Thunder Martial Chapter 155 - Zi Chen's Scheme

The diamond was the size of a fist and in Zi Chen's hands, it emitted a faint golden light.

Looking at the diamond, the few geniuses' eyes turned red, their breathing became hurried and a hint of greed appeared from the bottom of their hearts.

If it is said that a finger sized diamond was a precious treasure, then a fist size diamond was the greatest treasure of the precious treasures, its value is immeasurable.

Let alone the Imperial Sky Realm Experts, even Sovereign Realm experts would be moved and go crazy for it.

These geniuses could not sit still anymore. Although they could not do anything to steal it from Chen Zi, they were prepared to go back and tell their family about this information. After all, this is a real precious treasure and it was much more realistic than the ruins.

The hurried breathing transmitted into Zi Chen's ears. He staggered to his feet as he inwardly cursed in his heart. He never thought that after escaping this calamity, there would already be an even greater calamity.

The killing intent in the monk's eyes had already dissipated, his eyes were staring straight at the diamond in Zi Chen's hands, as though a dog had just seen a pile of feces and his eyes were glowing.

Since there's nothing here, I might as well take this to make up for it. The monk's voice became calmer and he once again rushed towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen glared and at this moment, he could no longer hold on. He did not expect this greedy monk to have his attention on the diamond now.


He waved his hand and used the diamond as a brick as he slammed it towards the monk's head. The diamond is extremely heavy and its bodies emitted a golden light, appearing very extraordinary.


With such a strong strike, Zi Chen was forced to retreat again. The difference in strength was too great. Zi Chen is not a match for the monk.

Kill him, kill him!

Ling Yun and Chen Feng both looked at Zi Chen with venomous eyes, their hearts filled with hope, as they watched the monk go kill him.

However, Zi Chen is like an undefeatable cockroach, constantly defending himself. Although he coughed up large mouthfuls of blood, he is still as lively as a dragon and as a tiger.

This is a diamond!

At this moment, the few great geniuses no longer cared about Zi Chen's death. They only had eyes for the diamond, the greatest treasure among all the precious treasures. They were thinking about how to obtain it.

Eh, that's not right... This is not a diamond. Suddenly, a startled cry came out, the monk once again forced Zi Chen to retreat but he did not attack again, but looked at the diamond in Zi Chen's hands.

A diamond as big as a finger is already several thousand kilograms, or even ten thousand kilograms. The diamond in his hand is so big, it should be at least several hundred thousand kilograms. The monks eyes showed doubt and his eyes once again shone with a golden light, constantly scanning the diamond.

That's right, diamond are extremely heavy.

I remember now. Diamonds are extremely heavy. Even I can't lift a finger sized one.

No, that's not right, diamonds should be shining with a golden light, like a round golden sun and it's so stimulating that people can't even open their eyes but the one in Chen Zi's hand is only emitting a faint golden light. This isn't a diamond.

Everyone also realized that something was wrong and began to speak.

Oh, so it's just a waste. It has lost its Golden Essence. Although it is incomparably sturdy, it has lost its most important use. The golden light in the monk's eyes dissipated and a hint of disappointment appeared. He originally thought that it would be the greatest treasure among the precious treasure but who knew that after losing its Golden Essence, this precious treasure would also receive a huge discount.

After losing the Golden Essence, it basically became a stronger stone. It no longer has that much of an effect.

What a pity. It was originally such a precious treasure, but now it's nothing at all. What a pity, what a pity

The geniuses were also incomparably disappointed.

Haha, that's good too. This must be here for the diamond but I guess he must also have made a mistake. Miao Kong laughed faintly, as if he was taking pleasure in another's misfortune.

Not bad, look at this monk who looks defeated. It is truly a happy event. Everyone was gnashing their teeth in anger as well.

This monk steals chickens and dogs all day. Last time, Li Huo's family lost something, could it be that this guy did it?

Suddenly, a genius unintentionally spoke up.

When the diamond appeared, Li Huo had already forgotten about it. Now that the was being lifted up again, his eyebrows knitted together again, no one knew what he was thinking about.

This is such a crappy item. I don't think I'm worthy of looking at it. It's about time for you to return the item. The monk said.

Monk, you are despicable. Zi Chen held onto the diamond, as fresh blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

The monk was flustered and exasperated, he covered himself with cyan light and said, The despicable one is you, return me back my thing.

What is it? I don't know. Zi Chen was as tough as ever.

Then, are you courting death? The monk's eyes flashed with killing intent once more.

Monk, you are trying to silence me by killing me. Don't blame me for being impolite when you are so ruthless.

You're being impolite? You can do whatever you want. The monk was extremely contemptuous. For the sake of the supreme technique, this monk no longer had the appearance of a monk.

You are heartless, don't blame me for being impolite Zi Chen was also not polite, his voice was cold.

Haha, boy, what can you do? If you don't hand over the things, today will be the day you die. The monk laughed, causing everyone's hearts to tremble. Killing intent appeared in his eyes as he prepared to make a move.

Wait! Zi Chen stopped him in a loud voice, I admit that I've seen you before.

Haha, you've finally admitted it, right? Hand the item over to me. The monk stretched out his hand and laughed heartily.

As for the others, their expressions were constantly changing. It seemed that there really were some grudges between the two.

