Thunder Martial Chapter 152 - Ruins

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With a cold snort, Zi Chen turned around and followed along.

In the previous battle, the tables and chairs had all shattered. However, where everyone was, the tables and chairs were still intact.

When the battle had stopped. The service personnel who had not appeared before had appread but did not ask for compensation. Instead, they cleaned up this place and soon departed.

I am Cang He, how may I address you, brother? Cang He indicated for Zi Chen to take a seat and then asked. His attitude towards Zi Chen's is very polite as his fighting strength was comparable to that of those monsteres.

I am Chen Zi. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Oh, Brother Chen is strong. You are definitely not a nobody. Which family do you come from? Cang He raised his eyebrows and asked.

As for the others, each and every one of them were looking at Zi Chen. Obviously, no one would believe that he could cultivate on his own to be able to reach such a level.

Just like them, although they were geniuses, they couldn't leave the nurturing of their clans and sects.

With a slight smile, Zi Chen understood their thoughts but did not explain. He waved his hand and said, I'm from the mountains and have no family background. It is all due to chance that I'm like this today.


Brother Chen is amazing. We admire you. Seemingly guessing that Zi Chen was unwilling to say it out loud, Cang He didn't want to pursue the matter any further so he introduced everyone one by one.

This is Li Huo, the genius of the Li Family.


Li Huo stood up and nodded slightly towards Zi Chen. Although he was still arrogant, he had no choice but to face Zi Chen because the strength he had displayed was simply too strong. Li Huo asked himself, when he was in the early Xiantian Realm, he could never win against Ling Yun and Chen Feng by himself.

This is Wu Xiong, the genius of the Wu Zong Sect.

Wu Xiong stood up and nodded his head.

This is Miao Kong, he's also a genius.


Cang He explained each and every one of them with a slight smile on his face.

Cang He's introduction was also based on a certain pattern and from the introduction, one could see their status.

Miao Kong was the third, which made Zi Chen feel very surprised.

Hello! Miao Kong smiled at Zi Chen kindly.

Zi Chen nodded his head, his eyes becoming very friendly, after that, there were another two geniuses introduced by Cang He.

This is Su Mengyao, my distant cousin. After some hesitation, Cang He introduced.

Distant Cousin? Zi Chen was startled.

Previously, when Ling Yun came up, he was extremely rude to Su Mengyao and Lin Xue. It was just that Cang He was a little unhappy but it definitely did not seem as if they were cousins.

At the same time, Zi Chen also realized that when the others heard this, their expressions were all a little strange.

Chen Zi!


Zi Chen nodded and took the initiative to introduce himself.

Su Mengyao! Su Mengyao stood up and before that, her line of sight was always on Zi Chen's body. After hearing Zi Chen's name, her heart was moved but she did not reveal it on her face.

This is Lin Family's Lin Xue. The last one to be introduced was Lin Xue.

Lin Xue was dressed in green, her temperament was extremely outstanding, like a blue lotus emerging from the mud, she was shaking her head continuously. Her big eyes kept moving as she sized up Zi Chen nonstop, as though she had discovered a new world.

What, is there something on my face? Zi Chen subconsciously touched his face.

Nope. Lin Xue shook his head, then said seriously, I am just curious, how can you have such a powerful fighting strength?


Can I call that a coincidence? Zi Chen saw a hint of craftiness in Lin Xue's eyes. His heart moved, could it be that she had guessed his identity?

You might as well say you're a freak. Lin Xue sat down and muttered softly.

At the bottom of the stairs, footsteps came out, Ling Yun and Chen Feng who had just fainted walked up, supporting each other. Seeing Zi Chen, their eyes were filled with hatred.

Their illustrious names could be said to have been ruined once and for all. Not only did their reputations disappear, even the reputations of the Chen Family and the Zhan Wu Sect were affected.

Chen Zi, let me introduce you, this is Ling Yun, and this is Chen Feng.

This is Chen Zi.


Zi Chen laughed indifferently and nodded at the two of them. As for the two, they snorted and went back to their respective seats with their pig face.

A moment later, the dishes were served. All kinds of precious dishes were placed on the table. It was colorful and fragrant.

This was an extremely sumptuous meal and Zi Chen had never eaten anything like this before. He was also eating heartily this time, there were many dishes here along with some spirit energy, one could imagine how expensive this table of dishes were.

At the same time, the dishes on the other floors began to be served. This was most definitely a grand occasion. The three geniuses had gone for a grand meal.

It's our fortune to be able to meet a genius like Brother Chen. We should talk about the trip to ruins next.


After eating and drinking to their heart's content, they offered tea and refreshments to the group and discussed with each other.

So it's true. The Genius Gathering this time is fake, the most important thing is to enter the ruins. Zi Chen's heart was moved.

The trip to the ruins this time is filled with danger. We must be careful, but the rewards we reap will definitely be great. I can guarantee this. Wu Xiong said.

Ruins? Zi Chen frowned.

Why? Does Brother Chen not know about the ruins? Miao Kong looked at Zi Chen in shock.

In the Southern region, it was reasonable to say that some may not know about the Thunder Domain but there is no one that doesn't know about the ruins. It was because its fame was too great, even surpassing the Seven Cities and the three major sects.

