Thunder Martial Chapter 15 - Lin Xue's Gift

You... You're a devil...

If you want to kill people, you must be prepared to die too. Chi Ming's voice was terribly weak since his breath left his body faster than he could inhale. He hung on to the tiniest thread of life as he struggled, and his horrified eyes stared at Zi Chen as Zi Chen walked slowly, soon arriving in front of him. He squatted down, using the fabric on Chi Ming's green clothes to wipe the blood off his hands as he lightly said

As soon as he finished tidying himself, Zi Chen used his other clean hand to search Chi Ming's bosom. After rummaging about for a while, he managed to fish out a True Qi pill.

Not bad, I didn't think that you'd really have one. Thanks brother. Holding the True Qi Pill in his hand, Zi Chen's eyes lit up and sparkled as if he had found some kind of treasure.

Puff. Chi Ming couldn't stand Zi Chen's words and used up his remaining strength to injure himself internally, spewing out his last mouthful of fresh blood. Soon afterwards, his head tilted as he fell to the ground, lifeless.

At last, there wasn't a single sound.

Three people had died.

Zi Chen stood up and made his way over to Fu Jie's corpse, obtaining another True Qi Pill after searching his dead body. He then moved onto Liu Yang's body and was able to harvest some resources from it as well.

It was a pity that Liu Yang didn't have any True Qi pills though.

This is my chance.

Zi Chen's eyes shone with anticipation as he held the two True Qi, took his bag and ran off into the dense jungle. As for the three people who had died, Zi Chen couldn't be bothered to look at them and had no intentions of burying the corpses.


Zi Chen soon found a relatively safe place at a small river several miles away. He quickly cleaned his hands and ate some dry rations to replenish his energy.

Sitting cross legged, he tried to calm himself down.

Zi Chen closed his eyes and heart.

Today's harvest was plentiful. Since he had obtained two True Qi pills and he was at the peak of the fourth layer of True Qi, he could finally break through.

Only those at the fifth Layer of True Qi had the qualifications to participate in the assessment to become an inner sect disciple. After entering the inner sect, one could also participate in battles for higher ranks and obtain even more rewards from there.

The True Qi pill instantly melted the moment it entered his mouth. It felt warm going down his abdomen and pure energy soon surged toward all his limbs and bones.

Just as before, the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique immediately began to revolve. After proceeding for less than half a cycle, the energy was already absorbed by his heart.

After a few breaths of silence, Zi Chen's heart began to rapidly pound, as a pure silver energy appeared from within. The majority of this energy entered his blood and bones with only a small portion entering his dantian.

The current mass of silver energy accumulated in Zi Chen's dantian occasionally had small amounts of lightning.

Having been injected by some more energy from the outside, the silver energy in his dantian began to tremble suddenly. It seemed as if it was undergoing some kind of transformation, although the transformation appeared to be a bit weak.

The necessary amount of energy needed to be absorbed by my body is too much. I am unable to breakthrough smoothly. Looks like I cannot be stingy... Zi Chen heaved a low sigh and swallowed another True Qi pill.

Soon after, along with the vibrations of Zi Chen's heart, a continuous stream of energy poured into his dantian. That silver energy started to transform.

The energy in his dantian roiled, becoming more abundant as it did. At the same time, in Zi Chen's body, every cell, bone marrow, and blood was changing. He gradually became even stronger and more resilient under the influence of this energy.

Absent-minded as he was, Zi Chen had a feeling that his physique had improved again and is now comparable to a rank six fierce beast.

After a while, Zi Chen soon completed his breakthrough and the moment he opened his eyes, it seemed as if there were traces of thunder flashing within his eyes.

At last, I finally broke through to the fifth Layer of True Qi.

Zi Chen's face was illuminated with joy after finishing this breakthrough. If he was able to enter the inner sect, it would be equivalent to opening a new door for himself, filling his life with even more excitement.

The time it took for Zi Chen to refine the two True Qi pills was not long. There was still another month left before the inner sect disciples' assessment. During this time, Zi Chen did not want to look for trouble again. He did not go back to the sect and instead, stayed within the jungle.

Zi Chen calmed his mind to cultivate.

In the daytime, Zi Chen would practice his martial technique. With the integration of the Fierce Tiger Fist and Flowing Cloud Step, Zi Chen's fighting prowess became more formidable.

Bang. Bang. Bang

For about a month, these sounds could be heard constantly echoing within the forest. Every time they resounded, a couple of large trees would crash down to the ground, accompanied by the harsh roars of a fierce tiger. Such circumstances startled many small beasts away from the area.

At night, Zi Chen cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique. The heaven and earth's energy would gather from his surroundings toward Zi Chen at lighting speed. After being absorbed by his heart, they were sent out once more throughout his body.

Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. It was already half past spring and a flowery fragrance spread throughout the forests.

The inner sect assessment is going to start.

Zi Chen, who had been sitting cross-legged early in the morning soon opened his eyes. Today was the day he decided to return and fight for a spot in the inner sect.

During the previous year's fight, the first place winner obtained a second rank martial technique and three True Qi pills as a reward. I have no idea what this year's first place reward will be. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with anticipation.


It was lively in the Ling Wu sect.

The inner sect assessment took place once every two years, and if one missed the opportunity to participate, one could only wait another two years. In the midst of this lively atmosphere, Zi Chen's return did not catch anybody's attention.

Zi Chen, you finally came back. I was very worried. Miao Kong said in a pleasantly surprised tone. He was in his room when he noticed that Zi Chen had returned.

I am fine, I just didn't want to look for any more trouble again, so I stayed outside for some time. Zi Chen said with a smile.

