Thunder Martial Chapter 157 - Six-Word Mantra

Everyone flew up and surrounded the Good and Evil Monk. The latter hung his head low and was extremely unwilling. However, at this moment, with so many Imperial Sky Realm experts, it was impossible for him to escape.

Just a little bit more! The monk was unresigned. Ahead of him was the city wall. Once he jumped, he should be able to escape.

This kind of hermit expert is truly shameless. He actually attacked me with such powerful strength. He is simply shameless to the extreme. The monk cursed in his heart, as he had completely forgotten about his previous attack on Zi Chen, the difference in strength between the two of them was not small.

Cut the crap, come with us.

Honest monk, let's go. Come to our Li Family and be a guest. We will properly handle the situation.

The Imperial Sky Realm experts gave a faint smile as they made their move one by one, reaching out to grab the monk.

From their point of view, the monk had already admitted defeat and it is impossible for him to escape.


The monk's eyes suddenly flashed with a ray of light. Right after, the monk's mouth was wide open, the Buddhism Lion's Roar Technique was once again displayed and the sound waves spread out in all directions, bringing with it a terrifying power as it charged towards the group of people.

Haha, it's nothing but a Lion's Roar.

So what if you're a monster? In front of great power, you need to submit.

This sound wave, Its better to use it against a little Zhen Yuan Realm instead.

The crowd laughed loudly in the air, not caring in the slightest. With a wave of their big sleeves, a wave of destructive aura surged forth. The sound waves began to dissipate one after another.

From beginning to end, their expressions were calm.

Just then, the monk spoke out once again. However, it was not the Lion's Roar Technique but one of the highest secret scriptures of Buddhism, the Six-Word Mantra.

The Six-Word Mantra possessed supreme power and once completely understood, it would be invulnerable, unbreakable, and indestructible. This was an unfathomable type of secret manual, every word of it represented a type of unfathomable power.

The words of the Six-Word Mantra came out from his heart with unparalleled might. It directly shook the mind and was generated from the heart. All of the people who heard the Six-Word Mantra felt their hearts tremble and they had a short moment of absent-mindedness.


The monk turned into a golden ray of light and jumped out from the side while the experts were still in a daze. His feet flashed as he jumped over the wall and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

This... He actually ran away?

Too terrifying, that voice just now actually made my mind and my heart tremble.

I saw mountains of corpses and seas of blood and endless skeletons. It made my heart shivir in fear

In the distance, many people were amazed and their eyes revealed fear and shock.

This is Buddhism's Six-Word Mantra. Rumor has it that it was lost a long time ago. I never thought that this monk would even have something like this. It's really scary.

The Six-Word Mantra, the rumours have long been scattered all over the world. I never thought that this evil monk would actually posses the Six-Word Mantra.

The rest of the Imperial Sky Realm experts quickly woke up. Each and every one of them were extremely shocked. If the monk had attacked them while they were in a daze just now, they would have lost their lives.

In a battle between two experts, victory and defeat would be decided in an instant. They had a burst of fear that if the monk hadn't run away but had suddenly attacked them, all of them would have perished in the air.

No matter what his identity is, chase him!

Although they were afraid, they did not plan to let him go. They coldly snorted and flew into the air to chase after the monk.

Zi Chen did not care about the monk's life or death. He deserved it if he died, if he didn't die, then he would be considered lucky. Just as he was about to leave, he was blocked by Li Huo who had just appeared.

Chen Zi, wait a moment, there are some things that we need to talk about, why not come with me to the Li Family. Li Huo was very polite.

No, if there's anything, let's talk about it here. The Li Family is too big, I'm afraid that I might be lost inside.

Zi Chen smiled and tactfully rejected.

The Li Family was unfathomably deep, and there were many experts like Cloud City. It was as easy to enter as a dragon's lagoon but it is very difficult to get out.

That's good too. Wait for a moment. Li Huo said.

Zi Chen was left behind, while the others had no intention to leave. They all waited here, wanting to see which expert would come.

This monk has been chased like a dog for a long time.

I wonder if he died. It would be even better if he died. It would be such a pity if he didn't die.

Ling Yun and Chen Feng, the two of them were in the corner, muttering to themselves. After a while, the two of them took the lead and left.

What? He's not dead? This monk actually got away?

There's actually a Six-Word Mantra. Didn't it disappear a long time ago? This monk is truly extraordinary.

Buddhism's Six-Word Mantra is also a type of supreme technique. This monk is really lucky.

Soon, everyone received the news that the Good and Evil Monk had fled. Many Imperial Sky Realm experts soared into the air to chase after the him.

This monk is too terrifying, he has so many methods, no wonder he is a monster. When Zi Chen heard this, he sighed in his heart.

Compared to others, Zi Chen was way too poor. He currently only have three attack skills. If he was facing off against an Imperial Sky Realm expert, they could easily kill him with one finger.

What a difference Zi Chen sighed in his heart but he was not discouraged. His own dantian had been crippled and he had only cultivated for a little more than two years to such an extent. In time, he would naturally be able to compare to those monsteres.


The strong wind whistled, the ear-piercing sound came from the outside and a wave of wind came from the outside. The seventh floor was in a mess as a Roc King flew over from the distance.

On the back of the Roc King stood a youth, he was dressed in a white robe. As his clothes fluttered in the wind, he looked extremely heroic, like a king patrolling his own territory.

