Thunder Martial Chapter 162 - Blood Forest Formation

The amount of Xiantian Realm experts gathered this time was simply unimaginable. More than ten thousand people, in groups of two or three, had formed countless forces.

Following the movements of the four great powers, the others followed closely behind.

Let's go.

The ruins, I'm coming.

The ruins is a place filled with fortuitous encounters. I will be the one to create miracles.

Everyone set off with their heads held high and chest puffed up. They were filled with lofty aspirations and sentiments.

I wonder how many people will be able to make it back alive from this trip to the ruins.

Yeah, luck is always accompanied by danger. A secret manual has appeared, who knows how much blood and gore it will bring. At the mouth of the Gate, many of the older generation sighed.

the ruins was a place filled with miracles and fortuitous encounters, but similarly, it was also filled with many dangers.

The ten thousand strong army was like a long dragon, paving the way for the ruins.

Amongst the tens of thousands of people, Zi Chen was on his way by himself. He did not travel with others, and furthermore, since he was at the mid Xiantian Realm, no one would be willing to rope him in, other than some troops that needed cannon fodder.

In this period of time, Zi Chen saw a few familiar faces.

Wu Sheng is still alive. He has actually reached the Xiantian Realm.

When Wu Sheng had fought with Zi Chen for the core disciple position, he had defeated Wu Sheng with a perfect victory. Unfortunately, because of the second elder, Zi Chen's core disciple spot was taken away by Wu Sheng.

Luo Men.

Other than Wu Sheng, Zi Chen also saw Luo Men. He had met him when he went to exchange Contribution Points.

Finally, in the Punishment Hall, Luo Men slandered Zi Chen and was punished by the Punishment Hall Master, relegated to his original form. After that, when their elders wanted to work together to kill Zi Chen, they were stopped by the appearance of the Grand Elder.

Finally, Wu Sheng's and Luo Men's backers had finally died by Zi Chen's hands.

Almost all of the Ling Wu Sect members have been annihilated. I never expected that they were still alive.

The things that happened back then were all laughable now that he thought about it. For the Core Disciple spot, for the sake of the two Contribution Points, he was mad at them but now, there were no longer any sect.

The ruins is fairly close to the Wu Zong Sect. According to legend, after the founders discovered the Wu Zong Art, they established the Wu Zong Sect outside of the ruins. After thousands of years of development, they became a great power with numerous experts.

Wu Sheng, Luo Men and the rest were very close to Ling Yun.

Just as they were near the Wu Zong Sect, another wave of powerful fighting force surged in, some of them followed Wu Xiong while others followed behind Miao Kong.

Su Mengyao, Lin Xue, and Wu Hong were together with Miao Kong. Miao Kong also seemed to have quite a high status in the Wu Zong Sect, as he had a peak Xiantian Realm protecting him.

The team of ten thousand people was vast and twisted like a long dragon. After advancing for a month, they finally arrived at the ruins.

Rumor has it that the ruins was formed after the destruction of a powerful sect ten thousand years ago. Its area was very wide and there were quite a few precious treasures left behind by the large sect ten thousand years ago.

Ten thousand years had passed and inside the ruins, there were already many ancient trees. These ancient tree rose into the sky like small mountains and had already become a dense forest.

There were occasionally one or two Demonic Beast roars in the forest. It was said that these Demonic Beast had thrived over a period of ten thousand years and is extremely powerful and unfathomable. In the depths of ruins, there were even some existences that caused even Sovereign Realm experts to not dare to rashly enter.

In front, the ruins was in sight, all the rogue cultivators were extremely excited and as long as they followed these big powers, they would be able to enter the trial grounds and discover the precious treasure.

Compared to the rogue cultivators, the geniuses from the big powers had more serious expressions.

Within the ruins, there are many dangers. The Yuan Formation that was left behind ten thousand years ago is one of them. The moment you make a mistake, you will fall into an eternal abyss. Wu Xiong frowned, his voice sounding serious.

That's right, everyone should be extra careful. Aside from a few ancient Yuan Arra s, there are also a lot of other Demonic Beast. This is a danger that cannot be ignored.

The other geniuses all nodded, looking at ruins in front of them, their eyes were filled with seriousness.

Now, enter the ruins. Everyone needs to be careful.

Just as they were about to reach the ruins, the four great forces suddenly split up and led their teams, advancing towards the ruins from all directions.

There are many spirit medicines in the ruins

If we're lucky, we can even find a precious treasure, a spirit armament


For the precious treasure, for the spirit armament.

The crowd of rogue cultivators were all excited after seeing the ruins and instantly rushed towards him.

Once there was a first person, there was a second person as well and soon, many rogue cultivators rushed towards the ruins. A black mass of people rushed in and very quickly, these people surpassed all the major powers and entered the ruins.


Li Huo and the rest were not moved, there was only contempt in their eyes.

You're courting death. Wang Shan also sneered.

The ruins had existed for tens of thousands of years and many large powers had been exploring this land. They naturally knew where the dangers were and where they could enter. Let alone a mere Xiantian Realm expert, even those Imperial Sky Realm experts did not dare to rashly advance.

