Thunder Martial Chapter 16 - Assessment Rewards

No, I cannot borrow it. Zi Chen shook his head and insisted

What's wrong? Lin Xue's complexion changed with a hint of bitterness. You want to stay in the outer sect for two more years? I've already heard about your situation, and it doesn't matter if your friend betrayed you, the most important thing is that you must be able to take on responsibility and have self confidence. Don't tell me because of your self esteem, you don't even want to enter the inner sect and find a more suitable place to grow?

I, Lin Xue, have misread you Zi Chen. In the past, I thought that you had good self esteem and the desire to become stronger and strive for self improvement. But now, it seems that you feel inferior and lack confidence in yourself. There was disappointment in Lin Xue's eyes as she said loudly

Wuu Wuu..

After saying all that, Lin Xue squatted on the ground and began to cry in a low voice.

Zi Chen stood there awkwardly. He actually wanted to tell Lin Xue that he had already broken through, but unfortunately he hadn't even gotten the chance to say it before he made Lin Xue cry.

Zi Chen, are you a f*cking man? You even made Lin Xue cry, I think you are a fellow who can only live with women supporting you.

What kind of trash are you? What qualifications do you have to make junior sister Lin Xue cry for you?

These reprimands resounded from the distance. The one who dared to speak just now was naturally a person at the fifth Layer of True Qi. He had only dared to speak up because he was entering the inner sect soon.


Don't let me bump into you motherf*ckers during the assessment; otherwise, I will beat all of you until your own mother can't recognize you. Zi Chen shouted angrily towards the direction of that voice

What, you...?

In the distance, the complexion of the crowd that was roaring just now had changed.

I, your father, am also at the fifth Layer of True Qi and is stronger than all of you. Zi Chen said angrily.

Bursting with foul language was naturally not Zi Chen's strong point. However, what he said at this moment was his way of telling Lin Xue that he had already broken through, and thus did not need her True Qi pills.

Good kid, you got guts. Let's see who beats who when the time comes. I, Ke Xue, am going to beat the sh*t out of you. Ke Xue left after spouting these malicious words.

Little kid, see you at the assessment. Let's see whether you can still be rampant when the time comes. Others began leaving one after another.

For those below the fifth Layer of True Qi, they understood that Zi Chen had broken through, and walked away dejectedly. They didn't even dare to come up with any remarks.

Did you really make a breakthrough?

Lin Xue had stopped crying but there were still some tear stains on her face.

Un. Zi Chen nodded and cracked a joke, I wanted to tell you in the first place, but I was called utterly worthless by you.

You jerk... Lin Xue got up and hitting her small pink fist against Zi Chen's chest.

Zi Chen stood there motionless, allowing Lin Xue to hit him however she liked.

Idiot, country bumpkin, stupid pig, silly fork. In this situation, you should obviously hug her In the room, Miao Kong gritted his teeth and watched as Zi Chen stood there motionless.

Zi Chen assured Lin Xue over and over that he will be able to enter the inner sect and obtain a good position as well. Lin Xue finally gave up on the idea of giving the True Qi pill to Zi Chen as she reluctantly turned her head to leave.

Zi Chen returned to the room to discover Miao Kong with with a bad complexion.

What's wrong? Zi Chen asked with doubt.

It's okay if you don't ask, but once you do, there will be a flood of remarks.

Miao Kong rushed towards Zi Chen and said right in his face Ah, you are so silly. Such a good opportunity and yet you can't even grasp it. Just like a stupid pig, you don't even know how pick up women. Even if you didn't know how to chase after women, you should at least seize this opportunity to please Lin Xue, which is basically the same as pleasing Su Mengyao. Then, when the time comes to enter the inner sect, she will look after you. Who would dare touch you? A mere Wang Xiong would be nothing then.

Miao Kong roared at Zi Chen, making him feel extremely moved. It was obvious that Miao Kong was thinking for his sake, he knew that his life in the inner sect would not be easy after offending Wang Xiong.

Rest assured, I know what I'm doing. Zi Chen said with a smile.

You don't know sh*t, you don't even know how to pick up girls. Lin Xue is so beautiful, so pure, just like a blue lotus. To think she would actually take a liking to a pile of cow dung like you, ahhhh... Bringing back the severely wounded Lin Xue that was helpless and miserable. That small figure being carried on my own back who is as light as a feather, walking among the bumpy mountain road and feeling her on your back. This kind of good fortune, why was it given to you? I, Miao Kong, am wonderfully dashing and romantic, how come I haven't come across this kind of lucky situation? There was an infatuated look of bitterness on Miao Kong's face as he started his speech.


Zi Chen was speechless.

Wang Xiong did not find trouble with Zi Chen anymore, and the news of Zi Chen's breakthrough was being spread. These days, Lin Xue came twice, and every time she left, Miao Kong roared at Zi Chen unceasingly, and then proceeded to teach Zi Chen tricks to pick up girls.

Regarding these tricks; Zi Chen listened and took some notes on how to push down a girl, how to embrace, or how to create a good atmosphere.


Several days later, the assessment of the inner sect disciples.

