Thunder Martial Chapter 158 - Surrounded

On the seventh floor, only Li Huo and Li Hao remained. It was very empty and there was no need to hold back.

Li Huo went straight to the point.

Although diamonds that had lost their Golden Essence could not be compared to a precious treasure, their value is also immeasurable. The weapons that were refined were even better than weapons like the Raging Flame Sword and could definitely be considered as an excellent material for refining.

Li Huo stared at Li Hao, confused.

What, could it be that I can still snatch it from him? Li Hao glared at his own younger brother and said indifferently, A mere diamond that has lost its Golden Essence. Could it be that it can match my, Li Hao's, face and Li Family's face? To make a move here today, aren't you afraid of others laughing at us?

This... Li Huo was startled. He was an impatient person who only cared about the current situation and not the future.

That still can't be forgotten. Li Huo said.

Isn't he going to the ruins? Li Hao only spoke one sentence indifferently and no longer spoke.

Eldest Brother, you mean... Li Huo's eyes instantly lit up.

Even though the diamond has lost its Golden Essence, it is not something that an unknown brat like him can get his hands on. Li Hao said.

Unknown? Eldest Brother, you don't know this but... Li Huo said everything that happened and quietly said his own guess, He is strong, comparable to a monster of the same level and he might be a disciple of a hermit family.

Li Hao's eyes flashed, he was a little surprised but after pondering for a moment, he waved his hand, It doesn't matter, whether or not he is from a hermit family doesn't matter. The most important thing is that he is going to the ruins.

Since he might be from a powerful fighting force, then fight for it. Give him some benefits and let him help our Li Family.

Zi Chen's attitude after he left had made him extremely unhappy.

Immediately after, Cang He and the rest also walked out.

Chen Zi, there are still a few days until we head to the ruins. We will inform you when that happens. Cang He cupped his hands and said politely.

Alright. Zi Chen nodded.

All along the way, Cang He and Wu Xiong had always tried to rope Zi Chen in, intentionally or otherwise. With such a strong fighting strength, in the ruins, he was an existence that could not be ignored.

Zi Chen nodded and smiled but he did not give them a promise, nor did he refuse them and in the end, they left.

Let's go together.

Miao Kong suddenly said after Wu Xiong and Cang He left, leaving only Miao Kong, Lin Xue, Su Mengyao, and Zi Chen behind.

Chen Zi, where do you live? Miao Kong asked.

Lucky Records Inn.

I don't know if it's an illusion or not but when I saw you, Chen Zi, I thought of a friend. Miao Kong said.

Oh, what friend? Zi Chen looked at Miao Kong.

A good friend, we are brothers. We have known each other for many years. His name is Zi Chen but unfortunately, rumors say that he is dead. Miao Kong said, his eyes staring straight at Zi Chen.

Su Mengyao and Lin Xue heard this and stared at Zi Chen.

Chen Zi, Zi Chen, seems somewhat similar. Zi Chen asked indifferently, Is your friend a member of the Wu Zong Sect?

Miao Kong shook his head, and said: No, he is someone from the Ling Wu Sect.

It is said that the Ling Wu Sect was destroyed by the Wu Zong Sect. You are a member of the Wu Zong Sect but your brother is actually a member of the Ling Wu Sect. Haha, you are indeed a good brother Zi Chen smiled faintly.

Miao Kong was a member of the Wu Zong Sect and his status was not low either, which made Zi Chen suspicious but he did not do anything extreme because Su Mengyao and Lin Xue did not have any enmity towards him.

From the two of them, Zi Chen could sense that Su Mengyao had an enmity with Wu Xiong.

Sigh, this matter is difficult to put into words... Miao Kong sighed as he shook his head, as though he was suffering from endless difficulties.

Zi Chen did not speak.

Mentioning the Ling Wu Sect once again, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue's mood sunk a lot. It was obvious that they were reminded of the sad things that had happened in the past.

You have to be careful, these three forces all have other intentions. Also, your diamond, even though it's lost its Golden Essence, it's still a rare refining materials. Miao Kong whispered.

This trip to the ruins is filled with danger. Geniuses from all three forces will come and there will be a large number of them. Don't be reckless.

Zi Chen didn't speak, it was Miao Kong who kept talking and after a while, they had reached the end of their path.

I'm here, this is the inn I'm staying at Miao Kong laughed, pointed to the inn in front of him and went in.

What about you two? Where do you live? Zi Chen looked at Lin Xue and Su Mengyao.

We live in the Lin Family. Su Mengyao said.

Zi Chen had a lot of questions he wanted to ask but he was unable to speak. At this time, he is unable to protect himself and as long as he revealed his identity, he would face the pursuit of many forces. He did not have the methods of the Good and Evil monk. The moment Imperial Sky Realm experts arrive, he would definitely die.

I'm here, take care. Zi Chen looked at the two of them, then turned and left.

Is it him? Is he really alive? Lin Xue looked at Zi Chen's back.

He is definitely alive but if it isn't him, it's hard for me to judge. However, there is a 60% chance that he is him. Su Mengyao shook her head and said.

But why didn't he acknowledge us?

He should be afraid of bringing us trouble. It is a miracle that he is able to survive after being hunted by the three forces. However, we must leave now. After sweeping a glance, Su Mengyao said.