In the middle of ruins, there was a large group of mangrove trees. They were as red as blood, their branches and leaves were all blood-red and they looked extremely strange.

A group of rogue cultivators rushed into the mangrove forest for the sake of the precious treasure. They cheered excitedly as light shone in their eyes.


Suddenly, the forest began to shake, and the mangrove trees began to sway continuously. The earth started to shake and rays of red light shot out from the mangrove trees like a red mist, filling the entire mangrove forest.

A large area of the mangrove forest was blocked by red fog in an instant. The group of rogue cultivators line of sight was obstructed and they were surrounded by red fog.


The earth and the tree roots suddenly shook as if they were alive. They were like Spirit snakes that extended out from the ground and coiled around each of the Xiantian Realm Rogue Cultivators. In that instant, many cultivators was hit.

Ah, what is this?

Red light everywhere. I can't see anything.

Open for me.


The Cultivators let out a scream. The red tree roots were like many Spirit Snakes, they were extremely agile and instantly wrapped around them, many of the cultivators activated their Qi and struck towards the red tree roots.


When the weapon hit the tree roots, sparks exploded out. The tree roots were abnormally tough and couldn't be cut at all.


Xiantian Qi surged within the red fog as one cultivator after another tried to struggle free from the restraints of the tree roots but the tree roots were abnormally tough and their bodies emitted a strange red light as they pulled the entwined cultivator into the ground.

The ground of the mangrove forest continued to shake as red fog covered the place. No one in the outside world knew what happened and they could only hear miserable cries.

Ah... Get lost


The miserable wails resonated through the entire mangrove forest and spread to the outside world, causing everyone to feel terrified.

Miserable cries endlessly rang out.

Everyone continued to draw back. After a while, the red fog dissipated and the mangrove forest became quiet again. Everyone looked at each other in the distance and realised, to their horror, that there was nothing in the huge mangrove forest.

Just like before, nothing happened.

How could this be?

Before, the red fog had surrounded at least a hundred people, what happened to these people?

Everyone's expressions changed. The mangrove forests was scarlet red and even the ground was the same.

Look, the ground is as red as blood and the trees are dripping with blood. Its as if they were watered with blood? Some people cried out in alarm and even their voices changed.

The trees were red as blood, as if they had been watered with blood. Even the ground was red.

This is the Blood Forest Formation, the killing formation at the edge of ruins. It is said that a change occurred in the corner of the sect's protective formation ten thousand years ago, and after fusing with a few plants, it formed this forest of blood. These trees specialize in eating blood and even though they don't know anything about it, they dared to rush in thinking that they could get a precious treasure. They got what they deserved.

A cultivator stood very far away, and when he saw the miserable crowd gathered here, he could not help but sneer.

What do you mean? They're already dead and yet you're still spouting sarcastic remarks.

Yeah, who are you?

These people are already dead, yet you're still gloating.

A cultivator who had survived earlier said unhappily.

Each and every one of you are here for the sake of the precious treasures. the ruins has been here for a long time and countless forces have visited it and you all still want to find the precious treasure at the periphery? Keep dreaming.

They're just relying on their little intelligence. If they were to just randomly charge in, they'll all die.

The cultivator seemed to know a lot as he sneered. Looking at the group of pale-faced people, his eyes were filled with ridicule. After that, he could not be bothered with them and turned to walk off into the distance.

The ruins is filled with danger. If you don't want to die early, then follow the footsteps of a large force.

The latter's words were vicious but in the end, he left a kind suggestion that eventually disappeared.

Why follow the major powers since we won't even be able to drink the soup?

That's right, I came to the ruins for exploration. I came here for the precious treasure.

A guy who fears death dares to teach us a lesson here?

You are afraid of death and yet you dare to speak sarcastically here.

Not everyone appreciated this. There were always some people who were different from others. Their thoughts were unique and they did the opposite. They purposefully avoided the Blood Forest Formation and walked to a different spot, wanting to open up a new path.

It had to be said that this kind of thinking was beautiful but without any luck or strength. How difficult would it be to open up a passageway?

After the 10 or so people silently disappeared within the forest without even being able to cry out, there was finally someone who was afraid and started to back away.


In the midst of their panic, a cultivator stepped on a branch that was broken and immediately after, he activated a concealed Formations. Streams of light, like sharp blades, shot towards the cultivators.




Numerous sounds were emitted, the light rays were like sharp blades and instantly penetrated through the Protective Shield and piercing into cultivator's body. These cultivators instantly fell to the ground, their vitality disappearing, falling onto the path to the wasteland and also filling up the ruins with many dried bones.

Another batch of cultivators had died.

Outside of the ruins, there were many Yuan Formations. These were all Yuan Formations that had not rotted away in the past ten thousand years but had mutated instead. They were extremely powerful and merged with plants.

The various major powers all had their own safe paths. They walked in front with many rogue cultivators following behind them.

After hundreds of deaths, the other rogue cultivators finally understood the situation and were no longer interested in exploring the wastelands. They turned around and followed the large forces.