Thunder Martial Chapter 161 - Leaving for the Ruins

The earth trembled like ten thousand horses galloping. The buildings on both sides of the street began to shake.

Zi Chen frowned and looked at the street.

Cangli City was the domain of the Cang and Li Family. Other than the two family, whoever came along had to be extremely careful. At this moment, ten thousand horses were galloping into the city, the commotion caused was too great.

The crowd was in an uproar and all the Xiantian experts stepped aside to give way.

Soon after, dark figures appeared on the street one by one. They were all taller than ordinary horses and their bodies were as black as ink. What they had were not hair, but dense, firm scales that gave off a cold glow under the sunlight.

This was a Black Scaled Horse, the hooves of its horses were unusually thick and they were extremely powerful. Every step it took caused the ground to tremble.

This is a Black Scaled Horse.

Oh my god, so many Black Scaled Horse have appeared all of a sudden.

Just which power came to Cangli City to be so arrogant?

There were dozens of horses in front and on each of the Black Scaled Horse, a youth sat. Their auras surged and a wave of killing Intent surrounded their bodies, indicating that they were not to be trifled with.

It's him.

The person who came was none other than the Wang Shan who had almost died in his hands. When he was captured by him, he used to call him brother-in-law.

Zi Chen had a deep impression of this very unusual fellow. He did not hesitate to kill others in order to survive.

It's someone from Cloud City, he's called Wang Shan, a genius of Cloud City.

This child is powerful, has learnt the Azure Dawn Secret Art and he knows many types of Killing Technique, his strength is strong.

Amongst the crowd, there were some people who had extraordinary knowledge and recognized Wang Shan.

Wang Shan held his head high and stuck his chest out as azure light surrounded his entire body, it was extremely natural and unrestrained. The Black Scaled Horses below him were all black like ink, they were mighty and the experts behind him even raised their heads with pride.

After a few months, he's actually grown stronger. Zi Chen laughed, at the moment, Wang Shan was not far from the peak Xiantain Realm

The hooves of the horses trampled on the ground, which was like rolling thunder, causing the horses and chickens to become restless. The Cultivators looked at each other angrily but Wang Shan laughed out loud.

Arrogant, proud, and indifferent.

The people from Cloud City are here as well. It seems that there will be another force added to the trip to the ruins.

That's right, now the Wu Zong Sect, the Cang and Li Family, as well as Cloud City. I wonder if anyone from the Floating Snow City will come and if there are any other people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

Many powers have gathered. It seems that they are determined to obtain treasures from this trip to the ruins.

The crowd broke out into a flurry of discussion.

The ruins is a place filled with miracles and fortuitous encounters but with the participation of a great power, it's hard to say if it's a blessing or a curse.

Some of the older generations sighed.

When the people of Cloud City came, Zi Chen was a little surprised. However, shortly after, he saw that on both sides of the road, there were some ordinary Xiantian Realm experts. Their appearances were very ordinary and even their eyes looked the same.

The people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion are here too.

Zi Chen's heart stirred. In the past year that he had been hunted down, Zi Chen was very familiar with the killers from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

Many forces were gathered, it seemed like this trip to the ruins would start soon.

Wang Shan was showing off and did not notice the assassin in the dark. Zi Chen did not bother to look at the killer's pleased look and turned to leave.

The journey in the ruins was filled with danger. Zi Chen needed to purchase a few life saving items first, and Pills amongst them were indispensable.

When Zi Chen gathered at Cangli City, he came to the Linglong Pavilion once again. Unexpectedly, like a marketplace, it was full of people.

In addition, everyone had gathered on the second floor, making this abnormally large hall seem extremely crowded.

Other than representing fortuitous encounters and miracles, the ruins also represented danger. Everyone had to buy some life saving items.

Zi Chen was also among the crowd and had been queuing up the entire time.

Unfortunately, by the time it was his turn, all the Pills here had already been sold out. Obviously, the Linglong Pavilion did not expect that there would be so many Xiantian experts here either.

Unable to purchase the Pills, Zi Chen was a little dejected. He turned around and left, planning to come back tomorrow.

He had already heard that the trip to the ruins would be held seven days later.

Selling Xiantian Qi Restoration Pill.

Selling Xiantian Qi Restoration Pill at low prices.

After walking out of the Linglong Pavilion, Zi Chen heard a lot of people shouting and selling. His gaze swept around, and discovered a few cultivators is holding Xiantian Qi Restoration Pills and were continuously shouting.

Reselling Pills?

Zi Chen was speechless. He had queued for a long time but still failed to purchase a Xiantain Qi Restoration Pill and was originally puzzled, why would the Linglong Pavilion be out of such pills? Now, it seemed that it was precisely these people who bought a lot and now that they are reselling it, it was obvious that they wanted to profit from it.

Such a smart move!

Zi Chen sighed, turned around and left, planning to come back tomorrow.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye.

In these seven days, Zi Chen relied on his own hard work and perseverance but as expected, he did not manage to purchase the Pills that he needed and in the end, he could only helplessly buy one or two Xiantian Qi Restoration Pills from some of the people who were selling the Pills.

During this period of time in Cangli City, more Xiantian experts had come and their numbers were astonishing.


