Thunder Martial Chapter 163 - Numerous Dangers

After ten thousand years of development, the ruins had completely changed. From a piece of ruins, it had evolved into a piece of dense forest with many ancient trees.

Just after entering the ruins, there were already many cultivators's who died, which was enough to prove that this was a dangerous path.

There were people from all sorts of forces in the ruins. They all had a safe path to enter the ruins without a hitch.

By the time they reached the ruins, the various factions had already scattered, and the Wu Zong Sect had even opened two safe paths.

Zi Chen and many cultivators followed behind them.

No one could enter that deep region, not even the many major powers. The outer region was a place full of miracles and fortuitous encounters but the deepest region was a land of death.


Ah, help!

In the forest, miserable cries continuously rang out as one cultivator after another died. Even on the safe road, there were all kinds of unknown dangers.

There's a thousand year old spirit medicine there.

Look, a red rhododendron flower.

Someone cried out in alarm. They had discovered a spirit medicine that was a hundred meters away. This was a red rhododendron flower that had taken root on top of a stretch of ruins.

The age of this herb has already exceeded a thousand years and its value is more than ten pieces of Yuan Stone. This is a good item.

I actually found a thousand year old spirit medicine at the outer perimeter. This ruins is said to be a place filled with fortuitous encounters, as expected, it's extraordinary.

The eyes of the cultivator became extremely hot. Around the red rhododendron flower was an open area. The trees in the distance were lush green, as if there was no danger.


Someone could not hold it in, they had already flashed past,and rushed towards the spirit medicine.

Stop, I found this first.

Someone cried out in alarm and hurriedly stopped him. At the same time, he condensed his Qi and ran over. A thousand year old spirit medicine attracted five or six Xiantian Realm experts. They all rushed towards the flower, looking at it as if they were looking at a huge fortune.

They rushed towards the red rhododendron flower but before they could even get close to it, ripples appeared in the surroundings and the cultivators was suddenly pulled in.

Without a sound, everyone disappeared without a trace.

As the ripples disappeared, the red rhododendron flower was still as vivid as before while it emitted a dense amount of spirit energy. Unfortunately, the cultivators before had disappeared without a trace.

Another Yuan Formation.

They must have touched a Yuan Formation.

This is too terrifying. Without any warning, it devoured six people.

Everyone's expressions changed as they looked at the red rhododendron flower again, as if they had seen something extremely dangerous.

The six Xiantian Realm experts didn't even cause a ripple before disappearing. No one dared to try to grab the red rhododendron flower anymore.

Zi Chen followed the group. In this period of time, he had seen a few thousand year old spirit medicines, and although he was moved, he did not dare to rashly go forward. This place was filled with all kinds of dangers, and even the great powers had to be cautious, let alone these rogue cultivators.

The Yuan Formation kept appearing and miserable cries rang out, in just a short two hours, many Xiantian Realm experts had already died.


A deafening roar suddenly rumbled like heavenly thunder.

In the ruins, other than the dangers of the Yuan Formation, there were also many Demonic Beast. This was also a power that could not be ignored.


A fierce wind blew, blowing up countless leaves as a gigantic beast appeared from the side and like an arrow leaving the bow, it shot towards the cultivators.




In the blink of an eye, many cultivators had fallen while being caught unaware.

saber-toothed tiger

Damn it, we actually ran into a saber-toothed tiger at the peak of the Xiantian Realm. Kill!


The roar of the saber-toothed tiger shook the nine heavens and waves of sound dispersed in all directions. Although it was a huge monster, the saber-toothed tiger was extremely fast, like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, constantly killing.




More Xiantian experts fell as fresh blood flew about and severed limbs were everywhere. The saber-toothed tiger's mouth was continuously chewing and many corpses were swallowed. Blood flowed down from the corners of its mouth, causing the scene to look extremely bloody.


The numerous Xiantian experts attacked and another round of attacks started, their Sword Qi and sword images flashing incessantly, with dense killing intent permeating the entire area.


In the end, the saber-toothed tiger died miserably and was killed by a rogue cultivator at the peak Xiantian Realm. During this time, two cultivators at the peak Xiantian Realm died.

Too terrifying.

This is just the outer perimeter, how could we meet such a Demonic Beast?

The others' expressions changed. Their previous beautiful dreams had been slowly erased in front of the cruel reality.


Roars could be heard from within the forest as more and more Demonic Beast appeared. Their deaths intensified as the smell of blood filled the entire forest.

How could this be?

The Demonic Beasts appears way too many times.

This is only the outer perimeter. Why are there so many Demonic Beast?

It wasn't just the rogue cultivators who were panicking. Even the great powers felt that something was off and when they noticed the amount of demonic beasts appearing.

In a short moment, many Demonic Beast had appeared and they were strong, brutal and they had killed many cultivators.

This ruins is scary indeed. There's danger everywhere. Zi Chen was very cautious. During this period of time, he had also encountered danger when a cultivator accidentally stepped into a Yuan Formation, almost dragging him inside.

One of the Demonic Beast's claws grazed past his forehead and like a sharp blade, it cut off a few strands of his hair.