At the exterior of the Ling Wu sect was a giant square, large enough to accommodate ten thousand people. Around the square, there were numerous outer sect disciples that did not have the qualifications to participate in the assessment. On the other hand, in the center of the square were several hundred qualified outer sect disciples.

Zi Chen stood among those hundreds of disciples with Miao Kong standing to his left, and Lin Xue to his right.

Everyone's attention was turned to the stage.

They all calmly waited for the interior door to open for an elder to come out.

The inspector for the assessment was an inner sect elder.

All the elders of the Ling Wu sect is at the XianTian Realm and their strength was very strong. The strongest person was the great elder, who was at the Zhen Yuan Realm. When the patriarch wasn't around, all matters of the Ling Wu sect is decided by the great elder.

During the previous assessment, the great elder did not appear. Only some inner sect elder that managed the inner sect came. But today, the first one that appeared was an old man that had a big scarlet robe, white hair, a ruddy complexion, and eyes that were as sharp as an eagle. He appeared on the stage in an obscure fashion, radiating a domineering pressure.

He was at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

This realm was even higher than the Xian ian Realm, and its intimidating aura made the outer sect disciples gasp for breath.

This is the aura of an expert from the Zhen Yuan Realm? Feeling the pressure from this realm personally, Zi Chen's heart was trembling. However, the pressure released by the figure that had appeared in his mind was as strong as heaven and earth. Compared to the pressure from a regular Zhen Yuan realm cultivator, one couldn't even tell how many times stronger the former was.

Great elder actually appeared for the assessment this time.

Oh my god, great elder is in charge of the core disciples, but he is actually participating in the assessment for inner sect disciples.

What's the difference with the test this time that would cause for him to appear?

The atmosphere in the crowd became even more tense and the sound of discussion resounded unceasingly.

A great elder was enough to overpower all the normal elders; therefore, the audience was shocked. The rest of the elders made their appearance but they paled in comparison.

Numerous scarlet robed elders appeared on the stage next to the great elder. With a light swing of his hand, the crowd was instantly silenced.

The inner sect assessment that occurs every two years begins once again. The vigorous and powerful voice of the great elder resounded throughout the square. But there's a slight change in the test this time compared to the previous ones...

The great elder's voice had not even died down before the crowd bustled with noise, resuming their discussions once more.

Difference? What is the difference?

Did the rules change?


The great elder's voice spread to everyone's ear as the gigantic plaza became silent again.

The rules haven't changed, there are still two parts to it. The first round will be a test of strength while the second round will test your battle prowess. This process will remain the same. What has changed is the reward.

Everyone's ears perked up as they were concerned about the reward.

In the past, first place for the second round would obtain two True Qi pills and a rank two martial technique. Second place would receive one True Qi pills and a rank two martial technique. And the remainder till the tenth place would receive a rank two class martial technique only. Regarding this year's changes, the person who gets first place will obtain five True Qi pills and will also get a rank one martial technique. Second place will get three True Qi pills and a rank two martial technique. Third place, two True Qi pills and a rank two martial technique. Fourth place, one True Qi pill and....

The rewards for first place had more than doubled; in addition, you also get a rank one martial technique.

In addition, there is a change to the highest reward. The several elders and I have discussed and decided that we will pick a disciple with the highest potential among the disciples who enter the inner sect and allow that disciple to directly become a core disciple. The great elder did not wait for the crowd to respond as he said


When his words fell, the crowd went into an uproar for quite a while before calming down.

In the Ling Wu sect, the one who enjoyed the highest treatment was the core disciple. For an outer sect disciple to become a core disciple? They would have never dared to dream of it. Even numerous inner sect disciples were breaking their heads trying to get in that place.

Even for Wang Xiong, his ultimate goal and reason for getting Zi Chen's 500 year old Snow Ginseng was to become a core disciple.

It can be said that becoming a core disciple was the ultimate dream of every single disciple from the Ling Wu sect. Before, this test was simply a way to enter the inner sect. Yet now, they could attempt to become a core disciple.

This time, a single spot is being given to one of the outer sect disciples to become a core disciple. In other words, amongst the hundreds of people here, there will be one person that will become a core disciple, high and above the others. This can only be described as reaching the sky within a single step.

I will become a core disciple. An green clothed youth clenched his fists as a glowing light filled his eyes.

Idiot, keep dreaming. Some nearby disciples jeered.

Becoming a core disciple, this privilege will be mine. Another youth spoke, his eyes were filled with fanaticism.

At this moment, all of the disciples' eyes radiated with the same glow.

Whether it was Wang Xiong, Miao Kong, Zi Chen or Lin Xue, it was their collective dream to become a core disciple.

A surge of fighting spirit rose from the center of the square. However, low sighs could be heard from outside the square. The rewards of this year's assessment was too valuable, but it was unfortunate that they did not have the qualifications to participate.

Good, very good. The future of Ling Wu sect will depend on all of you. Feeling the fighting spirit rising below, the great elder gave a nod of satisfaction.

Now, the first round of the test will begin. If all of you have the required strength, you will be considered an inner sect disciple from then on.

With the fall of his voice, another inner sect assessment had begun.

Rather than the brutal selection of the second round, the first round of this test was relatively easy. It only judged whether their individual strength had reached the fifth Layer of True Qi or not.