Thunder Martial Chapter 154 - Diamond

When he came to Cangli City, he had sparred with Li Hao and Cang Ming. As for the outcome of the battle, no one knew but in short, the monk had came out of the battle with no injuries

As for Li Family Li Hao, it was said that he suffered some light injuries.

Apart from being powerful, this Good and Evil Monk also had an extraordinary identity. This is because even after the Good and Evil Monk had deceived and tricked the geniuses of the Cang and Li families for the first time.

He had been in Cangli City for a very long time and even after deceiving so many people, the Good and Evil Monk was still alive and in Cangli City. Even Cang He, a direct descendant disciple of such a large family like Li Huo was extremely fearful of the monk.

After arriving at Cangli City, the Evil Monk had never been at a disadvantage before. However, this time, he was at a disadvantage.

Zi Chen reached into his bosom and took out a broken Yuan Stone. Its luster was dark, its spirit energy was not pure and he even had a compassionate look on his face.

It’s okay, this is my incense money for Buddha. Zi Chen put on a merciful look, but in his heart, he was extremely happy.

Everyone was completely confused. Even the 100 Yuan Stone they took could not send this master away but Zi Chen actually took out a piece of this broken Yuan Stone.

Ah... You dare to mess with me, I'll take your life The monk was angry, so angry that smoke came out. The crowd felt extremely comfortable but following that, a berserk killing intent filled the entire area. The monk's body released a resplendent gold light, similar to that of a golden sun.


The powerful aura started to surge and in the entire seventh floor, a strong gale swept out like numerous sharp blades and caused everyone's faces to feel pain.

Good and Evil Monk, what are you planning to do? Everyone's faces changed. They never would have thought that this monk would dare to act so recklessly without putting the three forces in his eyes.


Zi Chen's feet flashed, he was extremely fast and instantly dodged the monk's attack, following that, the Qi around his body also surged with rays of dazzling golden light.

Unfortunately, the difference in strength between the two of them was too great so Zi Chen could only dodge.

You're still saying it's not you! From his speed, the monk recognized Zi Chen. He stared at him with wide eyes, his attacks were extremely sharp and every ray of golden light carried an imposing pressure.

Zi Chen's fist was like pouring water with gold. The dazzling golden light was so piercing that people couldn't even open their eyes.


The strong impact caused a loud explosion. Zi Chen flew backwards and an Energy Ripple that could be seen with the naked eye shot out in all directions.





The tables and chairs that had just been recently replaced shattered, along with some tea sets. The jade artifacts exploded and was in complete disarray. Rays of light that were as gentle as water were emitted from the ground and the rooftop, counteracting the force.



The powerful impact spread everywhere, causing Ling Yun and Chen Feng who were already heavily injured cough out large mouthfuls of blood while the others, on the other hand, had pale expressions because of the energy shock. The monk had attacked at that moment, clearly looking down on the three forces.

Monk, you've gone too far. Zi Chen snorted, the aura around him became extremely cold and fierce. The Qi and blood in his body roared like a huge dragon and a resplendent golden light erupted, as though he was a Golden Warlord.

Return it to me. The monk's entire body was surging with golden light. His belly was graceful and his eyes were vertical. He looked like an angry Maitreya Buddha.

The two of them battled fiercely, unleashing powerful attacks.




Zi Chen relied on his extreme speed to dodge, occasionally striking out but he was always pushed back.

This monk is truly terrifying.

Everyone sighed, this monk is definitely a monster and with his speed, he completely suppressed Zi Chen.

This Chen Zi is too powerful, he actually dodged several of this monk's attacks.

If both sides are at the same level, then who knows who will be the weaker one? This Chen Zi is definitely going to be a monster in the future.

A light flashed in everyone's eyes as they were shocked beyond belief.

Give me back my stuff. The monk roared and struck out with a powerful blow. Golden light filled the room as a fearsome aura gushed forth.


Zi Chen retreated while spitting out blood. He obviously wasn't a match for the evil monk

Fine, take it. Zi Chen was not to be outdone, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and threw the previously lousy broken Yuan Stone out.

Ah... You are courting death. He was already sure that this brat was the one who had schemed against him previously and he might even be the Black Boy from earlier.

The resplendent golden light filled the entire seventh floor and everyone was looking at the two people fighting in shock. The fighting strength of the monk and Zi Chen was something that shook their hearts and minds.

Below, there were many people who came up to watch the scene. However, when everyone arrived at the staircase, they were hit by a huge force that made them unable to move forward.

Golden light!

They're fighting again, very terrifying.

There are also waves of elemental energy.

The people that tumbled down the stairs were incomparably shocked.

All of the tables and chairs on the seventh floor shattered. The powerful aura immediately triggered the restrictions. Beams of light appeared, dispersing the scattered energy.

Hurry up and stop it; otherwise, the monk will kill Chen Zi. Miao Kong shouted. At this moment, they had already been forced into a corner and were unable to go forward.

During this period of time, Zi Chen had already spat out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood.

Is this monk crazy? He's really going to kill someone today, what exactly does he want with Chen Zi?