With the Yuan Formation, numerous Demonic Beast and the temptation of many thousand year old spirit medicines, this place is simply a dead end.

In just four short hours, Zi Chen had already seen the death of countless cultivators. This time, there were more than ten thousand Xiantian Realm experts that came but seeing such a large death rate, Zi Chen suspected that by the time everyone had reached their destination, only half of them would still be alive.

The Demonic Beast kept appearing, and the few forces in front were also much more cautious. There were Yuan Formations in the surroundings and all sorts of inexplicable dangers existed. The rich medicinal fragrance spread throughout the forest and all sorts of thousand year old spirit medicine appeared. Zi Chen had even seen a spirit medicine that was over two thousand years old.

This was the Blood Crown Flower. Its entire body was as red as blood, and its flowers were like phoenix crowns. It was dazzling and its rich medicinal fragrance spread out like ripples in the water.

A single 1000 year old spirit medicine was worth more than 10 Yuan Stones, but 2000 year old spirit medicines were worth more than a hundred. This was a huge amount of wealth and it attracted the hearts of many cultivators.

Many people's eyes were red, filled with greed and desire.

But after the two peak Xiantian Realm experts fell in front of the Blood Crown Flowers without any sound, no one dared to go forward anymore. This place was filled with all sorts of dangers and all sorts of spirit medicines were dazzling but none of them dared to go forward to pick them.

After losing several hundred people and going deeper for a few days, the large group finally made it into the ruins. Relatively speaking, there were fewer Yuan Formations here and the danger was lower.

Phew... We're finally here.

This place can already be considered as one entering the sect gate. There will be very few Yuan Formations and the danger will also be reduced by quite a bit.

After a few days of being on high alert, my mind is already tense.

All of the major powers let out sighs of relief. They had been very careful before as well.

We still need to go deeper into the trial ground that we discovered this time. Everyone, be careful. Wu Xiong brought a group of Xiantian Realm experts along with him. When they saw Cang He and the others, they warned them. After travelling for several days, he looked very haggard.

What? Further in?

Everyone was stunned. After walking for so long, logically speaking, it shouldn't be too far away.

Our family had last discovered a trial ground for Zhen Yuan Realm experts. It's not too far from here. Could it be that the Xiantian Trial grounds are even deeper than that? Cang He was a little surprised.

The other factions were also confused.

The Xiantian trial grounds this time around is even deeper than the Zhen Yuan Realm trials grounds we discovered in the past, almost reaching the depths of the ruins. We suspect that the trial grounds this time are actually the trials grounds of the core disciples of the large sect ten thousand years ago. Wu Xiong nodded, and said solemnly.

What, the core disciple trail grounds?

The Xiantian trail ground discovered this time is actually a trial ground for the core disciples of the large sect ten thousand years ago?

Wu Xiong, such a big thing, why didn't you say so earlier?

This is a serious matter, yet you only say it now?

The large sect from ten thousand years ago had an unfathomable background. Even if they fell, the secret manuals discovered in them created many powerful forces and the previous secret scriptures were all found in the ordinary trial grounds. This was the first time that trail ground for core disciples had appeared in the last ten thousand years.

No one knew what they would discover in the Ancient Era's Remnants. However, they could guess that it was very possible that the strongest secret manual would be handed down from the Ancient Era's Remnants.

The several great powers were all incomparably angry but the other rogue cultivators, after hearing this, became extremely excited. This was an opportunity.

Your Wu Zong Sect is really scheming. Before, you didn't say it but now, you know that we can't call for reinforcements anymore. It seems like your Wu Zong Sect is determined to get the precious treasure this time. Wang Shan looked at Wu Xiong and said coldly.

Although only those who had reached the Xiantian Realm could enter the Xiantian trial ground, they did not say that experts were not allowed to stand guard on the outskirts. Now that several large factions had all come, they were all unprepared but the Wu Zong Sect had clearly come prepared, they had already guessed that the expert from the Wu Zong Sect was already standing guard on the outskirts of the trial.

Whoever wanted to take the precious treasure away would need their permission first.

Hehe, since this place was discovered by our Wu Zong Sect, we naturally have to make some preparations. Wu Xiong smiled faintly, not caring in the slightest.

Hmph, I see that your expert is already guarding this place. When the trials are over, all of you must search your bodies. Li Huo also sneered, the fact that Wu Xiong did not tell him about this matter made Li Huo very dissatisfied.

When the others heard this, their expressions changed.

If that was the case, then all the lucky chances they had obtained inside would be forcibly snatched away by those from the Wu Zong Sect.

They had worked so hard to get something but they had to give it to someone else. Everyone was not in a good mood and even their gazes had become unfriendly.

Thousands of unfriendly eyes stared at Wu Xiong, even though he was a member of the Wu Zong Sect, he was afraid in his heart and quickly explained, Everyone, do not misunderstand, our Wu Zong has only made some preparations but the goal is the precious treasure so what what you will obtain after entering will be yours as long as it's not the precious treasure.

Wu Xiong's explanation allowed everyone to heave a sigh of relief.

But at this moment, a change occurred.



The ground trembled like an earthquake. The ground constantly shook and everyone's body trembled, almost falling to the ground.