Thunder Martial Chapter 150 - Fighting Ling Yun

The moment Ling Yun said he would deal with him, he immediately attacked and he didn't drag his feet at all.

All of the stimulation from before was all for the sake of one of them attacking and seeing Ling Yun making his move, Zi Chen is extremely satisfied.


Boundless aura surged out from Zi Chen's body and streams of golden light filled his entire body, causing him to look like a golden-armored god of war. Facing Ling Yun's incoming attack, Zi Chen punched out towards his attack.

The air produced a sharp whistling sound, as though it was being shattered and continuously surged. Zi Chen's fist was radiating with golden light and its might is peerless. It carried a mountain-like aura as it struck towards Ling Yun.


A dull sound rang out. Zi Chen's fist is as firm as a mountain. When his fist that is surrounded in golden light, it shattered Ling Yun's attack in one strike.

This scene happened very quickly. Previously, everyone did not think highly of Zi Chen and thought that he was being impulsive but now, with the strike landing and Ling Yun retreating, it caused everyone's expression to fluctuate.

How is this possible?

He's actually going to fight against Ling Yun?

No one could remain calm, they looked at Zi Chen as if he was a monster because with one strike, he forced back Ling Yun who was two levels higher than him while he himself did not move at all.

Good boy, you do have some skills. Earlier, I underestimated you and only used twenty percent of my strength. Ling Yun's face became ashen and he gnashed his teeth.

I have never overestimated you. I only used a tenth of my strength previously, I never thought that you would be so weak.

You... Die! With a single sentence, Ling Yun was left speechless. With a roar, he once again released his strength. His two fingers moved together and a many Sword Qi's shot out. It was extremely powerful.

You really are from a small sect. You don't even have a decent martial techniques. Do you think you can suppress me by relying on this Sword Qi? Zi Chen sneered, his expression is indifferent as he raised his fist and punched out. With a flash of golden light, one Sword Qi after another was dispersed.

Ahh! Ling Yun angrily shouted towards the sky. His black hair stood on end and his strength of the late Xiantian Realm was displayed as he unleashed a series of powerful attacks.


Zi Chen's body shone with a golden light as he punched out, easily resolving the attacks.

What a terrifying physique, what a tough body.

His fist is simply comparable to a Xiantian Weapon and can break through almost anything

The expression on everyone's faces changed yet again and the surprise in their eyes became more and more intense.

After several exchanges, Zi Chen did not use his movement technique and only used his fist to disperse Ling Yun's attacks.

You must know, Ling Yun is in the late Xiantian Realm, two whole realms higher than his opponent and yet, he was being suppressed at this moment.

This is a genius.

A true genius has battle powers comparable to a monster.

No one dared to underestimate Zi Chen again. At this moment, all of their expressions became serious.


Zi Chen swung his fist and Ling Yun's attack immediately dispersed. The surging energy swept up in all four directions and it was fortunate that this place was wide enough. Otherwise, the two's aftershocks would naturally collapse this place.

Kid, prepare to die. Ling Yun went completely mad. He couldn't even suppress his opponent with his powerful cultivation. His eyes flashed with coldness as his right hand shot out like lightning. With a clang, he drew his sword from its scabbard.

Ling Yun did not want to use his weapon at first but now that his sword was unsheathed, it was obvious that he planned to kill Zi Chen.


A sharp Sword Qi appeared along with a chill that caused the temperature in the air to drop. The bone-piercing killing intent made everyone's hearts tremble.

Ling Yun is using his weapon. It seems like he wants to finish the battle quickly.

This person only has the strength at the early Xiantian Realm but he's actually able to force Ling Yun to use his weapon. His fighting strength is truly frightening.

The Zhan Wu Sect is famous for their Frosted Sword Technique. It seems like the outcome of the battle will be decided soon.

This kid is going to die if he is hit by the Frosted Sword Technique.

Everyone sighed. Even now, no one thought highly of Zi Chen.

Humph! Zi Chen snorted, the golden light around his body became even brighter, facing the bone-piercing sword aura that was like ice, he clenched his fists again and streams of golden light flowed on the surface of his fists.

The Azure Peak Seal, Clouds City's Killing Technique had been fused into Zi Chen's fist. Although its power could not be compared with the seal and had decreased, it is definitely not something that the martial technique of a small sect could compare with.

As he threw a punch out, ripples appeared in the air and a horrifying aura started to permeate the air. A wave of air visible to the naked eye surged in all directions.



Many tables and chairs were shattered and bits of wood flew everywhere. The Sword Qi and the Fist Qi had made a huge collision at this moment.


Zi Chen's fist shone brightly and radiated golden light. It was as if is a large mountain when it rushed forward


The Sword Qi instantly shattered, turning into natural energy. At the same time, Zi Chen's fist landed on Ling Yun's sword and made a 'ka ka' sound.


On the seventh floor, everyone's expression changed, some of them even stood up and looked at Zi Chen in shock.

What kind of physique is this? He actually broke a Zhen Yuan level Weapon?

This is impossible, he only has the strength of his early Xiantian Realm. How can his body be so strong?

