Thunder Martial Chapter 164 -Beast Tide in the Ruins

Zi Chen did not believe what Wu Xiong was saying. The Wu Zong Sect had expected this from the start so it was obvious that he was fully prepared and they were not just planning on taking a few items. Most likely, many experts were already hiding in the training grounds, preparing themselves.

It was one thing for the Wu Zong Sect disciples to have obtained the precious treasure but if they had not, then they must use a strong method to obtain it.

As for these rogue cultivators, if they obtain ordinary opportunities, they would naturally be able to smoothly take them away. However, if they obtained something that even the Wu Zong Sect would covet, it would clearly not be an opportunity.

Difficult, difficult, difficult!

Zi Chen consecutively said it was difficult three times, and sighed in his heart. This time, if he wanted to take one precious treasure with him, it would be almost impossible.


Just then, the ground started to shake like an earthquake. Everyone's body could not help but sway and many mutated beasts began to roar, as if they were agitated and uneasy.


The ground quaked and rumbling emanated out like thunder. The trees in the area also began to shake.

What happened?

What's going on? Why is the ground shaking?

Everyone's expressions changed. Amidst the rumbling, they felt an imposing manner of ten thousand horses galloping, as if countless beasts were running on the ground.

This is... the beast tide.

Suddenly, a trembling voice filled with fear rang out.

beast tide!

The hearts of many cultivators could not help but tremble. The word ‘beast tide’ was like a plague that spread in a flash, causing everyone to feel fear.

How could a beast tide happen in the ruins? Wang Shan's face was extremely pale.

The word ‘beast tide’ was synonymous with endless beasts and was extremely terrifying. In the ruins, this kind of terror had increased by several folds.

There hasn't been a beast tide in the ruins in thousands of years. Our luck isn't that bad, right? Even the usually calm Cang He had fear in his eyes and he even had thoughts of retreating.

Retreat, retreat!

Hurry and retreat.

Everyone reacted and roared and a few young masters were even more miserable than the rest. However, when they activated their mounts, they discovered that the Animals were actually trembling, and were obviously afraid.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The earth trembled as Demonic Beasts appeared from the depths. There were tigers, leopards, and all sorts of Demonic Beasts that rushed over.

Their four hooves stomped on the ground, causing rumbling sounds and smoke and dust to rise up into the sky.

It's too late. If we retreat, we will be done for if we come across a Yuan Formation.

Seeing that the Demonic Beast had arrived, everyone's expressions changed. There was a beast tide in front, and a Yuan Formation behind.


Fight, lets fight!

At this moment, the only path left for us is to fight!

We have thousands of people, do we have to be afraid of these beasts?

Retreating was obviously not an option. Everyone was very clear on how terrifying the Yuan Formation was previously as they were already walking gingerly and slowly. If they were to escape now, at such a slow speed, they would not even be able to leave a corpse.

At this moment, the only option is to battle.

Lets slaughtered our way out


Li Huo led his men and rushed forward. At the moment, escaping was not an option but luckily. there were a few thousand cultivators and it was a powerful force.


As a genius of a great power, it was obvious that if he retreated now, his death would be even more tragic. Cang He roared and brought everyone to rush in another direction.

Kill these beasts, don't let them underestimate our Cloud City, kill

Wang Shan's fighting intent rose as he faced the beast tide, he was not afraid at all. He commanded his Black Scaled Horse and brought the group of experts with him as he rushed forward.

At the same time, Wu Xiong and Miao Kong brought along the two teams of experts and rushed forward.

The five forces, like five sharp swords, charged towards the beast tide from five different directions.

Everyone, charge. Help slaughter our way out, or we'll all die

Among the rogue cultivators, there were also people shouting out loud. They knew that they had to take action now. If they waited here to take advantage of this situation, they would die miserably.

Because they had already discovered that there was no lack of Demonic Beasts at the Zhen Yuan Realm among these Demonic Beast.

Kill, kill!

Two teams charged out from the group of rogue cultivators. Although they were not neat, they still carried a strong killing intent.


As the beast tide approached, it engaged in a violent collision with the numerous human experts. Numerous roars resounded, the Demonic Beast roared and they were filled with killing intent.




With just one clash, severed limbs flew into the air and many human experts instantly died. At the same time, many Xiantian Demonic Beast also died.


In Wang Shan's eyes, there was an oppressive cold gleam. As the aura of his peak Xiantian Stage surged, streams of azure light surrounded his body's surface and with a tap of his finger, a stream of azure colored Sword Qi rushed straight towards the Demonic Beast.





This was the Azure Peak Slash, the Killing Technique in the Azure Dawn Secret Art, it was extremely powerful and when it was displayed now, it had even killed a few Demonic Beast in one go.


The moment an empty area was created, Wang Shan led the group of people to charge forward and at that moment, he had an extremely cold expression but at the same time, he was very calm.

The beast tide moved unceasingly and every minute and second, there were Demonic Beasts that attacked. The human experts who attacked from all sides were like many sharp swords, narrow and long as they charged straight at the beast tide but there were still many Demonic Beast that charged towards the crowd.

