Thunder Martial Chapter 159 - Killing a Zhen Yuan Realm Expert

Kid, since you dare to offend me. Today will be the day you die.

In the corner, Chen Feng looked at Zi Chen venomously. Today, in front of so many cultivators, Chen Zi had humiliated him. He could imagine that after tomorrow, in the streets and alleys, there would be many versions of Chen Zi that would appear but every version would not be beneficial to him.

His reputation would plummet tomorrow.

As for Ling Yun, he was not any better off so the two had plotted to kill Chen Zi first to vent their anger.

For the sake of this plot to be a 100% chance of success, the two did not participate. They were afraid that the Chen Zi would capture them and threaten them.

A mere early Xiantian Realm, so what? Facing the pursuit of the nine Zhen Yuan Realm experts, he will definitely die this time. Ling Yun also said as he clenched his teeth.

In front of them, the besieging crowd had already begun their attack.


Powerful energy surged as streams of True Yuan emitted multicolored rays of light, filling the entire place.

The powerful martial techniques filled the entire space. Like an angry roar of seawater, it carried its surging true energy and swarmed towards Zi Chen.

His blood started to boil, the golden light around him was like a sun. Clenching his fists tightly, Zi Chen threw out a powerful attack.


Waves of energy surged forth like a tsunami, completely shaking this place. The earth cracked, houses collapsed and cries of alarm rang.

This was a residential area and as a result of the fierce battle, it was completely destroyed.


A Zhen Yuan Realm Expert rushed towards Zi Chen with a blade in his hand. In an instant, a Blade Qi descended, bringing with it a terrifying pressure as it slashed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen bellowed as killing intent exploded in his eyes. Amidst his dantian, his Qi continuously surged and like two large iron hammers, his fists continued to smash towards the Blade Qi.


The Blade Qi scattered in the air and Zi Chen turned into a ray of golden light as he rushed forward.

After practicing the Arcane Technique, Zi Chen's body became even stronger. If what the monk said was true then the extremes of things would always be reversed but right now, Zi Chen's body had no flaws and was on the verge of perfection.

His fist landed, bringing with it a terrifying power as it instantly smashed onto the blade.


A clear sound rang out, like the cry of metals clashing, it erupted into a burst of brilliant sparks

What? He actually blocked that attack?

This is too terrifying, what kind of physique is this, to be able to fight against a Zhen Yuan Weapon.

At the corner, Ling Yun and Chen Feng were extremely shocked. They thought that Chen Zi would only be able to fight against the Xiantian Weapons but they never thought that he would actually be able to block one of the attacks from a Zhen Yuan Weapons.

After the man who attacked with the blade is forced to retreat, several of the attacks landed on Zi Chen's body.

Nine Thunder Pass.

Zi Chen shouted in his heart, his footsteps flickering like a bolt of golden lightning and he moved quickly.



After dodging several attacks and shattering two of them, there were still two more that landed on Zi Chen's body, causing his body to slow down as the blood in his body boiled.

This child, with his insignificant strength at the early Xiantian Realm had actually blocked our attacks. He really is a monster.

His existence is comparable to Li Hao and the other monster. Once he grows, his fighting strength will be incalculable.

Since we have provoked such an existence, we must kill him on the spot to avoid bringing about endless trouble in the future.

With just one exchange, they actually did not manage to take down their opponent. The expressions of all the Zhen Yuan Realm Experts changed.

Kill, use your killing move, we can't let him escape. The Great Elder of the Ling Wu Sect, the current Chen Family Elder, shouted angrily, his eyes filled with boundless killing intent.


The others roared and started to display their killing move.


This Blade Qi was at least ten meters long. This was an expert who had been in the Zhen Yuan Realm for a long time and had already ascended to the heavens with unparalleled battle power.


Space started to surge as a merciless killing intent appeared. A sharp Sword Qi shot straight towards Zi Chen's head.

At the same time, more and more expert unleashed their powerful attacks.

The sky darkened and palm imprints that carried a destructive aura appeared. It covered the entire sky and pressed down towards Zi Chen's head.



Zi Chen punched out with his fist, dispersing the Blade Qi and shattering the Sword Qi, dodged a few attacks but he was suppressed by the huge palm.


The huge handprint brought Zi Chen to a house. In an instant, the building collapsed and a distinct five-fingered handprint appeared


Endless dust floated between the heavens and the earth.

Now he's probably dead.

He's just at the early Xiantian Realm, even a monstrous has to die.

What a pity, a monster like this, offending our Chen Family, will definitely die.

The pleasure of killing a monster is really not bad.

In Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's eyes, there was already joy.


However, at this moment, a figure suddenly shot out from the smoke and dust, like a golden lightning bolt and flew towards the distance.

Not good, he's not dead yet. Don't let him escape.

Such a strong physique, he doesn't even die from that.

The Zhen Yuan Realm Experts made their move again.