This monk must have recognized the wrong person. Why is he acting like a mad dog and is actually trying to kill him?

The others frowned as they felt that the situation wasn't good. Although the Good and Evil Monk had deceived and stolen from people, he is still a monk. He did not kill people but today, he truly had the intention to kill.

Hand over your things or you will die miserably. The monk threatened. At this moment, even his eyes had turned golden.

You dead monk, Baldy, bald donkey, no hair, I gave you the Yuan Stone but you don't want it, what do you want? Zi Chen cursed, he did not yield at all, his entire body glowing with a golden light, blocking all of the attacks.


The monk was enraged, he unleashed his powerful technique and wanted to kill Zi Chen.

You're wearing a monastic robe but your belly is so big that you look like a fat man with no hair. Why don't you bring a hat with you when you come out? I don't want to embarrass you.

Zi Chen scolded, he persisted and his body continued to move backwards.

You baldy, you have gone mad, you have done all sorts of evil deeds, you have never done anything good. Today, this young master has met with misfortune and has been targeted by you.

The monk was crazy, his entire body was covered with cyan light. His movements were extremely sharp, Zi Chen could only defend and even coughed out blood but he did not yield.

What a guy, he's really powerful. His eloquence is not the least bit weaker than his combat strength.

He is really strong, he hasn’t submitted. This Chen Zi is not normal.

A few people's eyes flashed. Only Li Huo frowned, no one knew what he was thinking.

Evil Monks like you, you tricked and kidnapped people. Moreover, you have cheated so many people and no one knows how many things you have stolen.

Zi Chen continued to curse angrily and inadvertently swept a glance at Li Huo. He noticed that he was frowning, as though he was thinking about something.


Zi Chen showed his extreme speed and continuously retreated but he was still brushed against by the golden light and coughed blood again. If not for the endless energy being channeled from his heart, Zi Chen would have died a long time ago.

This monk had really tried to kill him.

You Evil Monk have been stealing evilly. You have been doing this all day, which family have you been stealing from recently?

Zi Chen opened his mouth again and again, making the monk cry out in anger. He was furious and his attacks became even fiercer.

If you won’t give it to me, then go die. The monk's eyes surged with killing intent. This time, he truly wanted to kill, he extended his finger and a gold light shone from his it. Like a bolt of golden lightning, it flew towards Zi Chen.

It's over, this monk is really going to kill.

This is the Vajra Finger. This monk used it when he was fighting with my brother.

It's over, it's all over, this Chen Zi's fighting strength is comparable to a monster but he's too weak.

Everyone shook their heads and sighed, it was already too late to stop them. Not far away, Su Mengyao and Lin Xue watched anxiously but they couldn't do anything. As for Ling Yun and Chen Feng, their eyes were filled with hatred, they wished for nothing more than for Zi Chen to die.

Golden light shone and Zi Chen felt a sense of danger. His hairs stood on end as cold sweat permeated his entire body.

With his strong physique, he was simply unable to defend against the monks attack. That one finger was like a sharp sword, before it even reached, Zi Chen felt pain in his chest, as though his heart was about to break.

At this critical moment, Zi Chen could only grit his teeth and try his best. He took out a stone that emitted a faint aura from his bosom and held it in his hand to block the attack in front of him.


A light sound was heard, just like the sound made by iron hitting each other. After that, Zi Chen felt a strong force attack him and his entire body flew backwards, coughing up blood.

What!, he actually blocked it. The monk was surprised as he looked suspiciously at Zi Chen, the killing intent in his eyes retracting.

At the moment, Zi Chen's entire body was covered in blood, the corners of his mouth still had blood and he was in a miserable state but he was not dead yet. At the critical moment, the golden stone in his hand blocked a fatal strike for him.

As expected of something brought out from the Thunder Domain at the fourth level. It is sturdy and when faced with a strong attack from the monk, it is completely fine.

This is... the diamond.

Heavens, it's really a diamond, it's actually as big as a fist.

This is the best material for refining Spirit Armament. Even if you add a thumb size amount, it would be enough to raise the level of the Spirit Armament.

This Chen Zi actually has a diamond.

The few of them were all members of big families and had extraordinary eyesight so they were able to recognize the stone in Zi Chen's hands with a single glance. It was a refiners most precious object, the diamond.

This sort of thing was unimaginably precious.

Cang He's eyes flickered continuously. Their family had a diamond but it was only the length of a finger and was placed together with the other precious treasure. Furthermore, every time the Family Head looked at this piece of diamond, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

But now, Zi Chen's actually held a diamond that is as big as a fist. That was something that even Imperial Sky Realm experts would go crazy for, something that even Sovereign Realm existences would want to snatch.

I got it, this monk is here for the diamond.

Damn, this monk's eyes are really poisonous, so the incense money is this diamond.

That's a diamond, a small piece of it could make Sovereign Realm existences go crazy. Chen Zi has a huge piece of it, it is understandable for this monk to want to kill him.

Everyone's eyes burned with passion. A diamond the size of a finger could be called a precious treasure, and for something that is the size of a fist. It was something that would drive anyone crazy.