There were many human experts that bravely fought but there were some that was different than others. They wanted to hide behind everyone to take advantage of them, and they stayed at the back, waiting for the other forces to break through and then charge out. However, after seeing the hole in the beast tide just now, after a moment, more Demonic Beast blocked it, they were completely dumbfounded.

Moreover, at this time, even more Demonic Beast rushed towards them.


Feeling helpless, they could only muster up the courage to kill. However, they lacked the preparation time to charge up. Thus, when they attacked, they appeared to be in a hurry.




The Demonic Beast rushed over, instantly drowning them out. The sound limbs being broken was endless as well as their miserable shrieks.


Please, save me

Ah! My arm! Help

Many of the Xiantian experts that were surrounded by Demonic Beast cried out miserably. They were too slow, they had gathered their strength too late and they had encountered too many Xiantain Demonic Beasts.

But at this moment, everyone was in danger, who had the time to save them? The troops of thousands of people were split into a dozen or so groups, constantly rushing forward, occasionally three to five people in small teams would be quickly drowned by the beast tide.

Heavenly Fire.

Li Huo let out a roar and his entire body emitted a piercing red light, as if a ball of flames was burning and the space around him distorted. At the same time, streaks of scarlet flames, carrying a terrifying high temperature rushed towards the numerous Demonic Beast.




Explosions rang one after another as all the Demonic Beast that came into contact with the flames exploded the moment they touched the flames. Soon after, they started to devour the Demonic Beast with their tongues of fire and after a while, the Demonic Beasts turned into a pile of ashes.

It was said that when one cultivated the Li Family's Heavenly Fire Art to a high and deep realm, the energy within one's body would be able to transform into boundless heavenly fire with great power, capable of burning the sky and boiling the sea.

At this time, Li Huo is only at the peak Xiantian Realm but with a single attack, he killed quite a few Demonic Beast at the peak Xiantian Realm.

At the same time, Cang He, Wu Xiong and the rest had also unleashed their powerful martial techniques, which was terrifying in might. Their strengths were practically all at the peak Xiantian Realm so it seemed that they were well-prepared for this trip to the ruins.

All the Demonic Beast that touched them were exterminated.


A huge seal appeared in the sky and released a dense azure light. Carrying a terrifying pressure, it descended like a small mountain and exploded with a loud bang. A Demonic Beast at the Zhen Yuan Realm was smashed to the point where it stopped breathing.

Azure Peak Seal! The powerful martial technique of Cloud City.

Zi Chen had always been following behind Miao Kong's group. Miao Kong led his men and charged forward, he followed closely behind and when he saw the powerful fighting strength of the few geniuses, he was surprised.




The group rushed into the group of Demonic Beasts and during this period of time, a few Demonic Beast attacked but they were all repelled by Zi Chen's punch.

At this moment, killing the Demonic Beast had already become meaningless. Killing one would bring more of them up and the only thing left to do was to push them back.

Zi Chen threw out punches repeatedly, one punch after another, he appeared to be relaxed.

To the side, many cultivators who made the same choice as Zi Chen. At first, they had previously displayed a look of contempt, thinking that Zi Chen was here to take advantage of them but seeing him repel the Demonic Beasts so easily, they were surprised.

Such immeasurable strength, fellow Daoist's power is indeed extraordinary. Just at this moment, an old voice sounded. An old man wearing a daoist robe and holding a Buddhist Tassel in his hand praised after knocking a Demonic Beast away.

Fellow Daoist, you are also strong. Zi Chen was embarrassed, this old man was actually someone he saw outside Guest House back then. He did not expect him to come and not just that, he was not weak either, to be able to send a Demonic Beast flying with a single strike.

Haha, brother, to have such strength at such a young age, you are truly extraordinary. A rough and wild laughter rang out at this moment. A middle-aged man with a beard and is holding a big machete was beheading a peak Xiantian Demonic Beast with a single slash.

Uncle, you're too kind. Zi Chen's forehead was covered in cold sweat. This master was actually the genius who said that he was only twenty-five years old.

Uncle, am I that old? I'm only twenty-five. The big fellow rubbed his beard as he glared at Zi Chen.

Forty-five, I think. Zi Chen muttered.

Amongst the beast tide, those who had the leisure to chat were naturally the strong ones. Zi Chen could clearly be considered as one of them but the old Daoist and the burly man were definitely not simple either.

Not good, Mengyao and Xue’er are in danger.

Suddenly, Zi Chen's face changed as he stared in front of him.

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were together with Miao Kong. Previously, Miao Kong's men were able to protect the two but now, the pressure became more and more intense and the people from the Wu Zong Sect had actually abandoned the two and directly protected Miao Kong.

Don't worry about me. Protect them first. Miao Kong growled in dissatisfaction but no one paid any attention to him, the experts at the peak Xiantian Realm only stood around him, faintly pushing Lin Xue and Su Mengyao out of the way.

Damn it!

Zi Chen cursed, he was no longer concealing his strength and with a flash of his feet, his entire body was covered in rays of silver light, like a silver lightning as he flashed past the crowd.