I heard that on the same day you left, Fu Jie and Chi Ming also left. Did you meet them? Miao Kong asked.

They are dead and their True Qi pills are mine now.... Zi Chen explained what had happened that day.

I didn't see you for two months and your strength has grown so terrifyingly. It seems like this time, you will take first place in the assessment. Miao Kong said with a smile.

There is hope, but I cannot guarantee it.

When you were at the fourth Layer of True Qi, you could already kill someone who was at the fifth Layer of True Qi. Now that you have broken through, who could be your match?


At the time of Zi Chen's return, Wang Meng had refined the three True Qi pills and made a breakthrough at a critical point. All around, the heaven and earth's energy surged and gathered toward Wang Meng. His True Qi was also undergoing transformations within his dantian.

I've broken through to the sixth Layer of True Qi. Ha ha ha, first place is mine A moment later, the energy of the Heaven and Earth returned to normal, Wang Meng opened his eyes and there was a look of wild joy on his face.

Senior brother Meng, senior brother Meng.

Because he had just made his breakthrough, Wang Meng was very happy; however, an anxious cry was heard from outside the door.

Come in.

The door was pushed open, a green clothed disciple walked in quickly, and anxiously said: Senior brother Meng, big trouble. Zi Chen came back, but Fu Jie and Chi Ming did not come back, even Liu Yang did not come back.

When did this happen? Wang Meng's eyes soon flashed with cold light as he asked

A moment ago, Zi Chen just came back.

Before Wang Meng entered closed door cultivation. He told Lin Mi to be on the lookout to wait for Fu Jie and the others to return. After so many days, Fu Jie and the others had not returned and when someone did return, Lin Mi actually saw Zi Chen instead.

Zi Chen, I never expected you to play the role of a pig to eat the tiger. Wang Meng was furious. First, the whereabouts of Zhao Can and the others were unknown, and now Fu Jie and the others hadn't returned either. Wang Meng didn't believe it to be a mere coincidence.

Playing the pig to eat the tiger. Does Senior brother Meng mean that Fu Jie and Chi Ming have been killed? Lin Mi couldn't believe it, he was the one who splashed sh*t on Zi Chen's Hut.

It's hard to say, but do not rule out this possibility. If Zi Chen broke through to the fifth Layer of True Qi, he must have used the True Qi Pills, meaning that Fu Jie and Chi Ming are most likely dead.

So what if he made a breakthrough. When the second round of fights start, he'd best not bump into me; otherwise, I will tear him to shreds. Wang Meng's eyes flashed with cold light as he coldly stated

The inner sect assessment was divided into two rounds.

The first round was the assessment of raw strength, the second round was the assessment of the battle strength.

The day of the assessment was near, the disciples of Ling Wu sect who had gone out, had returned. There were some that were happy, and some that were worried.

The ones who had made a breakthrough to the fifth Layer of True Qi were naturally happy, the ones that hadn't made the breakthrough yet could only wait for another two years.

Zi Chen came back in the morning, but there was already someone that was looking for him by noon.

The one that came was Lin Xue.

Her slender body wore the Ling Wu sect's outer disciple's unified green clothes. Standing outside Miao Kong's house, her beautiful young looks were just like a blossoming blue lotus.

Numerous outer sect disciples soon returned one after another. Naturally, some people saw Lin Xue.

Lin Xue's looks might not be comparable to the goddess Su Mengyao, but she still looked like a blue lotus. She had a different kind of temperament compared to the goddess, one filled with gentleness. If she was not being protected by Su Mengyao, there was no saying how many times she would encounter lecherous intentions. On the same day Zi Chen discovered the severely wounded Lin Xue by luck, her injuries had also been because of her looks; because she was coveted by others. They had nearly succeeded.

Today, she was standing outside of Miao Kong's house. This scene naturally made many disciples wonder why.

Isn't that Miao Kong's place? Why is Lin Xue standing outside? Is she waiting for Miao Kong?

Bullsh*t, she's waiting for Zi Chen. I really don't know what kind of dogsh*t luck that kid has, but he had only carried back the severely wounded Lin Xue, and Lin Xue's heart was unexpectedly moved. Carrying her is basically taking advantage of the situation to win her heart.

The ways of the world are simply horrible. Even the goddess has developed a liking for the pauper.

What? Lin Xue is waiting for Zi Chen? Did Zi Chen even come back? He offended Wang Meng and Wang Xiong, would he still be alive?

The crowd continued to discuss from a distance and a dissatisfied atmosphere soon spread, leaving a sort of sour taste hanging in the air.

Lin Xue? Zi Chen was surprised to see Lin Xue after walking out from the door after hearing the commotion.

Where did you go these days? I couldn't find you at all Regarding the crowd's discussion, Lin Xue completely disregarded it and didn't care about it at all. At the moment, there was only Zi Chen in her eyes.

I went out to train. Zi Chen said as he scratched his head.

This is for you. Lin Xue smiled gently in response, a flask appearing in her hand.

What is this? Zi Chen was dumbfounded.

He he, you will know when you open it. Lin Xue chuckled brightly. I am going to enter the inner sect so you cannot fall too far behind. Otherwise, our disparities will only continue to grow bigger and bigger, and when I find you again, you will feel too inferior.

This is a True Qi Pill. Zi Chen's expression changed as he shook his head quickly responded, No, I cannot accept this, I haven't even repaid the favour for saving my life that day, how can I accept such a precious thing.

I know that you do not want it, but rest assured, I am not giving it to you for free. I'm only lending it to you so when you enter the inner sect, you can return it to me. There are two True Qi Pill's in there. If you have a conscience, when the time comes, just return three of them. Just like a blossoming blue lotus, Lin Xue smiled once again as she replied