Everyone's expressions changed as they felt this was inconceivable. If Zi Chen had broken a Xiantian level weapon, they would naturally not have lost their composure like this. However, the broken weapon was actually a Zhen Yuan level weapon, which was simply too shocking.

Ling Yun retreated, his face filled with shock. His weapon was actually shattered with a single punch and earlier, he had even threatened to crush his opponent to death with a single pinch.

So this is your strength. It seems that you are quite weak. Your strength is quite ordinary but your mouth is quite extraordinary. Only the lowly will brag about their strength Zi Chen said coldly and punched out once again.

Heavenly Tyrant Fist!

Losing his weapon, Ling Yun shouted loudly. His black hair danced wildly and his state of mind was a mess. He released another famous Zhan Wu Sect martial technique.

Fighting against me with your fists? You are courting death Zi Chen sight. The Xiantian Qi in his dantian surged crazily. The original silver Xiantian Qi had turned golden with the support of the Arcane Art. At this moment, his entire body was shining with a dazzling golden light. As he punched out, space rippled as if a huge mountain appeared before Ling Yuns eyes. Ling Yun's body was obstructed and he was unable to dodge Zi Chen's punch.


The two of them struck out with their fists and the impact created a huge explosion. Boundless air waves appeared and Ling Yun was sent flying backwards. At the same time, there was also the sound of bones breaking.

Ahh! Ling Yun screamed as his bones fractured and he smashed onto a table, causing it to split into pieces.

Sigh, all talk but no bite. Did you think that if you used your lowly mouth to belittle others, you would be a little stronger? Why must you belittle others when you are so weak? Zi Chen sighed, he looked like a merciful man but his attacks were extremely sharp and each of his moves carried killing intent.


Ling Yun was sent flying with a kick. He kept on screaming and his protective Xiantian Qi instantly disintegrated.

Powerful, simply too powerful.

With such combat strength, he can even compare to those monsteres

He's like Li Hao from the Li family who defeated a late Xiantian Realm genius when he was in the early Xiantian Realm.

Everyone exclaimed, the shock in their eyes did not dissipate, Miao Kong was the same, shocked beyond belief.

How terrifying. His battle prowess is definitely comparable to Li Hao of the past. Su Mengyao's beautiful eyes flashed. Previously, she thought that she had met someone familiar but the moment she saw him make a move, she realized that his aura was completely different.

Hmph, he talks big but his strength is so weak. Lin Xue pouted, revealing two cute dimples. She was disappointed to discover that they weren't acquaintances.

No matter if it was the temperament or techniques, the youth in front of her was greatly different from Zi Chen. If it were not for the sudden light flashing in his eyes earlier, the two would not be similar at all.


Zi Chen repeatedly unleashed powerful attacks and Ling Yun had no way of resisting it.

I'll kill you. Ling Yun roared, his hair was disheveled. Today, he had truly and utterly lost face as he was suppressed by a brat at the early Xiantian Realm.


Zi Chen threw out a punch that was like a giant iron hammer, the golden light was bright as it aimed straight at his head. With a loud sound, Ling Yun was flung out and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Useless! With your methods, can you even call yourself a genius? Zi Chen snorted, he moved and struck again and again with his fists.


Ling Yun spat out blood and flew backwards. He was in a very sorry state. His protective Xiantian Qi had been scattered a few times but it quickly condensed again.


His protective Xiantian Qi was once again broken and immediately after, his bones cracked and shattered.

Ling Yun's bones were all broken. The pitiful future sect master of the Zhan Wu Sect is currently in an extremely sorry state. After being beaten by Zi Chen, the clear sound of bones breaking could be heard, causing the corners of everyone's mouths to twitch.


Zi Chen kicked Ling Yun, and after beating him for a while, he has lost all of his temper. Previously, Zi Chen was still very nervous when he was about to fight Ling Yun because after all, he was the genius of the Zhan Wu Sect and the future sect leader.

However, after a few rounds of sparring, Zi Chen finally knew that the so called genius of the Zhan Wu Sect is far worse than the geniuses of Cloud City. The so-called powerful martial techniques were not even on the same level.


Ling Yun coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. He was almost dead and did not even have the time to ask for help before Zi Chen struck again.

Everyone was stunned, only Chen Feng reacted in time and shouted.

Stop, stop hitting him. A loud shout woke the others up and they all followed suit.

They had all been struck dumb earlier. Zi Chen's powerful strength had deeply shocked them and they had all forgotten about the Ling Yun who was about to be beaten to death.

Stop. Li Huo stood up, the flames of anger in his eyes were burning, it was unknown if he was feeling sorry for Ling Yun or was just jealous of Zi Chen's powerful fighting strength.

Alright, stop. Wu Qiong also stood up, the light in his eyes continued to flicker and his expression continued to change.

Cang He was also unable to maintain his normal expression, as the combat ability that Zi Chen had displayed was completely outside of his expectations.

They welcome any geniuses but for a monster, this required them to thoroughly consider the situation.

Zi Chen's goal was to kill Ling Yun so how could he stop. He attacked even more fiercely

Kid, stop. Chen Feng shouted out explosively, his body flashed towards Zi Chen. The three geniuses had already spoken but Zi Chen still did not stop. Killing intent had already appeared in his eyes.