I don't know what it is, but I admit that I saw something that I shouldn't have seen. Zi Chen looked at the monk in alert, afraid that he would be killed.

What have you seen that you shouldn't see? I, the Good and Evil Monk does everything fair and square. Please do not quibble and quickly return my things. The monk said forcefully but he felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Now that things have progressed to this point, you still want the thing back? If I don’t give it to you, you would definitely kill me, am I right?

That's right. If you don't hand it over, you will definitely die. The monk was very sure.

Damn you monk, I didn't know that you had such a vicious heart. I only saw you distributing flyers on the streets, looking for a Black Boy, why would you want to kill all of them? Zi Chen suddenly opened his mouth and roared, his voice was cold.

You want to die? The monk was furious.

Why is this monk looking for a Black Boy?

He was even distributing flyers all day long to search for him. Could it be that the Black Boy has some sort of background?

Everyone was puzzled but they still listened quietly.

Good, good, good! I don't know why you wanted to kill me but is it because I saw you spend a few hundred Yuan Stones and forcibly bought a very old and wrinkled Cloud Parting Palm from a young man? Zi Chen said again. Although it seemed like he said it lightly, he said something that shook the entire Cangli City.

The Cloud Parting Palm is originally a normal martial technique and many people looked down on it. However, previously, Cangli City had lost a precious treasure and sealed the whole city for twenty days before buying every Cloud Parting Palm at a high price.

An ordinary Cloud Parting Palm seemed to have become a taboo.

Cloud Parting Palm, moreover, it was crumpled up. You spent a hundred Yuan Stones to buy it forcibly? Everyone's face changed as they looked at the Good and Evil Monk. As for Li Huo, his eyes flashed continuously, as though he was thinking about something.

This monk is famous for being an iron rooster. He is stingy, how could he use a hundred Yuan Stones to buy a Cloud Parting Palm?

Yea, that doesn't make sense. It's just a lousy copy of the Cloud Parting Palm. At its highest price, it's only a dozen or so Yuan Stones.

There were some geniuses who doubted him and felt that he could not be trusted.

Only Cang He, Wu Xiong, Miao Kong and the others knew what had happened. Their expressions changed continuously and the gazes they used to look at the monk became unfriendly.

Brat, don't you dare slander me. The monk sensed that something was amiss but he did not expect Zi Chen to do this.

Monk, other than this, I truly cannot understand why you would want to kill me. On that day, not only me, there were also many people on the streets and it seemed that you wanted to bring the young man away. However, he was unwilling to and you even said that it would take away their lifespan if they didn’t listen. In the end, you took out a pack of Yuan Stones, calculated to be at least a few hundred and took the Cloud Parting Palm from the young man's hands.

Zi Chen stared at the monk and questioned him coldly.

You're talking nonsense! The monk was furious, if Li Huo and the rest believed him, then the monk was finished.

Humph, I’m talking nonsense? At that time, many people saw it. Moreover, I am a cultivator and could clearly hear you guys. After that, you transformed into a golden light and took the manual, then disappeared in the blink of an eye. Moreover, you even called the youth an idiot Zi Chen continued.

Ah, boy, what nonsense are you speaking. The monk was infuriated.

It must be, this monk normally he never loses anything, yet he takes out a few hundred Yuan Stones to buy a Cloud Parting Palm. Could it be that the Cloud Parting Palm is not ordinary?

Someone spoke up in time.

As for Cang He and the rest, their expressions changed. At this moment, they thought of many things.

The monk was speechless, he was extremely furious and immediately took action but Zi Chen treated the diamond as his own Brick and continued to resist. During their previous conversation, his heart was surging with energy and his injuries were much better than before.


The battle happened again, the monk wanted to kill Zi Chen.

What? You want to silence me just for such a small matter? Zi Chen flew back, I only saw it. Moreover, I wasn't the only one who saw it that day.

Suddenly, Zi Chen's expression changed as he said, Could it be that you've killed everyone? Damned monk, you're really vicious, there are many mortals among them.

Ah... I want you dead The monk's attack was extremely sharp, he could not allow Zi Chen to continue speaking.

It's you, it's you, right? Back then, when you were wearing that hat, I thought you were foolish and wore that hat because it was a hot day, but you were only trying to hide your bald head. You were wearing big clothes and looked powerful and extraordinary. Suddenly, Li Huo opened his mouth and spoke in a sharp voice.

It's you. You've been stealing from me all day. When I came back, you thought that I had some treasure on me so you decided to follow me, right?

You purposely blocked in front of me, allowing the scarlet tiger to crash into you. You staggered, fell beside me and got kicked twice by me, right?

It's you, it must be you. If it was anyone else, they would have been torn to shreds by the scarlet tiger.

The more Li Huo said, the angrier he got, It's you, you stole my Cloud Parting Palm right?

Monk's face changed as he said: What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t listen to this kid's nonsense.

Hmph, is he really talking nonsense? I’ll ask the scarlet tiger to come and see, it has felt your aura that day. Li Huo roared.

This matter is a stain in his heart. While he was out, as luck would have it, he obtained a copy of the supreme technique. Afraid that the news has been leak out, he was gaurded by man and he has encountered many assassination attemps and his guards suffered heavy casualties. When he finally relaxed his guard and entered Cangli City, he rammed into this evil. When he returned to his family, he discovered that the secret scripture had disappeared.