lightning. He stood there like a mountain, incomparably imposing, with a suffocating killing intent surrounding him.

Who is this person? He actually possesses such a terrifying killing intent while only being at the mid Xiantian Realm.

How terrifying. He's only a mid Xiantian Realm yet he's actually able to injure a Zhen Yuan Realm giant ape.

This child's fighting strength is comparable to the monstrous genuises.

This is such a shocking fellow. His battle prowess is great, we must rope him in.

Apart from being astonished, everyone had other thoughts in their minds.

This is....

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were already in despair but who would have thought that there would suddenly be a man appearing and blocking the giant apes path. Although his appearance had changed, the two of them still felt a sense of familiarity from seeing his upright back.

Before the two could think about it, before they could even thank him, the man in front had already moved. Like a ray of silver light, with terrifying killing intent, he rushed towards the screaming giant ape.

Endless anger burst out and silver light scattered everywhere and a huge fist struck straight towards the giant ape's head.

Amidst the miserable cries, the giant ape sensed danger and struggled to raise its other hand to block the incoming attack.


The heavy sound caused the ground to shake and dust flew beneath their feet. The giant ape was deeply embedded in the ground, following that, the sound of bones breaking rang out and a bloody hole appeared in the giant ape's palm.

Is he a barbarian? He actually used his fist to break the bones of the giant ape

This is too terrifying, his physique is actually so strong.

This physical body is simply too heaven defying.

Everyone cried out in alarm, their eyes filled with disbelief.

At this moment, Zi Chen was like a barbarian as he continuously punched out and a loud explosion rang out. The giant ape at the Zhen Yuan Realm Realm unexpectedly had no power to resist. As if it was a pillar, it was forcefully smashed into the ground by Zi Chen.


The giant ape howled. Its voice showed that it was in extreme pain. During this period of time, its bones in its body shattered once again.

Heavens! Is this still a giant ape that's known for its defense and attacks? Is this still a giant ape that had trampled a peak Xiantian expert artist to death? Is he actually being beaten to a pulp by a human mid Xiantian expert?

What a freak!


His fighting strength is comparable to that of those monsteres.

Everyone's face changed. They were overwhelmed with shock, looking at Zi Chen as though they had seen a ghost. The situation was too barbaric, even more so than giant ape.


Finally, Zi Chen punched out with his fist and a blazing silver fist light shot out instantly, piercing the giant ape's forehead. The giant ape let out a last miserable cry and was soon silent.


After the giant ape died, the many Demonic Beast woke up and rushed towards Zi Chen. Their sharp teeth were like sharp swords and their sharp claws were like sharp blades, gleaming with a cold light.


Zi Chen punched out with his fist and struck a Demonic Beast's head before the it's attack could reach him. He shattered its skull and caused the Demonic Beast to fall towards the ground.


Zi Chen threw out multiple punches, his speed was so fast that he looked like a barbarian.


With great difficulty, the Demonic Beast went in front of Zi Chen with its mouth wide open, as if it wanted to swallow him whole. With a grimace, one of its teeth shattered and following that, its sharp claws slapped onto Zi Chen's body, producing a sound of metal clashing