Li Hao!

Everyone exclaimed, they had never expected that the person who came was Li Hao. Moreover, he was the one who also fought against the monk that day, it was said that they were unable to determine the victor.

With a tap of his feet, light flashed around his body. Li Hao had already arrived at the middle of the seventh floor and his gaze swept across the crowd before landing on Zi Chen.

Brother Li Hao.

Senior Brother Li Hao

Cousin, you're here!

The others all stepped forward to greet him, Li Hao nodded his head, appearing to be very friendly but around his body, there was an aura that only a disciple of a large clan or family would have. Even though he was a kind person, it gave people a feeling that they could not get close to him.

You are Chen Zi? Li Hao looked at Zi Chen, his voice was indifferent and no emotions could be heard.

Yes, Chen Zi has seen brother Li Hao. Zi Chen nodded and cupped his hand.

En! Li Hao was startled and then a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Hmph, Chen Zi, who do you think you are to dare call Li Hao brother? Take back your words. A genius beside him snorted coldly, his gaze filled with disdain.

You really don't know the height of the sky and the depth of the earth. You don't even know your own identity, to actually call yourself brother with the number one genius of Cangli City.

There were also people ridiculing him from the side.

I heard you know about the Good and Evil Monk? Li Hao waved his hand, signalling for everyone to shut up. His gaze swept towards Zi Chen, and said indifferently, Tell me everything you know.

Li Hao's attitude made Zi Chen extremely unhappy. Wasn't it just a monster? It was not like Zi Chen had never seen one before. Wang Qiong, Wang Xian, the Good and Evil monk, which one of them wasn't a monster?

I don't know much either. I just saw him looking for someone and then spent the Yuan Stones to buy a secret manual called the Cloud Parting Palm. Zi Chen was slandering him in his heart but he replied honestly. Acting strong in front of Li Hao, in front of the people from the Li Family was simply courting death.

You have to understand that a dozen or so days ago, even an Imperial Sky Realm expert died in Cangli City.

What secret manual is that? Tell me in detail. Li Hao said.

I can't remember too clearly, it seems to be a secret manual glowing with yellow light, it looks very old. At first, I thought it was weird, this thing is everywhere on the streets and it didn't even seem brand new. At most, ten Yuan Stones should be enough to buy one but this monk actually bought such a broken book for a hundred Yuan Stones.

Li Hao did not speak but in his eyes, there was a distinct trace of contempt.

Oh, there's another thing. After he took the manual, he even said that the young man was an idiot. From what I see, that monk is the idiot. Zi Chen said again.

This time, not to mention Li Hao, even the other people's eyes changed as they looked at Zi Chen weirdly.

Right now, forget about Li Hao and Li Huo, even they knew that secret scripture was not ordinary.

I felt it was strange that the monk bought the manual so I took a few more glances and left. After that, we never had anything to do with each other again. Who would have thought that he would come find me today? Zi Chen said.

Why is he looking for you? Li Hao's eyes flashed a ray of light, his voice became much colder, Although the Good Evil Monk does not do things appropriately, he does not meddle in other people's business. He does not like to kill, there must be a reason he is looking for you.

Li Hao's gaze was firmly locked onto Zi Chen.

This... I haven't seen him before and I don't know why he's looking for me either. He just wanted something for me, asked for some incense money but when I gave him a piece of Yuan Stone, he didn't want it and even wanted to kill me. Zi Chen said after a slight hesitation.

At this time, Li Huo quietly whispered something into Li Hao's ear. Li Hao's expression instantly changed as he exclaimed: You have a fist-sized diamond?

En! Zi Chen nodded his head and took out the diamond. A faint golden light emitted from the surface of its body, The monk said that since it lost its Golden Essence, it is not worth anything.

As I thought, a diamond is extremely dazzling but its luster is extremely dull. Looks like it really has lost its Golden Essence. Sigh, what a pity. Li Hao shook his head and sighed.

The other people were the same. This was a precious treasure among precious treasure and it was actually so useless.

Zi Chen curled his lips and did not say a word. At the same time, he felt extremely fortunate that the Golden Essence had been lost. Otherwise, he would have been chopped into pieces long ago.

Are you willing to sell this thing? I will give you a satisfactory price. Li Hao asked again. Although it had lost its Golden Essence, it was still an extremely rare refining materials with its toughness.

This... Zi Chen hesitated a little and said: This item is very convenient to use and can be used as a brick. I do not plan on selling it.

Everyone was speechless when they heard this. Using this kind of diamond as a brick was simply too extravagant.

Then forget it. Li Hao waved his hands. He had asked enough, it was time for him to leave.

Since there's nothing else, then I'll be taking my leave. In this place, Zi Chen was also unwilling to stay.

Li Hao waved his hand, gesturing for Zi Chen to leave. Although he did not say anything, his movements was like he was commanding a servant.

Although Zi Chen was not satisfied, he remained calm and collected as he left. He had to endure it patiently at this moment or else, he would die a miserable death.

Zi Chen left, the others also took their leave. After a while, only Li Huo and Li Hao remained.

Eldest Brother, a diamond that has lost its Golden Essence is also a diamond. It is a good material for refining weapons, are you just going to let that Chen Zi go? Li Huo asked.