Thunder Martial Chapter 156 - Honest Monk

Hearing Li Huo's words, Zi Chen sneered in his heart. All of the schemes before were to remind Li Huo.

Although he did not know who lost the Cloud Parting Palm, he knew that Li Huo was a direct descendant of the Li family and he definitely knew a lot.

Furthermore, Zi Chen is sure that the monk had stolen the secret manual and with just a few words, Li Huo would be able to remember important details. It was just that Zi Chen never thought that the monk had stolen the secret manual from Li Huo's hands and that he had even seen Li Huo that day.

Even the heavens are helping me, how can this monk not die? Zi Chen sneered in his heart but maintained his composure on the surface.

The monk was anxious, sweat was already dripping from his forehead as he said, What did you say? I don't know. I still have matters to attend to. You all slandered me so I won't bother with you guys anymore.

With that, the monk was about to leave.

Damn, it must be this monk. He's afraid of encountering the scarlet tiger. Ling Yun cursed, it was obvious that the monk was afraid.

This monk is really good, deceiving and stealing, and now he is even stealing from the Li Family.

This 'Good and Evil monk' should be removed. This time, it is obvious that he wanted to kill Chen Zi to silence him. He is truly a well-deserved Evil Monk.

The others also followed suit.

Monk, it's you. You dare to steal from our Li Family. Today is the day you die. Li Huo was also angry but knowing the difference in strength between the two of them, he did not rush forward.

Kid, you actually believe in these slanderous words and you also dare to slander this old monk. Today, I will let you off but I will settle this debt with you in the future.

The golden light around the monk shone brightly. With a flash on his feet, he ran towards the window of the seventh floor. He was obviously trying to escape.

You want to leave? You stole our Li Family's things and you still want to leave just like that? Right at this moment, two figures flashed and appeared in front of the monk.

It was the two Zhen Yuan Realm experts from before. Their eyes were filled with killing intent as they locked at the monk.

Scram, all of you are slandering me!

The monk was furious. He suddenly threw out two palms, each of them sparkling with a golden light. They were filled with terrifying power as streams of Xiantian Qi surged violently like a tidal wave.



As soon as they came into contact with the palm prints, the two Zhen Yuan Realm Experts were enveloped by the golden, which immediately knocked them back. They spat out blood and they were injured in one strike.

How is this possible?

Zi Chen's face changed, he had truly witnessed the monk's powerful strength. One strike has injured two people at the Zhen Yuan Realm and this attack, was actually much more terrifying than the previous ones.

This monk is so powerful. It seems like he didn't use his full strength against me earlier because I must not be worthwhile to him

This is the real monster, his strength is terrifying. It seems that Chen Zi is still quite a distance away from being a monster.

Everyone cried out in alarm as they watched the monk escape through the window.


A blinding flame suddenly shot out from the window and flew into the sky. It then exploded, filling the sky and forming a Li character in the sky.

This is the Li Family's signal to summon all the experts here. Only if something urgent happens can it be used.

What happened, the people of the Li Family actually sent a signal at Cangli City.

This Cangli City is the world of the Li Family and there is actually a direct disciples sending signals here?

On the streets, many cultivators raised their heads. When they saw the word Li, they all exclaimed in shock.




Cangli City is originally the world of the Cang and Li Families and right when the signal was sent out, expert broke through the air and came to the spot.

Capture that Good and Evil Monk. He was the one who stole something from our family.

Li Huo leaped down from the Guest House, his figure was elegant and his clothes were fluttering in the air. He released a heaven shaking roar that resonated for more than 10 miles, following that, Li Huo shouted thrice, the sound nearly resonating throughout the entire Cangli City.

The Good and Evil Monk is very famous in Cangli City and he also had a big bald head, which made him very easy to identify. Many of the cultivators knew him,and after Li Huo shouted, many of the Li Family experts ran towards the monk.

Scram, I said I was wronged. The monk roared and threw out a powerful attack. The bright golden light covered the entire sky as one Zhen Yuan Realm Expert after another was sent flying.

All of the experts, when fighting with the monk, were sent flying. The monk's fighting strength is very terrifying.




Several more experts were sent flying as they spat out blood. As a monster, the monk is incomparably powerful.

Scarlet tiger, come out.

Li Huo roared again, following that, a heaven shaking tiger roar came out and the gigantic scarlet tiger started to emit flames, appearing from afar.

Do you recognize him? See if the person on that day is him Li Huo pointed at the monk that was fleeing in the distance.


The scarlet tiger roared and like a ball of burning flame, it rushed towards the Good and Evil Monk at an extremely fast speed.

Damn it!

The monk immediately turned into a ray of golden light and flew towards the distance. However, during this period of time, there were also many experts blocking the way so the monk had no choice but to make a move to repel the other party.

As a result, the scarlet tiger quickly caught up.


Suddenly, the monk turned around and roared at the scarlet tiger. This was the Buddhism Lion Roar Technique, a god-like roar that was deafening. At the same time, a sound wave visible to the naked eye spread out in all directions.