Is the ruins very famous? Zi Chen asked, he had never really heard of the ruins before.

Everyone looked at Zi Chen with strange expressions.

Hehe, not only is it famous, its fame is simply too huge. Miao Kong chuckled and explained, In the Southern region, it can be said to be a place filled with miracles and it can also be said to be an extremely dangerous place. Among the three great sects and the Seven Cities, it is said that the rise of the five great cities and two great sects is related to it.


What? Zi Chen's face changed.

In this region, the three great sects of the Seven Cities represent the strongest forces. They have been established for nearly ten thousand years with a deep foundation that is impossible to fathom.

But this ruins seemed to have an even greater background and actually had something to do with the rise of many powers.

It is said that there was only one faction in this vast region ten thousand years ago. Their strength is something that one cannot fathom but some unforeseen event occurred and caused this sect to disappear ten thousand years ago. All of their experts disappeared and their sect also became a stretch of ruins. Miao Kong explained.

What, you said that the ruins was formed ten thousand years ago after the great sect disappeared? This was the first time Zi Chen had heard of it and it was extremely shocking. This large sect from ten thousand years ago is presumably the power that had attacked the Thunder Domain and dissipated after attacking the Thunder Domain

That's right. That great power dissipated and its foundation was completely lost. It became a field of ruins and over the past ten thousand years, many secret manuals were excavated from the ruins. As a result, many powerful forces starting appearing.


Among them, the rise of Cloud City, the Cang and Li families, and the Wu Zong Sect is all because they found their secret manuals in the ruins. Miao Kong talked about some real secrets.

However, almost everyone present knew that Zi Chen was the only one who was unsure.

The great sect of ten thousand years ago was truly terrifying. These new forces were able to cultivate their own great forces after discovering a few secret scriptures in the ruins. The shock in Zi Chen's heart did not dissipate for a long time. At the same time, his eyes constantly shone with anticipation towards the ruins.

The formation of the ruins was accidental and filled with danger but they had to admit that there were a lot of treasures inside. It was a place full of miracles and maybe in the next moment, they would discover a supreme secret book and create another powerful force.

It was rumored that the strongest secret manual of this big sect had always been in the ruins and it had not appeared yet. That is why every year, there would be a large force entering the ruins to search for the strongest secret manual of this large sect from ten thousand years ago.

This time, when our experts were searching in the ruins, they discovered a strange place. It seems to be the place where the disciples of the large sect were training in ten thousand years ago. Miao Kong said.

It has already been ten thousand years since the appearance of the ruins. Even at the place where the Xiantian Realm trial took place, after ten thousand years of development, no one knows what has happened. It has been a full ten thousand years since anyone stepped in so there's a possibility that some powerful existence would appear if those not at the Xiantian Realm is to enter. Therefore, the Wu Zong Sect has limited it to only Xiantian Realm experts who can enter as of right now The doubts in Zi Chen's heart was settled when he heard Miao Kong's answer.

Zi Chen was relieved, the big powers were all selfish people and most likely, the Wu Zong Sect members had already suffered big losses inside, losing many Xiantian experts but they did not want to give up that place completely so they could only gather many Xiantian experts.

Is it just simply entering the ruins? Zi Chen asked.

There were a lot of geniuses gathered here so it is probably not as simple as just entering the debris.

Of course not. This time, the one who spoke was Wu Xiong, Ordinary people would simply go in but for everyone here, when they do, they have to cooperate with our sect.


Cooperation? How do we cooperate?


Just that, you must hand over some precious treasure to our Wu Zong Sect. Wu Xiong said.

What kind of precious treasure do you think a mere training ground for Xiantian Realm experts would possess? Zi Chen mocked.

You are wrong. Do you know where the Wu Zong Sect got the Wu Zong Art from? It was obtained from a training ground for True Qi Realm experts. Although there are many coincidences but after ten thousand years, I must admit that in every training ground in the ruins, there is a treasure, either a secret manual, a weapon, or something else.

Zi Chen was moved once again. It seemed that this ruin is indeed not ordinary.

Of course, if you find a precious treasure, we won't let you suffer a loss for nothing. We will pay for it with Yuan Stones or something else to compensate. In the end, Wu Xiong promised.

Or if you want to join the Wu Zong Sect, you can learn the Wu Zong Art.


It was just a promise, Zi Chen sneered, since it was a precious treasure, then it must be priceless, just like the manual that he accidentally acquired, which could change a person's physique into a perfect state.

As for entering the Wu Zong Sect and learning the Wu Zong Art, that is a story for the future.

When he looked over, she saw that Cang He and Li Huo did not have any expression of surprise, obviously they already knew about it.

After pondering for a bit, Zi Chen understood everything. On the surface, they were cooperating but inside, where there were only Xiantian Realm experts, everything would depend on the heavens.

That's not a loss. I have no objections. I wonder when will we set off? After pondering for a moment, Zi Chen nodded and agreed.

We'll be leaving in the next few days. Hearing that Zi Chen agreed, Wu Xiong's expression couldn't help but soften.

However, at this time, Wu Xiong was suddenly stunned, he looked behind Zi Chen in shock.

Li Huo and Cang He's faces changed, they could not help but stand up, the Spirit Qi around their bodies surging, their eyes staring straight behind Zi Chen.