Thunder Martial Chapter 153 - Smoke

Everyone was initially discussing about the trip to the debris but then their expressions suddenly changed. All of them looked towards the back of Zi Chen, as if they had seen something evil.

Cang He stood up, the Qi around his body started to surge, he stared at the back of Zi Chen's body and the light enveloping him started to dissipate.


Li Huo also stood up, the Xiantian Qi around his body burned like a flame, he fearfully looked at the back of Zi Chen.

Wu Xiong's expression changed as streams of Qi surrounded his body, forming a barrier of light around him. Even Miao Kong revealed a fearful expression.

On the stage, the expressions of almost all the geniuses changed. Only Su Mengyao and Lin Xue were a little surprised.

It's you, why are you here? A wave of hostility emerged from Li Huo's body as flames burned in his eyes.

You are not welcomed here Wu Xiong was the same, as though he had seen a great enemy.

Cang He had an indifferent expression before but now, his expression became ugly, We didn't invite you, quickly leave.

The expressions of the three geniuses fluctuated greatly but it was nothing compared to Ling Yun and Chen Feng’s. The two of them looked at the person behind Zi Chen and not only did they lose their composure, they even fell down from their chairs. Their eyes were filled with fear.

Even when Zi Chen had beaten the two of them up to such a state, they did not give in and they were still resentful, but now, they lost control of themselves.

Just as everyone's expressions changed, Zi Chen also felt a dangerous aura from behind him. With a flash under his feet, golden light surged and he dodged in an instant before turning around.

After that, he saw a dazzling mass of golden light.

Baldy? Zi Chen frowned and muttered softly. The resplendent golden light was actually a human head.

Everyone knew that the identity of this bald man was unfathomable and his strength was unfathomable, unlike Zi Chen who was comparable to a monster. This master was a real monster, even if they saw him, they would pay their respects and would be extremely afraid.

Looking at the bald man, Zi Chen saw a face. The person had a kind face, a monk's robe, and a large belly. He looked like a Maitreya Buddha but at that moment, there was no smile on his face.

It's this Evil Monk.

Zi Chen's mind shook, this baldy was the one who shattered his bones back then and took all of his stuff, resulting in Zi Chen scamming him afterwards

Zi Chen's pupils contracted slightly and his expression fluctuate slightly, so it is difficult for others to detect it. When he descended, he pretended not to know this monk as he coldly said, Is this monk of yours a human or a ghost, why did he suddenly appear behind me?

It's you, isn't it? The monk only had Zi Chen in his eyes, he did not care about the others at all.

Is this monk of yours sick? What does he mean its me? Zi Chen said in a cold voice but in his heart, he sensed that something was amiss, as if the monk had recognized him.

It's you, right? I saw the look in your eyes just now, you clearly recognized me. The monk's eyes emitted a red light. As he took a step forward, the golden light surrounding him became even more resplendent.

Sensing the killing intent, everyone's face changed. Chen Zi was powerful and he is still very useful.

Good and Evil Monk, this is the Guest House, you are not allowed to cause trouble here Cang He spoke out first.

You crazy monk, what kind of madness are you going through today? Could it be that you lack incense money again? I can give it to you but you have to quickly leave. Wu Xiong also said.

Evil Monk, I'll give you the Yuan Stones. Quickly leave. Even the proud and arrogant Li Huo had a fearful look on his face at this moment. He would be willing to spend all of his money as long as he can chase this evil monk away.

Scram, is my item something that your lousy Yuan Stones can buy? The monk turned around and glared at them. To him, a mere genius like them was like ants.

Good and Evil Monk, this is Cangli City, you must not cause trouble. Cang He was not to be outdone and coldly said.

Causing trouble for no reason. Damn it, I am going to take back what belongs to me. The monk was so angry that he actually cursed. His eyes were bloodshot and he had the urge to kill someone. The supreme technique slipped out of his hands and he was regretting it to death.

What's yours? You monk, you're too unreasonable. Back then, you almost severed Ling Yun's arm just for a few Yuan Stones. What, did you take a fancy on Chen Zi today? Li Huo said in a cold voice.

F*ck off, I want my stuff. The monk roared angrily, feeling extremely wronged. In his tens of years of travel, he had never suffered such a huge loss.

Your things, you crazy monk, for a few Yuan Stones, you dared to break Chen Feng's bones, and even blackmailed him for a Thousand Yuan Stone. You say that Chen Zi stole your things, then tell me, what did he take from you? Wu Xiong also said.

Zi Chen is a strong fighter, their main goal in speaking up for Zi Chen is to win over Zi Chen, and luckily, they could obtain more benefits from the ruins.

Zi Chen looked at the monk coldly but his heart was shaking. This monk is truly an oddity, he had done so many evil deeds, it seemed like the last time he was talking about the previous person, it was Chen Feng. He actually gave the monk a Thousand Yuan Stone.

No wonder when he saw the monk this time, he looked like a mouse that saw a cat.

However, Zi Chen was not feeling any better. His Raging Flame Sword was taken away by this monk.

Monk, what do you mean by that, I have never seen you before, why did you say that I took your things. I, Chen Zi, do things with a clear conscience and I don’t know what I took away from you. Just say it, as long as I have it, I will definitely give it to you. Zi Chen righteously spoke these words but in his heart, he was extremely happy. With the three great geniuses leading the way and the three great forces backing them, Zi Chen did not believe that the monk would dare to make a move on him.