Wherever the sound wave passed, the Cultivators was shaken unconscious. At the same time, the scarlet tiger's body also slowed down and staggered continuously, following that, it fell onto the ground and fainted too.

Kid, consider yourself lucky today, I'll deal with you in the future. The monk glanced in the direction of the Guest House, met Zi Chen's eyes, then ran away.

Can you escape?

At this moment, an overwhelming aura descended from the skies. An inexhaustible pressure caused the monk to slow down.

Imperial Sky Realm?

The monk's expression changed. He raised his head to look at the sky and saw a man flying towards him. With a step forward, the sky trembled and energy surged around his body.

Damn it! You want me to risk my life? I will never forgive you in the future

The monk scolded, he then spat out a mouthful of blood, which was bright red. It condensed in the air and did not dissipate, the monk's golden fingers continued to slide through the blood, forming many patterns, it was extremely complicated.


Following the last stroke of his blood, the entire pattern shone brightly. It released a bright golden light that covered the monk like a huge net. In an instant, the monk's body was covered in the bright golden light and his Qi had started to boil and with a tap of his feet, he had turned into a golden light that disappeared. His speed was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye, he had left the Imperial Sky Realm Expert far far away.

This monk was terrifying indeed. With a loud roar, he had already knocked out many Zhen Yuan Realm experts and with just a touch, all of the Zhen Yuan Realm experts flew backwards while spitting out blood. In the end, using a special method, his speed was so terrifying that it left the Imperial Sky Realm expert far behind.

This monk methods were really showing one after another.

Cangli City was in chaos, with shouts and cries for slaughter everywhere. The Good and Evil monk is like a rat that was crossing the street and everyone was shouting for help. There were people of the Li Family among them and some of the people that he had tricked before had now joined in as well.

Evil Monk, stop for me.

Smelly monk, weren't you awesome back then? You used your lifespan to blackmail me. Stop right now, I'll let you blackmail me again.

Monk, stop right there

These people were just there to join in on the fun. In the past, they had been cheated too badly by the monk and were unable to defeat him. Thus, at this moment, all they could do was enjoy themselves.

The monk's speed was extremely fast, like a golden ray of light. They were simply unable to catch up to him and could only curse in anger from the distance.

The real experts who was chasing after him was the People of the Li Family. Sounds of breaking wind continuously rang and more and more people appeared to chase after the monk.

However, the monk's speed is too fast. No one is able to catch up to him and not even able the Imperial Sky Realm expert is able to catch up. He was left far behind.

Haha, this old monk is leaving, I won't play with you guys anymore. Seeing that the city wall was right in front of him, the monk turned around and laughed towards the sky before turning around and leaving.


Just then, a cold snort rang out, spreading through the entire Cangli City. It was the supreme existence from before, and with a roar, it stunned most of the people in the city.


The monk spat out a mouthful of blood. The golden light around his body scattered and his body fell from the sky. A cold snort directly hit his mind. This was the attack of a terrifying existence.




At this moment, the monk is surrounded.

Miscalculation, miscalculation!

Originally, he had thought that he would be able to escape without a hitch with a speed that was faster than the Imperial Sky Realm experts speed.

Isn't this bullying? This level of expert, you actually dare to lower yourself to me. The monk felt wronged. Compared to those kinds of existences, he was like a child who had met an adult with a knife.

Hmph, miscalculated? Good and Evil Monk, since you dare touch the things in the Li Family, no matter how strong your backing is, you will definitely die this time. One of them forced his way through the air towards the front.

You ate the guts of a leopard, how dare you steal from our Li Family?

This Evil Monk bullies a few juniors all day. Today, you've finally failed. Another person arrived in the sky.

This was Cangli City, the very foundation of the Li Family, there were many of them, and when they appeared in the air, there were already several of them.

If you don't want to die, then obediently come with us.

Hmph, monk, you will have to change your name in the future. Once you enter the Li Family, you will be an honest monk, haha

An Imperial Sky Realm expert sneered, and then stepped forward.

Damn it, damn it. It's really not me The monk felt wronged. Surrounded by so many people Imperial Sky Realm experts, he had no place to cry even if he wanted to.

If it's not you, then why are you running?

Come back with us and let the scarlet tiger test you. We have our reasons, if it isn't you, you will not be wronged but if it is you, you should be ready to change your name.

An Imperial Sky Realm expert sneered as he pressed forward.

After entering your Li Family, would I still be able to come out alive? I've said it before, I didn't steal your things. I, the Good and Evil Monk do things fair and square and I don't do things like stealing from a chicken or dog. The monk spoke with a righteous tone.

Pah! Monk, put away your good-natured face. I have seen through you since a long time ago. That day, you tricked me and scammed me of a hundred Yuan Stones.

Even an Evil Monk like you, who is proficient in deceiving and stealing, dares to say that you are open and upright?

Monk, you have done all sorts of bad things and have been utterly heartless. Yet you still dare to say that you are righteous?

Not far away, someone heard the monk's words and started cursing.

Hehe, Monk, look. This is your reputation. Come with us.

The Imperial Sky Realm Expert was amused, thinking that this monk was really notorious, and was unpopular.