In the midst of the golden light, Zi Chen was covered in blood, looking extremely pathetic. However, his eyes were emitting red light, as if he had entered a state of madness.

Attacks came one after another, carrying with them terrifying power.


Everyone thought that Zi Chen was trying to escape so they all released one attack after another to block his path but no one expected that not only did did not run, he had even turned back and rushed towards a masked man.

Since you heavily injured me, I'll take back some interests Zi Chen's eyes glowed red, he looked as if he had gone completely crazy. His fighting strength had increased greatly but he was extremely clear-headed.


He stared at the masked man as killing intent exploded in his eyes.

The man clearly did not expect this and his eyes were filled with panic. However, he did not stop as a sharp Sword Qi appeared and slashed towards Zi Chen.


The Sword Qi was abnormally sharp and instantly pierced into Zi Chen's body. His strong defense was instantly broken and fresh blood continuously sprayed out. Zi Chen was injured.

However, Zi Chen acted as if he did not feel it, his eyes filled with ferocity. Gritting his teeth, he activated the Qi in his body and punched towards the other man's head.

Using his life in a fight was Zi Chen's usual tactic.


A loud dull sound echoed and the entire place was shaking as a boundless golden light engulfed the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert.

No, martial uncle!

A hysterical roar rang from afar.

Junior apprentice-brother.

Second brother.

Even more people cried out in alarm but no one was able to stop the destructive power of the golden light. This was a powerful strike from Zi Chen, its terrifying might was indescribable.


Under this golden light, the protective True Yuan around the masked man's body started to crumble. After a few hits, it instantly shattered. Immediately after, an incomparable energy rushed towards the incomparably terrified Zhen Yuan Realm Expert.


Red and white objects flew all over the place and the Zhen Yuan Realm expert turned into a headless corpse. Just like that, a Zhen Yuan Realm expert died in Zi Chen's hands.



Unyielding roars rang out and terrifying killing intent surged out, stirring up the winds and clouds in all four directions.

However, one person has died so the encirclement had already been blown away by a corner. Zi Chen pulled out the longsword that had pierced his shoulder and fresh blood sprayed down. He covered his wound with his hand and with a flash, he escaped into the distance.

No... Chen Zi, I want you dead.

Chen Feng's roars continuously rang out. The one who died was one of his martial uncle, his relative.

Kid, stop.

The Great Elder also continued to roar as boundless killing intent began to spread.

But sadly, the encirclement had already been broken, Zi Chen's speed was extremely fast, and no one could catch up to him.

Chen Feng, and the people of the Chen Family. Just you wait, the injuries today, in the future, I will definitely make you pay ten times the price.

In the sky, Zi Chen's cold voice rang out.

The experts who was chasing from behind shivered. Such threatening words from a monstrous is definitely not spoken out of nowhere and once he broke through to the Zhen Yuan Realm, everyone present could do nothing about it.

Chase, don't let him escape.

The Great Elder knew about the severity of this matter. Offending a monster, the consequences would be extremely terrifying. Cangli City had existed for tens of thousands of years and such things happened frequently.

Could it be that our Chen Family will follow in their footsteps as well? The Great Elder didn't dare to even think about it. The only thing he could do was to kill his opponent.

He's injured, we must kill him. Otherwise, the Chen Family will be finished. The Great Elder roared, feeling extremely nervous.

At the same time, fear emerged in Ling Yun and Chen Feng's eyes.

They tried to kill a monster but it turned out to be fruitless and the latter had to take revenge against them in the future. There were simply too many things that happened in Cangli City and under the bloody lesson, they would become a powerful family in history that has perished.

The only thing that they rejoiced is that no matter how fast Zi Chen was, there would always be blood left behind. However, after chasing for an hour, they arrived at a bustling street and discovered in despair that there was no blood left.

Why is it gone?

If he don't bandage this wound as soon as possible, he will bleed to death.

How could this be?

Everyone was dumbstruck. A group of Zhen Yuan Realm experts were all staring at each other and saw the confusion in their eyes. They were all filled with doubt and fear.

Search, we must find him.

The Great Elder roared and started searching right where the blood trail had disappeared.

At this time, Zi Chen had already ran past a few streets and at an alley, he knocked out a passerby and stripped him of his clothes.

At this moment, his face was deathly pale and he had consumed a lot of energy. However, his wound was already scarred and he could be considered to have escaped death.

Chen Family, I will definitely make you pay.

After walking out of the valley's mouth, Zi Chen had already changed into the appearance of a middle-aged man.

He did not hide but instead, he walked towards the crowd.

Damn it, where did he run off to?

When he brushed shoulders with the other party, Zi Chen heard the Great Elder's indignant voice and saw Chen Feng and Ling Yun.

They made a mistake and took the wrong step. In the future, the Chen Family would have to pay full attention to prepare for the counterattack of a monster called Chen Zi.

As the two parties passed each other, no one recognized Zi Chen as he swaggered forward.

The Linglong Pavilion was his goal.