That's right, Monk. What did he take from you? Miao Kong also asked.

Ah.. He.. He... The monk stuttered. The golden light around him became even brighter and the seventh floor is filled with killing intent, the monk was crazy but he did not dare to say what Zi Chen had taken away from him. If he said it, he would be the first to be sliced into pieces by the Li Family.

Monk, you're asking me for things yet not telling me what I've taken away from you. Could it be that you've truly come here to cause trouble for no reason at all? Zi Chen said.

Hmph, he was just making trouble for no reason, he is famous in Cangli City for all the troubles he caused

He is called the Good and Evil monk and although he seems friendly, he only does evil deeds. It is normal for him to trick and steal and most of the time, destroying peoples skeletal structure and then stealing their stuff is just a routine matter for him. Moreover, when he breaks people skeletal structure, he shows a compassionate expression, saying that it is fate that we are together but his original intention is to deceive people, he is really an Evil Monk.

He often talks about the loss of longevity, saying that since they are fated, he will not care about the loss of several decades of longevity. If that's really the case, then this monk would probably have wasted thousands of years of longevity every year.

Even though he says that they are fated to meet, in the blink of an eye, he will ask for money for incense for Buddha. Furthermore, I highly doubt he even worship Buddha because of all the evil deeds he has done.

Last time, when this monk destroyed all the bones in Chen Feng's body, he even said that something like 'extremes are bound to be reversed', and forcefully swindled a Thousand Essence stone away from Chen Feng.

This Evil Monk even said that one of Ling Yun's arms was secretly injured and it would harm his body in the future so he almost took off his entire arm and even swindled 500 Yuan Stones away from Ling Yun.

F*ck, this monk is an Evil Monk. He’s crazy, he did not even let the disciples of some aristocratic families off. Even the disciples of the Cang Clan and the Li Clan were fooled by him.

Everyone kept talking and revealing all of this evil monks deeds.

Zi Chen was happy, he thought that this monk was really good. He had done all sorts of bad things and there were no good things about him but he still puts on a kind look, trying to scare them. When he knew that so many people had met with the same fate as him, Zi Chen felt more at ease. He did not lose out; moreover, he had even obtained a priceless secret manual.

I've never heard of someone taking advantage of him.

That's right, he can't say what it is and it's clear that he's the same as before, he's here for the Yuan Stones.

Monk, here are some Yuan Stone here. You should take them and leave quickly.

The geniuses spoke up.

Ah... The monk shouted. The golden light shone brightly. If there was a hair on his head, his hair would stand on end. I'll take my things myself.

He was unwilling and also wronged. A supreme technique Book could cultivate a great power and the monk believed that from the actions of the Li Family, the secret scripture from before would definitely not be any weaker than the Wu Zong Sects Wu Zong Art.

Monk, are you trying to cause trouble or making trouble for no reason? Tell me, what did I take from you? Zi Chen asked again, but in his heart, he was extremely happy.

That's right, Monk. Speak up.

Ah... The monk roared, feeling wronged as he shouted loudly, He took my incense money.

Ha ha! Everyone laughed.

Monk, don't be ridiculous. The Buddha you came to worship, I am afraid has long since lost all its incense. You truly boast shamelessly, always talking about the incense money.

You're still acting like you're wronged, looks like you really came to cheat us out of money. Whatever, I still have a few 100 Yuan Stones here, quickly take them and leave.

I also have a bit of it here, you take it as well.

Li Huo, Cang He and the rest all spoke up.

Zi Chen was a little shocked, these people were truly rich and carried a few hundred Yuan Stones with them.

I don't want it. I only want his. The monk felt wronged but he did not dare to say it out loud and stared straight at Zi Chen.

Fine, fine, I'll just give it to you. Zi Chen waved his hands, pretending to be helpless, and then reached out his hands towards his bosom. At this moment, everyone was staring at Zi Chen, the monk was even more vigilant, he planned to immediately escape far away after taking the things.

Seeing that you are a monk, I will not make it difficult for you. This piece of Yuan Stone can be considered a tribute to the Buddha. Zi Chen put on a merciful look and took out a piece of Yuan Stone from his chest. On the other side of the Yuan Stone, there were even cracks.


Everyone was dumbstruck, they were completely stunned and the way they looked at Zi Chen was also weird. They thought, this master is really good, we could even take out several 100 Yuan Stone and we still can't send him away yet you actually took out a piece of Yuan Stone, and it was still incomplete.

Ah... The monk was so angry that he jumped up and down. Waves of smoke emitted from the golden light surrounding him.

Oh my god, there's smoke coming out. Lin Xue covered her mouth in shock and glared at the monk.

There's really smoke coming out from him. He's a talent, how could he make the monk so angry that he's smoking? Everyone looked at this scene in shock.

Everyone present had more or less suffered at the hands of the monk. At this moment, when they saw that the monk was fuming with anger, they felt a hidden sense of satisfaction in their hearts.

Especially Ling Yun and Chen Feng. When they looked at Zi Chen, the hostility in their eyes lessened.

You dare to mess with me? I'll take your life. The monk was angry and finally exploded. His aura started to churn and golden light filled the entire seventh floor.