Zi Chen left quickly.

He did not directly return to the inn but instead, he walked towards the end of the long street. This was a very deep street but the deeper he went, the fewer pedestrians he met.

However, there were always two people following behind Zi Chen, neither too fast nor too slow. After leaving the Guest House, the two of them followed him secretly.

Following me? Zi Chen sneered and continued to walk. After the sound of the people had disappeared, Zi Chen had already arrived at an extremely remote place.



Suddenly, two figures appeared. One in front and one behind, they stopped Zi Chen.

Who are you? Zi Chen was on guard.

Zi Chen was surprised by the energy fluctuations surrounding their bodies. At the same time, he wondered who it was that had set their eyes on him.

Brat, you have offended our young Master, today will be the day you die

For a mere early Xiantian Realm brat, you dare to behave so atrociously in Cangli City. I'll send you to your death today.

One in front and one behind, the two of them were extremely cold. They wore black clothing and wore masks, obviously not wanting to reveal their identities.


Roaring, the two of them attacked simultaneously.


Zi Chen jumped sideways and the golden Qi started surging around his body. He used the Nine Thunder Pass to dodge the attacks and at the same time, he suddenly turned around and struck backwards.


On his fist, a golden light flashed and the energy that man had released scattered. Zi Chen borrowed the force of the impact to fly back a few metres.

What? Weren't you injured? The person who was fighting with Zi Chen let out a cry of alarm.

While fighting the Good Evil Monk, Zi Chen was injured but after being in seventh floor for a long time, Zi Chen's injuries were fully recovered with the help of his mysterious heart.

Zi Chen did not say anything. The current him is still unable to kill two Zhen Yuan Realm experts and there were still people who had not appeared in the dark. Without the help of the Thunder Domains pressure, Zi Chen could only quickly leave.


With a tap of his feet, he leaped up and ran off into the distance.

He wants to run, chase him

The two of them quickly chased after Zi Chen.

However, Zi Chen's speed was too fast. The two of them could not catch up.


Suddenly, a berserk Qi appeared from below and a stream of Blade Qi rushed towards Zi Chen, reaching him in the blink of an eye.


Zi Chen struck out with his fist, which released a resplendent golden light, smashing the Blade Qi in one strike. At the same time, his body swayed in the air and almost fell to the ground.

There's still someone else!

At the same time, several other figures ran over from afar. Looking at the energy surging around their bodies, they were actually experts at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

So many Zhen Yuan Realm experts, could it be the people from the Li Family? Zi Chen frowned, and increased his speed once again.

Although he is at the early Xiantian Realm, the speed that Zi Chen displayed is already very frightening. He was shining with a golden light, like a bolt of lightning and in an instant, he had left his pursuer far behind.


In an alley, Zi Chen's figure descended but there was no more pursuers around him. Just as he was about to heave a sigh of relief, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was a grey-clothed person, his hair was white, he already had an aged look,and his face was full of wrinkles. Zi Chen had only glanced at him once but his pupils shrank and he almost lost control of himself.

The person who came was none other than the Great Elder of the Ling Wu Sect. [TN: The Great Elder is not the Grand Elder. He is the one who wants to kill Zi Chen but was stopped by the Grand Elder]

Why is it him? At that time, almost all of Ling Wu Sect elders died, I never thought that he would still be alive. I think he must be someone from Chen Family.

Seeing the Great Elder, Zi Chen understood everything.

It seemed that the one who wanted to make a move on him this time was Chen Feng. Obviously, he could not take this lying down.

There's a path to heaven, but you refuse to take it and you decided to barge into the door to hell The Great Elder stepped forward, his cold eyes staring straight at Zi Chen and his entire body surging with True Yuan.

He was a powerful existence that could be compared with the Punishment Hall Elder and had he already walked a long way on the road of the Zhen Yuan Realm.

As he stood there, it was as if a bronze wall had appeared before him. There were no flaws at all.

There was no way forward!

Zi Chen did not say anything else. Since he could not afford to offend such an existence, he turned around and got ready to leave.




However, the sound of something breaking through the air quickly rang out. One figure after another came from afar, from three directions, they formed a fan and surrounded Zi Chen.

These people's killing intent surged, they were all Zhen Yuan Realm experts there were several of them.

At the same time, Zi Chen saw that in the distance, a pair of venomous eyes was staring at him.

Chen Feng.

Around the corner, Zi Chen saw Chen Feng. He was standing beside Ling Yun, his eyes filled with hatred.

Sure enough, it's them. I didn't expect that before I'll kill you, you are trying to kill me first.

Zi Chen's eyes revealed killing intent, but unfortunately, he had bigger problems that he needed to resolve.

Nearly ten Zhen Yuan Realm experts had surrounded him.

Zhen Yuan Realm experts? Zi Chen snorted, a powerful fighting intent surged from his entire body and a boundless golden light surged as the blood and energy in his body completely boiled.

When he was at the True Qi Realm, he had already been surrounded and attacked by the Zhen Yuan Realm experts. The him at that time was able to smoothly flee while carrying another person.

Come, let's fight

His heroic spirit soared to the heavens as his fighting spirit boiled.