Seven days later, they left one after the other and gathered outside the city. A dark mass surrounded them as they neared ten thousand people with a single glance.

These people came from all over the world, a few major cities and there were also many powers. They were divided into groups of three to five and separated into several hundred different forces.

The biggest of them all belonged to the four powers.

Cloud City, Wu Zong Sect, Cang Family, and Li Family. As for the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion, they did not show themselves but instead were spread out among tens of thousands of people.

As for the other powers, no one knew.

Just one ruin's Xiantian trial grounds alone had attracted close to ten thousand people. From this, it could be seen how attractive the ruins was.

In the Xiantian trial grounds, there are rumours that there are precious treasure. I do not have much hope, just find an ancient scroll.


, an ancient scroll is something you still dare to hope for, why didn't you say you want the Heavenly Book, I only hope to get something that's comparable to the Wu Zong Art.

idiot, it's best if you can stay alive.

There were tens of thousands of people and each sentence was followed by tens of thousands of sentences. The city was in chaos and there was no one to lead the way. It was even more chaotic.

The Cang Family and Li Family both brought along many experts. Li Huo and Li Huo sat on two mutated beasts among them.

I wonder who released the news that so many more idiots have come. Looking at the black mass of people in the distance, Li Huo heard their discussion and curled his lips.

It would be better to have more people. The ruins is too big and the trial grounds is also too big. Cang He laughed faintly.

Other than the two families of Cang and Li, the people from the Wu Zong Sect and Cloud City were here as well. It was obvious that the four forces had formed an alliance.

Let's hurry up and go. Wang Shan urged, he was obviously impatient.

Wang Shan, I heard that you suffered a huge loss at the hands of Zi Chen and almost lost your life? Wu Xiong suddenly asked.

Nonsense. Wang Shan turned and stared at Wu Xiong.

Oh, it's nonsense? I just heard about it. Since it isn't true, then forget it. Wu Xiong waved his hands and laughed. I had originally planned to introduce you to one or two people who have quite a deep relationship with Zi Chen but since the rumors were wrong. Haha, then I won't speak anymore.

Their relationship with Zi Chen is not shallow, who is it? Wang Shan asked. Back then when he was kidnapped by Zi Chen, it could be said to be a big blemish in his life. He had always kept this matter in his heart.

The one with small eyes is Zi Chen's good brothers, called Miao Kong. As for the one dressed in white and blue, they are Zi Chen's close female friends, called Su Mengyao and Lin Xue. Wu Xiong's gaze swept into the distance with some malicious intent.

Oh? Wang Shan saw Su Mengyao and Lin Xue and his eyes immediately lit up as he said, That trash Zi Chen actually has two female friends. Oh my god, the looks of these two are definitely top class and their temperament is completely different.

This guy, he looks so bad but he actually has such luck with the peach blossoms. Wang Shan's heart was bitter but he changed the topic, This is good too, since Zi Chen is already dead, then let me take care of his best friend. Haha, when two beauties with two different temperaments are placed together, it would be wonderful just thinking about it.

Wang Shan laughed, his eyes releasing an evil light, suddenly, he felt his entire body shivering, as though he was in an ice cellar, as though he was being watched by something extremely dangerous.

This feeling passed in a blink of an eye. Wang Shan thought that it was just an illusion and his laughter suddenly stopped.

Wang Shan, these two are related to our Cang Family, you better not go overboard. At this time, Cang He said indifferently.

Isn't it just saving the life of a direct descendant disciple of yours? Furthermore, old man Su is already dead, so there's no need to mention such a small favor. What relation do they have with you? Even if I kill them, old man Su will not jump out from the ground to denounce you. Wu Xiong curled his lips and said.

The Wu Zong Sect killed old man Su and similarly, it was impossible for Su Mengyao to be alive but who would have thought that this matter would actually be stopped by the people from the Cang Family. At the same time, there was also Miao Kong speaking from the middle, thus allowing her to live.

We will always repay our favors. Our Cang Family has never not repaid back our favors. Cang He said.

Relax, Brother Cang He, you go to Cloud City and ask around. I, Wang Shan, am famous in the outside world and I would never do anything that would cause trouble for myself. Wang Shan smiled, not caring in the slightest.

Indeed, there is only one family in Cloud City, and that was the Wang Family. In the Wang Family, he was an existence that could summon the wind and the rain but in Cangli City, there were actually two great clans.

At the side, Chen Feng listened quietly but did not dare to speak. Firstly, because he did not have the qualifications to speak and secondly, because the Chen Family had gotten into big trouble. Chen Zi had disappeared without a trace, causing all the powers to guess that Chen Zi had left Cangli City and entered closed-door cultivation.

Is there still no news of this Chen Zi? Li Huo suddenly asked.

No, we've searched almost the entire Cangli City and we haven't been able to find anything. Such a pity, he's such a strong force. Cang He shook his head.

Indeed, it is a pity that his battle power is not used by us. Wu Xiong also said.

Chen Feng didn't dare to say a single word.

I hate that name. After hearing everything about Chen Zi, Wang Shan said in disgust.

The ruins is a long way off, we should start our journey.

After a discussion, the four forces took the lead to move out.